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War Reparations

The day the coalition was established would become a day of great commemoration for the monsters.
Because each one of them received a name.

Just kidding.
Even if it sounds cool you’ve got to think about who would be giving them names.
There’s 150 thousand, d.a.m.n it. That’s just reckless. I mean, I had gone into a three day hibernation after naming merely five hundred goblins!
By the time I name all 150 thousand, they’d die from hunger!
I was planning to just ignore it this time, but…
In any case, I also need to devour their sins.
And somehow, while they had risen up to rank C+, it seems that they’ll be returning back to D in about two weeks.
They were merely strengthened by the Orc Lord’s abilities.
And once they lose their magic energy I will eat it and bestow it back upon them. Thus, I will be able to name them without tiring needlessly.
So there is no problem in naming them… except that I’ll run out of simple letter combinations.
Even if I give start giving out the same names in different districts, managing the process will be a pain.
There’s only one thing to do, the most extreme and supreme method. I will name them based on a series with infinite potential!
That’s right! Numbers!
Sounds too much like a citizen’s registration number? Well, frankly, this is the most efficient method.
Since they are able to at least line up in formation, I had them line up in the marshes.
Would they hate being named on a whim?
I had that pa.s.sing thought, but once the magical energy disappears, they’ll devolve into an uncontrollable mob of 150 thousand.
That’s too many to let loose.
Being only a D rank, they would’t pose much of a threat; however, I can see them breaking into private property.
Besides, as they are, I can’t expect much of their work skills, making the coalition rather pointless.
Also, if they evolve, their status increases and their reproductive ability decreases–that much we know from the time I named the goblins.
Thus, I’ll be exercising victor’s rights here.
The great clans shall be separated by their names: Yama (mountain) , Oka (hill), Hora (cave), Umi (sea), Kawa (river), Ko (lake), Mori (forest), Kusa (gra.s.s), and Suna (sand).
For example, a man from the mountains would be “Yama-1M”. A woman wouldbe “Yama-1F”. That’s how I would diversify their names.
Honestly, managing this will still be a pain. For kids I decided to go with something like “Yama-1-1M”, for example.
Perhaps it would be more appropriate to give with some name or letter combination instead, but I’ll leave that to them for new names.
And thus, I absorbed their magical energy, and gave them names instead.
I first aligned them by clan, then separated them by gender, and began giving them names; as you’d expect, it took a while.
However, I was able to give them all names without worrying endlessly.
They were given names by their place in the line. I didn’t try to match names for parents and children.
They should just name themselves if unsatisfied.
In this fashion, I went on naming them all.
I then had the clan representatives conduct a census. But since they had no paper, it was only to make sure no mistakes were made.
But in reality, there was nothing to worry about–those named could hardly forget it.
Unlike humans, monsters always know the name etched on their soul.
I thus started to give and each one of them a name.
Taking no more than five second per person.
However… giving each one a name still took 10 days.

Of course, while I was naming them without rest, I couldn’t just have Benimaru and the rest having fun.
I had the Dryad Trainee escort them to the Treant’s community.
In order to transport the food.
Would it really be enough to feed 150 thousand? While I had such worries, I could only trust in her words.
At the very least, I hope there is enough to last them a year.
I didn’t worry about the carriers at all.
The fundamental worry of war is logistics, after all. Allowing the front line to starve welcomes defeat.
No matter how much of a demon each one of them is, carrying enough food for all the orcs must be difficult.
The Storm Wolves, the moment Ranga had evolved into Tempest Star Wolf, had evolved into Star Wolves.
Each one is at least a B rank now. A high ranking monster.
Their numbers are still at one-hundred, but they have unlocked a Star Leader evolution variation.
And let’s not forget to mention that they can all use 『Shadow Step』now.
They can’t move instantaneously like Souei or Ranga do, but they can easily move faster than sound.
And they now move ignoring any obstacle–straight to their target.
Closing long distance with every step, they are moving at three times their original speed. In short–really quickly.
So I also had the strong Star Wolves handle ferrying the provisions over.
If we used a carriage, the trip – with a necessary detour – would take two months; this way, a round drip takes only a day.
However, the Goblin riders cannot journey with them.
I don’t know if this is something they can learn through practice, but I want them to try.
So having remained with me, the Goblins are helping arranging the orcs.
Thus, we came up with a method to procure food.

