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Well then, now.
We were still in the bar, 『Night b.u.t.terfly』.
It was something quite obvious, but bashing the face of a government minister was an extremely bad thing to do.
Yes, it was something quite obvious indeed…

[Big bro…what were you thinking?]

It was Kaidou-san, who was together with another guardsman.

As you would expect of a captain, even he could not skip duties all the time, so he was nowhere to be seen earlier today. We had invited him to go drinking with us, but he had curtly refused by saying, ‘I have things to do!’.
And so, it wasn’t that surprising to see Kaidou-san looking so appalled at us for causing another uproar while he was away on business.
Running away in itself would be an easy thing to do, but I was sure it would be a poor move…

[Hmph! Because that fool acted so rudely towards Rimuru-danna, who is my guest as well as my benefactor, all I did was to teach him a small lesson!!!]

Kaijin had angrily answered, and pointed a finger towards Minister Bester, who was being looked after by the four knights he had brought with him.

But even now, Minister Bester had not recovered from the shock and astonishment of the previous incident. He still managed to glare at us, even as he wore a dazed expression and dripped blood from his nose.
He must’ve never imagined that he would actually get hit on the face. It looked like he was too surprised to even feel any pain.
Sighing, Kaidou-san quietly muttered,

[Hey now…a small lesson you say, and against the Minister to boot…]

And continuing in a louder voice he said,

[Anyhow…for the time being, I’ll be taking you all into custody!]

He then handed down the necessary instructions to his subordinate.
But he also added in a voice that only we could hear,

[I won’t be treating you guys badly, so please don’t make any trouble!]

Of course, I had no such intentions to cause a fuss!
I stealthily moved to the side of Mama-san and placed 5 gold coins into her hands.
To the surprised Mama-san I said,

[I’ve included extra for the trouble we caused! I’ll come again!]

And with that I’ve said farewell.
The quality of this bar was really great. It wouldn’t be a laughing matter if I couldn’t come here again, just because of this incident.

And so, that was how we were arrested and taken away…but I felt like I forgot something…
It was Gobuta.

We hadn’t brought him along with us to the bar.
As a consequence for his repeated idiotic acts, he was in the middle of a punishment I had imposed on him which I called, the “bagworm h.e.l.l”.

In the beginning, I had wanted to hang him upside down, but I supposed it would have been too much. And so, I wrapped all around him with『Sticky Thread』, then left him dangling from the top of a room.

[Wha-! This is cruel! I want to be taken along as well!!!]

He had pitifully cried out in protest, but I figured that being too lenient would spoil him.
So I retorted by saying,

[You fool! Your daily behaviour is unacceptable! If you don’t like it, then why don’t you try summoning your partner (Storm Fang Wolf) to help you out!!!]

And after telling him to do something he obviously couldn’t, I simply left him there.
For a goblin it would have been unreasonable, but the current Gobuta who had evolved into a hobgoblin should do fine without food or drink for a week.

If it turned out that we were going to be confined for many days, I would break out just once to go save him. And with that, I decided to push all thoughts of him out of my mind.
I did feel a little sorry for him, but considering how healthy he was, he should be fine!

The five of us were being taken away to the royal palace. (Kaijin, three bros’, Rimuru.)
But I should mention that we weren’t exactly put into heavy restraints.
It felt like we were going along voluntarily. Although we were being forced…

In the end, we were to be stuck in jail for about 2 days.
But the meals provided here were pretty good, and there was even furniture in the room we were imprisoned in. And although all five of us were in one room, it didn’t feel like a jail, but more of a dormitory.

I had the impression that we were being treated fairly well.

[This is all because I let my temper get the better of me…I’m sorry!]

Kaijin was apologizing.
However, none of us minded such a thing.

[Kaijin-san, it’s alright! There’s no problem at all!]

[That’s right, it’s nothing that Uncle-san needs to worry about!]

*Third bro is silent

The three brothers all seemed to feel the same way.

[But rather than that, after being released, we’ll follow Kaijin-san as well!]

[Rimuru-danna, will it be bothersome if we go too?]

*Third bro is silent

Although I had no way of divining what the last one (third bro) was trying to say with my level of understanding, his feelings came across anyway.

[Hmph! I’ll take care of everyone! However, I’ll be working you all hard, so be prepared for that!]

