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Did I hear “Little One”?

And rather than a voice, it was like thoughts were directly transmitted to me. After all, the lack of ears make it so I can’t hear sounds.

(Oi! Can you hear me? You would be wise to answer!)

I can hear you!

As a test,

(Shut it, baldy!)

Is what I thought in my mind.
Well, it’s not like I’ll be heard so it’s fine. Still, how should I go about replying….

(…ho, hoho! To go so far as to call me baldy…you’ve got some fine nerve!!! I had thought to show some courtesy to the first visitor in a while, but you seem to have a death wish!)

c.r.a.p. Looks like I was heard.

Still, I have no clue as to what kind of person I’m dealing with.

Right now I should respectfully apologise.

(Please excuse me! I didn’t know how to answer, so I carelessly thought something as a test. I am truly sorry! I must also mention, my eyes are not in a working condition, so I can’t even see your appearance.)

Will this work?

Let’s refrain from thoughtless utterances (?) from now on.

(Fufufu. Fuhaha. Fuhahahahaha!!!)

A sudden explosion of laughter.

Will I be pardoned?

(Interesting. I thought you had spoken after having seen my form, but I see you are sightless. Basically, the slime species are low-level monsters that do nothing but mindlessly repeat three actions, absorption, replication and regeneration. They rarely ever leave their own territory.)

I’m suddenly being talked to?
Instead of anger, I’ve caught this person’s interest…I think?

At any rate, this is the first contact. The first conversation in my new (slime) life.

If it goes well I might learn many things.

(I thought it was strange for aforementioned slime to challenge me with a body blow. Judging by the abnormal speed of your regenerative ability, are you a Named monster, or perhaps, a Unique monster?)

Named? Unique? I don’t get it.

(Excuse me. I don’t really understand what you mean. To tell you the truth, it’s only been 90 days since I was born…)

(Hm. The moment you gained a sense of self, you could no longer be considered an ordinary slime. A monster that was given a “name” is called a Named, but if it’s only been 90 days since your birth then it seems unlikely. So then, you are a Unique?)

(What does Unique refer to?)

(A unique monster, refers to something of a mutated specimen that possesses abnormal abilities. It rarely happens, but they are sometimes born in locations rich in magic essence…I see now, you were born from the ma.s.s of magic essence that leaked from me!)

Mm? What are you saying?

To sum it all up, magic essence had leaked out from this uncle (a.s.sumption), and this place was dense in magic essence.
And then, that magic essence had gathered up, giving birth to a slime=me, is that it?

(Hm. During these 300 years, there was nothing, not even demons, that could approach me. Seeing as you were born from what was my magical power, it only makes sense you could come near me!)

(Hoho…so that makes you something like my parent?)

(I am not your parent…in the first place, I am not capable of reproducing. Among demons, there are various kinds, some capable of reproducing and others not.)

(Normally, aren’t you supposed to be capable of reproduction? Rather, if you can be born from a ma.s.s of magic essence, isn’t there no need for reproducing?)

(…I say, you are quite intelligent. For normal demons, just possessing the ability to think, is uncommon in itself. Though the only demons I know of that have intelligence are the “Majin”…

While inferior, there are species that are capable of reproducing. Some examples are the goblins, orcs, and lizardmen. These species are special even among demons, and are called demi-humans.

Well, to put it simply, demi-humans that ally with the “Majin” are called demons, while the demi-humans allying with the humans are recognized as part of the human race.
The representative of the demons capable of reproduction, are these demi-humans. From my point of view, those existences are nothing more than the likes of trash!

Next, is the “Majin”.

Their special traits are intelligence and reproductive ability. It must be known, that they greatly differ by the individual.
Among them are the mutated superior-cla.s.s Majin, an extremely chaotic and diverse bunch.

Lastly are the Majin races that possess prolonged life spans, the giant race, vampire race, and devil race.

They simply have no need to leave behind descendants. Although, exceptions are made when there are good enough reasons, such as the numbers of their race greatly decreasing due to wars and the like.

They are worthy opponents for myself!

Altogether, they are called “Mazoku”.
The ones that possess intelligence, reproductive ability, and are hostile towards the human race, are called Mazoku.

And as for the reason I cannot reproduce is…because I do not need to.

