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It’s been a long time since I’ve been under the sun.
I’m not melting like a vampire or getting burns either.
Practically, comprehending demon’s instincts is what I would call dangerous.
Even thought you comprehend it you end up doing it, a fairly common thing.
It’s not a laughing matter.
If there is self-awareness, improvements can be made.

It seems like the cavern is inside the forest.
An elevated ground but much less than the base of a mountain, that had a wide gaping opening.
Surrounded by large trees making that ground stand out.
How can I say this. That’s the only spot where you can see the sun. One stride, and it’s already dimming in the forest.
At it’s peak were suspiscious patterns carved.
A magic square? -like thing.
“A wise man keeps away from danger.”
I immediately left that matter later.
After I left the cavern I lapse for a bit.
Days are apparently incline so it seems.
Exactly, about midday after I got out of the cavern it reckoned.
Not surprisingy, I adjusted the etched biological clock each day.
While thinking so, spontaneously something changed.
Is this a degree something easy….
It’s currently past 4 of the evening.
Dinner preparations are uneeded sadly because I don’t neet to eat.
I can eat but I can’t taste so it’ll only be fruitless effort.
I remembered food.
The one’s living inside the cavern which I predated.
After I finished a.n.a.lyzing the demon I left them there, and aquired new powers.

Black Snake … 『Heat Perception, Poison Breath』
Centipede monster … 『Paralyze Breath』
Giant Spider … 『Sticky Web, Steel Web』
Vampire Bat … 『Blood Sucking, Ultrasonic Waves』
Armored Lizard … 『Body Armour』

The Black Snake’s skill 『Poison Breath』 was practically useless.
Truth be told, when the Armored Lizard appeared, I mimicked the Black Snake and used it.
The Lizard’s armour was no big deal!
Look, look the lizard is totally melting.
It was a rarely seen grotesque scene. I don’t even want to remember it.
I thought.
If the adventurers encounter the Black Snake, they would immediately annahilate them… right.
Eh? If it was used against me?
That thing’s unthinkable, I don’t even wan’t to think about it.
It was right that I did a preemptive strike! is the only answer I can give.
If this dangerous breath attack gets more power it will be awful.
Wait, it’s to grotesque that I don’t wan to remember it.
I don’t want to see another grotesque Lizard’s guts everywhere so I terminated the 『Poison Breath』.
Then what if used in a slime’s circ.u.mstance?
The range will drop in half.
The Serpent’s range was 7 ~ 10 m, aand if mimicked and used limit to 1 m.
Do you want to see your enemy melt in such a short distance?
This skill is sealed.
However the 『Heat Perception』 is great.
Mostly the heat of creatures are sensed.
If this skill is paired with 『Magic Perception』, anyone who faces me will roughly defend against a surprise attack right.
If a human, faces of with a witty top-ranked demon, I don’t know what kind of magic and unique skill they will use so negligence is taboo.

Next is the centipede.
I don’t want to mimick it, with that form.
The breath’s range was the same extent as the Black Snake’s. Even in the largness it was the same level.
And as expected of the same state, if used in a slime state the range is still 1m.
But, a surprise attack of a paralysis breath may work.
Yet, getting close to the enemy as near as 1 m case, while mimicking will make running a lost decision.

An armour which immedieately melts away with poison breath.
I can’t hope for it.
Frankly, I also have physical attack resistance so this doesn’t have any more meaning.
Without mimicking, I used the skill in slime state.
My exterior hardens.
A common enemy that appears in RPG, a somewhat Metal Slime.
My light colored body became Blue-silver metal colored.
I didn’t take any damage so I don’t know its effectiveness.
However my hue is great.
Maybe I can also use this to scare my opponents.

That’s how the 3 abilties work.
And the problems are the 2 left.
These 2 abilities are interesting.
What piqued my interest are…

First the Spider.
Yes, do you know that hero that has the spider’s ability?
Hyuui! went the web and supported the body of the hero, jumps from high buildings and wander from place to place.
That famous man.(TL: hahaha Spider-man)
『Sticky web』 primarily coils around the prey and seals it from moving.
But, if I were to use this skill, will I be able to reproduce that moves?
Let’s start experimenting.
I then face the tall tree’s branch…

Hyui! … Buraaaaan……..

Uhmmm, we were on the explanation for 『Steel Web』 right.
『Stick web』? What’s that? I don’t know, maybe it’s a down hill skill.
Then on to 『Steel Web』.
This is, can I use it for the purpose of blocking my enemy’s attack.
If I make a web (maze) maybe I’ll be able to utilize it and become advantageous…
I tried to fling a thin whip like web to a tree.

Pyun! Puchin.

It immediately flung to the tree.
I have 『Magic Perception』 so I can clearly see it but a naked eye can not catch it.
Dependng on practices it may become a weapon.
This is the current goal for my practice.

