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Chaos! Genesis Splitter…

It was the ultimate, must kill move Zheng had painstakingly come up with to challenge his clone. It was the so-called must kill, as he would be the one killed if he didn’t kill his enemy. It was a double edged sword, and once unsheathed, blood must be shed, be it the enemy’s or oneself’s…

“CHAOS! GENESIS SPLITTER!” Zheng stood in mid air, shouting. The Refined Qi and Magic in his body that he wasn’t able to use in large quant.i.ties began to speedily revolve. Just like Qi and Blood Energy, they headed to his heart, and collided there. Energy like that of the Magic Cannon frenziedly gushed out, and this energy completely permeated Zheng’s body in but an instant.


Zheng’s leg forcefully stepped behind, the area stepped on distorting. The flight speed of Dragon Transformation was incapable of matching up to his current state after using Chaos, Genesis Splitter. The enormous force caused by kicking backwards caused his speed to rise to a terrifying level, one that could overcome gravity. In but a moment, he had already charged to before the monster from several hundred metres away. With an enormous bang, Zheng collided into a defensive barrier of white light.

This defensive barrier of white light wasn't any kind of magic rune or a special item, but the monster’s true Light of the Soul. This Light of the Soul was incomparably thick, and was at the level of being visible to the naked eye. It was even more tenacious than the prototype G.o.d’s Light of the Soul. Even so, Zheng didn’t neutralize this Light of the Soul, but instead sent a casual punch crashing over. As it if it were made of paper, the incomparably thick defensive barrier of white light shattered into pieces. Before the monster could let out a noise, under the incredible speed of Chaos, Genesis Splitter, Zheng had already landed on its body in the next moment.


It was all in but the twinkling of an eye. Zheng’s speed had already reached an inconceivable level. For example, ordinary people would take over ten seconds to run a hundred metres. The world record was over nine seconds, and almost ten. Zheng’s Explosion itself would only need a second or two. A single Soru while in Destruction wouldn’t even require a second, a level that already wasn’t something humans could follow with their eyes.

As for Chaos, Genesis Splitter, that speed and strength was even more unfathomable. Zheng’s body itself couldn’t take the burden just moving and attacking. One could well imagine the might this ability packed. After all, the principles behind this ability was the origin of the Magic’s Cannon’s might, even though it was only a very small percentage. The power ama.s.sed within every punch and kick wasn’t inferior to miniature nuclear bombs.

When Zheng landed on the monster’s body, a vicious punch fell. When the fist and flesh collided, a sound like that of metal against metal sounded. This monster’s body had too shocking a strength. It was punched by the power of Chaos, Genesis Splitter, but was only smashed towards the ground, with its entire body seemingly uninjured. When the two landed, the ground rumbled, shockwaves spreading omnidirectionally. A mushroom cloud rose, as if a nuclear explosion had taken place.

In the centre of the explosion, the hand Zheng had attacked with had already disintegrated. However, the monster’s body hadn’t seemed to fare well either. Although the outer sh.e.l.l hit looked undamaged, the area struck had caved in. It was obvious the flesh and blood within had suffered a heavy impact, and had basically become a ma.s.s of gore. Even not considering this, Zheng’s intact hand was wielding Tiger’s Soul in a reverse grip. Then, he slashed at the monster’s body.

Just before the sabre edge reached the body, the monster’s seven heads roared simultaneously. The runes previously floating around its body shone. The speed of the light rays was fast. Tiger's Soul hadn’t yet reached the body, before the light had already penetrated through the thick and heavy dust, shooting far into the distance. Everything struck by the light, whether the surrounding reptiles that filled the ground, the randomly floating dust, Zheng, or even the monster’s own body, was locked in place. It was as if time itself had completely stopped flowing.

Zheng and the monster maintained their actions in that instant. Tiger's Soul was slashing towards the monster, while the monster’s seven heads were howling, doing it utmost to flee from Zheng. All these actions had been frozen in place. Sure enough, it was a Saint’s power, to actually freeze the time in this area.

Actually, what Zheng and the rest didn't know was that this monster was a famous powerhouse in the Grand Primordial War and had obtained great fame amongst Saints and Cultivators. Saints had far fewer numbers than Cultivators, but weren’t stronger than Cultivators individually by just a small margin. Even if it was the Fiends who had urgently been rushed into becoming pseudo-Saints, their power was still greater than Loose Immortals. Moreover, Cultivators also had too great a reliance on their treasures. Cultivators with exceptionally strong treasures, such as the the Bell of the East Emperor Zheng obtained in The Mummy, could challenge multiple Saints alone. However, without treasures, perhaps Cultivators completely couldn’t hold a candle to Saints.

