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The moment I ordered『Wisdom King Raphael』to release Veldora, I felt an energy storm rage within me.
I felt a soul of overwhelming power be released.

(I am reborn!!!)

Don’t you sound weird? I wanted to retort, but abstained and,

(Yo! It’s been a while, how have you been?)

I offer a light greeting.

(… What’s with that… I’m back and such a lousy greeting…
But that was quicker than expected. I had thought it’d be a while longer)
(Nope!『Infinite Prison』did take a while, though.
Had my『Great Sage』skill not evolved, it’d take another hundred years.
(Well, my unique skill『Investigator』has also been a.n.a.lyzing the prison.
Sadly, as it was sealed inside, I couldn’t send『Great Sage』the report.
How absurdly strong it was,『Infinite Prison』! As expected of a hero.
By the way, what’s with the skills evolving?)

Veldora asked and I began the explanation.
My transformation into a demon lord made my unique skills evolve into ultimate skills.
『Great Sage』had become『Raphael』and its a.n.a.lytical abilities greatly increased.

(Hoho, so that’s how it was. Oh, and you became a demon lord in less than a year!
Unlike those fakes, awakened demon lords are really strong, you know!
(Well! Who would’ve known! Could I be a genius?
I was the strongest slime around since birth though, jeez.
That much is a given, no?)
(Are you an idiot? Doing such absurd things. Indeed, I have felt you drawing out absurd amounts of magical energy once in a while.
And then going around naming people left and right… you do know that whenever you didn’t have enough energy it came from me, right?
What a ridiculous guy.
I thought that by having my energy taken by you would extend the imprisonment, but who would have thought you’d shorten it by evolving.
Very unexpected, I must say!)

Eh? So the reason I was fine naming everyone was because of Veldora?
Never once did I think that the risk-free evolution I was witnessing was strange.
I guess I can’t be naming people as recklessly anymore.
I see… now I understand why the demon lords don’t just quickly increase the number of their followers.
Well, this late in the game, let’s just say that everything went according to plan.

(Yeah? I planned this all, though (a blatant lie)!
By the way, did a gift reach you?
The demon lord evolution mentioned something about gifts given to everyone I was linked to)

He made an incredulous face.
And thinking for a second,

(Ooooh! So that’s the skill evolution!
My unique skill『Investigator』evolved into ultimate skill『Investigation King Faust』.
Recognizing my inquisitive spirit, I was granted path to the ultimate truth!)

He is very excited.
Just as he looks, he’s quite an airhead I guess.
Though that’s perfectly fine.
To the greatly elated Veldora,

(Good for you, I guess. Skill evolution happens unexpectedly often, right?)

I ask,

(Fool! I didn’t expect such a thing to happen for a few thousand years.
Well, since those who’ve experienced it don’t go boasting about it, it’s more of a secret than anything.
You have experienced something truly precious!)

He responded.
I mean, yeah, considering that demon lords don’t just awaken every day, it would be a pretty rare occurrence.
I do want to continue talking for a while longer, but Veldora is probably itching to go outside.
But I worry whether it will be fine.
He’s being traced by the Church’s magic, after all.
Wouldn’t they find out the moment he exists?

(Hey, now that we cracked the seal and you have been reborn, will you go outside?
But, the problem is, you leak so much aura that everyone will find out soon I think…)
(Would you be troubled if they did?)

I wanted to jokingly say but,
Would I be troubled… Nope, not in the slightest, I think?
If anything does happen I can always depend on Veldora.

(Nope; if I think about it, it doesn’t trouble me that much.
So, as a medium, how about you use one of my clones?)

I offered and, creating a clone, moved the Veldora’s consciousness to it.
Thus releasing him from my stomach.

I and my beautiful clone.
The only difference is its hair has now turned platinum.
Is what I thought…
It suddenly started to grow, reaching 2 meters. And, the body turned firm, the face masculine.
Only my general facial features remained. He has become a good looking young man.
In short, this is how I would look if I made myself look like a guy. So I thought.
As I thought, he’s a complete battle maniac. Taking on an easy to fight in yet intimidating form.
He didn’t turn into a giant dragon, and I almost expected him to do so.