“Storm Dragon Verudora”, that is my name!
To myself there is no such thing as life span nor body! I am a pure ma.s.s of magic essence, and so long as I retain will, I am indestructible!!!


Why are you laughing so loudly…

I’m grateful for the long explanation, but I also heard something that can’t be overlooked.

To be brawl buddies with superior Majins…isn’t this guy unbelievably dangerous?

Relying on this fountain of knowledge, I’ve concluded that this “Storm Dragon Verudora”-san is no doubt dangerous.

Now then, how should I act…

(S-, so that’s how it is! For such a superb and understandable explanation, I give you my utmost sincere grat.i.tude! Well then, I shall be going!)

Saying that, I tried to make a break for it.

(Wait. I have told you much of myself. This time should it not be your turn? Hn?)

Of course, he had no intention to let me go.

I think he’s suspicious of my high intelligence for a slime, and I don’t think I can fool him with vague answers.

Oh well.

After making up my mind, I decided to him about all the things that happened to me till now.




(And well, so there you have it! It was a super difficult time!)

Apart from keeping my skills a secret, I told him everything I had experienced, from the time I was stabbed to when I awoke as a slime, and how events led to this current situation.

It’s true that it was a dreadful experience.

From now on, even if I were to meet them, will I ever again be able to see charming girls and beautiful elder sisters?
This is making me a little depressed.

(Hrm. As expected, you were a “Reincarnated Being”. I say, you were born in an extremely rare way.)

(Eh? Born in a rare way? Rather, calling me a “Reincarnated Being”, aren’t you suspicious or surprised?)

(Hmph. “Reincarnated Beings” do appear once in a while. If their willpower is strong, their memories are imprinted onto their soul.
Though among them, there are some that completely remember their previous lives, they are not unusual existences.

However, “Reincarnated Beings” from other worlds are indeed, quite unusual.
Not to mention, they are normally reborn as humans. Still, I would be less surprised if you were born from a demon, but to have been created out of magic essence, I have no recollection of such a thing occurring before.

It is rare enough as it is for someone to have a soul powerful enough to endure crossing over worlds. Still more, if it was the soul of a demon of this world, instead of stabilizing and taking hold in the world, it would be destroyed.
You are a unique case.)

(Is that how it is? Although I don’t really feel special. So, there really are occurrences of “Reincarnated Beings” from other worlds.)

(Indeed. There are no precedents regarding souls of this world transmigrating to other worlds. However, it happens from time to time that souls of other worlds come over this side.

Records detailing these things were left behind by a “Reincarnated Being” that was confirmed to possess aforementioned level of knowledge. Though I’m sure there still remains things unverified.)

I get it now. Though I’m not sure if the others had also come from Earth, it might not be a bad idea meeting them.

Seeing as I don’t have any goals, it’s fine to have at least one.

(I see! Well then, I’ll be going off to find these so-called “Other Worlders”. It’s possible that they might even be from my hometown!)

(Hang on now. You still cannot see, can you?)

(Ah, yes.)

So what if I can’t see?
It’s inconvenient, but if I go steady and slow, sooner or later I’m sure to find them. Probably.

(Shall I make you be able to see?)

Ha? What?

Is it alright to hope?

(Eh? Can you really?)

(Indeed. However, there are conditions. How about it?)

Conditions…huh. It’s suspicious…but,

(What kind of condition?)

I think I can accept most conditions.

(Simple. Even if you regain your sight, do not be frightened of me. And also, be sure to come and chat with me again. That is all. What do you say?)

That’s all it takes?

It’s no wonder the talk was so long. I must have been the first conversation partner in a long time.

No, it could be a lie about being a dragon. In the first place, it’s possible that dragons don’t amount to much in this world…

PR/N: Run.

(Are you fine with just that?)

(Indeed. To tell you the truth, I have been sealed here for 300 years. From then on, I had so much free time I was simply bored out of my mind. So will you agree?

(If it’s only that, it would be my pleasure!)

(Good. It is a promise, do not forget!)

(It’s all right! Though I may look like this, ‘a man worthy of trust’, was my reputation in my previous world!)

Though of course, it’s self-alleged!

(Very well. There is a skill called 『Magic Perception』. Can you use it?)

(No, I can’t use it. What kind of skill is it?)

