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Rimuru vs Yuuki - Part 2 -

Yuuki felt the scene freeze over and inwardly savored the pleasure he felt from it.

Now that he had become this strong, he was so close to realizing his purpose. And so he must have thought that he could allow himself to enjoy the sight of his worthy rivals' sore faces.

If this had happened one month earlier, every last one of them would have been a difficult opponent.

However, he had no sense inferiority in regards to that.

Rather, having such high-level fighters dance to his beat and control them as he wished in order to bring chaos and destruction to the world, that was the height of pleasure for him.

And yet, due to the existence of Rimuru, who now stood before him, the plan that Yuuki had constructed had ended in utter failure.

It had been a succession of unantic.i.p.ated events.

When they had first come against each other in the Kingdom of Ingracia, he had felt an indescribable premonition.

At the time, he had thrown Hinata at him as a safety measure, but Rimuru had slipped away and escaped.

It was unthinkable that the ever-cautious and collected Hinata would make a mistake, and so when it was confirmed that Rimuru had survived, Yuuki knew that Rimuru would be his enemy.

From then, until now.

His plans had been without exception, crushed by the hands of Rimuru.

Yuuki did not feel any anger in regards to this.

On the contrary, he almost wanted to show his respect for the impressive skill that was displayed.

When the formation of the game board changed to the point where Yuuki could not win, even if he threw out all of the pieces in his hands, that is when he first decided to move out on his own.

He would not be playing like that time he fought with Leon. For the first time in his life, he had resolved to seriously pursue power.

He calculated that it would take him one month to investigate every power.

In the meantime, he decided to allow Velda to stand in the firing line and do as he pleased.

For the most part, Yuuki's personality was positioned on the top, but as they were beings of equal rank who alternated from one to the other, he was not able to change this with his own will once he had withdrawn.

And so this was also a gamble for him.

Velda's purpose was also to destroy the world, but their final goals were different.

Yuuki's final goal was to return this world to nothing, but not Velda.

Once the world was destroyed, Velda wanted to create a new world with himself as a G.o.d.

For Yuuki, this was such an indulgent way of thinking that he could only laugh.

He knew very well that he would fail as he gave the last order.

And the result was just as Yuuki had predicted…

Yuuki may have been a genius, but it was not as if he had obtained all of Veldanava's powers.

And it was also a lie that he could use all of Veldanava's abilities.

But that was hardly a problem.

Because it was true that he could use most of Valdanava's abilities.

Yuuki had obtained more than enough power to bring destruction to this world.

The Manas known as Velda had specialized in all of the ultimate skills. However, he did not have the ability to replicate.

The reason for this was clear and simple. Insufficient s.p.a.ce.

In the past month, Yuuki had a.n.a.lyzed all of the abilities and selected the ones he wanted.

He restored the ultimate skill 'Greedy King Mammon' to its existing value and attempted to replicate the abilities that he needed.

And that had become possible when he was able to completely replicate 'Creation Lord Ahura Mazdā.'

However, there were some abilities that he could not replicate no matter what.

The ultimate and supreme ability-'Turn Null,' which they say gave birth to the primordial energy needed to create worlds. In the end, it was irreproducible.

Even if he had been able to replicate that ability, he would have to create a world as Veldanava had done, or else the energy would have just run wild and then disappear.

After all, as the name 'Turn Null' suggested, it was a pure, ultra high-density energy that could destroy everything.

It was an extreme ability from another dimension that allowed you to destroy the existing world and create a new one.

It is said that Veldanava created this world and lost 'Turn Null.' And what remained after that was the 'Mana Breeder Reactor.'

Veldanava was the most powerful because this ability allowed him to inexhaustibly create mana.

And the 'Mana Breeder Reactor' was inherited by Milim, which made her the most powerful.

Being able to control the concentrated mana that was stardust, was a by-product of the 'Mana Breeder Reactor.'

Yuuki had also replicated this ultimate power.

Yuuki had become a G.o.d, exceeding spiritual lifeforms. And so with Velda's knowledge, he had created the 'Mana Breeder Reactor' and had complete control over it.

However, as it were, he did not have enough s.p.a.ce to be able to use his other abilities. He would be nothing more than a watered down version of Milim.

It was possible for him to control the output like Guy did, but that would not allow him to surpa.s.s them.

Yuuki had considered all this and then thought of the idea of having the abilities replicated in the Veldanava Sword.

The Veldanava Sword was the fruit of Veldanava's power. Half of Veldanava's max energy was concentrated inside of it.

It was a G.o.d sword that Milim was supposed to inherit one day.

Consequently, there was no need to replicate the abilities in Velda's memories.

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