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A bit sudden, but let’s have a test

The inside of the cla.s.sroom was silent.
So silent, in fact, that you can hear the students swallow saliva.
Ranga ran up to me while waiving his tail.

「Alright, kids, have you been working hard?」

Though I faced them with a bright smile, they did not return it.
Of course, if I consider things from their perspective, it makes more sense–they just might think of me as just some b.a.s.t.a.r.d to kill.
However, this world follows the survival of the fittest principle.
There’s only one thing you can hate–your own weakness.

「Okay! Kids, you seem to have things to say, so let’s have a test!」

I so declared.

「Wha-! How did it turn into that!」
「A t-test?」

They responded with loud criticism.
Yep. Tests are hated in just about every world.

「Hey, don’t worry! It’s not like I don’t get what you’re saying.
But listen,
What will happen from now on is absolutely necessary for you!」
「Why?! We’ll just kick the bucket sooner or later!
There’s no point to studying, is there?!」
「R-right… all the teachers until now have been bringing us toys or picture books telling us to have fun…」
「We haven’t studied from the moment we have come here…」
「I… want to read… more picture books…」

All they do is complain.
However, they lack yesterday’s “vigor”. Did they tire themselves out picking on Ranga?
Well, I guess the fact that they even responded to my words is admirable enough.
But, this is necessary to them. Unfortunately, I cannot compromise on this.

「Alright. I understand your point.
But, the test (game) that we’ll play from now one will help you kids… you brats get to vent some anger. It should be fun.
In a second, you will have a mock battle with me.
The rules are simple. You can go all out and use anything you want. Should you bring me down, you win.
If I am still on the run after twenty minutes, I win. Simple?」
「Just that?」
「Yeah. We’ll have the test inside this room. I’ll erect a barrier, so no one can get out.
Those observing also cannot help.
Do you understand the rules? If you do, then decide who goes first!」

A simple mock battle.
I am not planning on attacking at all. I just want to verify their abilities.
If they are incapable of acquiring a unique skill, I wouldn’t know of another method to consume the terrible power in their bodies.
According to my a.n.a.lysis, their magical energy, as compared to monsters, would have them A ranked at least.
Though adventurers rely on fighting strength to decide their ranks, monsters tend to judge by power alone.
I was at first surprised to see B rank adventurers whose magical energy is hardly C ranked.
I only learned of this after having become an adventurer myself.
Normal monsters do not concern themselves with skill proficiency, so they were usually evaluated based only on raw abilities. Of course, there are plenty of monsters that do hone their skills…
So generally speaking, these kids are A ranked.
If they can properly use their abilities, they should be formidable opponents…

They finally decided the order.
With an eager face, Misaki Kenya is coming at me.
He’s just an eight year old troublemaker. Is he the leader of these brats?

「Hey! I can use the sword, right?」

Impudent little…!

「Go ahead. And brat, when you lose, I’ll have you address me politely from then on!」
「Hmph! I won’t lose to a lousy adult. I’ve only lost against Shizu-san!」
「Heeeeh. How about you leave the self praise for after you win?」

Thus we were ready for the match.
I’ll have the children keep time. I acquired a sand watch the other day, and showed the kids how to use it.
Now then, shall we start?


Kenya moved on Alice’s command.
He moves well for an elementary school student. Actually, he’s defeated adults before..
Not that it’ll have any effect on me…

「Go for it Ken-chan—!!!」
「Don’t lose!」

Hearing their encouragement, Kenya redoubled his efforts.
He desperately tried to land a hit on me, but I avoided them with room to spare–without a need to predict.
After ten minutes, with tears in his eyes, he started shooting fire at me.
Hmph. What a pathetic flame that was.
It would be hard to compare it to the flame I use, so I’ll just say that the flame was really weak.
An A rank monster, using all his strength to create a fireball, can easily surpa.s.s a temperature of 1,000 degrees…
But this is even weaker than Ellen’s fire ball attack.
Inferior to magic used by a B rank adventurer.
He definitely learned it by watching, so this would be poor representation of his real abilities, right?

「Hey, you’re focusing too much on the flame. Try shooting out a ball of pure energy」

「Shut up! Shizu-san used this skill, and it was powerful!
I won’t listen to what the likes of you have to say!!!」

What an arrogant brat.
In the end, he ignored my advice, and, when the twentieth minute pa.s.sed, I was declared the victor.