(It is a skill for detecting magic essence in the vicinity. It is a trivial skill, that only allows you become aware of the surrounding magic essence, so it is simple to learn.)

(Oho. This seems like it’ll be easy!)

(Author’s note: By no means is it remotely easy!)

(Indeed. For one such as I, it is as natural as breathing, and so I am not even aware of using it.)

(I see! So, if I were to learn this skill, would I become able to see?)

(Exactly. This world overflows with magic essence. Although the density of essence does differ in places. Now, about the property of waves regarding light and sound, do you know this?)

(Yes, light waves and sound waves right?)

(How well-informed. Is this knowledge from the other world? Well, anyhow.
First, you observe the disturbances in magic essence caused by waves, and from these indications you predict your surroundings. Simple is it not?)

Haa? What are you saying?
This guy…is expecting the unreasonable. How can this be called simple!

(No uh, I get the feeling this might be a little difficult…)

(What? As long as you learn this, it is possible to continue battling even if your eyes and ears are crushed, you know?. Surprise attacks become useless against you. It is an indispensable skill, you know?)

(No no no! Leaving aside the matter of combat for now, one way or another I really do want to see again!)

(Hmm…it cannot be helped. I shall a.s.sist in your learning! Incidentally, I know no other method!)

(Wha-, can you really do that!? I’m a beginner since birth you know?)

(Be a.s.sured. Fortunately, do you not have the memories from your previous life? In that past, you must have attained the knowledge regarding sound and light.
If not for that knowledge, it would have been impossible even for myself, but you have good luck!)

I see…. It’s difficult to explain the sights in the world to someone blind.

Even for Helen Keller-san, the reason she was able to learn to speak was because she had learned words up to the age of 2.

I’ve got to do this.

Besides, I’ve been forgetting that I have 『Great Sage』 to rely on.
I’m sure it’ll work it out for me somehow!

(Please teach me!)

(No, you do not need to brace yourself so, it is simple you know? First of all, try moving the magic essence using the magical power in your body.)

I can sort of understand this. It’s applying a similar theory to when I had spouted that water jet.

(Like this?)

I confirmed that I was moving the magic essence into body, as if enclosing the insides.

(Hm. Against my expectations, you are doing quite well. Now then, can you tell the difference between the magic essence you are moving, and the magic essence outside your body?)

This might also be easy.
I wonder if it’s a good thing, that after learning that my life comes from absorbing magic essence, I became able to consciously feel for it.

(That I can understand! After eating it, it feels like it’s alive?)

(Kukuku. If you understand that much then the rest is simple. It is to sense the movement of magic essence outside your body.)

Although that’s the part I don’t get.

I can sense the magic essence swaying to and fro. Flowing and shifting…
Oh that’s right, let’s just activate 『Great Sage』!


Putting that aside…but of course, it’s a “YES”.
As one would expect, 『Great Sage』 is so reliable!

The moment I used Extra Skill 『Magic Perception』, my mind began filling with information.

The light and sound waves pushing against the miniscule particles of magical essence.

When I was human, my frontal field of vision wasn’t even 180 degrees.

The shadows of rocks and even a scene 100 meters away, as long as I direct my consciousness, I can see it all.

However, I am a slime. Every single one of my cells happen to be muscles, as well as brain cells!

And then,

My vision became clear.

And then I could “see” the world. Something I couldn’t manage to do until this moment was now feeling so natural to the point of being mysterious.

It’s probably no exaggeration to call it a cheat.

There is no problem at all.

(Ah, it seems like it worked somehow. Thank you very much!)

Saying that, I instinctively turned my focus towards “it”.

Covered in scales that glistened with a black l.u.s.tre, appearing to possess flexibility as well as the toughness of steel…
From what I saw, it looked just like an evil dragon would…

(Geeh! Dragon!!!!!!)

It was a wicked form that exceeded all my expectations.
A despairing cry burst forth from my heart.


Species: Slime
t.i.tles: None

Magic: None

Skills: Unique Skill 『Great Sage』

Slime Inherent Skills 『Dissolution, Absorption, Self-Regeneration』

Extra Skill 『Magic Perception』

Resistances: Heat Fluctuation Resistance EX

Pain Immunity

Paralysis Resistance

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