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A Country’s Name and Two Treaties

The city has gotten rather pretty.
“Behold the results of my hard work!” Isn’t something I can say, however.
But that aside,
I fussed over a few things: toilets, plumbing, insect repellents, and baths!
The first three we made in j.a.panese style. I also built window screens using spider thread.
At first, we had built the toilet seats out of wood, but that was no good.
Though that’s how the j.a.panese did it, its unbearable to maintain. It rots, you know.
So I turned to the dwarfs.
They’ve never failed at their task, so perhaps they could do something about the toilet problem.
『Thought Manipulation』was very useful this time around. It is the evolved form of『Thought Transmission』but its use stayed pretty much the same.
So using it, I could easily transmit an image to them.
Drawing and explaining it would be have difficult, but sending them a mental image was not.
Even then however, when I showed them flush toilet system saying, “When you push the lever water flows down!”, reproducing it was impossible.
It could be made with high level water magic stones, which absorb water from the air, but they are very expensive.
Also, since they need to be frequently replaced, they are rarely used even for military objectives.
Honestly, only the very rich could afford to create this.
Since we don’t have the needed capital, we would do with what we have.
In any case, we can leave complex plumbing systems for later.
So for now, we supplied water to tubs in every household from which one can then draw water.
And, after filling the toilet bowl with water, you can then flush it down.
So Kaijin lived up to his reputation yet again.
Thus, I had strictly commanded the monsters to watch personal hygiene and dental care.
I don’t know whether monsters can develop dental problems, but there’s no harm in making sure they don’t.
According to Kaijin, adventurers tend to either befriend people who know 〈Cleaning Magic〉, or learn it themselves.
That way, they can avoid staying dirty during long trips.
Though mostly the high ranking ones concerned themselves with these things.
Now, about the insect repellent.
As you’d expect, the forest has a lot of bugs. Since you can’t protect yourself against them, there’s a chance of catching diseases they carry.
While that’s not a problem for me, the Hobgoblins do get sick.
So, I tried to fix this problem.
I asked the dwarfs to create it, but they couldn’t do it.
I guess we’d have to go and buy it in the human cities. Though we have no money.
I asked the three idiots to go get it, but this is what they said,

「Don’t ask the impossible! It’s super expensive!」
「Besides, we wouldn’t know how much we’d need to buy to cover a whole city with!
You’d find that quant.i.ty only in the Royal Capital!」
「Rimuru-danna, can you imagine how hard it would be to transport?」

Is what they said.
I don’t mind them coming over to hang out, but they should at least be of some use sometimes.
Moreover, they are getting too friendly with Shuna.
Often cooking together, buying her wares–trying to get closer to her.
And we even built them a house to stay in during their visits.

The monsters’ birth rate dropped to to that of humans.
Thus, I’ll need to figure out what to do about marriage soon.
I want Orc, Goblins, and Lizardmen to have the right to choose whomever they love.
It would be good if they produce stronger offspring.
But there is a problem: should I allow polygamy?
This might be especially helpful to women who have lost their husband. The oni, for example, can reproduce with any race, but choose not to.
All their magical energy gets absorbed in the process, and some have not been able to recover it.
As Benimaru said,

「But that isn’t something Rimuru-sama should be concerned about, right?
Many people have lost all their magical energy after naming monsters, and even Demon Lords generally avoid it, after all.」

Way to drop the bomb.
Hey, hey!!! How many do you think I’ve named by now! And you mention it now!
Thank goodness it has been replenishing till now.
I’ll have to be more careful about naming monsters from now on. Well… replenishing energy just seems to natural to me; call it an adult’s intuition or something.
Anyways, it seems there are also two types of children produced by oni.
The first are created with but seed, the second is truly labored over.
The former is made by combining some of  one’s magical power, and while they do inherit some abilities, they tend to be weaker. The latter you pour all your strength into.
But your life span shortens as a result.

