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Chapter 125: Marriage Agreement

Wei Wei's thin lips curved up slightly. "If Your Highness finds someone you like, then let me know. I can abdicate at any time. Don't conceal it from me." A collaboration was a collaboration. She didn't want to unexpectedly become someone else's third wheel, and even have to block off someone else's arrows.

"Abdicate at any time."

The light in Baili Jia Jue's eyes became cold to the maximum degree. Wearing the silver mask, neither joy nor anger could be distinguished from the side of his face. Only the slender fingers hanging from his sleeves tensed and again clenched almost crushing the ornamental thumb ring, leaking his current state of mind. "You are so magnanimous."

Wei Wei blanked out, then smiled and replied. "There'll certainly come a day when Your Highness will meet the one you like. When that time comes, Your Highness need not feel awkward since it's fine to just tell me."

Furthermore, who wouldn't want to rule the world holding hands with the one they love.

When that time came, the throne would be in his hands, he also shouldn't need her anymore.

There'd be countless beauties in his harem in addition to those elegant women continually admitted in. Inevitably, there'd be one he fancied.

She really didn't want to carry on as consort and fight to become queen with those women.

That would make her become unbearably devious.

What's more, her ambition also wasn't here.

She wanted to conquer the stars and oceans. How could she be trapped in this small imperial palace!

Fighting with so many women to gain the favors of a man who didn't love them at all. Just thinking about it already made her feel tired.

"Your considerations are really thoughtful." Baili Jia Jue profoundly glanced at her, within the smile that was not a smile, there instead was somewhat of a sneer. "Even this Highness doesn't know when I'll run into the person I'll like, yet you've already thought of it far in advance."

She phrased her words as if it was for his sake, when in fact this 'little thing', whose claws won't stay put, was only giving herself a way out.

Emphasizing again and again that she really didn't care that he sought out other people.

So long as at that time, he let her go according to their agreement, she'd be fine with it.

Baili Jia Jue clenched both hands tightly and only felt as if the pit of his stomach was crushed by a fiery boulder with so much pressure that it was even somewhat painful to get angry.

At last, Baili Jia Jue smiled, within his pupils streaked a shred of a cold thought.

Would he officially marry a consort just so he could let her go one day? Should he say that her scheme hit the target too well, or should he say that she should die for purposefully provoking him!

"One more thing." Wei Wei saw a smile at the corners of his mouth and even thought that he was feeling pretty good, but hesitated for a while before deciding to bring up the last point.

Baili Jia Jue levelly 'hm?'d once. Something more? Heh, he actually wanted to hear what other point she wanted to say!

"We can't have a real husband and wife physical relationship." Wei Wei certainly didn't think that Third Prince had any interest in her. However, all men were animals who used the lower half of their body to think with. As insurance, it's better that she should state this clearly first.

Having heard this, the black ornamental jade ring on Baili Jia Jue's thumb thoroughly fragmented into pieces.

Crack, crunch! The sounds echoed and resounded within the long, uninhabited alley. Paired with the ice-cold raindrops, it seemed to be exceptionally ear-piercing.

A candle flickered at a distant place, suddenly bright, suddenly dark.

The ice-cold rain water penetrated into his bones, yet Baili Jia Jue wasn't the least bit aware of it.

He didn't so much as move, and only gracefully stood in the shadows furrowing his dense brows. After that, he opened his hand as the fine powder that was his ring floated in the wind within the rain.

After that, there emerged on the ends of his mouth a trace of a very gentle, very soft, shallow smile, like a spring breeze in March which faintly brushed across. However, after it brushed across, it was actually freezing cold. "Did you think that this Highness was a person who wasn't choosy at all?"

No real husband-wife physical relationship. Did this girl dislike having him touch her that much? Or, thinking of it another way, who's she saving her chast.i.ty for?

Baili Jia Jue's dark eyes as deep as an ancient pool, submerged deeper. Many, many, large, raging waves, seemed to be acc.u.mulating within his pupils.

He thought that during these many years, he'd already polished his asceticism, so that more and more, he seemed to no longer possess desire, anger, sorrow, nor joy.

Very unfortunately - -

He'd actually run into such a reckless 'little plaything'!

When Wei Wei first started speaking, she even thought that she'd said something to anger him. Hearing him say these words now, the corners of her mouth twitched. "My looks can't be that bad, right?" If she didn't deliberately darken her face, her looks would be very pretty, OK?

"Who was it that gave you this kind of misconception about yourself?" Baili Jia Jue coldly lifted his brows, within the gaze he looked at her with, there was even a bit of disdain no less.

Wei Wei choked on his question and blanked out. This time, she truly felt that Third Prince wouldn't do anything to her, and even said. "Fine. Firstly, without speaking of external appearances, I'm still useful to Your Highness. I could help cover as Your Highness' spouse, and can even cover as your lover."

Wei Wei knew, these second generation imperial descendents certainly wouldn't like other people setting conditions with them.

Even though the conditions she raised were all advantageous to him, he would still somewhat dislike that.

Therefore, she must clearly explain all the benefits.

The ends of Baili Jia Jue's mouth twitched. Within the smile that was not a smile, no matter how one looked at it, there was a bit of a sneer. "The more one listens, the more it doesn't seem so bad."

"Then should we find a time to sign the contract?" Wei Wei's eyes shined as she glanced at Baili Jia Jue.

Baili Jia Jue's voice lazily asked. "We even need to sign a contract?"

"Of course. If in the future, I regret and renege on Your Highness, Your Highness can take the contract out at any time and present it to the world." Wei Wei wanted to leave some a.s.surance for herself. This guy was so two-faced. Just in case some unforeseen event occurred, she wouldn't have enough time to react at that time.

Baili Jia Jue profoundly glanced at her and didn't speak at all.

During that split second, Wei Wei even thought that the other person saw through her thoughts.

And felt that her heartbeat even skipped half a beat.

Don't blame her for having this kind of response. Third Prince, this person, was too monstrous. He seemed as if he could see a person's heart, which was really abnormal.

"Fine." Baili Jia Jue actually smiled, and slowly, lightly lifted his thin lips carrying a demonic charm that no one could see through.

"Huh?" He agreed to it so quickly?

Wei Wei generally felt that something wasn't right with Baili Jia Jue. Hadn't the discussion about these things gone on a bit too smoothly?

Baili Jia Jue's pupils constricted. "What, you want to back out? Don't forget, however, that the person who suggested our collaboration was you."

"I'm not regretting it." Wei Wei lifted her long eyebrows. She only felt that it was too easy. It was a bit unlike Third Prince's way of doing things.

However, Third Prince's way of doing things was also something she didn't have a grip on.

Maybe it's because she was a bit more pleasing to his eye today?

"It'd best be that way." Baili Jia Jue's voice was very indifferent.

Wei Wei shrugged her shoulders. It didn't matter. In any case, looking at the present circ.u.mstances.

His agreement was a benefit to her.

Not to mention those several hundred thousand taels of silver not having to be returned, she could even confidently return to the academy, without having to hide here and there.


"At that time, why did you give the flower to me?"

She'd always wanted to ask this question. It could be that she somehow offended him in the past.

However, ever since she left the Defense Department, she clearly hadn't seen him even once.

Logically speaking, it made sense that he should have thoroughly forgotten her early on.

Why would he suddenly give her that flower at that time……

Baili Jia Jue. "Can not have husband-wife relations hm?
Wei Wei. "As people, we should be reserved, without love, there naturally shouldn't be contact.
Baili Jia Jue smiled. "Who says there's no love?"
Wei Wei. "Oh……"

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