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Empowerment Arc

Chapter 06 – Skill Acquisition

30 Days have pa.s.sed since I ate Veldora.

What am I up to these days?
Aren’t you an idiot!
Just think for a moment!
I’ve become a slime!
What do you think would happen if I were attacked?
And hey, just try running like this!!!
So, I’ve been thinking about how to fight.
At the same time, I’m munching on some gra.s.s and strangely glowing rocks.
You know–the one’s found at the magic abundant place Veldora mentioned.
The gra.s.s I’ve collected there is mostly the Hipokte kind.
As expected.
With this, my stock of restorative medicine has increased.
And, the glowing rocks are apparently called “Demon Ore”.
Harder than steel, yet sufficiently flexible, they are a high grade material.
I had hoped it was some super rare metal… but, well, it’s not like I know whether Orichalc.u.m, Hihiirokane, or other legendary ore even exists in this world.
(TL Note: these are names of ores of legend in our world, refer to google for more info)
Maybe it’s plenty rare. Maybe I’m just being too greedy.

That’s what I was thinking while munching on some delicious (or not?) weeds and stones.

Since I can spit out water, can’t I use it as a water cannon type of thing?

Yeah, you don’t have to say it.
You think I’m going to fail, don’t you?
Wasn’t I ridiculed enough?
I mean, at times of need I can do what needs to be done.
Even my report card read “If he tries he can do it.”
And so–I can do this!

With that thought, I quickly hurried to the lake.
As I had imagined while enshrouded in darkness, the underground lake it pretty d.a.m.n big.
But surpa.s.sing my imagination, the lake had a mysterious and tranquil atmosphere.
Lacking any presence of life, it was completely serene.
Although the magical energy permeates the water, I dare say that no living thing inhabits it.
An example of uncorrupted nature!
What a beautiful sight!

That being that…
‘Cause I didn’t practice last time,  I still suck at shooting water with full strength.
When the “mouth” is this large, the jet propulsion strength is far too high.
This time, while imagining a water pistol, I tried releasing just a bit.
As if filling my mouth with water and spitting just little out.
But no water is coming out.
Is it too small, now?
After increasing it just a bit, it did come out. And with good force.
I tried soaking the nearby boulder.
Alright, good.
Next, let’s widen the opening for combat use.

With the boulder as my target, I gently began practicing while increasing output.
Okay. I kind of got the hang of this.
But, although if this. .h.i.t someone it will hurt, I certainly can’t call this a finisher.
How should I…?

While worrying over this question, I entered the lake.
It’s, at most, like a bath to relax when tired.
No… I’m not just playing in the water!
I observed my body floating and sinking with [Magic Perception].
Just like a jellyfish…
Hmm… if I were to make my “face” oscillate, could I create a water current?
After I reached out to the magic energy in my face, I tried making it oscillate.
With a *pyoon pyoon… pyooooooon*, I felt small ripples being formed. And, I began moving through the water. A great success!!!
Bemused, I played around in the water.
What a nice change of pace!

<<Skill [Water Current Control] has been acquired>>

For a second I thought it was [Great Sage], but seems to be the “Voice of the World”…
To have gained a skill while playing.
In the end I was able to control depth, direction, and speed.
And if I have to, I can just accelerate with [Hydraulic Propulsion].
If you consider the fact that I don’t need to breathe, it might actually be pretty easy to fight in the water.
To say nothing of running away.
Is what I thought as I got out of the lake.
The break’s over.

The means of attacking is the problem.
And through having taken this break, I got a new idea I wanted to try.
I needed to increase the compression of water in the water gun.
This time, I imagined loading a bit of water into a cylinder and shooting it out.
By calibrating the aperture and the pressure, I could calibrate the power of the shot–the same principle as the [Water Current Control].


Flying out sharply, the water hit the targeted boulder.
It left a small mark.
Success…. right?
As to not forget that feeling, I decided to continue practicing.
While regulating the aperture and pressure, of course.
Then, I tried to imagine imagine the water rotating.
And rather than the size of the opening, I tried to thin the shape of the water.
Yes! The idea was “Cutting water!”


The water blade cut the boulder!!!
Honestly, even I was surprised at its power.
A week’s worth of practice (lol), had finally bore fruit!

<<Skill [Water Blade] has been acquired>>
<<The skills [Hydraulic Propulsion], [Water Current Control], and [Water Blade] have evolved into Extra Skill [Water Manipulation]>>

What do you know!
It really bore fruit.
There’s a big difference in ability and strength between extra skills and normal ones.
Thus, I’ve found a way to fight.
And with this, I am ready to set out on a journey.

At last.
Since I found myself reincarnated by this underground lake, 120 days have pa.s.sed.
Finally, the journey away from home begins.
I am uneasy. Though that isn’t something I’ll mention.