「I’m fine alone! I’m not interested!」

It’s personal.
By the way, it’s different for women.
They can reject a seed they believe too weak. So if they were forced, that would mean that the partner was stronger; but if deception was involved, then they wouldn’t bear a child.
They aren’t allowed to bear children with just anyone.
And this is common among high ranking monsters and devils, it seems.
Goblins and other Demi-Humans, since they don’t possess superb strength, are not much different than humans.
So far, we’ve had about 5~10 children born, and not more than 2 at a time.
In any case, in order to ensure that they leave offspring, I will allow polygamy. However, only limited to widows!
And that’s the rule I pa.s.sed. I’ll change it when needed.
Every new moon, we decided to hold a confession festival, and new couples would be given a home.
Singles would continue living in tenement housing.
Well, if they occupy some important post, they are free to live on their own.
That much doesn’t bother me personally.

In the end, I won’t be able to make sure everyone’s satisfied, but there is a custom to accept my wishes in this city.
When interests clash, residents bicker, they come seeking my decision.
Well, the Elder Bunch also handles many of these, so my involvement can be said to be limited… to some degree.
Everyone is trying to be very considerate of me so they try to avoid causing trouble.
I was surprised at how cooperative the monsters really are.
When it comes to government, whether socialism or capitalism, both will eventually rot and fall apart.
A Land ruled by a truly just King. Where everyone is equal.
‘Tis but a pipe dream. However…
I decided to aim for that dream.
I pray I will never fall into vice. Should I become truly depraved, I hope someone will end me.
That’s what I thought while observing the Confession Festival.

Now that we’ve stabilized the life here and pa.s.sed all (seemingly) necessary rules, I want to go and see how humans live.
Besides, I can now transform into a human; it’s about time I go and learn from them.
Normally, those who have reincarnated into a different world make a big deal about meeting humans; I, however, have met very few so far.
The group outside of the Dwarfs’ city, Shizu-san, the three idiots… and that’s all?
Nor have I forgotten my original objective of meeting fellow World Travelers.
From Shizu-san’s memories–her two students: Kagurazaka Yuuki and Sakaguchi Hinata.
I do want to meet the two of them, but Sakaguchi Hinata sounds like bad news.
There was also something that bothered me. Why did the kind Shizu-san allow Hinata to go on her own?
As her senpai, as a fellow j.a.panese, shouldn’t she have seen her off? I must meet Hinata and confirm.
I have acquired some of the memories from targets I’ve consumed with 『Predator』, but certainly not all. Lingering memories are easier to acquire, I guess.
When I meet her, I should confirm what I know.
The three idiots have pa.s.sed along my message to their Guild Master, and also looked after the letter I wrote.
That letter simply expresses my desire to meet him.
Though he’s but a chief of a small country’s Freedom a.s.sociation branch, he is a Guild Master. He should have connections.
Hopefully I can get some benefits from meeting him.
If it goes over well, maybe he could even try to introduce me to the Grand Master Kagurazaka Yuuki.
Since things have calmed down around here, I can probably leave for a bit.

However, to do that there is something I lack.
Right! Money.
The three idiots were pretty poor, and didn’t have much money on them. Not that I expected better of them.
I want to buy vegetable seeds, magic stones, handicraft, and whatever seems impressive.
I initially planned to sell some “Demon Steel”, but decided against it.
The reason is simple. “Demon Steel” is too precious of a resource.
Since we use it in our weapons and armor, selling it would be almost sacrilegious.
It is also invaluable for production of mounted soldiers’ weapons. Since it can change shape at will, it’s useful for receiving and dealing various attacks, to say nothing of carrying it.
And while I do have a lot of it, it’s not like it’s an infinite amount. So let’s hold off selling it until we can replenish our stock.
As for iron ore and such, we discovered some in the mountain’s district, and are buying it off the high orcs.
So Kurobee and Kaijin are using it as a base to create weapons.
We also need a lot of magic stones for research. Those are created by the human Ghost Researchers and does not appear naturally.
They manufacture it from crystallized magic stones they extract from monsters.
It also seems to require large factories, so is only done at the Freedom a.s.sociation’s headquarters.
Monsters sometimes drop crystallized magic stones; those are then collected at each individual branch and sent to the headquarters.
That’s the system that they use. So when adventurers hunt monsters, they don’t only do it to protect against damages but also to become rich.
A pretty good system, if you ask me.
Which means that if I want to acquire some magic stones, I have to buy them…
So I ran into the money wall again.

