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The ground floor of this layer is no longer marble floor but is paved with dirt and gra.s.s.

At this moment, a skinny old horse was grazing beside the headless corpse. Judging from the hoof, saddle and reins, it is undoubtedly the rider of “the knight”.

Feng Bujue walked over, bent down, and patted the old horse's head. It didn't respond but just continued to graze.

“It's Don Quixote's turn this time…” Autumn Wind said.

“Yeah… the man at the top of Otaku,” Feng Bujue replied, “Among the whole world.”

“So… as in the book, he saw the windmill as a giant, and then rushed on with his horse, which killed Scarecrow who had just come up from the third floor.” Calm Speaker tried to infer with the logic of this scenario: “Then Tin Woodman rushed out of the windmill and cut his head.”

Swan's expression changed slightly: “What about Tin Woodman?” He said, looking around again: “This layer can be seen at a glance, I didn't find him.” He turned back and said: “And also, no access to the fifth floor was seen, the ceiling was all closed. “

“There is a line here, but I don't know if it is a hint.” Feng Bujue said suddenly, at this moment, he was standing next to the latter half of the spear: “Look, it's on this handle…”

When the teammates heard him, they came together and took a closer look. Sure enough, a line was engraved on the spear. It seems Spanish, but a systematic translation can be seen in the game menu: [Use smiley faces to meet miserable destiny, use a hundred times courage to cope with all these misfortunes.]

“Well…” Everyone was collectively lost in thought again.

“Wierd…” said Autumn Wind. “Apart from hinting at the original books, these comments are just philosophical discussions. Perhaps combined with the murder scene, it is ironic, but it has nothing to do with our puzzle-solving.”

Swan frowned, apparently at an impa.s.se, “It's hard to tell… maybe there will be such messages in the future, but the information right now is still not enough to solve the puzzle.”

“Well, that's a nice thought,” Calm Speaker suggested, “If you compare these messages to pieces of a puzzle, it's impossible to solve it before we see the overall frame of the pattern.”

“That being the case, now let's focus on how to reach the fifth floor.” Autumn Wind said, looking around. “At the moment, our only clue is this windmill, a corpse and an old horse.”

“Its name is Rocinante.” Feng Bujue said.

“What?” Autumn Wind stunned, for a moment he didn't get what Feng Bujue was speaking.

“I said, the horse's name is Rocinante.” Feng Bujue explained: “What? Are there other names in Don Quixote you read? I think this sounds well…” 1)

“Nonono…” Autumn Wind interrupted: “I haven't read this book but just know the general content. Even if I read it, I probably won't remember the name of a horse…”

“Oh… you haven't read it,” Feng Bujue sneered expressionlessly. “Huh… you can swallow yourself's s.h.i.t to kill yourself.”

“Hey! There are many people who haven't read it! There is no need to die!” Autumn Wind roared: “Besides, what kind of suicide is that!”

Swan said, “Ah… that book is pretty well.”

“Pretty well?” Feng Bujue turned his direction at the man who tried to make peace. “What do you think of a sharp, profound, cruel, humorous, and tragic epic?”, speaking of that, he opened the mask of the helmet, exposed the horrible face of the corpse, “Dare you say this again in front of this ridiculous, sorrowful, sad and respectable immortal figure?”

“Uh… I was wrong, sorry about that.” With pressure from somewhere, Swan answered somehow.

“Why you said sorry!” Said Autumn Wind, he turned to Feng Bujue. “You're not the author, but just a fan. Why so serious about it?”

“Don Quixote combines reality and story, tragedy and comedy, serious and funny, vulgar and great all very well. Cervantes inspired the world with his words and moved the world. “Feng Bujue presented like a lecture:” After reading this book as a kid, I was inspired to write this kind of critical realism fantasy work. As long as I can write with 30% of its level, I will die without regrets. The bond between me and Cervantes… you will not understand if you stay in the Poke Ball all day.”

“Where do I stay all day… Is it interesting to use this kind of reference all the time!” Autumn Wind can't follow up with Feng Bujue at all now.

Calm Speaker covered his face and shook his head: “Can we come back to the problem of solving puzzles? This chapter is halfway through, you can stop it.”

“Okay,” Feng Bujue replied immediately, “You see that…” He carefully lowered his head in his hands, raised his arms and pointed at the “sun” in the distance.