[ [ [Yeah!] ] ]
*Three square brackets will mean more than one person saying the same thing.

And so, in this way we began discussing what we would do after being released from jail.


The first day had pa.s.sed in that manner, and it was now night time, well into the second day of imprisonment.

[Come to think of it, isn’t that Minister especially aggressive towards Kaijin? I wonder, is there a reason for that?]

It was a question that had come across my mind by pure chance.
Upon being asked, the look on Kaijin’s face soured as he sighed, then began talking about it.


It turned out that Kaijin was formerly one of the commanders of the royal palace knights.
Having said that, in the entirety of the royal palace knight order, there was 7 separate corps, and Kaijin was entrusted with leading one of those groups.
All 7 corps were tasked with different roles.

The three support groups, working behind the scenes, were the engineer corps, logistics corps and the first-aid corps.

The three main groups, acting on the frontlines, were the heavy attack corps, the magic attack corps, and the magic support corps.

And finally, the most important of them all, was the royal guards under the direct control of the king.

Kaijin was the commanding officer of the engineer corps, and his adjutant at that time, was no other than Minister Bester.

[You see, because Bester was descended from the family of a marquis, it was rumoured that he ‘bought into his position with money!’…. But because I was born into a common family, I was jealous of him then. It must’ve been complicated for him. And it might also have been humiliating for him to be forced to take orders from a commoner…but at that time, I just didn’t have the luxury to be considerate of other people’s feelings. I was desperate to be able to meet the expectations of the king….It was such a difficult time, when that incident happened….]

He then spoke further about the details of the incident.
The incident that caused Kaijin to resign from the army.

The artificial magic soldier incident.

In those days, without having produced a single technological innovation, the dwarven engineer corps was resigned to being the least evaluated corps among the 7 knight groups.
The engineer corps was split into two factions, one side on Bester’s and the other on Kaijin’s.

Bester’s faction insisted that ‘considering that our country is the founding nation of technology, the engineer corps should be the star of the knight order!’.

Kaijin’s faction had refuted, instead advocating that ‘we should steadily advance our research, as we have done up till now!’.

The arguments of both sides only resulted in a clashing of opinions, and their meetings never ended in a conclusion.
And it was during that period of struggles, that one elf engineer had initiated a joint development plan that was named, the “artificial magic soldier project”.

Bester had wanted to make that project succeed no matter the cost, all in order to redeem the honor of the engineer corps, once and for all.
Although Kaijin had pointed out that Bester was being too impatient, he had paid no heed at all, because the warning was given by a superior of commoner’s descent.

At that time, only the best of engineers had a.s.sembled to partic.i.p.ate in the project.
But as a result of his over eagerness, Bester had ended up causing the rampage of the “enchanted soulstone”, and the project was brought to a standstill.
And it was in this way, that the “artificial magic soldier project” met its demise!


At the end of the day, Kaijin was the one to take full responsibility for that failure, and forced to leave the army.
This was because Bester, on top of pushing all blame onto Kaijin, had even bribed the upper echelons of the army to prepare false evidence.

I must say, this Bester was the very picture of a villain. In a way, he was easy to understand.
To put it simply, Bester was afraid that as long as Kaijin remained in this country, there was a possibility of Kaijin returning to the army at any time to threaten his position.

For such an unjust coward, wouldn’t the death penalty suit him just fine? Well, perhaps that would be a bit too much….

[Well, that’s how it is. After I leave the country, you never know if he’ll become a better person.]

With that, Kaijin brought an end to the story.
The three brothers must have detested the Minister, because they had experienced that incident first-hand.
After hearing such a thing, even I couldn’t help hating on him….

But even so, Kajin had punched someone who was a n.o.ble.
At this rate, I didn’t think we would be safely released…
When I voiced my concerns,

[It should be alright, for now. Though I’ve retired from military service, thanks to having made it up to the position of commanding officer, I’ve been granted the status of a semi-baron.
If it wasn’t for that, they might have already executed me without bothering to go through a trial!.]

After saying that, Kaijin burst into hearty laughter.
Though I couldn’t laugh at all….

