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Kondo and Carrera.
They remained standing with only will and pride.
A will to never accept defeat in his uniform, and a pride in her demonic strength which forbade the same action.
But in reality, both were in tatters.

Kondo inducted the “Abyss Annihilation”, and successfully redirected the flow of Energy.
The next time, he would have been able to do this much more perfectly, and without damage to his body.
But that time, was definitely not now.
To remain standing after a magic attack that was like the very incarnation of mayhem proved the sheer strength of his will.
Albeit consequently, all his chakra (spirit energy) had been drained, and he didn’t even have the strength to manifest a single bullet.
In simpler terms, he had no power to fight back.
It goes without saying that his guard was still up. But at the moment, he couldn’t nullify even simple attacks, and the next direct hit would definitely spell his defeat.
That was Kondo’s situation.

As for Carrera, her state wasn’t unlike Kondo’s.
Both her arms were gone as a result of using “Abyss Annihilation”.
Unable to properly control her Energy from the effects of Anti-Spirit Energy, the overwhelmingly adverse reaction disintegrated both her upper limbs.
She left a strange picture, standing straight with no problems even though various parts of her body were missing.
However, she was a Spirit Form.
So, she would not fall no matter how battered her appearance was.
From her 6 wings, only 2 remained, and held up her body.
Even with her enormous reserves of remaining mana, she couldn’t really make use of them since her Magic Circuits were destroyed.
Regeneration would obviously take a lot of time, and she didn’t have that time in the middle of battle.

Yet, Carrera faced her foe, and prepared for the showdown.


The one’s watching over Carrera’s faceoff.
These were Emperor Rudra, Major General Xam’d, and his subordinates, a few Elite Mages.
Though the Emperors defence was impregnable, the members of the bridge were not self-a.s.sured, and were busy maintaining the barriers from the deck to the upper levels.
The reason being, every other Airship had fallen, and this ship was their lifeline.
They had attempted to contact home for reinforcements, but communications were cut off by some kind of signal jamming.
This was obviously the work of the Greater Demons that surrounded them, and they suspected that Teleportation Magic had also been jammed.
Their escape from this ship had been blocked, and retreating towards the ships floating on the ocean also seemed hopeless.
Under those circ.u.mstances, protecting this ship was the best course of action.

「Xam’d-kakka, if that impossibly destructive power from just now hit us, we wouldn’t stand a chance.」(TN: -kakka is honorific like -sama)

One of the Elite Mages reported to Xam’d.
Which one do you mean…… Xam’d wanted to comment.
Because every one of the Demons’ attacks were just ridiculous.
But, Xam’d knew what the Mage meant.
It was probably the one shot by Demon Lord Rimuru who was pitted against “Scorch Dragon” Velgrynd.
The Magic Attack from the Demon that First Lieutenant Kondo was fighting, or the spear attack from that butler Demon seemed out of this world, but the one by the Demon Lord had such fearsome power that it seemed out of this very reality.
Being an Elite Mage himself, Xam’d instinctively understood that this attack simply broke the laws of this world and surpa.s.sed reality.
The other attacks were similarly very strong attacks, but this attack just neglected reason.

「Don’t say it. We can only fulfill our a.s.signed duties now……」

With an unyielding spirit, Xam’d encouraged his subordinate.
They would protect the Emperor, and escape from this area. Then, they would meet up with the reinforcements who were on their way, and ameliorate their conditions.
He understood how unrealistic the prospects for this plan was, but there was no other option.
This was their only plan, there was no plan B.

And now, in front of this troubled Xam’d, a single man appeared.
As if returning in the utmost urgency, his breathing was hoa.r.s.e. His armour appeared damaged in many parts, as if he had just survived an intense battle.

「The Emperor, is he, is he alright!?」

Xam’d recognized the man as the Beast Corps captain, Gradim.
It was slightly dirty, but he could never mistake the brilliance of that G.o.d-tier armour.
His worry must have been the result of fatigue from enduring battle.

「Oh, Gradim-dono! You were alive!?」

Xam’d knew about the great mana released below, which had initiated the Beast Corps’ battle with the Demons.
When those Demons were later heading up towards them, he had given up on any chance of Gradim’s survival.
Among the countless fallen allies, a single survivor was a happy misprediction.

「Yes, somehow. I was conceited thinking I was that best; the enemy truly is strong.」
「Not your fault. Their strength is far beyond our estimated Energy calculations.
They may have multiple Demon n.o.bles.
On top of that, they were ones at the higher echelons……
The one that lieutenant Kondo-dono is in battle with right now must be one of the best too.」
「I could say the same about the one I fought.
I just barely managed to escape using the transfer device.
Death is an honorable end for any soldier, and I believe it true for myself.
But, I couldn’t rest in peace without making sure the Emperor was safe.
I must at least take my liege to safety……」
Still, what can we even do now……」
「Don’t give in! If I protect the Emperor, can you move this ship at full speed?
we need to break through and get outside the range of the Demons’ Spatial Interference Barrier.
If we do that, we can use the transfer device right?」
「I see…… Breaking though will be tough with just one ship……
But we must……」

