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Although Canglin Town was surrounded by mountains on three sides, there were two paths to enter the town.

One major road extended from the nearest city "Copper Fort".

The small path was where Feng Bujue and the gang appeared when they entered the scenario.

The major road should be discussed first since the situation at the other end of the road was quite tense.

Copper Fort today was filled with thousands of people from major cultivation factions and elites from all over Jianghu, so much that even the palace mobilized its army. The group naturally wouldn't all head to Canglin since if they did, the small town would be flattened.

Therefore, there was a certain requirement to enter Canglin through the major road.

After all the leaders of the cultivation factions discussed, they set two rules. Since everyone had a lot of adepts in their gate, naturally, it would be impossible to bring everyone along. As such, the first rule was that each leader could at most choose twenty adepts to head into the town, while all the other adepts must remain in Copper Fort and stay out of trouble. Next, "the evil way" cultivators were not permitted to pa.s.s. Of course, who were the evil people? It was determined by the "lawful" people.

Other than the serial killers and rapists wanted both by the officials and Jianghu, the rogue martial artists were included as part of the evil and kept in Copper Fort. Although they didn't have a righteous name, they were not evil and immoral people. Most of them just preferred to act alone or were timid in nature, therefore, they rarely befriended the lawful. Now they finally learned how casting the different worked.

It was worth mentioning here that within the setting of this scenario, the palace typically wouldn't care about killings on Jianghu, unless the incidents affected civilians. Jianghu people never bothered with the palace either. Whoever was the emperor or was he doing a good job had nothing to do with the martial artists. There was an invisible boundary between the two that couldn't be crossed.

At least on the surface, the palace's army was there to maintain order. If Jianghu people disturbed the public, they would be captured and prosecuted—they didn't care about anything else.

Now about the small road... People on this path… naturally was blocked on the major route or absolutely shouldn't appear in Copper Fort.

The adepts of the cultivation factions watched Copper Fort day and night. People who dared to sneak or force their way through were asking for their own death. People with poor martial arts were shot by arrows into beehives, and people with powerful cultivation force… were surrounded by hundreds of people continuously attacking them, eventually draining their energy.

Therefore… the only way these people could enter Canglin Town was through the small path. As long as there was a few of them and they disguised well, after they sneaked out of Copper Fort, with one daytime on foot, they would arrive at the small path.

But here, a demonic killer was guarding.

The ident.i.ty of the blue-robed elder was the butler of "Sword Deity" Ye Chen. His name was Ye Hai. His story didn't exist on Jianghu nor did a lot of people heard of his name, because he never conquered in Jianghu before.

Ye Hai became a servant of the Ye Manor at the age of twelve, and since then, sixty years have pa.s.sed. When he became the Ye Manor's butler at the age of thirty-two, the Ye family changed three owners already, but his position as the butler remained firm.

Ye Hai's powerful martial art was rewarded by Ye Chen's great-grandfather. His talent level was not high, and he clearly knew that. Moreover, because he was just a servant, even if he had talent, he had no qualification to become a part of the Ye Family. The old master at that time, however, secretly taught him. When the young master was practicing sword, he made Ye Hai sweep the ground near him. He purposely read some of the internal technique out; Ye Hai secretly trained at night, the entire manor pretending not to see it.

The Ye Family's martial art was of the superior cla.s.s, especially given that work ethics could make up for the discrepancy in talent. Despite Ye Hai's mediocre talent, by thirty years of age, he improved a lot and could be considered a quasi-elite on Jianghu. Two years later, he became the butler of the Ye Manor, married, and had children. For Ye Hai, it was the happiest time of his life.

A few years later, old master Ye pa.s.sed away and Ye Chen's father inherited the family a.s.set. He permitted Ye Hai's son to join the Ye Gate and become an official adept. But the kid was too aggressive, and before he learned the essence of martial art, he died an unsuspected death when he dueled with other people. Ye Hai's wife soon pa.s.sed away not long after.

After Ye Hai lost his family, his allegiance to the Ye Family became his spiritual belonging and pursuit in life. He has always been grateful and loyal all his life.

Ye Hai's current cultivation level in the present day, even the leaders of the factions were no match for him. There were only two types of people that could win against Ye Hai, the first type being the extraordinary elite, the one out of a million type of people—Xie San and Ye Chen that remained out of the Jianghu—the second type was natural born elites that trained for many years, and this type of people must have talent above Ye Hai's. In addition, they shouldn't lose out in technique, and their cultivation level must be 60% or more better than him. Only people that met these conditions could win against him.

With a character like this on the road, the result was clear.

In just half a month, a lot of evil people with or without a t.i.tle was extinguished by Ye Hai. It was doing a good deed for the people at the same time.

The people between lawful and evil without the martial arts essence were "sent" away by him. Only the true "elites", the people qualified to watch the duel, could go through the small path to Canglin Town.

For the people like Jade-faced Champion Bai Dian that appeared to be part of Jianghu but in actuality with a palace background, there were a lot of them that died. Palace ws the palace, and they never acted the way they said they would act. On the surface, they pretend not to interfere with Jianhbu, but in the dark, they constantly intervened, except they would never admit. Therefore, in situations similar to this, people in the Jianghu would eliminate the people from the palace without any mercy. Since the palace would never admit that they sent people here, they had to swallow it without being able to say anything.

The same night in the forest to the north of Canglin Town, not far from the rumored haunted abandoned temple.

Gra.s.s grew to the knee here and there was absolute silence. Gazing deep into the forest, the place looked eerie, branches covered the sky, and thorns blanketed the ground.

Suddenly, a figure soared from the distance without making a sound.

It was a gorgeous woman in black, her figure slim and graceful.

Her expression, however, was solemn with a hint of fright in her eyes.

"Nice airborne technique," a cold voice emerged.

As the words echoed out, another black shadow suddenly appeared. From his appearance, not only did he not carry any weapon, but his hands were also behind his back. He looked like he could win without using his hands at all.

The girl, without saying anything, used her life used her life energy to sweep her sword forward that carried a gust of wind.

The black shadow used an incredible move to dodge the sword and stepped onto the sword with his right foot. The dominant cultivation force suppressed the sword, and despite how bloated the girl's face was and how much force she used, she couldn't retract her sword.

"Unfortunately, your greatest airborne technique is just a trick in front of me." The black shadow blandly said, "Lu Adept, you can only blame your bad luck. You discovered my secret… so you must die."

Lu Qingning didn't respond but an unexpected change suddenly occurred.

Suddenly, a bell with a peculiar sound began to ring in the darkness. At the same time, the two were surrounded by an indescribable chillness…

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