When push comes to shove, I should escape! I’ll disa.s.sociate myself with this incident, and pa.s.s the time inconspicuously as an ordinary slime until matters cool down.
That was what I had decided to do in my innermost thoughts.
*So disappointed in you Rimuru


The night pa.s.sed, and it was now the day of the trial.
Our group of five were brought before the king. The hero king of the dwarfs.
Within his presence, the overwhelming air of intimidation was no joke.
The current king, Gazelle Dwargo, was sunk deeply into his seat with his eyes closed.

He possessed a very dwarf-like tough looking body, covered in an armor of muscle that hid the surging energy beneath. His skin was a characteristic tanned brown of his race, and his jet black hair was slicked back all the way.

For the first time in a while, every single fibre of my instincts were frantically warning me of danger.
On each side of the king, there was a knight standing ready.
I felt that those two were also strong, but in front of the king, they were mere shadows.
This king was a monster.
I had expected that running away would be easy, but this…the very moment I had come into his presence, my slackening consciousness had instantly snapped awake.

Since coming to this world, this might have been the first time that I truly sensed an impending crisis upon me.


A man fell to his knees before the king, and made some sort of affirmation.
Then, as if having received permission, he stood back up and loudly called out,

[The trial will begin! Everyone, remain silent!!!]

Our trial would begin now.

Over the course of 1 hour, representatives from both sides would appeal their defenses.
As we were the ones who were involved in the incident, we would not allowed to speak out.
The only people who could speak freely in this place, were n.o.bles that were ranked earl and higher.
Everyone else would not be allowed to speak, until given express permission by the king.

What would happen if you broke that rule?
The moment you spoke out of turn, your crime would be settled on the spot, and for good measure, you would also be convicted of disrespecting the king!

Whether you were falsely accused wouldn’t matter one whit. It was the rules of this place.
There was no choice but to leave everything to your representative.
We had frequently met with this person many times over past 2 days. He was something of a lawyer, so to speak.
I asked myself, would it really be all right to leave it to this person?

But as so often happens, such fears really do come true….

[…-And just like that, when Bester-dono was relaxing and drinking sake in the bar, they broke into the place as a group and a.s.saulted him! This deed absolutely cannot be forgiven!!!]

[Is this the truth?]

[Yes! Not only did I inquire into the accounts recounted by Kajin-dono, I have also obtained written evidence by investigating said involved establishment!
To every single one of the allegations I have made, there is no mistake as to their certainty!!!]

…Huh? Uhm, what?
Who would have thought that our representative whom we thought an ally, would betray us like this.
Wasn’t the situation…really bad right now?

Looking over at Kajin, I saw that his face had completely turned red, and was gradually becoming pale.
Well, of course he would react like that.
We weren’t even allowed to give an explanation after all.

Incidentally…by all rights, representatives weren’t allowed to lie. Being found out would end in the death penalty.
Without having a huge resolve, or some sort of significant reason, it would be unthinkable to tell a lie in this place…
It appeared that this time, the system which did not permit those of humble birth (in this case, the convicted) to speak before the king, was exploited in the worst way possible.

[My king! Has our pleas reached your ears? Please pa.s.s unto these people the just punishment they deserve!]

Bester had become overly elated and made a proposal to the king.
What was more, he was looking over at us with a triumphant smile on his face.
That b.a.s.t.a.r.d…I should have hit him when I had the chance….

Even now, the eyes of the king were still closed, his sitting form not showing the remotest movement.
Upon confirming the king’s apparent disinterest, the aide at his side took over and loudly spoke out.

[Order!!! From here on, the judgement will be declared!
Princ.i.p.al offender, Kaijin! This one shall serve 20 years of forced labor in the mines!
In addition, his accomplices! They shall serve 10 years of forced labor in the mines!
And now, the court shall be dismiss-…]


A quiet yet deep voice, carrying a certain weight to it, had interrupted the closing of the court.
The king had opened his eyes, and was gazing towards Kaijin.

[It has been a long time, Kaijin! Have you been well?]

[… Yes! Likewise, I am most glad to see that my king appears to be in good health!]

Kaijin had replied after a moment’s delay.
Replying to the king’s question seemed to be allowed.

[Good. We are no strangers, you and I.
Now to the real question! Do you have any intention of returning?]

Noise began in the background.
Bester immediately turned blue in the face.
Looking around, I unexpectedly spotted the traitor representative, whose complexion appeared deathly pale.

