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In the ten minutes Feng Bujue was late, he finished all the things he needed to finish before entering the scenario. He purchased five bottles of Survival Value Supplement (Large) and six clips of a.s.sault rifle bullets, spending a total of 40 thousand coins. He then visited the Box of Fear to search for the [One Hit Wonder Pistol] and [Emblem of Contra] he saw in the last nightmare scenario... They were actually there…

The [Emblem of Contra] in Box of Fear was the same as the one used by Feng Bujue with a cost of 20000 Skill Value. At this phase, only the players at the top of the ranks possessed the theoretical possibility of purchasing the item, most of the other players could only sigh at the price.

The effect of [One Hit Wonder Pistol] has been drastically modified by the system. Although the pistol was still a one hit kill, it lost the must hit effect and must be aimed. It lost its effect against the Final BOSS of the scenario and players. The bullets were still infinite, but the number of times that can be shot was limited to five shots per hour. Even then, the weapon was priced at 50000 Skill Value.

Although both were legendary items, they pale in comparison with another legendary weapon [Tessaiga (1) - Iron Crushing Fang]. In terms of the pricing, the combined price of the two was cheaper, goes to show Box of Fear priced items reasonably.

Feng Bujue didn't want his teammates to wait for long so he quickly completed his purchase and satisfied his curiosity before quickly coming to the conference room.

The conference room everyone entered was opened by Like Rain with her being the captain, but when Feng Bujue entered, she transferred the captain role.

The four's specific stats will not be mentioned here. Other than Feng Bujue, their abilities and stats didn't change drastically.

Little Tan, Like Rain and Dispirited were all level 17 with the same t.i.tle as before, and the weapons they used didn't change either. In terms of specialties, all three improved. Little Tan possessed the ability to study [Evil Bat Ghost Shadow], so Feng Bujue took out the ability from the studio's public warehouse and made him learn this.

While they were exchanging information, Feng Bujue used the opportunity to tell everyone Longao Min joined another studio, and he also mentioned about [Hard drive 2455-1] as well as his agreement with Sword Shadow. The gang at h.e.l.l's Frontline immediately realized that… Sword Shadow was tricked by Feng Bujue, and Feng Bujue was the true master of being a hands-off boss without caring for anything. He just waited for them to finish before sending the equipment cover.

Although it was a pity that Long-Ge didn't join, it was not a big deal, since h.e.l.l's Frontline was a casual group of players to begin with. Feng Bujue didn't plan on building a powerful six people team. He'll invite people that he got along in the future, he didn't want to put a strict number on the number of people.

The four all reported their information and prepared for departure.

They returned to their login s.p.a.ce separately, when Feng Bujue established the team communication, they entered the queue.

[Feng Bujue, level 17]

[w.a.n.g Tanzhi, level 17]

[Like Rain, level 17]

[Dispirited, level 17]

[Please select the game mode you want to play.]

[You've selected Multiplayer Survival Mode (Normal). Please confirm.]

[Confirmed. Random number of members of your party generated: 5 players.] 

[You've entered the party. Searching for another available player…]

[Matching completed. Adjusting nervous system connection… Generating scenario…]

[Loading… Please wait…]

"Welcome to Thriller Paradise." The voice this time sounded like a dreadful old witch, the tone was dark and close to what Feng Bujue heard during the new player training. 

[Loading completed. You're entering Multiplayer Survival Mode (Normal).]

[This mode offers an explanation of the plot. There are chances of Side/[Hidden Quests], together with special Worldview.]

[Rewards for completing the scenario: 100000 Game Coins.]

[Plot's introduction is about to play. After the introduction, the game will start immediately.]

The cinematic animation began to play…

Night, the pristine moon hung bright.

It was a small path and the sound of horseshoes approached, and not long after, a horse rapidly arrived.

It was a white horse, and the person riding the horse was also in white.

The man in white was dressed like an ancient swordsman, but he didn't wield any weapons on him. It was a big question for what reason did they travel so hastily at night.

[Ten years ago, a magnificent duel occurred on the peak of Purple Cloud Mountain, "No Name Sword" Xie San and "Sword Deity" Ye Cheng fought for two days and two nights without a decisive victory.]

The subt.i.tle appeared on the b.u.t.ton along with the system's voice.

"What is going on…" Feng Bujue thought the start was similar to a Wuxia story, so he thought an absurd plot was about to unfold.

[Ten years later, the two could hardly meet a match in Jianghu, and a duel was inevitable.]

[This duel is for the name of greatest under the sky, and it is also for verifying the truth in their sword's path.]

[The location of the duel is set at a desolate piece of land in the southwest, in a long-abandoned village.]