“How couldn't we notice it… the paper-filled sun is shining,” Calm Speaker said.

“If the paper-filled sun can shine…” Feng Bujue pointed to the side: “Is it possible to use the green mountains, flowers and plants painted on the wall?”

As the saying goes, mental patients have a wider range of thoughts, the other three serious players didn't think in this way.

The three teammates suddenly realized that and tried to re-observe the surrounding environment. This time, they suddenly had many possible clues.

“Well… judging by the sense of distance created by the painting, the cow over there seems to be closest to the ‘wall',” Swan said, pointing to a wall.

Feng Bujue glanced over there, then walked over. He stood by the wall, only to find that a small rope head emerged from the wall, and the rest of the rope still existed in the wall in the form of painting, which tied the cow in the painting.

It is difficult to see this detail from a distance, but now, Feng Bujue just reached out and pulled the rope head, and he easily brought the rope out of the picture, and the whole cow was taken by him from the “wall” Into the gra.s.s in the real world.

“Hmmm, it worked!” Autumn Wind said.

Calm Speaker continued: “Does that mean that we can also walk into the painting on the wall?”

“Nope,” Feng Bujue answered Calm Speaker's question, leaning his hand against the wall: “I can't get in anyway.”

Swan, they came over and tried it, indeed not.

“Now… what should we do with this cow…” Swan said, touching his chin. “Is it possible to let it use its horns to push us to the fifth floor?”

“Oh… in the world of Tom & Jerry, maybe it works.” Autumn Wind laughed.

“Hey, gentlemen!” Suddenly, another voice sounded, it sounded like a child's voice.

The four players turned their heads and found that there was a small black spot on the painting on the other wall, which gradually grew into shadow, creating a visual effect from far to near.

After a while, the figure ran out of the wall without any strangeness and ran to the players.

This is a little brown-haired boy in old patched clothes and a small hat. He was so anxious when he ran to the players that when he came to Feng Bujue, he was out of breath and can barely speak.

“Don't worry, boy, speak slowly, we won't go anywhere.” Calm Speaker said kindly.

The little boy gasped again and said, “Well… gentlemen, sorry… I… can I ask you to return the cow to me?”

“Return the cow?” Calm Speaker said in a questioning tone.

“That's the story…” The boy said with some grievances, “I let mom see the magic beans you gave me. I thought she would be proud of me. But she was angry and threw the magic beans out of the room. She also said that she was disappointed in me and said that I was a fool. “He said hurriedly,” So I quickly picked up the beans and ran back, but fortunately you are still here! Gentlemen, I can use these beans to take the cow back? Would you like to change it back? Please, please. “The boy showed a pleading look and took the initiative to reach out, holding in his hand a small cloth bag containing magic beans.

“Let's discuss it,” Feng Bujue interjected suddenly and immediately winked at his teammates, signalled them to come.

The four got together and whispered.

“I get it… this kid is the protagonist of Jack and the Beanstalk.” Autumn Wind said, “Dragging out the cow will trigger an event. As long as you switch the magic bean with him, we can go to the fifth floor.”

“Of course I have already seen that,” Feng Bujue said.

Swan asked, “So what are you calling us over?”

Calm Speaker also looked at Feng Bujue with a questioning look.

“I'm just asking for your opinion…” Feng Bujue said, “Would you like to kill this little boy and grab the beans directly so we can have both the cow and the magic beans?”

“You're terrible…”

“Your humanity is exterminated…”

“Even wants to kill a kid…”

Feng Bujue heard these three sentences and sighed deeply. The next second, he took the cow with a smile on his face, and walked up to Little Jack, saying softly: “Hahaha, of course, boy~” He handed the rope to Jack, and said: “Next time, remember that you must have a contractual spirit. Also, don't believe the words of strangers easily, use your brain before doing anything, don't let down your mother's expectations of you, you must be worthy of the trust from your party, becoming a useful person, contributing to society, contributing to the motherland, and contributing to mankind…Oppppppsssss… “

Swan and Autumn Wind covered Feng Bujue's mouth and pulled him away.

Calm Speaker said embarra.s.sedly to Jack: “Don't care about that uncle's words, go home.” He said, taking over the magic beans in Jack's hand.

Jack blinked naively, thanked him, took the cow and turned away…

Feng Bujue spoke Rocinante's name in Chinese here. I think there's various

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