(Kuahahaha! I have obtained the strongest power! All who disobey shall die!!!)

And other such lines, Veldora said trying to appear like a stereotypical villain.
By the way, I remember that line. A boss in my favorite manga said it.

「Hey… old geezer. How do you know that line?」
「Kuahahahaha! The thing is, I was bored so I decided to a.n.a.lyze and read your memories!」
「Yo! You do know that doing such a pointless thing delayed the a.n.a.lysis, right?」

We were looking each other in the eye.
Unfortunately, I doubt there was anything pleasant in those memories.

「That  aside. You’ve released me, you have my thanks!」

He lowered his eyes and redirected the conversation.
At that moment,

≪Announcement. I have obtained two important pieces of information≫

Raphael said.
This is what he reported,

≪First, the establishment of a “Soul Corridor” with the individual: Veldora has been confirmed.
Individual: Veldora has been a.n.a.lyzed and the ultimate skill『Storm King Veldora』has been acquired.
The effects of ultimate skill『Storm King Veldora』are as follows.

Storm Dragon Summon: The ability to summon Veldora in his dragon form.
※Depending on the amount of magical energy allocated, the summoning time is reduced.

Storm Dragon Release: The ability to have Individual: Veldora use a clone.
※Even in the case of death, memory recovery is possible.

Storm Dragon Magic Archive: The ability to use “Death Heralding Winds”, “Black Lightning”, and “Storm of Destruction”

As described above.
Currently in use, the Storm Dragon Release has no time limit.
However, in current state, other skills of『Storm King Veldora』cannot be used≫

Another bombsh.e.l.l announcement.
Are you kidding me…
I relate the information to Veldora,

「A “Soul Corridor”, huh. So all my memories will transcend time and s.p.a.ce and are acc.u.mulated within you.
So, in other words, as long as you exist, I am immortal.
Even if I am again sealed in an Infinite Prison, all you have to do is to cancel the summon.
I mean, I always was nearly invincible, but now I’m immortal as well…」

Well, that is a.s.suming I continue living.
Seriously, what a terrifying tale this has become.
Imagine if someone attacks me thinking it will be a one-on-one and suddenly “Yahoo!”, Veldora appears!
Ku ku ku. How pitiful the opponent would seem.
What a ridiculous trump card I’ve acquired.
Speaking of that, weren’t there two pieces of information?

≪The second: via food chain, a great number of abilities have been offered up to you, master.
Should I selectively eliminate some through combining and strengthening others? [YES]/[NO]≫

Not that I’ll have the time to use them.
I mean, surely there are some who have spent years researching these skills. I won’t be able to use them right away anyways.
So that should be fine.
I thought, and selected [YES].
Skills combination has begun, and quickly ended.

≪Announcement. Unique skill『Endless Prison』has been used as a base during fusion… success.
Unique skill『Endless Prison』has evolved into ultimate skill『Covenant King Uriel』≫

So I had acquired unique skill『Endless Prison』as well…
That was an important announcement but Raphael-san is completely unfazed.
Covenant, in other words, loyalty.
Perhaps this is the crystallized form of my believers’ loyalty.
A skill created by combining every that I had acquired–ultimate skill『Covenant King Uriel』… huh.
I check my strength after acquiring the skill. I feel an overwhelming sense of safety.
Perhaps this is the proof of my bonds with my comrades.

Hmm? Wait a second…
Does this mean that I have acquired four ultimate skills?!
Now… isn’t it fine for me to be proud of my abilities? No, let’s not get negligent.
Pitiful are the days of a proud fool, they say.
As someone who calls himself a demon lord, I can’t let my guard down.
Right! Whenever I get carried away I lose. This is the time for utmost prudence.
Anyways, let’s check its abilities.

≪Solution. Ultimate skill『Covenant King Uriel』has the following abilities.

s.p.a.cial Domination: The ability to to manipulate s.p.a.ce to shift to a recognized coordinate. Movement Ability.

