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The Out-Of-Control Gears.


The news had not arrived into the Empire yet.


However, for the Empire’s citizens ignorance was bliss.


The Imperial soldiers who headed out to invade tempest, in other words their beloved families, were slain by some unknown means.



With a force that almost reaches a million strong, they never considered the possibility of defeat.


He would definitely accomplish the empire’s earnest wish of conquering the west side; they never doubted the emperor who would one day unite the lands.


To the unlucky northeast in the Great Jura Forest, the evil dragon Veldora is currently weakened, there’s nothing to fear anymore.


TN Note: 鬼門 means northeast, but since the author wants to reference to the fact Northeast is an unlucky direction in j.a.panese culture,鬼門 was used instead of 東北 .



Under the imperial reign of the great emperor, the greatest imperial army invasion has finally begun.


These were the thoughts of the general citizens. n.o.body expected them to have a hard time let alone defeat.


Neither were there any survivor left, nor did they ever reach the western countries, and simply all perished in the Great Jura Forest. There was not a single soul who could imagine this scenario.




Yuuki received the report, and made a wry smile.



If the forces of almost a million strong was used well, they perhaps there’s a chance they could eliminate the Demon Lord Rimuru…… but to think it was a complete annihilation.


Literally, the result was every soldier killed without exception.


Demon Lord Rimuru gone and the imperial army suffering heavy casualties, that would be the ideal scenario.



The next most ideal scenario would be Demon Lord Rimuru and the Imperial Army dealing heavy damage to each other.


If both sides ended up suffering major causalities, then he would have earned some time as planned.


He would launch a coup d’etat before the wounded Imperial army returns, then he would a.s.similate the returning armored corps to form a stable foundation.


And while stalling for time as he recovers from the damage dealt by Demon Lord Rimuru, he’ll use this time to seize the empire in his grasp.


When he opened the lid and looked inside, not only did the demon lord hardly suffer any damage, it was practically a one-sided trampling.


Although he didn’t lose any of his own corps, game pieces he could have utilized went up in flames.


It was an unexpected scenario.


But what’s most startling of all, was how much Demon Lord Rimuru’s forces have grown.



“Unbelievable…… to think he razed that large army with ease”



“It truly is unbelievable…… if it’s an army of that scale, they would have strength on par with 3 demon lord armies……’


“No, compared to the Ten Great Demon Lords of your era, the calibers of the current Octagram are a bit extraordinary.

Take Leon for example, even when he’s hiding his true strength he still has the battle prowess of a magic knight corps.

Even Mirim who was famous for having no subordinates has taken in Karion and Frey, two old demon lord cla.s.s individuals as her subordinates.

There’s also the demon lord who’s been gathering territory, and is now the ruler of the Great Jura Forest.

Then of course there’s Guy who’s the strongest, alongside Dagruel and Ruminas dubbed the largest faction alongside their own forces.

Aren’t the only weak ones Ramiris and Dino?”




“……that’s true huh.”


Although he originally wanted to refute Yuuki, he showed a convinced expression after hearing the explanation.


It’s true, the situation’s very different compared to when he was a demon lord.


Despite having their battle potential shaved during the battle against the angels, Dagruel and Ruminas displayed some ridiculous power.


But for the other new demon lords, even if they gathered subordinates to a certain degree, survival is still a desperate issue.




This was also a similar case for Kagari, or “Curse Lord” Kazarim.


More importantly, there’s also no point in simply increasing the number of subordinates. This was evident from Clayman’s failure.


For those whose strength surpa.s.ses a certain threshold, an army’s strength in numbers is pointless before them.


If there’s one question present, there should have been some strong veterans with a certain degree of strength somewhere amidst the armored corps, why didn’t they play an active roll is inexplicable.


It seems like Demon Lord Rimuru himself didn’t take action, it was his subordinates who had devastated the imperial army.


According to the haggard-looking Miranda’s explanation, she feared that Demon Lord cla.s.s majin had also joined under the banner of the Demon Lord.






Bound to naught, they are like the king of demons, the highest level of beings, yet they followed a single demon lord, this was something beyond Kagari’s imagination.




