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Intermission –Shinji’s situation-


Claiming they would be introduced to the ruler of this dungeon, Gadra Roshi, alongside Shinji and co are currently following the slime before them.


TN Note: 老師/Roshi means teacher/instructor, but it’s a tier above先生/sensei.


From the looks of it, this dungeon would be their workplace from now on.


Since you’ve been accepted into this country, we can’t simply serve you free meals! Or so Shinji and co were told.


It’s body giggled with a *Pyon pyon without making a sound as it slid along the floor, giving it an elegant air.


Maybe it’s just their imagination, however compared to the other slimes that are not only the weakest of monsters that get eliminated without much of a thought, this one had a different air around it.


After all this slime, was the king of the country that accepted them after their exile, the Demon Lord Rimuru.


Looking at it, one would feel they might be able to one-shot it with a surprise attack, but they shouldn’t get careless.


After all, the Demon servants next to The Demon Lord, they have a strange presence emanating from them.


That demon introduced himself as Diablo.


Shinji and co didn’t understand why, but when Gadra Roshi first saw Diablo his eyes widened,



“This level……it couldn’t be, even the Demon Dukes (Demon lord) joined in as her subordinates too……”

TN Note: unless otherwise stated, from now on I’m going to use her for Rimuru too, long live the idol of Tempest!

He was speechless.


It’s probably a very powerful monster.


The detailed were told later, but apparently it was an existence that could even subdue arc demons, and bring forth pandemonium.



During the “Crimson-dyed lake” incident, the platoon Shinji and co. belonged to were nearly annihilated by a lone Arc Demon, pondering about the meaning of those words paled his face.


In any case, they’ve got to take extreme care and made sure they never anger Demon Lord Rimuru, they nodded to each other in agreement.


And so, guided by Diablo, they had a walk in the dungeon.


They were brought into a room, and someone was there.


“Yahho~! I am Ramiris! Are you guys the new a.s.sistants?”


TN Note: “Yahho” as in how energetic anime girls would sometimes greet, not me mistyping “Yahoo”


The one flying around before them is a little fairy.


体長30cm位だろうか? 可愛らしい女の子のようだ。

Probably about 30cm tall? She looked like a cute little girl.


“Oh! Wow! Is this a real fairy?!”


Mark was like, Ooh! Fantastic! And was shouting out in surprise and excitement.


I understand how he feels.


However, after that the fairy seems to have gotten carried away from our reaction.


“Fufun! You guys seem promising. Alright, you get a pa.s.s.

However, you guys will have to work hard and follow my every absolute orders!


Said the hoity-toity fairy (pipsqueak) whilst puffing out her non-existent breast.


It seems Shinji has interpreted this as a child who wants to play.


This dungeon truly is Makyo, he thought.


TN Note: 魔境 could mean a demonic/fantasy land, or simply a terrifying place.


After all, there is the Immortal King Adalman and his knight――Holy knight Alberto――and other strong individuals dwelling here, and then there are child like fairies playing around innocently.


He wasn’t certain about doing as this child had told him to, above all they would soon be owing a favor to the ruler of the dungeon.


Mark seemed pretty happy; unfortunately we can’t possibly play with her.


(The ruler of the dungeon is probably someone like the Immortal King Adalman.

After all, it’s an old friend of Gadra Roshi, so there’s no mistake.)


So Shinji thought.



However, he had the feeling that the name Ramiris sounded familiar……


Oh well, Shinji thought and was about to decline the offer.


「Unfortunately, we’re here to meet the ruler of the dungeon, and work under them.

We really want to play with you, but since we have work――」


When Shinji was about to continue, suddenly Gadra Roshi knocked him on the head and stopped his words.


Shinji didn’t understand what he did wrong.


Ignoring shinji,


“My my, why isn’t this Rimiris sama! My name is Gadra.

It’s truly an honor to meet you!”



“Uh,um……Is he alright over there?”


“Ha ha ha, of course. This weak fellow here has underwent training, so there’s no problem!”


And so Ramiris and Gadra continued their conversation.


And finally, Shinji remembered that Ramiris was the name of a Demon Lord.


Mark and Xing, they too remembered after looking at Gadra and Shinji’s exchange, and stood up straight ridigly.


Towards the three who were nervously chattering,


“Ah, did you guys knew without having me introducing?

This is Ramiris. She is your superior.

If you looked down on her just because she’s small, you’re going to get punished by the secretary so watch out.”


Saying so, Rimuru pointed towards the person behind Ramiris who appeared without anyone realizing.


That person’s Beretta, Ramiris’s secretary and bodyguard.


Looking at the Doll-like masked individual,



“What in the……”


Gadra said, and groaned.


Apparently, Shinji and co. had realized the reason why Gadra had groaned.


That masked figure is probably no ordinary individual.


This place that was also a demon lord’s dwelling, it truly is a Makyo where no humans lived.




The first job for Shinji and co, are to monitor those who had invaded the dungeon in a room, simply that.


And those attacking are their former comrades the soldiers of the empire’s army.


They were mostly strangers, but there are a few acquaintances in the mix.


It didn’t feel pleasant, but those are the orders. They thought, and continued their monitoring work.


On the first day, the empire’s forces advanced smoothly.


However he had question. The structure looked totally different from when Shinji and co. first entered the dungeon.


When he asked about it,


「あったり前じゃん! だって、迷宮は100階構成で、簡単に入れ替え可能なんだよ!」

“Of course it is! After all, the dungeon’s composed of 100 components, I can easily move them around!”