Defense Barrier: The ability to create a multi-layered defense, and distort s.p.a.ce in order to create absolute defense.

Infinite Prison: The ability to completely seal the target with the ultimate seal.

Secluded s.p.a.ce: The ability to control heat by manipulating inertia. It is now possible to release and absorb heat at will.

That is all.
Upon acquiring this skill, relevant inferior extra skills have been removed≫

I see…
s.p.a.cial Domination seems to allow me to transfer somewhere in a single moment.
Defense Barrier seems to now cover my body. My interference is unnecessary, Raphael seems to have it completely under control.
Infinite Prison can activate according to my will. It is the same barrier that trapped Veldora. In other words, those I capture can never get out.
I don’t really get Secluded s.p.a.ce. I do believe I have a higher cla.s.s flame manipulation ability though…
As a test, I set my fist ablaze.
On my command, it disappears. Oh… okay.
Without wasting the released heat, I can preserve the state of an isolated s.p.a.ce.
Since it surpa.s.ses my understanding I might not be able to use it, but I do understand that it’s another absurd skill.
Let’s leave it to Raphael-san.
Frankly, Uriel’s skills are instant travel, absolute defense, and sealing.
These I understand completely.
So… aren’t I invincible?
… No, no, I had just decided to stay prudent.
No getting on the high horse for this slime.

While I was verifying my abilities, Veldora was checking his own ultimate skill『Investigation King Faust』.
Sounds like an amazing skill.
Its abilities include Thought Acceleration, Appraisal, All of Creation, Probability Estimation, and Pursuit of Truth.
Even I don’t have the latter two.  Unfortunately, food chain is not activating.
But, i probably wouldn’t understand them anyways.
Thus having finished investigating my new abilities, I headed out.

We opened the door and stepped outside.
Gabil was kneeling there, waiting for us.
Did something happen?

「T-t-today is t-t-truly a fortunate d-day…
To find Rimuru-sama and V-Veldora-sama in good health…」

He’s trembling nervously.
I see, he noticed Veldora’s rebirth.
No matter what form he takes, his presence gives him away.
And Dragonewts are far descendants of dragons.
Moreover, the monsters of Jura Forest for a long time revered Veldora.
So of course the rebirth would cause a panic.
I see, so even if him going outside wouldn’t trouble me, it could cause a panic inside the city.

「Veldora, you wouldn’t mind me releasing the clone and having you hop back inside for a minute?」
「Hmm? Nope, not at all.
I haven’t finished reading this one manga through your memories, and I can use your eyes to obtain all the necessary information」

He happily agreed.
For now, let’s introduce him to department heads first.
After Veldora entered me,

「Gabil, there’s no need to worry that much.
If you look closely, he’s a really nice dragon」
What would be the relationship between Rimuru-sama aand Veldora-sama?
And on that note, since when had Veldora-sama been reborn?」

Trying to hide his trembling, he asked.
And I cheerfully explained.
Promising that I’ll introduce him to everyone at the meeting of the department heads.

Now then, after returning to the city, I find it troubling, as expected.
Those who could notice noticed, it seems.
The word on the street is “Storm Dragon has been reborn”, so everyone is on their guard.

「Oh, Rimuru-sama, you are unhurt!
We suddenly felt the rebirth of the Storm Dragon Veldora-sama from the cave.
Knowing that Rimuru-sama has headed off in that direction, we were worried.」
「Is my brother, is Gabil alive?!」

Rigurdo was rea.s.sured by my return, and so said.
At the same time, Gabil’s sister Souka ran up concerned.

「Hmm? Oh, no problems. Rigurdo, how are the preparations for the meeting?」
「Ay. Proceeding without delay.
More importantly, it seems that Veldora-sama’s presence is approaching here」

Word does go around fast.
This is a good opportunity to introduce him to everyone.
Letting everyone know, we decided to hold a great conference.
We’ll also have Youmu, Ellen, and the other humans attend.
We need to decide our next steps, after all.