Although the monster no longer possessed intelligence and could no longer utilise various divine abilities, its instincts sensed danger when facing Zheng’s overwhelming power. Thus, it used this divine ability that controlled time within a small domain.

All matter is energy. This was one of the most important principles of Einstein's theory of relativity. Facts proved this, that matter could indeed become energy. An absolutely large amount of controllable energy too, could become matter. s.p.a.ce was also a special form of energy. s.p.a.ce tens of thousands of times smaller than a needle point, if turned into energy, could destroy a galaxy. s.p.a.ce and time also had an interchangeable relationship, which was why the theory of relativity had the statement that all matter is energy. The ability of Saints was to manipulate energy, and although it wasn’t at an omniscient and omnipotent level, manipulating s.p.a.ce and time within a small domain wasn’t difficult…

Fiends possessed great abilities, with power approaching the Saints…

But they were Saints after all, nor did they possess the intelligence to use these divine abilities. Otherwise, Zheng would have already been killed off before even Chaos, Genesis Splitter. But, the attacker and defender had been reversed as soon as he used this move. This move was wholly one of using force to break through technique, with nothing else going for it but nigh ridiculous levels of power. Those countless divine abilities that pursued technique weren’t even worth a fart. Even ignoring how great the might was, just Zheng’s speed made these divine abilities ineffective, until the monster suppressed time. Still, it wasn’t a Saint after all. Not only did this time suppression suppress Zheng, even it itself was suppressed.

(No, it still has mobility.)

The monster was indeed moving slowly. Still, its movement was very obvious when the rest of time in the surroundings was stopped. It was just that speed was too slow. It would need two or three minutes before being able to completely escape Tiger’s Soul at this speed.

(As expected. Apart from Cultivator’s treasures, Saints also have methods to influence the time dimension. Just like Cultivation treasures, each has its own merits. These methods of using divine abilities shares at least a seventy to eighty percent similarity to Cultivation treasures.)

Xuan had been focusing all his attention on the metal plate the whole time, and was the sole spectator to the underground battle. In truth, Zheng had misjudged Xuan before. Although he had a new skill of see through vision, which could see the battle underground anytime, it wasn’t a surveillance through the use of Zheng’s metal plate, but an ability of the Yellow Turbans Xuan created in Independence Day. The runic image surfaced once again in Xuan’s right eye as the battle in the Abyss entered the climax.

Xuan’s right eye saw the monster operating and using energy continuously, shaping it into countless runes. What the monster was doing now was just like how the runes in a Cultivation treasure’s runes would manipulate energy to form various effects. This was just like how in an electronic circuit board, the electric components would manipulate the electric current to produce various effects. It was just that this had a few more technical tricks to it than Cultivation treasures, and could directly shape energy into runes to manipulate energy, which resulted in the battle techniques before, and the effect of it escaping gravity before.

(Then… Zheng has one more chance to live…)

As Xuan contemplated, he suddenly rubbed his eyes. The eye with the rune within it was completely bloodshot, and fresh blood was overflowing from the eye. It seemed that the burden of transforming wasn’t little for the eye, and made w.a.n.gxia, who was next to Xuan, surprised.

w.a.n.gxia supported Xuan and replied, “What happened? Were you using the power of faith before, Xuan? Why do you suddenly have internal bleeding?”

“It isn’t internal bleeding.” Xuan pushed away w.a.n.gxia. He wiped his spectacles, and activated the hypnosis ability. His eyes instantly changed from that of cool indifference to fiery fanaticism. The Lambda Drive activated, waiting for him to use it to display its power.

“Time, there’s almost no more time… w.a.n.gxia, stand guard here. When I shout for you to fire, activate the Magic Cannon immediately. Remember, don’t hesitate, even if Zheng hasn’t come back up yet…” Xuan said this to w.a.n.gxia, and without caring for w.a.n.gxia’s response, he stepped on the Sky Stick and flew towards the capital.

In the Abyss at this moment, the monster was slowly moving out from under Tiger’s Soul, although it was at a snail’s pace. Based on this trend, it would escape this attack of Zheng’s within a few minutes. At that time, Zheng would still be suppressed by time as before, while the monster would still be able to move slowly. Victory would be determined at that point.

(Arya has already gathered all the villagers to leave the capital on her side. G.o.d’s side quest completion notification still hasn’t appeared. It seems more time is needed. Zheng, this is the last chance to survive. It’s up to you whether you can grasp it or not.)

“I can definitely shoot through to the Abyss. I can definitely shoot through! DEFINITELY!”

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