Xam’d glanced at Emperor Rudra, and reaffirmed his determination.
Just recently, the Emperor had become very motionless, as if he had lost consciousness.
They were still unscathed thanks to the Emperor’s Skill, but it was getting dangerous.
Ultimate Skill 『Justice King Michael’s』 “Castle Guard” was an Absolute Barrier. However, that Skill needed certain conditions for its invocation.
Those conditions were known to a select few of the Royal Knights.
That being the case, Xam’d believed that the Emperor would be fine in any situation……
But his sense as an Elite Mage would deny that presumption.
It’s impossible. To have such a convenient Skill is just……
And seeing how Kondo had defended the ship at the expense of his body only fueled his theory that there must be a weakness.
If this went on, even the Emperor himself would sustain damage.
Therefore, they had to act now.

「I’ll leave him to you, Gradim-dono!」

Xam’d shouted, then headed into the bridge with his men to prepare moving the ship.

Gradim ―― No, the thing shaped like Gradim ―― bowed deeply while seeing off Xam’d.
And under that helmet which hid his face, there appeared a warped smile.


Kondo and Carrera’s battle continued.
Both of them were unable to use any more mana, and it had become a battle of fists.
Parrying fatal attacks, then dealing them out in succession.
Kondo had used up most of his, and put his all of little remaining mana inside the G.o.d-tier gun ―― Sandalphon the Executioner――.
Meanwhile, Carrera regenerated one of her arms.
And concentrated the last of her own remaining mana into that one fist.
Even using up her defence magic, her main body was now defenceless.
For Kondo, it was high time he needed to retreat.
For Carrera, it was the most disgraceful moment in all her life.
However, not losing her pride, it was the best fight she had ever experienced; Carrera took that satisfaction and tightened her fist.
Damaged beyond belief, they moved their bodies through will power only.


The thing shaped like Gradim closely observed their battle.
Kondo was truly super-human; so close to death, yet his movements did not falter.
Carrera too was handling all of his attacks with only a single arm.
Though obviously it was the gun she should have been most wary of.
It seemed like a long time had pa.s.sed, but in reality it was only a few seconds. Feeling its body move, the thing now looked at the conditions outside.
Just as planned, Xam’d was making a full scale a.s.sault on the Spatial Interference Barrier erected by the Greater Demons.
With a broad grin, the thing shaped like Gradim made it’s move.

An armoured hand entered Kondo’s chest.
And at the same time, An Energy Blast came at Carrera.
That attack on Kondo proved fatal.
And Carrera was down with no signs of movement.
The man kicked away a blood spewing Kondo, while cutting away his heart and putting it in his mouth.

Your’s truly is the one brought down the famous, the super-human Kondo! In the end, your’s truly is the one who was stronger!」(TN: changed ‘the awesome me’ to ‘Your’s truly’)
「Gu-hha…… B-b.a.s.t.a.r.d…… You’re not ……. Gradim …… 」

Facing Kondo who vomited blood,

「Don’t put that weakling together with your’s truly. Also, your’s truly is busy so see ya!!」

The man answered mockingly.
Then, putting Energy in both his hands, and pointing towards the barrier in front of the Airship――

「Remove Blast!!」

―― made his attack.
An attack overlapped with the barrier piercing effects of lieutenant Kondo’s Skill.


「Guhahahahaha!! Look at this power Kondo.
Even you proved useful right before death.
I’ll take care of the Emperor for you. So be at ease.
And being at ease ―― Die!!」

He released a series of Energy Blast towards the two on the ground.
Then, returned to the ship in a hurry.
He wanted to confirm their deaths, but the other Demons were heading over.
And more importantly, the Barrier would likely be repaired very soon.
His first priority was escape, and confirming their deaths was secondary.
The thing shaped like Gradim quickly entered the bridge, and erased his presence.


Kondo closed his hazy eyes, and lay on the ground.
This was his end, his body had given out.
(Pathetic―― )
He spoke at himself.
In the end, he had accomplished nothing.
He could neither protect his homeland, nor his promise with the Emperor.

―― Become my friend, Tatsuya!

Ah…… I couldn’t even fulfil my promise to you.
I couldn’t bear your suffering, nor could I ease your pain―― I couldn’t do anything.
I couldn’t even fulfil my promise of releasing you in the end……

―― I requested this of Damrada, and I will also request it of you, Tatsuya.
If I ever show signs of breaking, kill me without hesitation; I allow it.
You must never let the Justice King break loose.
That thing probably sees everything in this world as evil.
This mad, mad world that took away Lucia, and the Creator Veldanava.
Returning all to none, it probably believes that those two would return if we started back again from zero.

―― Hey Tatsuya. I reincarnated. I still remember you.

―― I’m fine. I can still handle it. This time, we’ll definitely defeat Guy!!