Which lead me to worry about food reserves…
I mean, Treants are monsters who survive on water, sunlight, and air alone.
They would grow fruits using their magical energy, but there was no one to eat them.
They were meant for the race residing in the holy lands, but the immortal race just had them acc.u.mulate.
Moreover, the fruit being magical, it does not rot no matter how much time pa.s.ses.
By the way, as I learned later, this fruit is sold as a rare ingredient called “Dried Treant” in human markets.
It’s really hard to find and can be sold for a large amount of money.
The reason for the price is its abundant magical energy. Just one drop can keep you going for seven days. Without feeling hunger.
Another reason for the high price is the fact that Treants don’t interact with other races, and the troublesome Dryads, who manage this product, give it out sometimes as a present.
When I learned this fact, I had mild regrets about giving it out to the orcs for free… but it is what it is.
And thus, thanks for Dryad Trainee’s guidance, we were able to acquire food.

Ten days later.
Exhausted, I finished.
I almost ran out of numbers to use. Tired.
However, I was also filled with a sense of accomplishment.
150 thousand? Just counting that high is annoying.
Well, by the time I finished naming them, we also finished dividing up the food.
Fifty pieces each.
The probably understand that when they run out they starve. So everyone wore serious expressions when accepting the fruit.
After being named, the orcs evolved into high orcs. But since they weren’t named using my magical energy, there was no master-servant relationship between us.
Everything rests on their sincere promise to join and support our coalition.
Their strength did reach up to C+ immediately after evolving, but they settled comfortably in the C rank zone. Considering they were D ranks originally, this should be good enough.
More importantly, they have gotten smarter while preserving their special characteristics.
They evolved into a race that can adapt to and make use of any situation.
After thanking me, they dispersed each to their lands. Overseeing this were 10 goblin riders per group.
Once they confirm the location, we plan to a.s.sist them with setting up tents. And, guiding them on necessary skills, we will set up each and every community.
Though this won’t be for a while, but they’ll eventually settle down, and their living standards should improve.
Thus, we saw the orcs off.
Which reminded of a certain individual.
The Orc General insisted that I work him to my pleasure.
I did want another laborer.
Ah, whatever. Let’s just let him in.
I also need to figure out what to do with the black full plate armor clad, two-thousand strong elite orc army.
Them I cannot name using a district. What should I do…
Since they have a yellow aura about them, I decided to name them using a color and numbers.
I glance over the orc army. And, have them line up according to my wishes.
Recently, I can use my『Great Sage』’s appraisal ability simply by looking.
Just like Shuna does.
As expected of 『Gluttony』’s Food Chain ability. It’s super effective!
And so I named (a.s.signed numbers to) everyone, except the Orc General.
Thus the later famous Yellow Corps was born. Numbers a.s.signed indiscriminately of gender.
Since there could be no gender inequality among fellow warriors.
I’ll be later dispatching them to every community as production workers. At the present, there’s no choice but to have them do this kind of work.
Now, about the Orc General.
I’m going to ignore any feeling of foreboding.
And decide on a name.
I’ll incorporate the Orc Lord’s ambition, the one he got from Gelmudo. Just thinking about that Clown’s face makes me angry, but to the orcs he’s an important benefactor.
I don’t care much about his expectations, and I don’t have anything to base it on.
So, the name I will bestow upon him,

「With respect given to Orc Disaster’s dying wish, you shall henceforth be known as Gerudo!」

At that moment, the Orc General’s body was enveloped in a yellow aura, and he began evolving.
And at the same time, I lost a lot of magical energy. c.r.a.p… so it really came to this.
As always, I entered a lowered activity state (Sleep Mode).