「Souka, Gabil will be there, and you must partic.i.p.ate too.
Let Souei know to gather every member!」
「Ay! I live to serve!」

She exclaimed and ran off.
At a speed at which Rigurdo could not follow, she ran off to deliver Souei the message.
If I leave it to them, they should gather everyone quickly.

While that was being done, I had Rigurdo explain the Department Heads’ abilities.

First, Benimaru

Name: Benimaru
Race: Fair Oni
Blessing: Tempest Crest
t.i.tle: Oni King
Rank: A rank [EP: 213,000]
Magic: None
Skills: Unique skill『Generalissimo』Thought acceleration, Thought Domination, Prediction
.         Extra skill『Fire Manipulation』『Black Lightning』『Multiple Barriers』『Spatial Travel』
.         Daily skills 『Magic Perception』『Heat Detection』『Majesty』『Herculean Strength』
.         Battle Skill…『Fire Transformation』

Resistances: Physical Attack Nullification, Pain Nullification, Status Change Nullification, Spirit Attack Resistance, Holy Magic Attack Resistance, Natural Effect Resistance

In short, absurd.
He’s Tempest’s Commander-in-Chief.
Next is Shuna

Name: Shuna
Race: Fair Oni
Blessing: Tempest Crest
t.i.tle: Onihime
Rank: A rank [EP: 12.000]
Magic:〈Nature Archive〉〈Element Archive〉〈Curse Archive〉
Skills: Unique skill『a.n.a.lyst』Thought Acceleration, Appraisal, Incantation Voided
.         Unique skill『Creator』Material Conversion, Fusion, Separation
.         Extra skill『Multiple Barrier』『Spatial Travel』
.         Daily skill『Magic Perception』『Majesty』 

Resistances: Status Change Nullification, Spirit Attack Resistance

Shuna also exceeds A rank.
Though she’s not specialized for combat.
As for Hakurou,

Name: Hakurou
Race: Fair Oni
Blessing: Tempest Crest
t.i.tle: Sword Saint
Rank: A rank [EP: 65,500]
Magic:〈Fighting Spirit〉
Skills: Unique Skill『Martial Artist』Thought Acceleration, Supreme Acceleration, Future Prediction
.          Extra Skill『Sage EX』『Multiple Barriers』『Spatial Travel』
.          Daily Skill 『Magic Perception』『Majesty』『Herculean Strength』

Resistances: Status Change Resistance, Spirit Attack Resistance

As expected.
Sword Saint, huh. Fits him too well.
Though that’s what we all tend to call him.
As for Kurobee, added on to his unique skill『Researcher』is the unique skill『G.o.dly Craftsman』
He really is fully dedicated to the smithy.
As for Souei

Name: Souei
Race: Fair Oni
Blessing: Tempest Crest
t.i.tle: Yami (Darkness)
Rank: A rank [EP: 187,000]
Magic: None
Skills: Unique Skill『a.s.sa.s.sin』Thought Acceleration, One Hit Kill, Supreme Acceleration
.         Extra Skill『Multiple Barriers』『Spatial Travel』
.         Daily Skill 『Magic Perception』『Fear』『Majesty』
.         Battle Skills『Poison, Paralysis, Corrosive Breath』『Clone』『Web Manipulation』

Resistances: Pain Nullification, Status Change Nullification, Physical and Spiritual Attack Resistance, Holy Magic Attack Resistance, Natural Effects Resistance

He too specialized in combat. Oh and One Hit Kill is not a physical attack, it targets the spiritual body directly.
So if they aren’t guarding their soul, it can’t be protected against.
What a dangerous man he has become.
Now the problem child, Shion.