「Alright, that’s enough! Address me properly as sensei from now on!
Who’s next? Come at me!!!」

Dropping his shoulders, and visibly depressed, Kenya rejoined the kids.
Well, I’d be in for a shock if I had lost to a brat who hadn’t even turned ten.

Next one up was Chloe O’Bell.
An eight year old girl with a rare hair color. It was black with silver mixed, ever seen anything like it?
Anyways, she was a beautiful girl with an interesting hair color. I wonder if she’s part j.a.panese?
She has this Eastern-Western vibe.
So, shall we begin? If looked from afar, people would see a middle-school kid bullying a little girl.
Even so, this test is crucial! I’m acting all cool and all, but if I really lose… what a bad joke that would be.

「Kurocchi, don’t push yourself!!!」
「Don’t hurt yourself, Kuro-chan!」
(TL Note: Chloe in j.a.panese is written Kuroe, hence the nickname Kuro)

Most of the the kids’ said “Don’t hurt yourself!” rather than “Do your best!”
I guess that’s just how it is.
The signal was already given, and the match had begun.
Though there was a five minute intermission, I chose not to take a break. Even so, I was not tired in the slightest.
All I’ve been doing is dodging, so it was an easy win.
Now, Chloe, what kind of attack will she show me?
I wonder if she just likes books, but she’s got one on her right now.
Is that it? Is she planning on hitting my head with it or throwing it at me?
Will she suddenly say “This is not a book, it’s a blunt weapon!”… Nah, probably not.
While I was thinking this foolishness.

「”In an eternal flowing stream, bind my foe (Water Prison)”」

Uoo! Suddenly, water appeared at my feat. According to『Heat Perception』it’s real water.
Magic! What an amazing child. Let me a guess, a genius?
While I was feeling impressed, the water continued to rage and enveloped me in a bubble.
When I tried poking it, it stretched out a bit.
I wonder if she is fixated on accelerating this skill–making it something akin to my water blade.
Wonderful. But, what will she do now?

「This magic’s next step is to fill the bubble with water!
If you accept defeat, I will let you go. If you don’t, you will die!」

So young but so dreadful!
Kenya was so much cuter in comparison. But a skill of this level… yeah…

「Yup, that’s some amazing magic. But it won’t have any effect on me.
But this magic is superior. Make sure to continue practicing later!」

I said, while stroking her head.
Prison? That kind of thing is pointless in the face of『Cloning』.
Frankly, that skill is the strongest among extra skills. It’s so amazing that it is nearly a unique skill.
Besides, to me who has various resistances against temperature attacks, her attack is pointless. And I’ve had that resistance since I was born.
Chloe sat down in shock. Her face red, with tears falling from her eyes.
Forgive me, I’m not pulling any punches here. To you brats who looked down on me I have to show an overwhelming difference in strength.
Chloe lost her will to fight, so I won.
Chloe was touching the spot on her head that I stroked earlier while smiling for some reason.

Let’s continue!
The next opponent was Gale Gibson.
The oldest among them–9 years old.  Brown hair and a large build with well defined features. Definitely a pretty boy.
When he grows up, his looks won’t lose even against famous actors!
Let’s crush him! … of course I had no such thought.
I am an adult, so I’ll be a fair opponent.
Gale, without a trick or tactic in mind, fired a single shot at me.
After watching the other two’s attempt, he probably reevaluated me a bit.
He fired a round that would certainly kill any other teacher.
Without a question, he put every ounce of his power into that shot. That was a good decision.
But, unfortunately, to a wrong opponent. That kind of attack could never reach me.
As when it did,『Gluttony』absorbed it.

「What was that! That’s cheating!」

Yes. Yes it is. I completely agree.

「Listen up, adults are cheaters. We’ll win no matter what trick we have to use!
That’s the kind of beings adults are!」

Thought that might have been a little immature of me to use against a child, it’s not the time to be picking methods.
I mean, I could have just repelled it, but I felt that there was a chance it would create a hole in the barrier.
And though I was given free reign over them I shouldn’t go around destroying the cla.s.sroom.
So, I chose the method that would prevent any possible casualty.
In the end, even this was troublesome.
Gale, embittered by this, gathered energy into his fists and attacked me.
What a child. At this point, he has no chance of victory.
He ended up just as Kenya did, and so it was my victory.

