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If it were the usual me, I’d be freaking out about how difficult it would be to win again the Demon Lord Orc Disaster Gelmudo.
The yellow aura coiling around me I can easily cut through with my sword.
But receiving the butcher knife “Meat Crusher” would probably send me flying.
But that’s to be expected.
Even Shion, who’s stronger than me, lost in a contest of strength against him.
Moreover, even Hakurou, who far exceeds me in sword skill, could not damage him.
So I again try to land an attack while darting around at high speeds.
Checking from every angle, trying to find a weakness.
I know it’s pointless, but I see no reason to stop.
Even if he lands a hit blowing me away, I just resume trying out attacks.
Confirming my own weakness.
Thinking about it, my main forces consists of five people. Including Shuna and Kurobee, that is.
They have all received one of my powers and exceeded my own abilities in them.

Ranga’s [Black Lightning]
Benimaru’s [Flame Manipulation]
Shuna’s [a.n.a.lyst]
Hakurou’s [Perception Acceleration]
Shion’s [Herculean Strength] and Body Strengthening
Souei’s [Magic Perception] and special skills
Kurobee’s [Researcher]

In every skill they exceed me.
I can only be called strong because I have every skill that they do.
If we fought one on one and I went all out, I think I could win. However, if all five gather, I would probably lose.
And yet this orc surpa.s.sed all five of them.
Never being able to land the finishing blow, they were bound to run out of magic energy and perish.
So even if I fought the orc fair and square, I could never win.
Even if I fought fair and…
Why are the oni‘s skills stronger than mine?
Hakurou is stronger because his sword skill level is so much higher.
That much is perfectly understandable. But what about the rest?
Actually… are they really stronger than me?
The answer to that…

In the first place,
All my abilities I have gained from monsters.
Since they are not skills I was born with, I need to take time to properly understand them.
Just like having a license does not necessarily mean you can drive a car right now, and certainly does not mean you can win against a professional driver.
There is a skill I have had since the moment I reincarnated into this world.
It is a skill I have had from birth.
One that I can freely manipulate.
That skill even I have nearly complete mastery of.
Thus, I order.

I permit you to control my body. Move it as you please, [Great Sage]!

≪Received. Switching to Battle Mode.≫

And thus the response to the previous question,

Demon Lord Orc Disaster was bewildered.
Just as he had intended to cook and eat the five strong demons, another one had appeared.
A boring monster, he had thought.
The monster’s magic energy was certainly high, easily surpa.s.sing that of the other five.
However, the monster had continued meaningless attacks, each one just as weak.
Ones even inferior to the five before him.
No matter how often the monster would have attacked, no damage would acc.u.mulate. Thus, the orc did not feel threatened.
Thus, just when he had designated the monster as a good meal…

The constant onslaught of attacks suddenly stopped.
And, she took of her mask.
And the orc saw a beautiful young face of a silver haired girl.
What is she planning?
The moment he thought that,


His arm, elbow down, was cut away from his body. And where it used to be attached, a dark flame burned him.
And when he looked, his enemy, with appearance of a child, held a melting sword engulfed in a dark flame.
Enemy? Yes, that was an enemy.
He had considered her food. Now, however, was different. There was an overwhelming difference with the presence now before him.
It didn’t matter that his foe’s weapon had burned away. Her abilities were so high that she didn’t need it!
Having met an enemy for the first time since evolving, the Demon Lord Orc Disaster’s body tensed’.
And another strange feeling.
How strange… his arm had not started regenerating!
Confused, he looked at where his arm had been only to find the dark flame still burning and sealing his regeneration.
Anger burned in his eyes.
Cutting his arm off at the shoulder, he had it regenerate. And, he started swinging the Butcher Knife “Meat Crusher” with all his might.
“That small child cannot withstand even a single hit!:
However. The seemingly unarmed child casually lifted her arms, produced a sword out of thin air, and received the attack.
With the same sword that he had thought was burned by her skill.
And when the butcher knife came in contact with the sword both were engulfed by the black flame and disappeared.
“I must go all out to devour her!” The Orc Disaster’s aura swelled causing shockwaves on the battlefield.
Filling up his fists with his aura, he attacked. His enemy, too, armored her fists and repelled his attacks.
He saw magic bullets flying at him. Dodging those, he responded with Gakki no Koushinenbu (Death March Dance).
Colliding with the seven bullets in the air, his magic bullets continued on.
They were strengthened with [Starving Ones] and had a corrosive effect.
While she would probably not die from this, she’d take some damage.
Just as he had thought that, she stood up as if nothing happened.
And a new armor was now covering her. His attack was probably deflected by that armor.
It was true for him, so maybe his enemy was also in the middle of evolving.
I hunger. I want to eat her!!!
The Demon Lord Orc Disaster thought. The five before had not mattered, all he wanted was to eat the one before him!
He grabbed onto his enemy.
Since he was stronger, if he fought long enough, he’d eventually crush her. Just when he thought that, his leg was crushed.
A roundhouse kick landed into him causing his body to fall, but still he wouldn’t let go.
Releasing the yellow aura, he had it envelop his enemy.
One of the effects of [Starving Ones] was to corrode and devour his enemies directly.
And as his enemy’s life dwindled, it would become his nutrients.
I want to eat her! His head filled with that one though, he directed his entire being into corroding her!
And, his enemy having given up struggling, gradually succ.u.mbed to…