Someone who could possibly do such a thing, only “Lord of Darkness” Guy・Crimson came to mind.




“However, things have sure gotten interesting.

Currently, the Imperial army has also started the two-front war against Luminas.

Calgurio’s defeat still hasn’t been transmitted, and Gladim’s demonic beast corps and “Airships” are moving to the north.

The defense of the capital is left to the hybrid corps

In other words, if I will it, I can grasp the heart of the empire in my hands.

If we don’t need to be vigilant about the armored corps’ return, let’s start our military operation with some swagger.”



“So in other words……let’s just cut of the emperor’s head in his sleep, something like that?”


“Yeah. That’s right! It’s a Coup d’etat


These words put a suspicious smile on Kagari’s face.


To bring forth chaos unto this world was Kagari’s desire, no matter what the method.


Although things didn’t go as Yuuki predicted, this doesn’t mean they’re in a bad position.


Or rather, this is a chance to seize the empire.


Plans were made; even failure was taken into consideration.


Yuuki was well aware of that. He will result in profit no matter what the scenario.


TN Note: “転んでもただでは起きないのだ” basically means finding profit in anything, but it also means a greedy person who is able to do so.


“Understood. Then, I’ll go prepare.”


Saying so, Kagari stood up from her seat.


Looks like things are going to get busier, she thought as her smile deepens.


Her face, as if l.u.s.ting for more b.l.o.o.d.y and tragedy, was tainted with wickedness.


Watching Kagari exit, Yuuki was deep in thought.


Even thought Demon Lord Rimuru’s growth was outside of his expectations, but he’ll be putting this aside for now.


Just now… he has obtained definitive confirmation of the imperial army’s defeat. In addition, he had also confirmed the absurd growth of Rimuru’s military might.




If that’s the case……he can only predict what will happen after that.


‘He’ will make a move.


With things as they are, that strongest existence will definitely not overlook this.


The destruction of the imperial army isn’t a problem; rather it was just what he wanted.


If it’s to send Demon Lord Rimuru to his grave, it doesn’t matter who does it.


「さて、どうするのかな? リムルさんは……


“Now then, what are you going to do now? Rimuru san……

I’d like to see how long you’d last. It would be splendid if this could end in mutual destruction.

At least, if Guy could get rid of Rimuru, there’s one less problem to deal with.

If you could also injure Guy in the process that would be great.”




If his strength has gotten this strong, then Guy・Crimson would definitely make a move.


And things have already progressed to such a stage.


So far the plan’s still on track, with a few modification and the plan can continue on with no problems.


Yuuki looked at Chloe who didn’t respond to his words and slightly smiled.


2 commands left.


3 enemies to defeat.


If two of them could strike each other down, then his wish could come true without expending his greatest combat a.s.set.


Although things deviated from his expectations, they are still advancing smoothly.


Yuuki deepened his thoughts regarding future plans in high spirits.


However, to interpret every event was a difficult task.


To realign the gears that had spun out of control was no easy task, things have already gotten out of Yuuki’s hands, and started to advance in an unforeseen direction.










After finishing her report to Yuuki, Miranda swiftly began making preparations to leave the capital.


As a member of the military, desertion before the enemy is a capital offense.


she obtained this ident.i.ty as a disguise, and yet it led to this.


It was a position she obtained after many hardships,

And yet they became her very shackles, truly ironic.



As a head of the underground organization Cerberus, she had no qualms about running.



An dark organization that has its roots in each nation like the freedom a.s.sociation, there would definitely be a “Cerberus” member lurking about.



Naturally, there are also similar organizations existing within the empire’s capital, and so her plan was to lay low, and wait for a chance to escape to the west.




She was so close to inveigling Calgurio success was one step away, with her charms as a “woman”, with a bit more effort she would have seized authority over the armored corps.



Even though it was the Demon Lord Damrada feared, if an army of 1 million was used well there isn’t really much to fear……


Expel the demon lord, and conquer the western countries.


And then, by manipulating Calgurio, be basked in the center of glory in the empire.


She should have made a triumph return, with a promising future ahead of her.



Yet now, she’s gathering her belongings and escaping under the cover of night, do to something like fleeing …… this was maximum humiliation.