Sekiguchi Ryouta is a timid child.
Always friendly with Kenya, supporting him from behind.
Claimed to be the strong Kenya’s partner. There’s no special meaning attached to that, they are just being kids.
But, as for his power…

「Ryouta, avenge me!」

The moment he heard these words, his eye color changed.
This ability is similar to Shion’s『Battle Maniac』. His speed and power more than doubled. And, his magic energy and fighting spirit enveloped his body.
What a wonderful example of battle transformation. The only minus would be the fact that he is unconscious.
And it’s a great demerit at that–to lose one’s composure in the midst of battle.
Its effectiveness depends on the opponent. I mean, maybe『Battle Maniac』is a common skill, but against high level opponents it’s not even a gamble.
You are certain to lose.
His movements are good, so maybe if his opponent wasn’t me, he could put up a fight.
But… too bad!
I easily evaded him for twenty minutes.

The last one was the girl Alice Rondo.
The youngest–7 years old. Her hair blond and straight, reaching to her shoulders.
With a face that could be described to belong to a doll, she is certainly a beauty.
Unlike the adult-like Chloe, she is, apparently, a tomboy.
Now, what kind of ability will she show me.
Alice threw the doll she held in her hands in the air, and

「Go— Bear-san!!!」

She called out.
Huh? While I was thinking that, a bear suddenly started attacking me.
And its attacks were pretty strong.
Her power is called Golem Master.
If this is the power she can draw out from some stuffed animal, what kind of beast will she call forth from a specialized weapon doll…
Her power just might be strongest among the five.
Well… I was able to keep running the whole time, so no problem.
I hadn’t expected the strongest power to be saved for last, so I’m glad I was able to save face.
When she summoned ten of them I almost snapped and burned the whole place to the ground. But, I held it in and focused on running away.
I thought that if I burned them I’d have to console her afterwards.
Anyways, thus the five have come to know my power.
The abilities they possess are as described.
There’s a great mismatch between what you’d expect from them and what actually is there. Why have their skills developed in such weird ways, you might ask?
Probably, these are the skills that they have desired from the bottom of their hearts.
So, my only choices are either to have them acquire a unique skill or search for some other method.
Within the next three months, their powers will go wild causing their bodies to collapse.
A drastic measure, but I was able to confirm their status.
And, I found that using all of one’s power is the best method to stall the collapse.
Each time they release the excess energy they extend the deadline by a little bit.
Now, as for the actual treatment…

「Now, as this test has shown you, I’m strong!
And this strong “I” will promise you: I will save you.
I swear on this mask, I will find a solution!」

So I declared to the children.
They all diligently listened to my words.
First, I was successful at getting their attention. After all, if you don’t put you mind to it, you aren’t actually listening.
Somehow – perhaps they just feel obligated – I got them to listen.

「Umm, is that mask, Shizu-sensei’s?」

Suddenly, Alice timidly asked.

「It is. Shizu-san entrusted it to me.
And, other than entrusting the mask to me, she entrusted you bunch as well.」

So I answered.  Though the mask’s appearance has changed slightly, she was able to notice.
She nodded with satisfaction at my response.
Seems like some of her worries were dispelled.
However… now that she mentioned the mask…
Some memory appeared in my mind.
What Shizu-san left me…
Hmm? It was to hit Demon Lord Leon.
But could Shizu-san have planned to defeat a Demon Lord?
Wait a second… Shizu-san came over here when she was 10, right?
So why did he save her?
Let’s think about it. Though I don’t know the details, I feel like there’s a hint buried in these memories.
Besides, it seems strange that Shizu-san would just abandon the kids to pursue her own goals.
Perhaps punching Leon and saving the kids was one and the same task?
In that case, Demon Lord Leon must known of a way to save the kids.
He had saved her once before, after all…
In that case, what is the method?
Along with Great Sage, we’re busy considering these things.
And, as always, Great Sage did not fail my expectations.
Had Demon Lord Leon saved Shizu-san intentionally or by accident? The answer…

≪Solution. The chance that Demon Lord Leon saved Izawa Shizue intentionally is about 74%.
However, this percentage is a mere prediction, and is thus meaningless.
Also, regarding the way to save the children…≫

I was not mistaken.

「Listen up, I will absolutely save you. We’ll prepare for this starting tomorrow.
Believe in me! I will not let you, whom Shizu-san entrusted to me, die!」

Unlike my previous words, this time I was confident.
The children, likewise, responded seriously,

「「「Please, sensei!!!」」」

Sensei, huh.
What a pleasant word. Leave it to me.
Now, for the first time, I approved of the children.
I will save them.
So I swore to myself.

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