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Published at 11th of July 2019 01:15:07 PM Chapter 223: 223

Chapter 223: Are You Done with Your Little Chili?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

She knew the man had always been the jealous type and had always treated her like a personal collection . However, she had disappointed him by causing trouble outside, and he would never forgive her for that…

Mu Chenyan's reaction was funny to Yuan Xuan . He placed his hand on her waist, his chin on her crown, and spoke with a clear, graceful manner, “Little Chenyan, do not put yourself in harm's way in the future!”

“I was so worried…”

It was rare for a man like Yuan Xuan to be emotional . In most situations, he was overly calm and even cunning!

During the Spring Festival, Mu Chenyan had seen the side of Yuan Xuan she had never seen, one who was playing with power and navigating between politics with ease!

Usually, he was in charge of the development of Country Z's energy resources and technology . The aristocratic family of the Southeast Region was led by him, the younger generation treated him as a role model, and even the elites of the older generation would need to have some respect for him!

A man like this was, at this moment, holding his Little Chenyan and purring, displaying the sensibilities of a normal man .

As he was talking, his breathing was uneven . Mu Chenyan pressed herself to his chest and listened to his strong rhythmic heartbeats, and hesitated .

She thought he was going to teach her a lesson, but his tenderness caught her by surprise!

If he was going to be rough, she could still resist . However, the gentler he was, the more panicky and fl.u.s.tered she was . Like a child who made mistakes, they would revolt against criticism, but might bawl their eyes out if they were treated with kindness .

“Yuan Xuan, I…”

Mu Chenyan's eyes reddened as she hung her head powerlessly on the man's chest . She felt a sense of safety that she had not felt for a long time…

Since the time she had heard Mu Chenwu's words in the cemetery, as well as when she found out that the evidence for her court case reversal had always been with Yuan Xuan the whole time from Yuan Tian, she had been in a knot for a long time . Now that she was in his arms, all those concerns seemed to have disintegrated . She wished that time would stop so she could stay in this dream forever…

Yuan Xuan held her in his arms tightly . He had no doubt that human society was filled with vileness and kept imagining what could happen if the perpetrator had become aggressive or that if Su Qingcheng did not manage to save her .

This woman did things behind his back, things that had sent him into worry spells retroactively . How could he criticize her in this situation?

“That man, where did he touch you?”

In the middle of their tender reunion, he asked .

Mu Chenyan was startled . “Which man?”

“You idiot!” Yuan Xuan was a little mad and poked her on her forehead, “That pervert in the subway!”

Mu Chenyan realized what happened and replied in surprise, “You can't do anything there, can you?”

“He touched my woman, why can't I do anything about it?!”

As he exclaimed, Yuan Xuan began strolling in the room . The handsome man was feeling really uncomfortable, unlike the gentle Third Young Master Yuan just a moment ago…

Mu Chenyan frowned, her head aching!

“Yuan Xuan, let it go . He's just a normal office worker . Since we've already sent him to the police, they will handle it . It would complicate things if you stood up, wouldn't it?”

Mu Chenyan was worried . If words get out, everyone would know she was part of the Yuan Family and her old well-doc.u.mented case from three years ago would resurface . It was due to good luck that her colleagues did not recognize her, and she did not want Yuan Xuan to ruin that for her .

Yuan Xuan gave it a thought and suddenly blamed Wu Huai, “Did Wu Huai make you go out and catch the pervert?”

Mu Chenyan was silent as a cicada in winter . If she involved Wu Huai, things would only get worse .

Wu Huai intended to send them away . If Yuan Xuan demanded, Wu Huai would definitely apologize and happily send them away .

Mu Chenyan immediately apologized by muttering, “We did it ourselves, Big Brother Wu had nothing to do with it . Flushing out the trash of society is the responsibility of every citizen, we're fine, aren't we, so can you stop inquiring about it?

She tugged at Yuan Xuan's sleeve as she requested . Mu Chenyan recalled Yan Jun's words on the road . Pouting, wheedling, and acting cute was important in situations like this!

“Hmph, you always had excuses like that . I think you're suited to be a college counselor!”

Hearing her soft voice, the haze inside Yuan Xuan's heart slowly dissipated as he said, “I can let that go . However, if there are similar situations in the future, I'll forbid you from being a reporter . If you have to go outside like this, it would be better if you help out Yuan family business!”

Hearing Yuan Xuan's advice, Mu Chenyan was not happy . She grumbled . “I have zero business skills, are you trying to make me bankrupt Yuan Family?”

“Wen Ya's method of handling business was pretty good, you both were old friends, so maybe you can learn from her!”

Yuan Xuan had that idea for a while now, but since Mu Chenyan wanted to do what she was good at, he did not stop her .

However, the more he let her does what she wanted, the more reckless she had become . After the fiasco this time, what could be next?

Mu Chenyan took a deep breath, a hint of helplessness flashed in her eyes as she said, “I like being a reporter . If I have to listen to you on even this, what's the difference between that and being stuck at home?”

Her cheeks flushed red . Seeing her unspeakable grievance, Yuan Xuan lost his imposing stance . He tightened his grip on her and comforted her . “I won't impose this on you, but you shouldn't let me be worried as well . This is only a warning, you have another chance!”

Mu Chenyan exhaled in relief . However, she still felt a little tingle in her heart . How could she manage this in the future when she still had to investigate about Zhao Ruoxin and Shu Qinger…

Yuan Xuan and Mu Chenyan exited their tea room and noticed that there were no large movements in the other room . It was strange, did the two already stopped their quarreling?

Due to the style of decoration in the private club, they were using j.a.panese sliding doors . Yuan Xuan approached the door, knocked, and asked, “Shao Yibai, do you need help? Are you done with your little chili?”

A scruffy voice came from inside . “We're still at it!”

There was a faint shuffle in the room that sounds like the fight was still going on .

Mu Chenyan and Yuan Xuan shared a glance, not understanding the situation!

A woman's faint sniffle was heard as she cursed, “Shao Yibai, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d…”

Mu Chenyan was shocked and was prepared to open the door when Yuan Xuan stopped her and laughed, “Miss Red Demon, did you want to save Miss Black Demon?”

Mu Chenyan was in no mood to joke with Yuan Xuan . She asked urgently, “What is Shao Yibai doing to Su Qingcheng?”

Yuan Xuan smirked mysteriously and pulled his woman close to him . “They were a man and a woman, like dry branches with fire . What else can he be doing to her?”

Shao Yibai had not been getting some action for such a long time . Now that he had gotten his hands on Su Qingcheng, he must have picked her bones clean .

Mu Chenyan was even more restless at the sound of that . She hollered from the outside, “Qingcheng, do you need help?”

“Third Young Master Yuan, can you take your girl away? If you can't control her, I don't mind letting you two inside to observe!” Shao Yibai's became even gruffer with a hint of panting…

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