Things proceeded just as I had planned.
With the full support from the [Great Sage] I was able to use the skills to their full potential.
A never before seen optimized form of combat. I can even use [Black Flame Manipulation] now.
Moreover, [Body Armor] had changed into [Full Armor Transformation]. It further strengths my equipment.
Skills I had previously hard time mastering I now easily control with the help from [Great Sage].
However, it is still hard outdo your fundamental limitations. The longer this fight continues the stronger the Orc Disaster may grow.
Even if I know how to use my skills, it’s not like my overall proficiency with them has increased.
The Orc Disaster as well has just evolved and has poor control over them. Thus, this advantage is clearly temporary.
Which is why I must end this quickly.
So I planned to lead the battle to a state where I can quickly overwhelm him with a skill I am superior at.
And everything went according to plan.
The Orc Disaster had begun corroding me, intending to devour.
However, I also intend to devour you!
I am a slime. My basic abilities are [Dissolve, Absorb, Regenerate].
My regeneration ability is similar to his. However, the slime body is naturally resistant to corrosion.
Thus, I had planned from the beginning to eat you in this manner!

I made him believe that my body had melted, and used that to envelop him.
Slowly moving up the arm…
And by the time he had noticed, it was already too late.
This was the standard method of combat for the slime race.
No matter how much he rages now, he’s already been covered by me; his attacked nullified.
Pointless, you must think? You pride yourself in your regenerative abilities, and my attack will have no effect?
The battle has become a stalemate.
I try to dissolve him, but his regeneration prevents his death. At the same time, my regenerative ability negates his corrosion.
Each one attempts to devour the other like the Ouroboros.
The one who eats the other first, wins.
Simple, isn’t it?
I had planned this in order to win.
Rather than depending on skills I have yet to truly master, I decided to depend on my most fundamental ones.
The power that I have.
My slime abilities [Dissolve, Absorb] mix incredibly well with [Predator].
Thus at the same time as I began absorbing and dissolving this orc, I also activated [Predator].
I am a predator.
Orc Disaster, the power that you hold, [Starving Ones], is certainly strong.
However, you are a scavenger.
Eating anything and everything is certainly amazing, but it is my skill that specializes in hunting down and devouring prey.
And while we have both been eating each other, I will devour your ability first.
Using my ability, unique skill [Predator]!
My skill can a.n.a.lyze the abilities of living enemies, whereas yours only of the dead.
This moment has decided the battle.



How much time had pa.s.sed?
As we attempt to eat each other.
But believing in my victory, I focus on predating him and,

I cannot lose.
I have eaten my brethren.
I cannot lose.
I must become a demon lord.
I have eaten Gelmudo-sama.
I cannot lose.
My brethren are starving.
I cannot lose.
Eating until we have our fill!

Thoughts poured into me.
Hmph. Are you an idiot?
I don’t know what you’re on, but you’ve already lost to me.

But, I cannot lose…
I have eaten my brethren.
I… am sinful…
So I will not lose.

It’s pointless.
Let me teach you something.
It’s survival of the fittest in this world. You’ve lost.
So you die.

But, I cannot lose…
If I die, my brethren will be burdened with my sins.
I became sinful, so that they won’t starve, for that I would do anything!
I will become the demon lord.
So that no one starves, I will devour the hunger itself!
That’s right!
I am Demon Lord Orc Disaster. The devourer of worlds.

And yet, you’re still going to die.
But rest easy.
I will devour your sins.

You will devour… my sins?

And not just yours, but also those of your kind.

Mine… ours… all our sins…
Aren’t you greedy.

That’s right.
I am greedy.
Can you relax now?
Once you have, just go to sleep.

I cannot lose.
Sleep, huh. I feel… warm.
Greedy one.
You destination is hardly tranquil.
But, you who have accepted my sins…
Thank you.
Now my hunger has finally been fulfilled!

Demon Lord Orc Disaster. Named Gelmudo.
Just now, his consciousness has finally disappeared.

≪Confirmed. Demon Lord Orc Disaster has disappeared.
Unique Skill [Starving Ones] has been absorbed by unique skill [Predator].≫

I have won.
One who always starves could never have won against me who knows no hunger.
And, I open my eyes.
Burdened with the sins of his entire race.

「I have won. Sleep well, Demon Lord Orc Disaster Gelmudo!」

My declaration resounded across the land otherwise silent.
And at that moment, the Goblins and Lizardmen shouted for joy even as the Orcs lamented in despair.
And thus, the Orc invasion has been stopped.
Based on his consciousness that had been flowing into me until now, Gelmudo was in fact the cause of this incident.
Furthermore, he was in fact supported by an unknown number of demon lords.
That, however, the Orc Lord had learned before establishing his self, so was rather unsure about it.
But I know enough to stay vigilant.
And beside, I can’t just leave the orcs as they are.
The main problem has yet to be resolved.

The following day.
History will forever remember the birth of the Great Jura Forest Alliance, and the conference where it began.

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