This was all because of Yuuki for underestimating Demon Lord Rimuru, and Calgurio for being so useless.


Damrada obeyed Yuuki out of fear, but Miranda only did so for she judged he has his uses.



It’s just, since Yuuki was the one who founded the organization “Cerberus”, that’s why there’s value in manipulating him.




Since her “womanly” charms, didn’t work, she needed to follow orders.


In any case, as of currently the top priority was to get out of here. After finishing her report she had gotten permission to escape.


She should find a save haven first before thinking about pointless things.


TN Note: Raw says something like a place to wait things out.


Thinking so, she stuffed all her belongings into a bag, and fled from her house into the imperial capital night with darkness as her shroud.


In the dark depths of the capital.


Thanks to the benefits of a scientific civilization, streetlamps have been implemented subst.i.tuting lanterns. However they don’t illuminate every nook and cranny.


Since the imperial capital is still under development, to dispel all the darkness was a matter in the future.


In the darkness of the capital, Miranda silently moves about.


Albeit inferior to Vega and Damrada, as a head Miranda does possess a certain degree of ability.


Even thought she’s making a sneaky escape, Miranda thought there’s no need to be so anxious.


However that has lead to failure.


It wasn’t due to Miranda’s carelessness, but there was a man standing in Miranda’s way.


If Miranda left behind her property and left the capital as quickly as she could, perhaps she could have escaped from that person.




However, her confidence as a head shall become her downfall as Miranda confronted the man.



That man is Tatsuya Kondo.


Someone from the intelligence bureau, he was a mysterious person with an unknown ident.i.ty who knows everything about the capital’s darkness.


“Where do you plan on going at this late hour?”


“Ara? Why isn’t that Lieutenant Kondo!”



Suddenly appearing before her, and telling her to halt, Miranda hid her fl.u.s.tered emotions and showed a composed facade.


However, she vigilantly sensed the surrounding for other presences, confirming Tatsuya was alone.



There are neither other figures nor presences in the vicinity. After confirming Kondo came alone, she was relieved in her mind.


To come here alone is like telling Miranda ‘kill me please’.


If it’s know to the headquarters that she fled before the enemy, it’s going to be a problem when they start sending pursuers after her.


if she fled to the west she’s just be targeted by spies, she’d rather be spared from living of fear of being a.s.sa.s.sinated on a daily basis.


In this case Miranda must eliminate anything that knows the truth.



She feared that Krishna may have used a magic item and conveyed the situation. However it doesn’t appear her abandonment was reported Miranda thought.


She concluded that since news of the imperial army’s complete annihilation was reported, the empire’s defenses must have been strengthened, Miranda understood this.


Consequently, it sucked running into the most troublesome man in the intelligence bureau, but there were no signs of incoming reinforcements.


If she got rid of Kondo now, escaping the capital would become easier.


In an instant, Miranda made her decision.


Miranda doesn’t know how Kondo viewed her, but she decided she must uproot the buds of danger.


In other words, she decided to kill Kondo.


“You’re Corps captain Calgurio’s advisor Miranda right?

Why have you returned to the Imperial capital in the middle of battle?”


In reply to Kondo’s serious inquiry,



“I was so scared, Lieutenant Kondo!

Actually, I’ve received secret orders from Calgurio-Kakka, and returned to the capital――”


TN Note: (閣下)Kakka is a way to address someone, much like -san or –chan, but for people with a high position.


Miranda approached him whilst replying, and snuggled into Kondo’s bosom.



She made full use of her “womanly” charms, to entice the man.


手口としては、〈香水系呪術(カースパフューム)〉と〈幻術系〉の魅了( チャーム)を併用し、対象の思考を妨害しつつミランダの思惑通りに相手を支配するのだ。

With her usual method of charming with 〈Perfume curse〉 and 〈illusion series〉, she would impair her opponent’s thinking while dominating them.


She also used this spell on Calgurio several times while he embraced her, and soon she would be able to wrap them around her little finger without doing so.


TN Note: make them listen to her without using her curses and illusions.


Even a man who was the Army Corps Leader was no match against Miranda’s spells. A mere Lieutenant would never be able to resist.


Miranda was convinced, and placed her hand around Kondo’s back.