[With all due respect, my king! I have already found a new master!
That pledge I had made, is now my treasure.
Even if it were by the orders of my king, I have no intention of letting go of this treasure!]

In response to those words, the crowd displayed anger.
The guarding soldiers on either side of the king were emanating killing intent towards Kaijin.
And yet, without a hint of fear, Kaijin had proudly thrown out his chest and was gazing towards the king.

Seeing that expression, the king closed his eyes for the second time.
He murmured,

[So, that is how it is….]

Once again, silence gripped the surroundings.
And then the king open both eyes wide and announced in a powerful voice,

[I shall now pa.s.s judgement. Heed with care!!!
Kaijin and his company, is to be banished from the kingdom!
I shall not pardon any who remains in this country, at the end of tonight.
That is all. Well then, you would do well to disappear from my sight…]

This was the aura of a ruler!
Awe-inspiring to the point of making me tremble.
But despite this…to my eyes, the king had seemed somehow lonely.


In this manner our trial ended, and we returned to Kaijin’s shop.
We had only went out for a bit of drinking, but it had turned into such a serious matter.
We needed to immediately pack up our things and depart!

Come to think of it…I wonder if Gobuta is alright?
Oh well, it was still the 3rd day…
I was feeling just a tinge of anxiety, but when I opened the door into the punishment room…

[Ah! Welcome back! Did you have an enjoyable time up till now? Next time I want to be brought along as well!]

I saw a Gobuta jumping up from the sofa he was resting on!

This guy…how did he break out of my spider 『Sticky Threads』?
When I looked closer…the pillow Gobuta was using on the sofa was in fact a Storm Fang Wolf.
Was he for real? He actually succeeded in a summoning!?

[He-, hey, Gobuta-kun. Did you, succeed in summoning the wolf?]

[Ah! Yup! When I thought in my mind, ‘Please come!’, he came for me!]

Saying it like it was so simple…
There was still no successful cases among the other Hobgoblins, and yet….
Could it be that this guy, all the nutrition meant for his head, instead diffused into his talents…?
No way…right? There was no way that it would be the case, for the likes of Gobuta.
It must have been by lucky chance.

And it was then that I noticed the dwarfs who were stiffly staring at the Storm Fang Wolf.

[What are you guys doing? Shouldn’t you be quickly preparing to leave?]

But when I called out to them,

[Oi oi, hang on a second! Why is a Black Fang Wolf in a place like this!!!]

[Yeah! We should hurry and run away, that’s a B-rank demon!!!]

They were in a great panic for some reason.
I found this situation to be funny and interesting.

[It’s okay, it’s alright! Nothing’s wrong. He’s not that much different from a dog! We keep these wolves at home after all!]

My intention was to calm them down, but for some reason now, the four of them were now standing speechless.

Because we were out of time, it couldn’t be helped this time.
After having the dwarfs change into traveling clothes, I sent them all outside.
And then by myself, I swallowed up all the things in the house we needed to take.

As for capacity, I still had lots more room leftover.
But still, as one would expect, swallowing up the whole building would be too conspicuous and would draw suspicion to me, so I had given up on that idea.

In this way, we finished preparing for the journey, and headed towards the entrance of the forest where we were to meet together with Riguru’s group.

The military nation Dwargon.
It was a country we would become involved with many times over in the future.
As we rushed out from the country, as if escaping, we had no way of realizing this.

Name: Rimuru Tempest
Species: Slime
Divine Protection: Crest of Storm
t.i.tles: “One Who Controls Demons”


Unique Skill 『Great Sage』
Unique Skill 『Predator』
Slime Inherent Skills 『Dissolution, Absorption, Self-Regeneration』
Extra Skill 『Water Manipulation』
Extra Skill 『Magic Perception』

Acquired Skills:
Black Snake 『Heat Perception, Poison Mist Breath』
Centipede 『Paralysis Breath』
Spider 『Sticky Thread, Steel Thread』
Bat 『Ultrasonic Waves』
Lizard 『Body Armor』
Black Wolf 『Super Olfaction, Thought Transmission, Intimidation, Shadow Movement, Black Lightning』

Heat Fluctuation Resistance EX
Physical Attack Resistance
Pain Immunity
Electrical Resistance
Paralysis Resistance

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