―― Recently, the military affairs are being handled without me involved……
Take care of me when the madness starts ok…….
Justice King Michael won’t stop at just civilization, it will definitely destroy everything in this world……

Conversations with the Emperor of days long past flashed across his mind.
The Emperor who had stopped Kondo from killing himself in this world after failing his nation; The man who became his friend.
Repeatedly reincarnating to the point of exhausting his control over Justice King Michael, the man still displayed the Aura of a ruler.
The boy called Yuuki, who Damrada had brought along, seemed unreliable.
Or rather, dangerous.
Like himself, the boy also hid a deep darkness in his heart.
If it was before the Emperor was weakened, maybe he would have shone a light on the boys heart.
But that was impossible for the Emperor of present.
That being the case, Kondo took that task upon himself and eliminated the boy. To avoid unnecessary trouble, and to erase any seeds of disaster.
Even then, here he was, rotting away without holding up his promise to stop the Emperor……
He grieved in his regrets.
All the failures were the result of underestimating Demon Lord Rimuru.
He should have followed his gut feeling, and stopped the Emperor’s sortie.
Capturing Veldora had put him at ease. It was probably right then that the Justice King took control from the Emperor.
It was his failure.
One that he couldn’t take back anymore……

「Hey, enough sleeping. Get back up and fight me!」

Kondo heard a voice calling out to him.
Slightly opening his eyes, he saw an unhappy Carrera looking back.
Beautiful golden hair, a dazzling beauty.
And also, the Demon he was fighting to the death.

( ―― Don’t be unreasonable. I’m dying here, obviously I can’t fight. )
「Ah? But there was no finisher. That just isn’t right.」
(fu, fufu. A finisher, huh. You’re, right.
―― As I thought. You’re unfair…… )

Doubting if it reached her, hearing Carrera’s words, Kondo had a weak chuckle.
Even though Carrera herself had sustained almost fatal damage with the previous surprise attack…… Kondo couldn’t help but smile at the thought.
He attempted to get up, and failed.
(I guess, I can’t do anything now.)
Compared to him, the Demon was free in the purest sense……
( ―― Am I, jealous…….?)

「I h-have a request. Please kill…… Emperor…… this gun ―― 」

(What am I doing. I can’t leave this to a Demon…… ) (TN: he says ‘I’ with ‘ore’ now.)

But, ah……. My consciousness is fleeting.
As a “Saint”, Kondo’s body was the crystallization of Energy, but now his Central Core had been stolen.
Well, if we was in better health, he could restore the Core, but it was impossible now.
He felt himself grinding away from his extremities.
In fact, because his willpower and chakra had been exhausted, the destruction speed was considerably slowed down.
It was completely impossible to recover now, that was his self-a.n.a.lysis.

「Hmph. How boring. I finally had a good fight, but this is not fun at all.
I’ll kill that intruder.
I guess I can kill the Emperor too on the way―― 」
(…… ?)
「You’re so slow! Where’s the offering? You want to made a deal with a Demon, you need a contract!」

Watching the fidgeting Carrera, Kondo couldn’t hold back a smile.
It was a pleasant feeling.
This Demon, the enemy. Her shyly fidgeting figure.

(Everything, even my soul……. I’ll hand over all so……. Please…………!)

With the last of his will, Kondo opened his eyes, and looked at Carrera with all his strength.
He could no longer form words.
Thinking his will was properly entrusted may have just been his day dreaming.
Even so……
He bet his last hopes on this pathetic salvation.
Trusting a Demon, he would have never imagined it.

「Thine request, we shall accepted it.
On the name of “Menace Lord” Carrera, this contract has been sealed.
Thine wish shall surely be granted.」

Carrera declared in a dignified manner.
Kondo smiled at her words, and using the last of his strength, handed his gun to Carrera.
The brilliantly shining G.o.d-tier gun.
As soon a she accepted it, Kondo’s body burst into light and was absorbed by Carrera. (TN: *ahem* If I may, this right here is an eternal ship. They’re together forever now!)
However, even though she received his chakra, she didn’t get his Nucleic Heart.
She knew.
For humans on the level of “Saints”, even if their soul was captured, their Nucleic Heart would not.
Without fail, the Heart would escape from the cycle of reincarnation, and pa.s.s on.

「Hmph. Too bad. It’s been a while since I fought someone with a bit of backbone……. 」

Carrera now focused her attention on the gun.
And suddenly, the Power (Skill) gushed in.

《Ultimate Skills 『Extinction King Abaddon』 and 『Sandalphon the Executioner』successfully integrated. 》

Carrera understood the usage of her new powers from the information sent to her brain.
And she instantly mastered the usage of the gun.

―― You’re a bit sensitive, so your technique (mana) is too rough. Handle this with care――

She felt as if she heard Kondo again.
Cheeky till the very end, she thought.

Carrera stood up.
She saw Agera and Esprit heading her way.
Her recovery had already been completed.

「You’re alright, Carrera-sama!」

They kneeled in front of Carrera who stood before them.
And congratulated her on being safe.
At a glance, they determined how their master’s power had grown over her fight.

「Let us go. We shall carve fear into the soul who dared look down on us.」

She walked.
Towards the fool who desecrated her sacred battle; to let him know true despair.
Most importantly, towards the place where she would come to fulfill her contract.

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