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Chapter 124: Provoking His Highness

Baili Jia Jue really hated Wei Wei fiercely, yet when he saw her, he again felt that it was still better to allow her to leap about and be lively.

Up until now, Baili Jia Jue still didn't feel that Wei Wei was anything special to him, and was but a momentarily stimulating prey.

It's just that this prey was too disobedient.

So he was forced to personally come and catch her.

The result was that he hadn't even arrived at Armament City and she'd already gained one more partner.

She even allowed her true appearance to be seen by the other person.

Right now, Baili Jia Jue only felt that he really wanted to bring shame upon this face before his eyes, so that she'd become well-behaved and obediently stay by his side.

Regardless of what method to use!

Baili Jia Jue's deeply hidden pair of enigmatic shapely eyes was like an ancient deep pool.

Wei Wei's pupils actually constricted as she listened. And he still said he wasn't cruel. This was even more perverted than wanting to kill her or slicing off her flesh!

"However, this Highness already chose you to be my consort." Baili Jia Jue looked at her, suddenly the topic of conversation turned. He indifferently continued to say. "I don't have a habit of killing my own consort at all."


Wei Wei frowned. What in the world was he thinking?

Was it possible that he genuinely wanted to choose her as his consort?

However, she wouldn't get emotional on her own behalf because this two-faced, fickle guy would likely depose her……

No one could say that they haven't played enough one second before and then at the next second say that 'she was his consort' these kinds of words.


"Retired Emperor forced you very severely?" Wei Wei thought of the current political situation. The emperor was muddle headed all day long over there. Even if Retired Emperor was any more outstanding, he was still already old. Right now, the four great clans also pressured fiercely. Baili Jia Jue's age was also not young anymore. If he still didn't get married, maybe it'd really allow some rumors of his h.o.m.os.e.xuality to spread.

At that time, people from the four great clans would have even more justification to have him not succeed the throne.

Afterall, someone who couldn't even give birth to a prince was worse than a cripple!

That's why, Retired Emperor was so anxious to have him choose a consort.

And he, himself, also couldn't fail to realize this point.

Thinking up to here, Wei Wei's eyes looked down slightly. She appeared to be absolutely languid and seemed as if even the acute coldness she'd just emitted was a kind of hazy illusion only.

In modern times, her disguises penetrated deeply into the crime syndicate. Using this skill, she'd deceived who knows how many heavyweights.

Yet Baili Jia Jue just simply didn't buy her act, his eyes clearly distinguished black and white and looked at her with a deep meaning, giving a person a kind of formless pressure.

Wei Wei sincerely felt that she wanted to chat with Third Prince for a day. It'd be as tiring as making business deals.

However, only by understanding what the other person wanted.

Could cooperation be possible.

That's right. It's cooperation.

From the very beginning, Wei Wei already didn't want to be this young man's enemy.

If she had a choice, she also wouldn't offend him.

After all, in War Dragon Empire, relationships were linked in countless ways and Third Prince absolutely was a guy who should not be scorned.

She needed to form alliances with people.

And he very clearly……needed a consort.

Wei Wei looked up. When she looked towards him her eyes were tranquil. "I know that right now, you really need a consort. I also have things I need."

Baili Jia Jue's pupils submerged. What did she mean by he really needed a consort?

"We can work together." Wei Wei slowly spoke. "I can help you deal with Retired Emperor's side, and can coordinate with you."

"Coordinate?" Baili Jia Jue coldly turned down his thin lips, indicating that she should continue. He actually wanted to hear what she meant by coordinating!

Wei Wei saw that he had some interest and followed with a smile. Her voice also contained more confidence. "I can marry you, but you can be at ease, I wouldn't restrict you. You can do whatever you want to do, and you don't have to care about me at all. When the time comes that the problem with Retired Emperor is resolved, and you also settled the four great clans and smoothly ascend the throne, it'll then be fine to depose me and send me out of the palace. When that time comes, you can marry whoever you truly like, I absolutely wouldn't stop you and wouldn't have any delusion."

Wei Wei believed that as long as she made those suggestions, the other person would agree.

After all, Baili Jia Jue was only looking for a shield.

She just happened to have unfortunately coincidentally b.u.mped into his sore spot.

Wei Wei didn't know that she'd provoked Third Prince in this way and became a thorn in his eyes.

However, since no matter how she ran away, she still couldn't escape.

Why not instead coordinate with him to perform a play.

Overall, it's still better than how she was the the moment, troubled by him looking for her everywhere.

As long as the conditions had been discussed properly, it wouldn't disturb her at all.

And not merely that. Their targeted enemy was also the same. The things that she wanted to seize and regain, undoubtedly will require her to face off against those stubborn elders from the four great clans.

And he probably also already hated them to the bone.

When the moment came, the two of them would join hands to do what they should do, then go their separate ways, neither one obstructing the other. That's so much better.

How come she didn't think of this idea before.

Third Prince should also be satisfied with this proposal.

Sure enough, Wei Wei's voice had just dropped when a rather deep and low voice rose on the other side. Only, within that voice, an extremely icy chill was brewing. Heard within the ears, they surprisingly felt somewhat cold.

"This truly is a good suggestion."

A few short words. Baili Jia Jue spoke them extremely casually. The gaze he used to look at Wei Wei was also lazy and indifferent.

However, the slender fingers hidden under his clothes actually slightly tensed a bit.

"Even the matter that this Highness is most worried about has been settled by you. Not getting attached to me, heh."

Wei Wei's thin lips rose. "Third Prince should be most afraid of women sticking to you, right?"

"This Highness actually didn't know that you would understand me so much." Baili Jia Jue paused after each word as he spoke. His fingertips almost lodged themselves into the hollow of his palm.

This d*mn girl, truly awfully understanding to infuriate him this way!

He really should praise her for being intelligent, and even immediately choke her to death, to save her from speaking another word and provoking him to anger.

Wei Wei revealed an expression of consolation as she patted Baili Jia Jue's shoulder. "I also know how it feels to be forced into marriage." Even though she was a special agent, however, when she lived in the modern times, it was hard for her to avoid her subordinates always pushing her to get married.

"You spoke with such sincerity that it truly makes this Highness feel that it'd be a pity not to agree."

Suddenly, Baili Jia Jue smiled and lowered his body a little. "Since we are to collaborate, this Highness also have a condition."

Wei Wei blanked out. She thought that she'd already said everything that he'd wish for. Was it possible that there was still something that she hadn't thought of.

"Stay farther away from other people." Baili Jia Jue's voice was level, as if he was but a.s.serting a fact. "This Highness doesn't like to see my consort taking somebody's hand or arm in a too familiar way. Not a good impression."

This was actually easy.

Wei Wei also understood. If she was to really become Third Prince's consort, certainly a lot of people would be watching attentively, looking to find any fault from her.

In ancient times, it goes without saying that reputation was considered extremely important. It was also very normal for him to bring up such a request.

"OK, I've already remembered." Wei Wei smiled lightly. "I have a condition."

Baili Jia Jue turned his thin lips down coldly, this 'little fox', truly won't accept being shortchanged in any way. "Speak."

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