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Chapter 129: Wei Wei Strikes Back

Yuan Ming lazily transmitted his voice from inside the Dark Illusory s.p.a.ce.

Helian Wei Wei used her consciousness to communicate with Yuan Ming. "Really?"

"Of course, keeping your emotions in like this is unlike you." Yuan Ming laughed demonically. "You couldn't be planning something wicked, could you?"

Wei Wei didn't say anything at all and only the smiling expression on corners of her mouth seemed to expose her craftiness.

However, that girl named Cheng Cheng still didn't know Wei Wei's thoughts and even thought that she was scared of her, as she raised her thin lips very complacently.

Helian Jiao Er also felt that her anger had been a.s.suaged as her vermillion colored lips arched. "Sister Cheng, let's first go upstairs. In a little while, people from Profound Heavens will be coming. It's not good for us to be standing here."

"Younger Sister Jiao Er is still the thoughtful one." Cheng Cheng indifferently retrieved her gaze from Wei Wei's body, and seemed as if she utterly looked down upon her. "In a moment, my father will also be coming. My father, ah, what he can't stand the most are people who fawns on other people in order to climb up. These days, he's been in constant contact with people from Profound Heavens. It's possible he can be of help to Sister Jiao Er."

Helian Jiao Er smiled. "Then Younger Sister will thank Older Sister first."

"What thanks is there to be mentioned between us." Cheng Cheng intimately used the hand holding her handkerchief to pinch Helian Jiao Er's face as the two smiled at each other. The two were both beautiful women complementing one another, curving their lips into a smile which actually gave an impression of peerless beauties capable of captivating birds and beasts.

People from the inn, one after another, moved their gazes over. Even those young masters' pair of eyes radiated a faint l.u.s.ter as they thought, only if they could marry a woman like that, would their lives be perfect.

In this way, it also made the dark skinned Wei Wei's face to be somewhat all the more unpresentable.

At the very least, she was unpresentable in their eyes.

But what they really didn't expect was that from the private room behind them, the person who managed Profound Heavens was coincidentally also rushing over.

That manager, Uncle Zhang, was a middle aged man and was also the most trusted a.s.sistant following Hei Ze.

When he saw Wei Wei standing at the door, the pace that was originally relaxed suddenly became lightning fast as he directly faced Wei Wei and ran over, his voice br.i.m.m.i.n.g with pleasant surprise. "Boss, how come you're here?"

"Came to discuss some things." Wei Wei's voice was indifferent as her gaze moved to the older man following behind him.

Upon seeing this, Uncle Zhang paused and said. "Boss. This is the person who's cooperating with us this time, Elder Cheng."

Recently, Cheng Xiong had been focusing all of his attention on the collaboration with Profound Heavens and didn't even go to watch the armament compet.i.tion today. Therefore, he also didn't realize that Wei Wei came from the capital. However, what made him astonished was that Profound Heavens' boss was, to his surprise, a very young girl!

It should be known that within the world of armaments, this Profound Heavens, ever since it was first set up, had already produced many, many breathtaking armaments which incessantly stunned people. Almost every piece of armament caused everyone to scramble like mad for it.

A lot of people were saying that their shop's armaments were almost comparable to the ones Young Master Wu Shuang made.

Such that some reputable masters weren't even able to say if the armaments from Profound Heavens were better, or if those made by Young Master Wu Shuang were better.

Even as Young Master Wu Shuang agreed to partic.i.p.ate in the armament convention, eight or nine people out of ten actually wanted to see who in the world was the boss behind Profound Heavens.

But what made people disappointed was that the boss didn't appear at all.

So much so that no one knew even basic information such as whether the boss was male or female, or how old the boss was

However, everyone believed all along that she must've originated as a disciple of a famous master.

And at the very least was probably born from an influential family, like Young Master Wu Shuang, a successor to a prestigious family.

However, looking carefully at this person in front of his eyes, he hadn't even seen this person in the world of armaments before. Firstly, without speaking of other things, wasn't it the case that she hadn't even pa.s.sed an armament examination before.

Otherwise, based on the fact that every year, he took it upon himself judge armaments, it's impossible that he would not have any impression of such a genius!

It's not that he hadn't thought about wanting to dig Uncle Zhang for much more information regarding Profound Heaven' boss, however, Uncle Zhang's mouth was zippered too tightly. It seemed as if Uncle Zhang was born an aristocratic family's manager. He had a composure that most common managers didn't have. In addition, there were too many people who wished to work with Profound Heavens. Uncle Zhang had always been to the point, polite, but not very enthusiastic at all.

If it wasn't for this young lady's appearance, Uncle Zhang wouldn't so much as show any feeling on his face.

"Elder Cheng?" Wei Wei lightly smiled, her shapely brows raised as she meaningfully curved her thin lips. "Truly, I've been looking forward to meeting you for a long time."

Cheng Xiong straightened his shoulders and puffed his chest, then swore. That Uncle Zhang was too lacking in social customs. At the minimum, he was still a well known vice-chairman in the world of armaments. Yet Uncle Zhang was inclined to ignore him while he looked at their boss, whose age was younger, with apparently quite a bit more enthusiasm.

Uncle Zhang wasn't thinking that way as he looked at Wei Wei a bit more. Even though he and the boss had not known each other for a long time. However, in regards to the boss, he certainly understood some things.

One could not look at her in the same way as looking at ordinary young girls.

During times when she genuinely wanted to talk business with people, she absolutely wouldn't smile like that.

Her actions were decisive, whether in doing business, or speaking of business, making him, this long time businessman admire her endlessly.

Also, what was that approach of hers called.

Oh, that's right!

"Marketing concept." "Supply and demand."

Up until now, Uncle Zhang still couldn't figure out where these terms came from. However, looking at how the boss had started from scratch, yet came into the world of armaments creating such a sensation. Whether it be ordinary martial artists, or distinguished armament researchers, not one person questioned their armaments. He knew then that this young lady was not simple!

Therefore, one could say that this Cheng Xiong apparently looked down on their boss quite a bit.

"I didn't expect that someone from the younger generation like you have heard of my name." While Cheng Xiong was speaking, he was also stroking his beard. His smug countenance was that of one who sat in a high position for a long time.

Wei Wei smiled a bit, then pointed out. "Elder Cheng did a good job with the publicity."

Publicity? Cheng Xiong knitted his brows in a puzzled manner, why did he feel as if there was something he didn't get in those words of hers.

Wei Wei didn't continue to elucidate upon this subject at all and instead glanced at Uncle Zhang. "Uncle Zhang, I have some things to take care of and would like to speak a few words privately with you."

"Yes." Uncle Zhang strolled over.

Wei Wei lowered her volume, the more she spoke, the more the smile at the ends of her mouth deepened, as if a bored fiend found something fun to play with.

Uncle Zhang's gaze which lingered on Cheng Xiong's body paused as he respectfully replied. "Don't worry Boss, I already know what to do."

"Then I'm going to head out first." Wei Wei lightly smiled as she faced Cheng Xiong's direction and nodded. She petted the white cat and slowly stepped into the long alley.

Yuan Ming's profound yet shallow smiling expression transmitted over. "Girl, you're simply too wicked. If you do this, that Miss Cheng and that younger sister of yours, wouldn't their hearts be crushed to death, heh……"

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