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There is a way out of the underground river leading to the surface.
But that was not a mere cave.
I proceeded towards that way. *Puyopuyo*
Pa.s.sing here was more comfortable than what I had in mind.
A place where light does not reach darkness, I’ve put to use 『Magic Perception』 since light
will just reflect on my vision.
Since I can’t see I ensure my pace but I noticed while moving, slime’s moving speed is not
that slow.
I can move like the pace of walking, in fact I can even run.
I’m not tired nor do I have the reason to hurry, so I proceeded with a normal speed.

It’s not like I have a trauma because I fell in the lake while running!(TL: Ahahaha Tsundere or
If you like the other phrasing for this was change “It’s not like” to “Not in the least do”)
After a while of walking, I stumbled upon a big gate blocking the way.
A man-made thing inside the cave.
There nothing more suspicious than this. Rather, this is well-known in RPG so I don’t think of this as strange.
It’s normal for Boss rooms to have a door in front of it.
Now, how do I open the door?
As I ponder about that,

Gigigyiiiiーーー!!! (TL: Finally, I was waiting for this)

As the creaking sound rise, the door opened.
I frantically averted the situation to the edge of the way.
「Finally it opened. Though ain’t the keyhole nearly destroyed and it’s all rusted…」(Unknown 1)
「Well it can’t be helped. No one entered for about 300 years, right?」(Unknown 2)
「There is no record of entry. Other than that, is it really safe to enter? Nothing will appear and attack,
right..? 」(Unknown 1)
「Gahahaha! Worry not! 300 years have pa.s.sed so it might be unrivaled or what, in the end it’s just a Lizard,
right!!! I once suppressed solo style a Basilisk. Leave it to me!!!」(Unknown 2)
「For a while I was thinking but that’s a lie, right? A Basilisk is a category -B +Rank 5 Demon, right?
Even for Kabal-san a solo subjugation was impossible , right?」(unknown 1)
「Fool! I am also a B rank! It’s just a large Lizard, not even an opponent!」(Unknown 2)

「Yeah yeah. I understand, but don’t lower your guard, please? Well if things get worse I’ll just use “Kyousei
Ritatsu”…」(Unknown 1) (TL: Kyousei Ritatsu = RUN or Coercion Breakaway )
「We know that you two get along so, please lower your voice. I’ll activate my “Anmitsu Skill” so shut
up!」(unknown 3)
Somehow three person came inside.
I wonder why.
Strangely I understand their language.

《Explanation. In this situation your intention to load the sound is changed in your mind due to 『Magic Perception』’s
practical use that enables you to understand the language.》
I see.
I can’t speak but I can understand what they’re saying huh.
Good. I’m not that good in english you see.
I lived my whole life in j.a.pan, so I deemed studying foreign language as useless.
But, this time it won’t lead to a good version. It looks like I’ll need to study…
But that doesn’t matter.
What do I do?
This was a harder question than opening the door…
I don’t know what they’re after but they’re adventurer…-ish.
They’re the first humans that I encounter. I have a feeling of wanting to follow them.
But.. If a speechless slime demon appear in front of them…
they’ll kill me upfront.
So this time I’ll stop.
I’ll appear in front of them after I can speak.

I hid for a while and observed.
What did that calm looking man do, they’ve suddenly blurred. Yet, not totally disappeared.
Was it the one called… Onmitsu.
Probably another kind of skill.
What a rude fellow… peeking all they want. What kind of motive did I remember…
It looks like I’ll need to ask if I can be their friend.

Once I presumed that the 3 presence was gone, I continue moving.
No need to fret about it.
It’s not like I wont meet anymore humans.
I confirmed step by step as I proceeded.Old people used to say “more haste, less speed”.
Before the three comes back I need to pa.s.s through the door peacefully. Afterwards that place.
After pa.s.sing the door I continued for a while, arriving at a point where the road complexly
Which way leads to the surface?
I was about to think about it but , there’s no way that I know it.
I’ll pick one way and tread it.


I see it.
I gently avoided my gaze… in front of me was a sinister serpent.
In my past life I thought of snakes as cute, better less hard and covered by p.r.i.c.kly scale
and black snakes.
The snake glared at the frog, nope it was a slime.
I wont stand out. If it doesn’t notice nothing bad will happen, right?
Slowly, I made my retreat but…

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