Pressing her voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.t.s against Kondo while appealing her charm, she waited for Kondo to relax.


Once she felt Kondo’s presence loosened,


(Fufun, I thought he was a serious man, but that was easy)


She snickered in her mind.


(Alright, embrace me as you please, once you become my captive――)


Those were Miranda’s last thoughts.


Without changing his expression, Kondo tucked away a small pistol that he used to shoot Miranda in her temple.


He has already obtained the intelligence.


To read the target’s mind through physical contact, this was the unique skill 『reader』.


TN Note: Katakana says “Reading, but Kanji says reader.


Yuuki’s intentions, Miranda’s objective, and even the fact there no were no survivors in the imperial army.


To read all of this took less than a second.


And then, despite reading through all that information, his expression didn’t change.


With an uninterested look,



“――A coup d’etat. How foolish.”


He muttered.


He then glanced at the corpse, and left.


Later on, a member of the intelligence bureau had dealt with Miranda’s corpse, leaving no trace behind.


The night of the capital is deep and dark, and all that happens stays buried in the dark.






Guy laughed fearlessly without fear, and stood up.


He received an astonishing report.


Dino was sent to spy on Demon Lord Rimuru’s movements, but he was unexpectedly useful.


It was rare for the Lazy Dino,



“I got kicked out of Dagruel’s place, so I want to crash at Rimuru’s place…

Can you help me write a letter of introduction?”


to actually come over and say such a thing.


To think that lazy Dino would move by his own free will, this was something that hasn’t happened for thousands of years.


During the battle with the angels, there were several occasions where he’d team up with Dino against troublesome opponents, there were no other recollections aside from that.


“If there’s something report about it, okay?”


Being overly chummy with people is how Dino rolls.


For the strongest guy, he doesn’t really particularly need any spies, but it’s going to be annoying to have him live here.


TN Note: Here referring to Guy’s place.


Putting aside Guy, Velzado will probably never agree.


TN Note: Velzado is Veldora’s frosty sister, in case anyone forgot.


If handled poorly, Dino might even be killed.


The only one Velzado acknowledges is Leon alone.



It’s going to be unexciting to lose a precious p.a.w.n, so he chose to write a simple letter of introduction. but……


There was a report from Dino.



悪魔公( デーモンロード) を何柱か配下に従え、帝国軍凡そ百万名を皆殺しにした、と。

Several Demon lords has joined as his subordinate, and the imperial army consisting of almost a million soldiers ma.s.sacred, he said.


TN Note: Kanji says Demon duke.



This was clearly abnormal.


The world has recognized himself and Rudra as the chess players in this domination game, yet there was an irregular that disrupted this balance.


Humans to Rudra, monsters to Guy, each with their own ownership.



Each also had a single “Dragon Kind” as a partner, with the last one Veldora as a free-for-all target to add some thrills into the game.


And yet another balance breaker apart from Veldora has occurred, an irregular.


Fortunately its affiliation is the same as himself, a Demon Lord.



最強の一角である自分とミリムに続き、究極能力(アルティメットスキル)『暴食之王( ベルゼビュート)』を有するであろう魔王、リムル。

As the strongest after Mirim and himself, the Demon Lord with the ultimate skill 『Gluttonous King』Beelzebub, Rimuru.


It must be incorporated into his side no matter the cost, there was a need for it to become his p.a.w.n.



It appears the waiting time for it to grow is no longer nessesary.


If Rudra destroyed it then it’ll be left aside, but the situation wasn’t so simple.


If it cooperates then all is well. If not, Crush!


Meeting the other part once sounds like a good idea, so he thought, and guy began to take action.


“Ara, doesn’t that sound like fun?”



He nodded and asked Velzado,


“You want to come too?”


he asked in return.


Velzado’s sparkly chilling mysterious diamond blue eyes stared at Guy,



“Yes, indeed. It’s been a long time since I’ve last met up with my “Brother” ”.


A cold smile on her face.


And so it’s decided.



The two left the nearby “Shirokori castle” behind with ease, and flew in the land of howling blizzards, and frigid cold.


The tyrant has taken flight, aiming for the country of monsters Tempest.

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