Thus, how should I earn some money?
By myself I couldn’t possibly make enough quick enough.
The same with selling–our fields don’t produce nearly enough, and we probably couldn’t sell them at a high enough price.
Weapons and armors are for our personal use, and those will not be sold.
So, do we have nothing to sell?
The thing is, we do! I had left a certain something to Gabil, after all.
Right! Hipokte gra.s.s!
So I called Gabil over,

「Gabil-kun, how is cultivation going?」
「Fufufu. I’m glad you asked! It’s going well! Literally the fruits of our labour!」

He said, showing me their produce.
It’s weed…
Silently, I aimed 『Black Lightning』at him.
Well, he won’t die from it. I’ve gotten good at adjusting the output.

「Guoo! What are you doing! Have I angered you somehow?!」
「Idiot! This is common weed! What the h.e.l.l have you been cultivating!!!」
「Wh-what! I beg your pardon! I’ve been hurrying so I seem to have mixed things up!」
「”I’ve been hurrying” won’t cut it! Seriously.
Watch what you are doing! Besides, it should be nearly impossible to grow weed in a cave with such high magic density!」

In reality, even this exchange was planned.
We’re actually steadily growing Hipokte gra.s.s.
Rather, teaching Gabil to distinguish between different types of gra.s.s is what was giving me trouble.
And this Gabil walks around the cave as if he owned the place, sometimes even referred to as its king.
The monsters inhabiting it also flee at the sight of him.
Some of his subordinates have recently been able to defeat the centipede alone, and now consider the cave as their territory.
It’s actually really impressive. Not that I will say that to them, or offer any praise.
Gabil is the type to get carried away when praised and fail soon after. Just like me.
I understand because I am the same. They have been grown a lot of hipokte gra.s.s up until now.

I then called Kaijin over and showed him the hipokte gra.s.s.
And next to it, the medicine I made from processing it. Quality was appraised as very good.
I’ve always been able to produce quality medicine with it.
Then, I started the conversation.

「Kaijin. If I sold this in a city, how much would I make?」

Kajin thought for a bit, and then replied,

「Hmmm. Danna, that’s a tough one. This medicine is too good.
It’s effects are too good. It’s impossibly good!」

And then I learned a few things from him.
That my medicine has the highest purity rating of 99%.
That normally, the limit is 98%, and even Dwarf masters have not been able to surpa.s.s it.
That even at 98%, it fetches a high price.
And so on.

「So, if you tried selling this in a city…」

「You’d stand out too much!」

An answer came from the sky.
But my 『Magic Perception』didn’t sense anyone!

「It’s been a while, Kajin! And, Slime. Does thou… do you remember me?」

While saying this, a person appeared from the sky saddled on a winged horse.
A wonderful white steed with wings–a Pegasus. After landing, he jumped to the ground.
How could I forget… it’s the dwarf King! Hero King Gazelle Dwargo himself.

「M-my lord! Why, eh, why would you be here?
Eeeeh!!! Did You sneak out of the castle?!」

Kaijin’s opened his eyes so wide they seemed like they’d fall out.
Well, yeah, that’s only natural. The King was alone… actually, no he brought an extra. He came with only two people!
Actually, haven’t I seen the other one somewhere…
Huh! Isn’t that Bester! The dwarf that tried to ensnare us… why would he be here?

「Fun!  I slipped past a hundred guards of my own! They’ve been slacking. When I return I’ll retrain them!」
「N-no… to have a King as their training partner…」
「Hmm? Kaijin, did you say something?」
「N-no! I said nothing at all!」
「Is that so? Okay, then!」

Speaking of things outside of my knowledge, the two continue their conversation.
How the h.e.l.l did the king slip out?!

We decided to continue the conversation at a different place.
And not to a temporary one, but to a special building in the center. All the administrative duties are carried out in this building.
So we borrowed one of the conference rooms.

「So, King, what’s all this about?
Why did you bring Bester-dono along…」
「Oh! That’s simple!
I selfishly decided to forbid your future reentry into the Dwarf Kingdom.
So I decided to come and see you instead.
As for Bester, he’s also at fault for what had occurred, so I also exiled him.
But we can’t have him lead a carefree life, now can we! So I brought him over.」
「”So I brought him over”! Did you really just say that?!
Do you, King, truly understand?
Are you planing to have Bester work here?」
「Hmm? You don’t want him?」
「That’s not the problem! Aren’t you worried that his knowledge will be leaked to us?」

Kaijin said with a deadly serious face.
Though he’s serious by nature, he’s desperately pressing the King for answers.
In contrast to him, the King casually ignores his questions. The previous dignity is nowhere to be seen; this is probably his actual appearance, huh?
As for Bester, he looks completely lost.

