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Chapter 224: The Puritanical Angel on the Altar Had, Once Again, Descended to the Human Realm

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Fighting with Shao Yibai was not the wise choice for Su Qingcheng!

Shao Yibai's grandfather was one of the founding fathers of the nation. The descendants of a famed general would definitely walk the path of becoming a famed general! Up till his generation, all of his elders had been from the military.

In his childhood, his father and grandfather were Shao Yibai coaches. When the other kids were playing with building blocks, he had begun his martial arts training…

When Shao Yibai entered the army, he tested first in both physical examination and combat skills and was entered into the hall of fame of the military.

Su Qingcheng's skills were enough to handle petty criminals, but seemed frivolous to Shao Yibai's trained eyes.

Hearing Yuan Xuan dragging Mu Chenyan away, Shao Yibai became even more casual. After the initial bout of attacks, Su Qingcheng no longer had any strength to retaliate!

At this instant, he forced her into the corner and held her. She shivered in his arms as her eyes began to water. She asked, trembling, "What do you want?"

Shao Yibai blocked her escape with his body and pressed her arms with his own. Su Qingcheng's legs were split by his knees, making them look like geckos that got tangled together on the wall.

"Can't you see what I want?"

Shao Yibai smiled evilly. Feeling his warmth, Su Qingcheng turned her face to the side!

His strong jaw had been attracting attention for as long as she remembered. His eyes were seductive in a just yet wicked ways. His lips parted slightly, and his Adam's apple wavered. To Su Qingcheng, the scenario was completely salacious…

"Shao Yibai, let me go. Just take it as we've never met before… I… beg of you…"

Su Qingcheng was not a woman who would admit weakness, let alone cry. However, at this moment, her eyes had gone misty. The sadness in her eyes was colored with a layer of worry, which moved Shao Yibai!

"Never met before?" Shao Yibai was furious and asked with a low voice, "You f*cking stole my heart, and you're telling me to pretend we've never met?"

With that said, he gripped her chin with his steely hands and lifted her face, the face that he love and hate so much!

With an unknowable fear in her eyes, Su Qingcheng wanted to retreat further. However, she could not move a single inch. Looking into his furious flame burning in his cold eyes, Su Qingcheng could see the sorrow he was hiding.

She had done him wrong back then! That was why he could not forget her!

If he only wanted her for her body, it would be easier. She could just wait until he was bored with her.

However, if he was really in love, he might never have recovered from this…

A cold tingle was born deep inside her heart, Su Qingcheng did not want her efforts to go to waste!

She had done it, and she had hidden from him for so long. If everything were to return to the beginning, what meaning would it have for her to stay hidden for so long?

"Shao Yibai, the only way to minimize damage is to run!"

Su Qingcheng returned to her senses and said with determination, "Since I have decided to leave you, I don't plan to step in the same river twice. Treat our reunion today as a joke that Fate played on us. I left without a goodbye, so think of it as Fate allowing me to formally say it to you…"

Shao Yibai suddenly scoffed. His handsome face turned sour, his iris contracted as he rebuffed with a hint of ferocity. "What if I said no?"

"Shao Yibai, if that's your choice, then I will say this. However I choose to leave back then, I will choose the same now!"

Su Qingcheng's reb.u.t.tal completely angered Shao Yibai. She meant that she would escape once again!

He increased his strength on his hands and spat out, "I wanna see how you would do that!"

When he finished, he caught her red lips with his own, parting her teeth with the tip of his tongue and driving it in…

"Mmph…" Su Qingcheng did not expect the man to be that unreasonable. Before she could think, he had already conquered her with steps after steps!

"I don't want… don't want you to say something like that, Daisy!"

Shao Yibai traced her lips as he called her nickname softly. A soft voice and aggressive kisses, what a deadly combination!

Su Qingcheng hummed as her tongue felt a little numb. He lightly bit her.

She tried to resist, but every move she made was countered with a stricter punishment.

Her hair was made into a mess, her lips were numb beyond sensation, and the tip of his tongue was almost touching her throat. That inch-by-inch conquest had left her breathless…

"Daisy, I want you…" After a long moment, he let go of her lips and started on her ears. That was her sensitive spot, Su Qingcheng could not help but to moan as her cherry-colored face was kissed all over.

Su Qingcheng trembled uncontrollably as she endured his pa.s.sionate conquest and occupation, he was no longer satisfied with a kiss, so his large hand made its way to her collar…

"No… Shao Yibai… You can't…" Su Qingcheng kept shaking her head, denying his further invasion.

Her eyes were watery, betraying her fear. Right now, she was no different from normal girls, going through the same horrors they have gone through in similar situations.

"Daisy, come, help me take my shirt off…"

His respiration was quick and rushed, he kept kissing her neck without stopping at one single spot as his hand began to go toward her waist…

While he was doing that, he guided Su Qingcheng to do the same. Pulling Su Qingcheng's hands to his waist, he coaxed, "Daisy, it's been so long. Do you know how much it's missing you? It's been lying silently for so many years, do you still remember the pa.s.sion it has for you?"

Su Qingcheng trembled even harder. Her breath was shallow and uneven as her hand was being led by his, unable to escape…

Shao Yibai was dominated by his l.u.s.t. After so many years, the Bachelor of Capital City, the puritanical angel on the altar had, once again, descended to the human realm!

Su Qingcheng was held by him, trying her best to resist but failing miserably. The misfiring of them both seemed to have happened in an instant. She knew it was not right, but she could do nothing to resist it.

Shao Yibai placed her on the tatami. She did not want to help him, so he unb.u.t.toned his shirt and tugged at his belt…

With the sound of the belt buckle springing open, Su Qingcheng snapped into consciousness. What was she doing?

Waiting for his to sleep with her?

Su Qingcheng suddenly remembered her main reason for leaving the Capital City was to avoid this man. If she went back with him right now, she might never get another chance to escape from him!

At this point of her thought, she said, to his surprise, "Shao Yibai, if you've had enough, can I leave now?"

The l.u.s.ty man was taken aback slightly. His eyes turned slightly cold as he stared unmovingly at the woman with a hot flush.

Smirking, Su Qingcheng said flightily, "If you only want to have a few one-night-stands before you would let me go, I can cooperate. But I don't want other people to know. After all, I am already married. You, as the descendant of a famous family, wouldn't want a scandal just because you were messing around with a married woman!"

Shao Yibai, "…"

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