The words stopped there and the man in white in the picture suddenly stopped the horse and gazed at the path in front of him. He scanned at the shadowy forest on the side. "I'm Jade Face Champion Bai Dian, which friend is in the front? Could I have the pleasure of meeting you?" His voice was not loud, but in the deep night, it could reverberate very far away.

"Go back," an elderly tone replied. The words were transmitted to Bai Dian's ear, but Bai Dian could not grasp the location where the words came from—it sounded like the voice was turning and spinning around him.

"… You must be here to watch the epic duel three days later?" Bai Dian scorned. "Just with your words and you want me to… ahh!" He didn't get to finish his sentence before he dropped to the ground and became a body.

The lens moved and zoomed in on Bai Dian. The still widened eyes were full of shock. Before he died, he only had the time to hold his specialty weapon in his hand—an odd-looking dart—but unfortunately, it was no use.

The lens once again moved and focused on the back neck of Bai Dian. The players finally saw that there was a bamboo stick that stuck in there.

[Canglin Town, surrounded by mountains on three sides, was rumored to have a broken temple inside the forest to the east and haunted by malicious spirits, therefore there were ghosts that commit crimes when they wander down. Villagers in the town die a tragic but mysterious death, however, the officials couldn't do anything about. After many years, the local residents all moved to flee from this location and this place became an actual ghost town.]

[It was the 15th of August, the two great swordsmen agreed for a duel here.]

[The words were leaked and shocked the martial arts community with elites all gathering here because of the news. The hotel in the desolate town oddly opened again a few days ago and over one hundred renowned martial artists lived inside…]

[What's the result of the duel? What's the truth behind the ghost town? What's the hidden conspiracy behind everything?]

The plot introduction ended there. The four members of h.e.l.l's Frontline and another player that queued in appeared on the small path Bai Dian died on, but they were still one kilometer from the place of death.

[Primary Objective Activated]

[Enter Canglin Town.]

"This day and age, elites don't fight at the Forbidden City anymore (1) and instead came to a haunted village for trouble… this is…" Feng Bujue muttered while facepalming.

"Ahhh! You!" A familiar voice rang in his ear.

Feng Bujue raised his head and saw a face he didn't want to see, so he instinctively said, "Are you kidding me…"

"This should be my script!" Young Master Ji Bu roared.

"Where are your other three teammates?" Feng Bujue asked.

"Uhh…" Ji Bu replied, "they went to 3 vs. 3."

"You are definitely extraneous…" Feng Bujue was straightforward.

"What are you saying!" Ji Bu was not happy, but he didn't have anything to rebute.

"A friend?" Like Rain looked at Feng Bujue and asked in concise words.

Feng Bujue hesitated for a moment. "Yeah… you could consider him that…" He turned around and told Little Tan and Dispirited, "Let me introduce, this is the leader of Ice Emperor, Male Prost.i.tute Ji Bu, Little Tan do you still remember, one of the two guys killed in the Blood Wolf Zombie scenario."

"Oh… right, it is this name." Little Tan only saw the ID of [Young Master Ji Bu] and [Naming is Difficult] but never saw them in person.

"Who are you saying is a male prost.i.tute! Look at your anti-social lunatic appearance… combined with your gothic name, you dare to insult me?" Young Master Ji Bu had already noticed that the two males and females beside him all had the "h.e.l.l's Frontline" emblem. He asked, "Eh? You're a studio?"

"That's right, I'm a leader now… although not authoritative at all, but with how sad you are as an example, I suddenly feel great…" Feng Bujue said.

Ji Bu felt that he would be in a never-ending cycle of mockery. He was not on the same level as Feng Bujue in terms of badmouthing. What could he do, he could only withstand him… He changed the conversation, "Umm, what's the buff to your studio?"

"Oh… that…" Feng Bujue felt it was not a big deal to release the information since the studio's BUFF will be changed based on the ranking of the week, "The first is [All Stamina cost inside the scenario is reduced by 3%], the second is [Extending the forced log out duration of Fear Value reaching the peak by three seconds.]"

Ji Bu said while thinking, "Mhmm… it is close to what I imagined, our studio's BUFF is a tiny Survival Value regen increase and an increase in Game Coin reward in the end." He paused, "Looks like the BUFFS of studios after rank one hundred are pretty negligible."

"You can see this on the forum," Feng Bujue said.

"Ah? You… can?" Ji Bu took a moment to process.

"When is the last time you went offline?" Feng Bujue checked in the team status and noticed that Ji Bu's level was already 20 with a t.i.tle [High Profile Sneak Attack]. "In the permitted game time, other than sleeping and eating, you've been playing nonstop, right?"

"I'm a pro player!" Ji Bu said with seriousness.

"Okay…" Feng Bujue shrugged.

Because only Ji Bu was an outsider, the five didn't need to spend a long time introducing. They chatted for a brief moment before Feng Bujue cleared his throat and began to sell his first strategy…

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