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Published at 11th of July 2019 01:15:10 PM Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Two Males vs . Two Females

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Adagio of Resonance Private Club

Outside the window of an elegant j.a.panese-styled private room was a man-made stream . The warm sun of early Spring had caused a sakura tree to blossom . The sweet scent of sakura penetrated the window lattice, subtly, but seductively, veiling the environment with a heady sweetness .

Unfortunately, neither Mu Chenyan nor Su Qingcheng was in the mood to enjoy the beautiful sight!

In front of them were two men with faces steeled into darkness, it was as though they were going to swallow them alive…

The duel between the males and the females had finally reached its climax!

“Very good!”

Seeing both Mu Chenyan and Su Qingcheng were escorted here, Yuan Xuan waved his hand at Yan Jun, who wiped the sweat on his head before leaving the room with his subordinates . Before he had left, he gave Mu Chenyan a glance loaded with intent .

Accompanying Yuan Xuan's clear gaze was a hint of coldness . Before his dark eyes managed to burst with fury, the clever Mu Chenyan softened her voice and suggested, “Qingcheng and Yibai are finally reunited, so let's not become the third and fourth wheels here…”

Dodging the burning gaze, she wanted to get away!

Yuan Xuan turned around and saw Shao Yibai who looked like a volcano that was about to erupt . His fiery gaze was fixed onto Su Qingcheng, who returned the look with her own cool, calm ones . Yuan Xuan thought Mu Chenyan had a point, it would be best to leave the room for Shao Yibai and Su Qingcheng to settle their issues .

“Follow me!”

Yuan Xuan began to stride away . When he pa.s.sed by Mu Chenyan, he ordered with a neutral tone .

Mu Chenyan glanced at Su Qingcheng . Her eyes communicated a message, “Take care, be well!”

Su Qingcheng nodded lightly, still not giving much of a reaction to Shao Yibai's blazing glare…

“It has been a good while!” After Yuan Xuan and Mu Chenyan had left, Shao Yibai finally opened his mouth after a few minutes of silence and glowering .

The man's taut body relaxed, sinking into the couch lazily as he looked coldly at Su Qingcheng's stiff body .

The more silent she was, the bigger the flame in his eyes . He wanted to charge at her and tear all of her facades apart!

He wanted to see if the woman in front of him had a beating heart like all other people . How was she able to be so cruel as to leaving without a message and appearing without any emotion?

Shao Yibai was suppressing his own urge so it would not burst him open!

Su Qingcheng had a delicate and pretty face, her features were sharp and distinct, but at the moment, she was looking back at Shao Yibai with dead eyes as she said, “Indeed, it's been a long while!”

“Miss Su, shouldn't you offer your enthusiasm if you've met an old friend?”

Shao Yibai sprung forward and placed his arm on the woman's tiny waist .

His arms were firm, forcing her to be pulled toward his torso . Su Qingcheng was shocked but could do nothing to resist!

“Or could it be that you've already forgotten our unusual relationship? Hmm?”

The man's breath was a little irregular, his husky voice sending danger signals . His lips lightly caressed her earlobe, causing her to tremor involuntarily…

Su Qingcheng shrugged as she attempted to break free . However, she knew the suplex last time was just pure luck . If Shao Yibai was prepared, she would not have been able to fight him .

Resistance is futile!

Su Qingcheng's eyes mysteriously turned red and warm liquid filled them . She turned to her side and muttered, “I don't know… what relation… unusual relationship did we have…”

The first time ever in her life, she was stuttering!

Under his staring gaze, Su Qingcheng blushed .

“Do I need to remind you, Miss Su?”

Hearing her obviously avoidant words, Shao Yibai asked annoyedly as he increased his strength on his hands, holding them both ever closer than before . His breath is quick and shallow, and his large palm pressed burningly into her waist…

Su Qingcheng shuddered . She bit her lips and closed her eyes, warning him, “Shao Yibai, don't make me fight you!”

The moment her threat was let loose, Su Qingcheng regretted it . She remembered that Shao Yibai hated threats .

As expected, the man's face changed slightly as bloodl.u.s.t flashed through his eyes, making his handsome face look even more mysterious, shaded with goodness and badness .

Su Qingcheng could smell the danger as swiftly reacted with a knee attack toward Shao Yibai's waist!

He seemed to have prepared as he took a step back and pivoted his torso to evade the attack . However, his hand loosened, giving Su Qingcheng an opening .

She broke open Shao Yibai's hold and jumped back . She made a fist with her hands and set into the counterattack stance in Chinese boxing .

Shao Yibai smiled with his eyes and praised the woman in front of him “Within a few years, you've improved . Speaking of which, I want to try something, see if your stamina has improved as well . You wouldn't beg me to stop after just a little while being under me, would you? Hmm?”

Hearing the unadulterated provocation, Su Qingcheng blushed with anger, “Shameless! I forbid you from mentioning anything from before!”

Shao Yibai charged at her suddenly and leaped into the air, launching a few jabs her way .

Su Qingcheng dodged and parried them and launched a few attacks of her own when opportunities come!

“Not bad, although you still need to raise your agility . In real battles, your enemies wouldn't let you hesitate so many times!” Shao Yibai managed to slip in some pointers .

Not in the mood to stay in the fight, Su Qingcheng only wanted to flee . This sick b.a.s.t.a.r.d of a man teased and attacked her so suddenly .

Su Qingcheng utilized Chinese boxing and Taekwondo and combined her hard and soft combat styles . Relying on her featherweight, she managed to shift between dodging and attacking quickly . Shao Yibai could not gain on her, and he was even kicked a few times…

“Alright, did you really think you have the upper hand if I don't show you my true strength?”

After the fourth kick, Shao Yibai growled fiercely and said, “I could dominate you before, I can dominate you now . Let see how you will get away from me again?”

As he was saying, he tightened his attacks without giving her an opportunity to strike back!

The two lovers had begun fighting in this tatami-lined tea room…

In another tea room with an identical decoration, the two was getting along completely differently!

Yuan Xuan had no idea that there was a battle in the other room .

His priority was to solve this problem who was his lady!

“Come here!” Yuan Xuan sat on his seat and extended his arm at Mu Chenyan .

Mu Chenyan was slightly stunned before answering, “I think I'll just stand…”

She was in a defensive stance . The woman with a calm demeanor and a detail-oriented mind could always cause Yuan Xuan headaches!

He frowned lightly, seething . She was wary of him as if he was a thief . She was already willing to be touched by perverts outside, but still, she wanted to act reserved in front of him?

Mu Chenyan knew she was at fault, but she did not want to admit it . Her avoidance was also an attack . If Yuan Xuan got angry, she would be able to run away .

Yuan Xuan stood up suddenly and marched toward Mu Chenyan, scaring her as she took steps back . Her eyes were filled with rage as she asked, “What are you doing?”

She knew her man was p.r.o.ne to jealousy, so he had always treated her like a personal collection . However, she had disappointed him by causing trouble outside . He would never forgive her for that…

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