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Though, there were still some problems left, like the learning curve, the concentration that is necessary to set parameters and the fact that the required energy was enormous.

Of course, this was an extreme scenario.

However, it was easier and more efficient than element magic, and it was easy to understand that it was a form of magic that allowed anyone to control the rules of the world.

I'm sure that it is obvious, but I had no intention of allowing it to circulate outside.

This was merely an experiment to see how much use a normal student without a lot of knowledge could get out of it.

Basically, I wanted to test the ease of use.

For some reason, Ciel sounded a little smug.

By the way, there should be no doubt that it was me who thought of this Anagram Magic.

However-It was, of course, Ciel, who developed it.

And so she had predicted that I would try and test it somewhere, and she had predicted from the first day that I would ask Marsha.

Of course, I know! She seemed to want to say.

However, it was only by chance that I thought to conduct this experiment.

It was necessary to adjust the fire while cooking. And when I was wondering how I could do this, I thought of Marsha.

Usually, I could have easily controlled it with magic, but I couldn't do it since I was supposed to be an average person. And so I could not adjust the fire myself.

Still, there was no way that I was going to give up on a delicious meal… And then I thought of it. Marsha's talent.

In other words, I pa.s.sed on this magic to Marsha in order for her to cook the food.

I thought that it would be bad to ask an instructor to do such a menial task. That was all it was.

-Yes, it was all for a delicious dinner!

Why do I care so much about food?

Well, think about it for a moment.

Among the three things that are considered to be the great needs of humans, sleep, carnal desire, and appet.i.te for food, the only one that I have left is food.

Is it any wonder that I am so desperate?

I didn't acquire "Beelzebuth' for nothing.

-Well, in any case, the experiment was a success.

Marsha used the fire and water cards to control the heat perfectly, just like I had requested.

"Master William. These magic cards are amazing!"

"Hmm…indeed they are…"

Marsha said with excitement, but old William did not seem to share her enthusiasm.

He had been exposed to a form of magic that surpa.s.sed his understanding, and he was having too much trouble breathing to show excitement.

I felt a little sorry for him.

He was looking to me for help, and so I thought I might go and help him.

However, the food was more important now.

I pushed thoughts of William aside and started to do the finishing touches.

I removed the bones, boiled the meat and vegetables, and added the seasoning.

This was also accomplished under the perfect management of Appraisal, and so it was adjusted to be the most delicious it could possibly be under the circ.u.mstances.

I traded places with Marsha and got to work.

During this time, Marsha joined the teachers as they skewered the meat and lined them up.

The firewood that George and the others had gathered in the morning were placed in the portable stove, and a grill was placed on top…preparations were going smoothly.

As for me.

The boiled meat was soft and the mysterious wild vegetables had a smell that usually would not have been possible.

And so this stew, which to be honest, was an original that completed ignored the recipe, was complete.

I cautiously tasted it.

It was excellent, and would not be inferior to any dish made by Shuna.

"It's perfect."

I said with overwhelming emotion.

I felt as if I had not eaten for an unfathomably long time, but it had only been three days.

However, it had been very painful for me.

I never would have expected my ident.i.ty to be in danger of being exposed over not being able to eat, but thankfully, things turned out fine.

I would not make the same mistake the next time.

In any case, I just wanted to bask in the perfection that was this stew.

Marsha looked like she wanted to taste it too, and so I gave her a spoonful.

"It's delicious!! This is much better than the stew at school and at home!!"

It was a good thing to be able to share your joy with others.

Marsha and I were able to forget time itself as we rejoiced in what we had accomplished.

At the same time, it seemed like the other teachers who had helped also wanted to taste it. But that meant nothing to us, as we had lost ourselves in the moment.

And so we did not notice them and were ultimately the only two who got to taste it.

Eventually, it was evening.

George and the rest of the gathering team had returned, and we had more than enough firewood.

And once preparations were complete, a magic circle flashed, and the exploration team also returned.

And then, at last, it was the beginning of the long awaited dinner.

A loud cheer rang around us.

Some were even crying loudly with emotion.

Several students walked up to me and offered words of grat.i.tude.

I think there might have been a few teachers as well, but I didn't think about it.

Magnus even said, 'Hey Satoru, come and be my wife!' while getting up, and so I said, 'I'll punch you' and took away his stew.

It was a waste to allow such idiots to eat it.

After that, I heard words of apology in a pained voice, but I ignored them.

The stew that had been confiscated from Magnus was gladly eaten by Mondo.


"…This is good."

Even Julius had come to eat the stew as well.

"Hmph, you should be thankful."

I said pompously.

Yet in spite of my att.i.tude, Julius just left silently and did not complain.

I thought that it was an even scarier reaction.

And so, the night of the third day ended in a very satisfactory manner.

-However, the incident happened right after that.

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