「Leak… huh. When you guys left, isn’t that exactly what you were doing!
I’ve considered erasing you, you know?」

Suddenly the King turned serious

「King, that…」
「I’m serious! I decided against, it though. I try to avoid pointless effort.
I brought Bester over because I would like him to work here!」

Those words lit a flame in Bester’s eyes.

「Don’t get this wrong, Bester. I had high expectations of you. That much is true.
I won’t permit you to serve me, but you can work to your heart’s content here.
That’s all.」
「King! Wouldn’t that mean that they would be learning all the dwarf skills for free?」

Kaijin had just gotten over that, though…

「Fun. “Is it fine” is all you guys say.
With you two here, this city will become the center of technological development.
Don’t you understand?
The Dwarf Country, this King is interested in working together with you.
Get it?
The Dwarf Country, as of today, officially seeks to form a non-aggression treaty with you!
Also, before that. As an under the table deal, we want to form Mutual Technology Research Treaty.
That, however, must never be mentioned to anyone.
How about it? Will you accept these two treaties?」

He said with a serious face looking me straight in the eye.
A non aggression treaty and one to share technological advancements? What more could we ask for!
They are essentially recognizing as an official state.

「So does that mean you are recognizing us a country with sovereign rights?」

To my question,

「Of course. It’s an good offer, isn’t it?
Also, just out of curiosity, what is the name of this Country?」

Eh? A Name?
Kaijin and I exchanged glances,

「Undecided as of yet…」
「Now that you mention it…」

I had thought that about it once, though.

The Dwarf King had decided to stay the night with us.
If traveling on the Pegasus, he could return to the Dwarf Kingdom within a day.
However, journeying by night is dangerous, so he decided to return the following day.
We had gathered an emergency council to decide the name of the country.
And thus we decided, we shall be known as the Monsters’ City “Tempest”.
They had intended to call it Rimuru, but that was too embarra.s.sing so I forbid it. We comprised down to Tempest.
It’s not like it’s only my name, and it sounds alright.
That night, to commemorate the naming of the city, we threw a large party.
We have an abundance of food, and some pretty good cooks.
Seems like we’ve even been able to impress the King.
That’s mainly because Shuna is just such an amazing cook.

For entertainment, we had a mock battle with the King.
He was grumbling about how he never gets to leave the castle and such. What a surprisingly open personality he has! At this rate we’ll be calling each other by name soon…
But a mock battle is no good. Is what I thought. But he wouldn’t listen.
Seems like he’s planning something.
But I have no choice, I’ll play along.
I transformed into my human form.
Since eating the Orc Disaster, my human form grew a bit.
I’m no longer a child, but a young girl. Around 150 cm in height. A bit more accomplished, maybe?
Taking wooden swords in hand, we face each other.
Hakurou observed the match, and called for it to start.


That very moment, the King disappeared. Escaping my perception completely.
Dangerous! The moment I thought that, the wooden sword I held was. .h.i.t out of my hand.
The match was decided. I completely lost.
So this is the Dwarf King… the power of the hero king!

「Listen, Rimuru. From the very beginning you didn’t notice me approaching from the sky, did you?
Though Magic Perception is a wonderful skill, but there are countless ways to slip outside of its sight.
I antic.i.p.ated what perception method you would use, and slipped past it.
These are the basics of war! Concentrate harder. If you depend only on your abilities, you won’t improve!」

So that’s why he did this…
Satisfied, I thanked him.

「Thank you, Gazelle. Next time we meet, it won’t be this easy!」
「Fun. So you say, youngster!」

After our match ended, the monsters’ cheers filled the city.
They were very excited, to say the least.
Benimaru, Souei, and Shion also seemed like they wanted to say something–their faces were serious.
Hakurou nodded with a happy expression on his face.
I still have a long way to go. I finally learned that.
The banquet continued long into the night…

And the next day, the Dwarf King Gazelle Dwargo and I officially signed the two treaties.
History will know today as the day when the Monsters’ City “Tempest” was officially created.

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