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Chapter 123: His Jealous Highness

The beautiful youngster provocatively raised his chin, his delicate face completely showed that it's incidental. "This partner of mine can only be ordered by me. Imperial Older Brother almost forgot that this is actually not the capital, but rather Armament City. Anyways it doesn't matter, I actually very much look forward to Imperial Older Brother's arrival."

Baili Jia Jue didn't speak. All of his feelings were hidden beneath that exquisite and luxurious silver colored mask.

Even though Helian Wei Wei wanted very much to move away that youngster's arm!

However, having just experienced that act, Wei Wei had an even more profound understanding of that person, Baili Jia Jue's level of danger.

It was evident that night now, regardless of whether it was martial qi or martial arts power, she was much inferior to him and by far.

As intelligent as he was, if she exposed any little bit of her secrets, one couldn't say whether Baili Jie Jue would be suspicious of her.

When that time comes, she need not think that she could be as lucky as she was when she was at the capital.

Baili Jia Jue was already frightening enough when he had no martial qi. If he'd recovered now, then he'd truly be unmeasurable and unfathomable.

Therefore, Wei Wei still felt that she had better not strike a stone with an egg (invite disaster by overreaching herself) and cooperate with the youngster to put on a play. At the very least, she wouldn't immediately get captured away.

As she was thinking about this, Wei Wei suddenly sensed her own shoulder lighten up. In her confusion, Wei Wei looked up. To her surprise, she unexpectedly discovered Baili Jia Jue holding firmly to that arm belonging to the beautiful youngster's. His deeply hidden pair of eyes profoundly looked at her, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with ice-cold dangerousness……

The always calm Wei Wei, under that kind of attentive gaze from him, actually felt something indescribable.

Maybe it was because she was currently in disguise, that's why she lacked confidence, she presumed.

Wei Wei looked down, couldn't see his face and only saw his foot. It's obviously still the person from just now, but the person he was right now appeared as if his whole body emitted a kind of formless pressure pressing down on her, making it difficult to breathe.

Suddenly, he directly shook off the youngster's arm and extended his hand to grab her and dragged her over.


Only the sound of the door being open was heard.

It seemed as if the entire guest house shook along with the door.

Baili Jia Jue didn't care about the youngster behind him in the slightest as he dragged the already shouting Wei Wei with him and left the room.

The beautiful youngster wanted to chase after them, but was firmly bound to his original spot by a red light!

"Fire qilin?" The beautiful youngster looked at the faintly discernible red-haired man. His pair of eyes suddenly shook as he said, "You came back? Then that meant that his martial qi had completely recovered?"

The fire qilin didn't speak. Sometimes, it was as elevated and cold as its master.

In any case, its mission right now was to trap Young Master Han and prevent him from disturbing Master again and that's enough. He didn't need to bother with any other matters.

Only, what it didn't antic.i.p.ate was that the beautiful youngster instead smiled demonically. "Do you really think that in trapping me, your master would not be in danger? It's exactly the opposite. You should think about it carefully. Even I can obtain news to find out that Imperial Elder Brother has come to Armament City, let alone those old heads from the four great clans. If I were you, right now, I would rush out there and not stand here wasting time. Imperial Elder Brother had only just recovered his martial qi, right? Are you certain that he's fine on his own?"

The light in the fire qilin's eyes darkened as he suddenly thought of something, and was just about to fly out, but discovered that the command its master had just given to it was an 'absolute order'.

The so-called 'absolute order' stipulated that no matter what happened, the command still must be carried out until the end.

In other words, it basically could not leave this place even a half step!

But Master, he……

The fire qilin clenched his pair of fists, faced and looked outside of the guest house, but he couldn't see even a trace of the person's figure.

It's raining.

The raindrops followed along the tiles and dripped bit by bit onto the bluestone alley.

Pitter patter - - pitter patter - -

Baili Jia Jue was standing in the middle of the rain. His clean and neat clothes wasn't disheveled in the slightest.

The pupils beneath the silver mask was like the night where layer upon layers of cold fog rose.

Just like that, he directly dragged Wei Wei and ran to the middle of an uninhabited dark alley. Suddenly, he took and pushed her against a wall!

Wei Wei was forced to raise her head, her gaze indistinctly faced the young man's thin lips.

Her eyes were dazzling and bright.

In front of her, at one side of the young man's lip, there was still a captivating remnant of the blood stain from her biting him just now. His black hair that was scattered and draped over his shoulders was wet from the raindrops falling on it, slightly appearing ice-cold.

His gaze was also as it'd always been, swift and fierce, tyrannical, cold and detached, proud, and there even was also a bit of an impenetrable feeling.

At this moment, Baili Jia Jue's entire body's aura was not gentle and soft, but rather implied a cold aura.

He was an intelligent and n.o.ble person. His appearance of knitted brows and silent pursed lips was like that of someone from a centuries old imperial family. Despite him having really inherited this n.o.ble lineage,

However, behind his smile was a kind of cunning and sinister, an expression that reigned his supremacy.

Wei Wei was frightened and was just about to make a move with the silver knife under her sleeve, but the the words he spit out startled her into staying put.

"You still want to pretend?" He leaned his body, his thin lips were plastered by the side of her ears, those very soft words completely transmitted inside her ear without missing a single word.

Wei Wei was suddenly unable to move. He already knew early on that it was her?

But that just didn't make sense.

She even disguised her body.

Just how did he recognize her?

Couldn't be that he was bluffing and drawing her out again, right?

"This Highness told you before to wait for me to straighten you out, yet you ran away. Heh, you should know that if you let me capture you, I absolutely wouldn't easily let you off." Baili Jia Jue's bewitchingly cool voice once again transmitted over.

This time, Wei Wei was certain that the other person had recognized her.

It didn't matter how he recognized her.

However, he won't easily let her off?

My goodness, she merely didn't cooperate with him in putting on that play.

He then relentlessly pursued and struck at her, even playing with her like that just now……

Thinking to here, Wei Wei could be considered to be cool-headed and also somewhat couldn't help but say. "That's why you treated me like that just now? Third Prince, you also should've had enough of playing around, right?"

"Play?" Baili Jia Jue's pupils sunk deeper. She thought he was playing around? The fingers concealed under his sleeves slowly tightened up, they were the same as ancient elephant tusks, carrying a faint anger.

How many times had it been now, again and again, he'd been lenient on her.

And yet unexpectedly, she and another man wrapped arms around each other's shoulders.

Within the pupils of his eyes now as red as blood, fit after fit of rage ignited as he used force to grip her chin, the tone of his voice was dark and cold. "And if this Highness has not had enough of playing, then?"

"It doesn't matter if you've played enough or not, this game should end here." Wei Wei admitted that she wasn't able to strategize better than him. "Kill me or cut off my flesh as you wish."

"In your heart, am I such a cruel person?" Baili Jia Jue slightly turned his eyes and gazed towards her, the corners of his lips twitched slightly.

Wei Wei raised her eyebrows. If not, then?

He racked his brains like this just to catch her, wasn't it only to give her a lesson.

"Heh……" Baili Jia Jue suddenly smiled lightly and spoke. Besides the usual ice-coldness, there contained even a kind of exceedingly oppressive dangerousness, as if it serenely hid in the depths of the abyss in h.e.l.l and broke through its sh.e.l.l to come out. "Sometimes, I really want to take your hands and feet, break them into pieces, and tie them by the side of the door. You should know that a prey that's not obedient, will still be more obedient with its claws removed……"

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