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This was the last image the scenario had shown Feng Bujue. After that, he got teleported. When he returned to his login s.p.a.ce, Feng Bujue opened the menu to check the calculation for his rewards.

[Scenario completed. Calculating for rewards…]

[EXP received: 5,000.

Game Coins received: 50,000]

[Items received: None]

[Completed/Received Quests: 3/6]

[Special, [Hidden Quest] completed: 0]

[Decoded Worldview: None]

[Fear Value surged: 0 time.

Highest Fear Value: 0%

Average Fear Value: 0%]

[Your Fear Rating: A whole sack of guts. This first rank grants you a bonus. Please select later.]

[Skill Value received: 500]

[EXP increased by Skill Value: 5,000.

Game Coins increased by Skill Value: 50,000]

[Rewards for completing the scenario: Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces x 2 pcs]

[Calculation completed. Please continue.]

"Hey! Isn’t this cheating!" After Feng Bujue got teleported, he didn’t care about his rewards calculation; quite the contrary, he couldn't help but yell, "This ending isn’t better than typing a line ‘Shuichi Hirata dies with a satisfied face in his cell!’ Such a standard and shocking horror movie ending is too depressing! Logically, with this setting, the plot would be changed like… after they graduated, Hirata and Mikako returned to his hometown, got married and then ghosts had killed them all? Isn’t it a mistake?!"

He panted and exhaled as he stared at the screen. He had obviously completed the scenario, but he didn't feel relief or a sense of accomplishment when he was able to finish a Nightmare Difficulty level scenario. Quite the contrary, he somehow felt depressed.

Anyway, Feng Bujue was always Feng Bujue. He soon pulled himself together. Being a young man who could stand against waves and strong wind, it was okay if he had encountered one or two novels with a bad ending. He considered himself a speck of dust in this mortal world. Deeply inhale… Heavily exhale…

"Sigh, everything should be considered from a positive point of view. EXP and coins being added by Skill Value from Single-player Survival Mode at Nightmare Difficulty Level are the standard rewards of Multiplayer Survival Mode." He thought, "Moreover, I can have a random item. Such malicious ending should be soon forgotten."

In fact, generally, Feng Bujue was lucky enough to finish this scenario. ‘Instant Death FLAGs’ which delivered an instant death after being triggered were everywhere. At the beginning of this scenario, the black-and-white world was one of the tests given to challenge the player’s Fear Value. Although Feng Bujue had lost his sense of fear, being a man who had lived for twenty-three years with a normal sense of fear, he understood well that those things were too scary to ordinary people. He just couldn't have a proper reaction. If it were another player, he would have soon made wrong choices.

Since the system had generated scenarios based on players’ experience, besides the Newbie Tutorial, whenever Feng Bujue would enter Single-player Survival Mode, he always met solving-puzzle-like scenarios, where he was provoked with rush and intimidation, and he had almost no chance for a fair fight. Moreover, instant Death FLAGs were everywhere.

Not long after that, Feng Bujue understood it. If he depended on his unchanged Fear Value to play Single-player Survival Mode… it wouldn’t be simple. If he wanted EXP, clearing the scenario was the primary condition since he would have nothing, even a bit of EXP, if he died in a Single-player Survival Mode. However, if he spent the same amount of time to play Multiplayer Survival Mode, even if he got killed along the way, but his teammates could eventually finish the scenario, at least he would receive EXP relative to his contribution to the development of the scenario. If he had to compare between them, apparently, playing multiple-player mode could ensure that his benefits would be better since the ratio of an individual’s mistake, which could be covered by the others, was pretty high. For instance, the scenario of the hunter’s island. Among the five players, one had lost connection, one submitted himself to death, but they still made it at the end.

The familiar white halo started to materialize, and two cards appeared inside the gla.s.s columns. Jigsaw Puzzle Cards only had names without details or descriptions. Feng Bujue eyed the two cards. They were Jigsaw Puzzle Piece: Sungla.s.ses and Jigsaw Puzzle Piece: Spinner. Basically, they weren’t related at all. If he put them together with his Jigsaw Puzzle Piece: Monkey, it would be…

 An image of a monkey wearing sungla.s.ses and standing on a spinner flashed over his mind.

"Yeah, I shouldn't think about it," he mumbled to himself.

Anyway, if the card sets function had been opened, he should try his luck. He took the Jigsaw Puzzle Piece: Monkey from his storage, put it together with the other two cards he was holding in his hands, opened the menu and chose ‘Combine’ option.

The results he got was a system’s reminder that read [Can’t check a reasonable combination]. In other words, two among the three or all of these three cards couldn't be considered a hand.

So, Feng Bujue determinedly threw all three of the cards into his storage. 10 slots of his login s.p.a.ce storage were not occupied though.

"Anyway, the card series could be exchanged for 100% items graded Excellent; it’s not easy to make a series indeed," Feng Bujue thought.

When he was at the Auction House in the Mall, he had checked for those cards, but he had never found one. Might be it was because the Open Beta had just begun and the Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Cards were kind of rare, so they had no suppliers now. Perhaps players had kept them for their own sake since they all thought that the Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Card was one of the effective ways to get the items graded Perfect and more than that. If they sold them now, it wouldn't be a good deal. And, there was another possibility. Whenever a Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Card was displayed on the shelf, people would buy them immediately with the selling price. That’s why Feng Bujue hadn’t seen anyone selling them when he was wandering around the Auction House.

In short, Feng Bujue wouldn’t easily sell his Jigsaw Puzzle Piece Cards. He thought that these card sets were somehow interesting and he wanted to make a hand.

"Alright, I don’t think that I will receive such children toys like the children bat after this second time of lucky draw!" He then moved to another gla.s.s column with his murderous aura permeating the whole room. He smoothly operated without waiting for the system’s notification, choosing receiving item as his rewards.

This time, according to the shape of the white halo, it wouldn’t be the children’s baseball bat. Of course, it wasn’t a stone either. However, Feng Bujue had a very bad feeling seeing the shape of the object inside the halo.

[Name: The Broken Bench of the Eighteen Bronze Statues (Number 5)]

[Type: Weapon]

[Quality: Broken]

[Attack power: Weak]

[Attributes: None]

[Special Effects: When used to attack humanoid creatures, it will absolutely not break. Moreover, it has a certain chance that the target would receive [Bleeding] effect.]

[Remarks: Folding stool, can be seen and hid inside any residential areas, available everywhere; when sitting on it, user can hide their murderous intention. It is not considered a cool weapon. Even if police catches you, they can’t do anything. It’s honored to be voted as the top of the seven street weapons.]

The stool had a round seat with the ladder-shaped bracket support. It was made from iron and painted in black. Its appearance suited the description which said ‘Broken’ pretty well. Old, incomplete, but better than nothing.

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