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Chapter 122: t.i.tle below

Wei Wei vaguely sensed that something was going to happen, but she seemed to have no way out, and could only look up at him.

The smile at the corners of Baili Jia Jue's mouth was both complicated and captivating. His lips were apparently even thinner than hers. The slender jet-black shapely eyes seen through the silver mask meaningfully examined her, and seemed as if they could see through her everything……

During the time he approached her, Wei Wei's pair of eyes darkened. This man forever seemed like a powerful evil character. Regardless of whether he possessed martial qi or not, he'd still be just as dangerous.

Baili Jia Jue extended his hand and propped his fingers against the wall behind her, his tone of voice was indescribably demonically hypnotic. "This Highness is not interested in male escorts. If exchanged for you, on the other hand, I can consider it for a bit."

Wei Wei's neck stiffened. The faint fragrance of tea mixed with a man's sandalwood scent hit behind her ear. In a flash, the bitingly purely cold breath, overwhelmed her and emptied out her head.

It can't be……

Was Third Prince taking liberties with her?

Taking liberties with her disguised as a man? !

Wei Wei subconsciously extended her arm outward, as she arched her lips into a slight smile. "Your distinguished self should look carefully. I'm actually a man……woah."

Without waiting for Wei Wei to finish what she was saying, the young man's pure cold kiss arrived and tyrannically engulfed everything. The faint fragrance of tea inside his mouth momentarily overflowed into hers. Wei Wei used her free hand to forcefully push away the young man's body. However, because using force from only one hand caused her body to be slightly out of balance, her body skewed towards the right, and fell on the table top!

Fine dark black hair spilled on the sandalwood tabletop and spread out. In contrast to Wei Wei's originally purely cold face, there appeared a gentle hint of allurement. At the originally chilly corners of her eyes there now, because of the young man's kiss, emerged a faint liquid shine as well, like a youthful lake of blooming lotuses, awash with tendrils of charm……

Using a single hand, Baili Jia Jue pinned her hands above her head, his thin lips intentionally cold as he deepened the kiss. The sweet flavor inside the girl's mouth made him close his eyes in satisfaction.

Yet how could Wei Wei's personality allow him to manipulate her. Her canines fiercely bit on his lip. After that, her body slid downwards and escaped from his restraints, extended her hand and used the back of her hand to wipe at her own lips.

What the heck was going on with this Third Prince.

Forget about him kissing her when he was drunk.

When he's sober, he's also taking liberties with her.

Was it only because she's dressed as a man right now?

"This young master is straight and am not interested in young men like you." Wei Wei grimly smiled as she resigned herself to be out of luck as she wiped at her own lips again.

Baili Jia Jue watched her actions. The light in his eyes submerged deeper.

Wei Wei felt that her anger still wasn't allayed, so she looked him up and down a few times then said. "Your distinguished self's lower half, in particular, I'm even less likely to be interested in."

She originally thought that saying this would make the other person so angry he'd turn blue in the face.

However, what Wei Wei didn't antic.i.p.ate was that he actually all of a sudden embraced her close into his bosom. His smile that was not a smile contained a bit of an evil aura. "Not interested? But that's not what your body is saying."

His voice echoed by the side of her ear.

So much so that Wei Wei seemed to feel as if his lips were so close they were touching her earlobes.

Wei Wei said to herself, 'not good'. Baili Jia Jue already didn't allow any resistance as he pressed her down. Her pair of hands were firmly secured behind her by him. Wei Wei's long leg extended and planned to attack his 'important place'.

In the end, Baili Jia Jue's body leaned forward and used the momentum to press Wei Wei's entire body on the tabletop.

He simply was bullying her insufferably!

Wei Wei became ruthless and again used her teeth to bite Baili Jia Jue.

However, this time, Baili Jia Jue didn't release her at all, and allowed the taste of blood to flow and spread inside his oral cavity as he moved forward another step by using force to squeeze her pair of legs between him.

He didn't allow for any disturbance as he sucked the tip of her tongue.

As well, one hand pressed lightly at the back of her head, not giving her any opportunity to escape.

He was so overbearing that he made her unable to move even in the slightest degree.

And his hand pressing against her back, also started to slowly move in a naughty way. Those slender fingers, little by little, flit across her skin, slowly moving up……

Wei Wei's body couldn't help but tremble.

"Get lost!" The limp and numb feeling, started from the area of her tailbone and finally gushed throughout her whole body. Wei Wei didn't have experience with this, and even had trouble speaking, as if her lung capacity was somewhat insufficient.

Until at last, when Baili Jia Jue released her, her pair of legs had become limp, to the extent that she had to lean on Baili Jia Jue's arm embracing her waist in order to stand steadily.

"See, how pa.s.sionate you are." The corners of Baili Jia Jue's mouth hooked slightly as he extended his hand over the front of her body. There seemed to be, yet also not be, a soft smile, as his sensuous lips moved slightly, and spoke slowly, word by word. "It's a pity you're a male." Since she wanted to play, then he would slowly play with her……

Wei Wei heard his words and wished that she could stab him!

"That's right, I'm a man. The thing that I have, your distinguished self also have, so how about you go and feel yourself." Wei Wei moved her wrists.

Baili Jia Jue looked down, and smiled deeply. "No. It's still more interesting to feel you instead."

Within that very deep voice, his d*mned ambiguous meaning wasn't concealed in the least.

Scoundrel! b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

How could she not have discovered before that Third Prince was this kind of person!

"Cursing me? Don't forget who first used those kinds of words like upper half and lower half." Baili Jia Jue took her long hair and lifted it up, as he lightly smelled the fragrance of her hair there.

After Wei Wei again discovered that she couldn't move, the light in her eyes submerged. She didn't believe that a man who'd lost his martial qi could suppress her so much she couldn't strike back.

The first time around, she was still able to explain it as him being very skilled at wrestling using the proximity of his body.

However, after two times in a row, she had no choice but to once again question the reliability of those rumors.

Indeed, this Third Prince, from start to finish, was pretending!

His martial qi should've already recovered!

He truly was too sinister and deceitful. Sure enough, when confronting him, she could not relax even one stand of muscle!

What should she do now?

Originally, she thought that by dressing as a man, everything would work out well.

She didn't expect that surprisingly, it'd accidentally arouse this guy's interest.

Really, d*mn it!

However, he also need not count on her just sitting around with her hands tied and waiting to be captured!

As Wei Wei looked up, she was just about to counterattack when she heard a bang!

The wood door was kicked open by somebody!

Wei Wei glanced back around, and only saw an incomparably handsome youngster standing outside the door. The corners of his mouth hung in contemplation. His shapely eyes slightly narrowed on his handsome face, the ends of his mouth demonically curved as he looked at this scene. His eyes were filled with an interest.

"Imperial Elder Brother. What are you doing?" The light in the youngster's eyes submerged, and he insinuated while he smilingly raised his head. "How could you do such an excessive thing to my partner." (translator's note: Chinese people may call their cousin 'brother' as well.)

His emphasis on the two words 'my partner' was particularly strong, and combined with his demonic smile, made those words sound even more ambiguous……

After that, the youngster came over and extended his hand and placed his arm on Wei Wei's shoulder, followed by him embracing her towards himself while laughing wantonly.

Wei Wei raised her brows and glanced at the arm on her shoulder. She knew the youngster was trying to help her out of a predicament and curved her lips into a smile. She didn't push the youngster away at all, and instead was similarly natural, as if the two people's relationship was truly very intimate.

However, Wei Wei didn't discover at all, at that moment, Baili Jia Jue's lowered handsome face……

Chapter 122: Kissed Wei Wei

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