Since I have no vocal cords, I tried to see if I could reproduce them with my body. But, I have been so far unsuccessful.
I’ve thought about staying here to practice, but I just can’t imagine it right.
Guess I’ll just have to depend on transmitting my thoughts via “telepathy”.
Worst case scenario I’ll be at the mercy of my opponents, so until I learn to talk life will be pretty inconvenient… not that I can do anything about it.
No matter how many hours I spent here, nothing will change.
But right now, I really want to see the outside world, and see if I can find any fellow “World Travelers”.
And learning magic will be fun.
With that thought, I really should set out on this journey.
Like they say, no time like the present.

No reaction from Veldora either.
He seems to have vanished, but I know that much is not true.
We made a promise, after all.
That when we next meet, I would have prepared a lot of funny and strange things to tell him about.
And thus, from a familiar wide room, I walked the one road to the surface.
A yet unseen world, a world of possibilities, I longed to join it all…


Name: Rimuru Tempest
Species: Slime
Divine Protection: the Storm Crest
t.i.tles: None
Magic: None
Techniques: Unique Skill [Great Sage], Unique Skill Predator, Slime-Specific Skills [Dissolve], [Absorb], [Regenerate], Extra Skill [Water Manipulation], Extra Skill [Magic Perception]
Resistances: Thermal Fluctuation Resistance EX, Physical Attack Resistance, Pain Resistance, Electricity Resistance, Paralysis Resistance.


At the bottom of a deep, deep heart of darkness…
Where no one could visit, amidst dispair.

Veldora spends another day reminiscing in solitude.

Calamity Cla.s.s Storm Dragon Veldora
Special S Cla.s.s Monster.
Both monsters and adventurers are ranked A~F–all in those 6 categories.
Those especially strong have a “+” attached, those weak have a “-“.
This was a guidance from the World Traveler, Free Guild head, Grand Master Kagurasaka Yuuki. He established this ranking system>
Up until then, it was Novice –> Beginner –> Intermediate –>Advanced; a four step system that was easy to understand.
And by the way, Advanced is C rank and above, Intermediate is D rank, Beginner is E rank, and Novice is F rank.
Thus, the number of deaths due to fighting stronger than expected monsters greatly decreased.
Those of the same rank would be a match in a one on one.
Thus, fighting in a party became safer.
Surpa.s.sing A rank is the specially designated Demon king level S rank, and above even this stands the monster with the strength of a natural disaster–Special S rank.
Deviating from the standard ranking system, an abnormal existence.
At the present, an A cla.s.s monster is capable of jeopardizing the existence of a country.
A strength capable of inducing despair.
And in the first place, what surrounds Veldora is of no concern to him.

Yet again today he thinks.
That life is tedious.
It had been 300 years since he lost to the Hero.
He remembered that fight many times.
He was bitter, but strangely held no grudge.
Fighting at a whim. Living at a whim
Those who would cross his path were few in numer.
For him, it was not the first defeat.
But, to have lost one on one with the same handicaps… that was a first.

Pale skin.
Small, crimson lips.
Long, jet black hair.
Not too tall, a pet.i.te and thin physique.
Though her face was covered in a mask, her counters revealed her femininity. A beautiful girl.

Since his eyes did not see, he could not peek at her emotions.
Is that why? Without fear or hatred, she merely dispa.s.sionately swung the sword… how regretful.

If he had broken out of this prison?
He sometimes thinks about that.
Would he complete his revenge against her? Although he did not hate her?
If he had the chance, he would want to fight again.
Those were his honest feelings.
But that should not be a fight against a machine, but one where they wage their ident.i.ties!
To make that girl, the Hero, recognize him and go all out.
That had become Veldora’s one wish.
Human lifespan is short.
That his wish will never come true Veldora knew all too well.
But still…. he thoughts keep looping around the same ideas…

How many years had pa.s.sed?

One day,

*Gorogoro, zudon!!!*

A light blue body had rammed into his.
Around here, due to the magical energy he released, no normal life could be sustained.
Moreover, touching a lump of magical energy that Veldora was, would be difficult even for a high cla.s.s monster.
Amused, Veldora observed that being.

And that let to their encounter.

Before he knew it, to he who had abandoned his will to live, that bizarre existence became his only hope.
That meeting had to have had some purpose.
Veldora had that premonition.
One that he had not had until now.

(Can you hear me, Little One?)

Holding on to that belief, Veldora called out.

Author’s Notes: For now, Veldora’s story ends here. Little by little the “name” might come out…

Translator’s Corner (Cast: an English Clown and a French Pierrot)

Clown: Well, that was an alright chapter.

Pierrot: The dragon is a tsundere.

Clown: I just want to give him a hug.

Pierrot: A big, bald tsundere…

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