And the following day,
Should I say “just as expected” or something? My premonition was spot on.
The Orc Elite has all evolved into High Orcs.
Though they possessed strength almost surpa.s.sing C+ rank, they were able to retain that level. All in all, they have evolved into rather powerful warriors.
Considering that Goblin Riders are also ranked C+, I seem to have acquired a rather powerful army.
Well, though Goblin Riders are ranked thus, they really should be evaluated together with the Star Wolves.
So perhaps I shouldn’t be comparing them.
Now then, the problematic Orc General, or rather, Gerudo…
He had gained the unique skill 『Gourmet』with abilities「Stomach, Supply, and Demand」.
His magic energy is also pretty high, almost reaching A rank.
As expected, he no longer has any of the abilities he got from cannibalizing. Simply because he has no need for them.
This skill he got probably because he wished for it from the bottom of his heart.
Perhaps because he had endured the pain and suffering, he became such a rational and dignified monster.
“Can I be satisfied with such a subordinate?” I had such a fleeting thought, but decided to ignore it.
If he desired to go on independent, I would permit it.
Though he doesn’t seem to want to do that.
And perhaps the Death March has finally come to an end.
Was all their suffering up until now the effect of Gelmudo’s skill–that I wouldn’t know. Perhaps that clown was actually a really powerful guy.
I joked to myself.

The goblin soldiers have finally returned. Their numbers greatly reduced, with only 4,000 survivors.
Are they okay? I worried slightly. But, this is their problem and not something I will intervene in.
Too much intervention would be harmful to them.

Now then, should we take our leave?
Let’s return the control of this area back to the lizardmen, say our farewells to the Head, and head of.
Though our time hear was a mere three weeks, this war felt rather long.
I myself seem to have fought alone for a long time.
The forest disturbance story thus comes to an end.

Gabil was brought before the Lizardmen’s Head, his father.
The moment the fighting ended, he was thrown into prison.
His was fed every morning and every evening, but no one had said anything. This kind of lifestyle continued on for two weeks.
After all, he was a rebel. That much was true.
While he acted in what he believed was everyone’s best interests, his foolishness almost annihilated the entire race.
It was his fault.
He had no excuses to say, nor any desire to come up with any.
He would probably face the death penalty. A fact he accepted. But…
Gelmudo who had betrayed him. Ignoring that fact, the Slime who had saved him.
A lowly monster. That’s how he referred to the slime.
While that was not a mistake, it also was.
That Slime is special.
Unique and Named, a truly special monster.
If he could have one final wish, he’s want to ask.
Why did you save me?
The mislead, worthless me. A complete idiot.
That thought was on his mind every day for two weeks.

 He stood before his father.
The atmosphere heavy, they looked each other in teh eye.
A father who, as usual, did not show his emotion. Ah… death penalty, huh?
He agreed.
A leader cannot show weakness. He must uphold law at all cost.
So there’s no way he could hate him.
He resolved himself to quietly accept his punishment.

「I will pa.s.s judgment! Gabil, you are exiled. You are forbidden to ever call yourself a Lizardman.
Further, you are forbidden to ever return. Leave! Show your face among us no longer!」

What did he say?
His father’s guards lead him by the arms outside the caves.
The Head threw him out.
And to the confused Gabil,

「Don’t forget this! Don’t lose it, okay?」

He was told, an something was thrown to him.
Along with his things, a long wrapped package. Just from the weight he understood. It was the Magic Weapon: Water Vortex Spear.
Tears falling from Gabil’s eyes, he wanted to say something to his father.
But words wouldn’t come out. He was an exile.
Filled with various emotions, he could only bow in grat.i.tude.
And, without looking back, he continued onward.
To the city under construction he had once visited.

After walking a bit,

「Please wait a minute. Gabil-sama!」


Someone called out to him.
His 100 subordinates.

「Wha-what are you doing, idiots! I was exiled!」
「It doesn’t matter to us! We follow Gabil-sama, if you are exiled, then so are we!」

They responded with a smile.
What fools they are;
This is no place to shed tears. Like my father, I must learn to act with dignity. , he thought.

「What will I do with you! Got it. Follow me!」

And thus he walked.
Filled with a different kind of self-confidence than before.

Gabil’s group joined up with Rimuru a month later.


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