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Chapter 127: His Highness Drinks Vinegar

Baili Jia Jue at long last seemed like he paid attention to him for a moment. He was wearing only a pure white inner robe as his long body stood firmly and slowly turned his head around facing the beautiful youngster while his brows lifted.

The beautiful youngster's eyes shined seeing that he reacted and was going to continue to say something.

But only heard that demonically cold and apathetic voice containing an ice-coldness that wasn't there before sound out from within the room. "Qilin."

"Here." In mid air, a human figure flashed. The corners of the man's mouth smiling demonically matched with that head adorned with long red hair. He stood under the moonlight giving people a kind of extremely mysterious and unreal sense of beauty.

"Quiet him down for a moment." Within Baili Jia Jue's voice, there wasn't any temperature, so much so that it wasn't possible to hear any feelings being expressed.

However, it nevertheless made the beautiful youngster's complexion change suddenly. He can't play this way! He couldn't win against him in words so he just had the fire qilin appear!

"Imperial Brother, if you have ability, then don't use your spirit beast!"

Baili Jia Jue paused his movements and turned his head to glance at him."Do you mean that you want me to do the job myself?"

"Of course! What kind of ability would using a spirit beast count as!" The beautiful youngster was extremely proud as he raised his face in a loveable way. His languid, pointed lower jaw faced upwards.

"Ah." Baili Jia Jue laughed deeply and consciously placed the object he was holding in his hand aside.

The fire qilin began to move at a 45 degree angle towards the sky. This Younger Master Han normally appear pretty shrewd, why was it that at this critical juncture, his brains would be so dumb.

If it were to make a move, at most, it would strike him dizzy.

However, if it was His Highness who made a move……

The fire qilin silently shivered.

"Wait a moment! Why are you taking off my shoe!" The beautiful youngster was alarmed as the words sounded within his throat. "Imperial Brother, you wouldn't really be interested in men, right? ! Your daddy really prefers women, women!"

Baili Jia Jue lazily glanced at him as a single finger pinched the cloth used as socks. His long eyebrows slightly creased. "Haven't seen you for so many years. You've become so wordy."

"I……woah!" The beautiful youngster's pair of eyes suddenly shook and the subsequent words no longer had the opportunity to be uttered.

Because the man extended his hand and used the socks to stuff up his mouth!

The beautiful youngster smelled that sour, penetrating, incomparable smell, and his entire handsome face looked extremely tragically emaciated!

Watching from the side, the fire qilin's stomach was all twisted. Seeing Young Master Han's current situation, it recalled again the previous scene of his master having it eat vegetables everyday for three months.

That feeling……

As the fire qilin now recalled those memories, it had a kind of feeling about life that it didn't think about before.

It frantically shook its head and thought that if it were Young Master Han, it reckoned that for a very many days it wouldn't think about wearing socks again!

That's why it's been said that no matter who one was to offend, don't offend his master.

It would simply be the same as setting oneself against a demon, sigh!

"Wmf wmf wmf!" The beautiful youngster finally regained his senses from the previous psychological shock. His first reaction was to let loose a string of curses!

The fire qilin patted his shoulder in a consoling manner as it asked in a provoking way. "How about I strike you dizzy."

"Woah!" He hadn't had enough of cursing! n.o.body hinder your daddy!

The fire qilin shrugged his shoulders, and pinched his own nose as he said. "Fine. Then I'll also leave now. Young Master Han, you take your time smelling it."

"Woah!" Wait a minute! Your daddy was acting aloof just now! Aloof, do you understand, hey! Hurry up and remove this smelly thing from your daddy's mouth! BAARRRF! He's simply going to barf soon from the stink ~

The beautiful youngster watched the door to the room closing and thoroughly wished to cry, but had no tears.

When Baili Jia Jue entered another room, the fire qilin also came with him, and was immediately ready with a towel.

Baili Jia Jue didn't say a word as he received the towel and indifferently wiped his own finger. There was somewhat of a dark light within his pupils.

The fire qilin used the opportunity to lift its head, took a quick glance at the side of its master's face, and discovered at the side of the young man's sparkling handsome face, thin lips tightly pursed into a straight line.

Seeing this kind of expression from Baili Jia Jue scared the fire qilin so much the bottom of its heart shivered. It had accompanied master for so many years, and for a long time, had been able to, from Baili Jia Jue's expressions and manners, roughly judge his mood.

When he was smiling coldly, then at least nine times out of ten, it's when his mood wasn't too good.

But just now, master clearly already gave Young Master Han a lesson, why would his mood still be bad.

Even though the fire qilin had a question, it nevertheless didn't ask and only stroked the bridge of its own nose while saying. "Master, just now, Young Master Han actually brought some news. People from the four great clans already came. Shouldn't we first return to the capital."

Baili Jia Jue didn't utter a sound. Within the room, it seemed all the more quiet. The fire qilin lightly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Right now, it was almost positive that master's mood was truly not very good.

Baili Jia Jue's temper was originally inclined to be cold. Right now, there's additionally more of a difficult to approach sort of ice-cold aura from his body, sandwiched with a feeling of oppression drawn out from the depths of his eyes and coming through causing the entire room's already oppressive atmosphere to become even colder.

He downed a cup of sake he poured himself, swayed not quickly nor slowly, the black hair wet from having been drenched in rainwater resembled an incomparably deep night.

The more the fire qilin watched, the more nervous the bottom of its heart became, because it had a feeling that its master would crush that cup!

Suddenly, Baili Jia Jue turned his thin lips down and slowly spit out a sentence. "It looks like there are still many things which my prey has not told me. Heh, a prey that is disobedient will need to be properly trained."


That wine cup really was broken into pieces in his hands as the vapors of alcohol momentarily accompanied the evaporation of the wine and pervaded the surrounding area, containing a wine fragrance that caused people to feel dizzy.

"Master!" The fire qilin cried out in alarm. "Your hand!"

Baili Jia Jue looked at his own cut finger and completely paid it no mind as he extended the tip of his tongue to lightly lick it. A strange seductive light hidden within the depths of his pupils streaked across. A breeze blew across faintly revealing an ice-cold aloof pride……

The fire qilin was puzzled as it frowned. Up until now, it still didn't understand. Why would master suddenly become so unhappy. Clearly, when he entered the guest house just now, he was still lukewarm.

Could it be that it was because of this woman named Helian Wei Wei?

That's very possible.

After all, what master disliked the most was having other people touch his things.

It wasn't at all because he liked the thing that much. Rather, it was his mysophobia causing mischief.

Not to mention that it's a prey, even clothes he wore everyday getting a little dirty would immediately be thrown out by him without any reservations.

If that Helian Wei Wei truly was as Young Master Han had said, and had some kind of a relationship with with other men.

His master also should immediately lose interest in her……

Outside the window, the night scene became more and more lively. At the inn next to the armament convention hall, Wei Wei sat opposite to Hei Ze and placed the white cat on the tabletop. "There's a change of plans. I need to go back first."

Hei Ze aggressively raised his handsome eyebrows. "Not afraid of Third Prince catching you?"

Wei Wei's hand drinking tea paused and only vaguely 'mm hm'd once. She didn't tell Hei Ze about her agreement with Third Prince at all.

Hei Ze suddenly inclined his body. The light in his eyes was devilishly wicked. "As long as you have a wedding contract, Third Prince wouldn't make things difficult for you anymore. How about it? Do you want to consider it and be this young master's wife, hm?"

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