Last is the bat.
I was really hoping for this bat.
『Blood Sucking』 Skill? It can temporarily use the 10% ability of the target it sucks.
A trivial skill.
The ones I used predation is much better. You can also call it deterioration skill.
I don’t even want to suck blood.
According to the data collected, I will neglect 『Blood Sucking』 ability.
My interest lies on 『Ultrasonic Wave』.
This Skill bewilders it’s target rendering a so called trance like effect, and is primarilly a specific location skill.
Even in my world the bats did this kind of thing, using soud to specify locations.
What’s important here is the vocal organs.
A trivial skill because of it.
I’ll start using this when I developed a vocal organ for my slime body.
I didn’t imagine a manipulating a body from nowhere, I used what luckily I absorbed yesterday from what the mamono posses.
With this I can maybe obtain a way to speak.
Without sparing time for sleep I continued my experiment.
Well, I don’t need sleep…

3 days and 3 nights, without rest while walking results came from my experiment!!!

「I am an alien!」(Rimel)

A distorted voice that sounds like a voice getting minced in front of an electric fan came out, I really succeeded!
After I came to this, adjustment are only needed!
I calmed my excited heart, and started the adjustment of my voice.

However, I can now use Ultrasonic wave.
Or I think it’s an ultrasonic wave weapon.
I think it’s called Sonic Buster or Sonic Blaster?
Can I even use it?

《Answer。 Skill 『Ultrasonic Wave』 has a possibility to be derived to 『Ultra-Vibration』. However obtaining it now is impossible 》

Derivation, maybe it’s an ability change.
It’s seems like I lack information so it is impossible.
“Native wave resonance with alignment with Vibration wave fire together, will destroy the target” or if I understand somewhat strong creature it will be great…
Frankly, I don’t even understand my own meaning, so it’s proper that it isn’t usable.
It seems like I am too greedy.
The more I know the better. but, I don’t need to be impatient.
Even if I aquired vocal organs, it’s a satisfiable result.

Then, as I test out many things I countinued my way.
It’s not like I don’t have an objective.
My objective is appropriate.
Find a town or a village and call out to a caring human or so I thought…
But, the past few days have been so peaceful.
Since I was in the cavern attacks were frequent but after I got out nothing attacked.
I once tried to practice speaking amidst a wolf hoping for it to attack but,

「Ah”?」(Rimel)(TL: it’s like the ones with the small fry delinquent)

I only voiced out a threathen,


It voiced out a pitiful sound and ran.
Larger than a large-breed dog, a length more than 2m than the big things recorded…
How to call it, a mamono who gets scared to a slime, a pitiful one.
For me, it doesn’t attack or pa.s.s-by.
If I eat a wolf maybe I’ll get an olfaction.

However, I got interested and followed it, it looks like it’s not only a wolf.
Mamono will not enter my circ.u.mference no less than 100 m.
Are? It looks like they are afraid of me…
This forest’s mamono fear me, just like I’ve thought.
As I boasted that with confidence, my 『Magic Perception』 sensed a group of demon closing in.

Problems really do come suddenly.
In front of me was, creepy, 30 humanoid demons.
That has a small stature.
Shabby equipment.
Lightly dirty and has an expression that makes them look stupid.
Even so, it’s not like they don’t poesses any intelligence. They even have sword and shield, ax and even a bow.
My grey brain cell, instantly breaks these guys true form.
The famous adventurer attacker demons! Yep, the Goblins!!!
Certainly a template.
Then the attack begin against the weak demon, yes, me?
wait, a slime facing off against 30 giblins is to much.
However, for some reasons fear won’t arise.
My instincts tell me not to fear these guys.
The swords are rusted and the armor is thin. And they even have clothes coiled around them are that rotting.
I wrapped myself in scales of the Lizard, and stiff blade hands and legs of the bat.
With that I defeated the goblins, I didn’t even imaged this guys equipments to be damaged.
I can even round up these bunch while mimicking the Black Snake to use the breathe.

While thinking that I look at the group’s leader opening its mouth.

「Guga, strong person… Do you have any business with us?」(Goblin Leader)

The goblin spoke.
Or possibly, I can understand them because of 『Magic Perception』.
Wait, they are refering to me right.
They surround me with weapons, and carefully approached.
What the heck are these guys thinking?
It piqued my interest.
It seems like they aren’t going to attack and steal anyhting form me.
Will my words come through, testing will also help.

I tried to hold a conversation with the Goblins.

Name: リムル=テンペスト (Rimel Tempest)
Race: スライム (Slime)
Divine Protection: Crest of Storm
t.i.tle: None
Magic: None
Unique Skill 『Sage Master』
Unique Skill 『Predator』
Slime Specific Skills 『dissolution, absorption, self replication』
Extra Skill 『Water Manipulation』
Extra Skill 『Magic Perception』
Acquired Skill … Black Snake 『Heat Perception, Poison Breath』, Centipede 『Paralysis Breathe』,
Spider 『Sticky Web, Metal Web』, Bat 『Ultrasonic Wave』, Lizard 『Body Armour』
Resistance to Temperature Change EX
Resistance to Physical Attack
Immunity to Pain
Resistance to Current
Resistance to Paralysis

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