Name: Shion
Race: Evil Oni
Blessing: Tempest Crest
t.i.tle: The Immortal
Rank: A rank [EP: 224,000]
Magic: None
Skills: Unique Skill『Cook』Decision Result, Optimal Choice
.         Extra Skill『Sage EX』『Multiple Barriers』『s.p.a.cial Travel』『Regeneration EX』『Perfect Memory』
.         Daily Skill『Magic Perception』『Fear』『War G.o.ddess』
.         Battle Skill『Demon Transformation』

Resistances: Pain Nullification, Status Nullification, Physical and Spiritual Attack Resistance, Holy Magic Resistance, Natural Effect Resistance

After hearing Rigurdo’s report I went to check myself…
But she truly surpa.s.ses Benimaru’s fighting potential.
What a terrifying girl.
And hey, what’s with the『Demon Transformation』?! She’s a quasi-demon lord now.
I wouldn’t be surprised if she were Demon Lord race by now.
Why do we need another dangerous individual on the loose?
Cut me some slack, will you…
Next is Gabil…

Name: Gabil
Race: Dragonewt
Blessing: Tempest Crest
t.i.tle: Dragon Knight
Rank: A rank [EP: 126,000]
Magic: None
Skills: Unique Skill『Tuner』Unexpected Results, Fate Change
.         Extra Skill『Sage EX』『Multiple Barrier』『Spatial Travel』
.         Daily Skill 『Magic Perception』『Heat Detection』『Super Olfaction』『Majesty』
.         Battle Skill『Dragon Knight Transformation』『Flame Breath』『Thunder Breath』

Resistances: Pain Nullification, Status Change Nullification, Physical and Spiritual Attack Resistance, Holy Magic Attack Resistance, Natural Effect Resistance

I don’t know what this means.
I do know what Tuner means, but what kind of ability is it?
Probably, it might be a mysterious skill that activates when an attack doesn’t land or to change the worst outcome into a fortunate one or something.
Is this guy’s life a joke or something?
As expected of Gabil.
Don’t expect anything, and he won’t betray your expectations.
He also possesses many resistances so he’s unexpectedly strong… probably.
Next, in charge of defense, is Gerudo.

Name: Gerudo
Race: High Orc
Blessing: Tempest Crest
t.i.tle: Orc King
Rank: A rank [EP: 147.000]
Magic: None
Skills: Unique Skill『Guardian』Grant Protection, Subst.i.tution, Iron Wall
.         Unique Skill『Gourmet』Predation, Stomach, Supply, Demand
.         Extra Skill『Sage EX』『Multiple Barriers』『Spatial Travel』
.         Daily Skill『Magic Perception』『Super Olfaction』『Majesty』『Herculean Strength』
.         Battle Skill『Poison, Paralysis, Corrosive Breath』『Full Body Armor Change』『Thought Manipulation』

Resistances: Pain Nullification, Status Change Nullification, Physical and Spiritual Attack Resistance, Holy Magic Attack Resistance, Natural Effect Resistance EX

Very reliable.
He can redirect damage to himself thus protecting the army using his own defenses.
I can expect much from him as a division general.
How many he can activate it on, however, is currently unknown.
Last up is Diablo.
Since he didn’t feel like telling Rigurdo I went to ask myself.
I mean, I called him and he appeared.

Name: Diablo
Race: Demon
Blessing: Tempest Crest
t.i.tle: Demon Lord
Rank: A+ rank [EP: 444,000]
Magic:〈Magic Energy Manipulation Archive〉〈High Demon Summoning〉
Skills: Unique Skill『Great Wiseman』Thought Acceleration, Thought Domination, Incantation Void.
.         Unique Skill『Enchanter』Fascination, Seduction
.         Extra Skill『Multiple Barriers』『Spatial Travel』
.         Daily Skill『Magic Perception』『Demon Lord’s Ambition』
.         Battle Skill『Law Manipulation』

Resistances: Physical Attack Nullification, Natural Effect Nullification, Status Change Nullification, Spirit Attack Resistance, Holy Magic Attack Resistance

What a pleasant guy.
He’s become ridiculously strong.
He can easily become a demon lord already.
No question about it.
After Veldora and I, he’s the next strongest guy in the city.

Letting him know to partic.i.p.ate in the conference, I head to the large meeting room.
It will be an important meeting that will decide the fate of Tempest.
To aim to create a world where human and monsters can live together peacefully…

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