Demon Lord Ramiris gave him an innocent reply.


That fairy was also in the same room with him, watching the projection on the large screen alongside him.


There weren’t any surprises; Ramiris was as friendly and openhearted as she looked.


Feeling great, the tension quickly dissipated.


It seems like Demon Lord Rimuru was also quite the openhearted person, but Shinji and co. were hesitant about establishing conversation, on the other hand it was easy to talk to Ramiris since she’s the one who initiates them.


It seems that Demon Lord Rimuru is currently in the control room, and not staying here.


However, Next to Ramiris was a mysterious handsome figure.


He looked uninterested about our work and was reading a book.


Where did he get it, for it was a manga that Shinji had read too, but how should he join in――Or rather should he even join in at all――he had a hard time deciding so in the end Shinji didn’t call out to him.


If he could borrow it, he would probably be filled with a nostalgic feeling, but if he wanted to borrow it, he’s going to have to greet him first.


And so the day pa.s.sed with him thinking about what to do.




By the way, before he began work they were briefed, their monthly wage was 3 gold coins.



Their yearly wage would total to 36 cold coins, and there also seem to be bonuses as well. From these facts alone it wouldn’t feel like much.



When they were working in the empire Shinji would naturally earn about 70 gold coins annually, even when compared to Mark and Xing who earn 50 gold coins a year this was a big salary reduction.


Their salaries were reduced by half, but they weren’t unsatisfied.


The first year’s a wait-and-see situation, and they would have a raise based on their performance.


Above all, they also take care of food, clothing and shelter like the empire, and prices here are cheap.


they were supplied with working clothes, and also a place to rest.


To their delight, their private rooms also comes with a bathroom, and a toilet.


They couldn’t believe it when it was even the flushing kind. It was like a big leap from the middle ages to a modern one-room condominium.


In the empire, there weren’t individual rooms with toilets even in the capital.



If they wanted a room with its own bathroom and toilet, it’s 10 gold coins a night, in one of those super high-end hotels.


In addition, the toilets were the scooping type.


TN Note: Aka, the capital’s toilets are basically glorified buckets in a hole. Fun fact, if you ever visited an old village in j.a.pan and encountered one of these toilets, watch out for the vegetables you eat, you just might have a little extra seasoning in there.


They could use magic to perfectly sterilize the smell, but it could never be compared with flush toilets.


Perhaps it’s because of the extremely wonderful treatment, Shinji and co were so moved their monetary issues were but a trivial matter.


As for Gadra, to him this was all an unimaginable convenience, hence he was at a loss for words.



And then, their work times are decided. They would wake up 6:00 in the morning to pick up Ramiris, at 6:30 they would have breakfast at an elven restaurant.


They could also enjoy a free lunch by attending to Ramiris.



Finally, job ends at 15:00 in the evening.



Because shops are only open until 18:00 in the evening hence they accepted the explanation behind their work-done time.



Even thought it’s 9 hours of work, they have an hour’s worth of rest. Furthermore, considering the fact they could also have a bit of communication with the adventures led Shinji and co to figure out something.


This workplace had very wonderful treatment.


Oh a side note, for dinner they could eat where they wanted.


The bangles they have on them allows them to freely move about in the dungeon, and by presenting the bangles they could eat free-of-charge in the dungeon’s inn.


However, they still need to pay in the elven restaurant.



It was one gold coin per meal――Even when taking into considering that prices increase at night, even the cheapest meals cost 3 silver coins. Even thought it’s on par with some super-luxury hotel, the taste is worth it. Even thought breakfast and lunch were guaranteed――if they splurged carelessly they could run out.


Because it was free when they accompanied Ramiris, when they tried going there again at night they had quite the shock.


That night, they reluctantly ordered the cheapest food on the menu, and left the store as if they were fleeing.


But, meals are available not only inside the dungeon.


Outside of the dungeon were a myriad of adventurer-managed restaurants.


There were also Yakiniku restaurants and taverns. Naturally, the taverns and meals inside the dungeon were free of charge, but there was a greater variety outside.


TN Note: Yakiniku are restaurants where you have a hot grill in the middle of the table, and you would order platters of raw ingredients to grill. It’s basically indoors j.a.panese barbecue. It’s delicious!


Since there’s also a kitchen in the room, cooking for themselves is also an option.


With this feeling they gradually got accustomed to their workplace, but that’s a story for later.




Day 2 of the Dungeon invasion by the Empire’s army.


As if the uninterested att.i.tude on the previous day was but a lie, today the handsome figure watched the screen with great interest.


After asking, apparently that was the evil dragon Veldora in human form.


They were astonished, but that was only the first of many shocks they’ll receive that day.


That was the day they would get the most astonishments in one day, and in their lives.


After 2 hours, Gadra could only moan with his eyes closed whereas the trio of were thankful for their good luck.


The ones thought of as the dungeon’s strongest aren’t just Adalman and Alberto, they are now VERY well ware there are also other overwhelmingly strong individuals.



The job given to Shinji and Co is to seek out otherworlders with a wealth of knowledge.


They are also to examine the state of battle, and look into the nature of those people.


Hence, they observed the battles of every stratum, and were stupefied by the absurdity.


“Na? It was as I have said, it was the right choice coming here huh?”


They heard Gadra Roshi’s voice form the distance, and the trio could only nod in reply.



Everything up to 50th stratum was only the surface, stratum 51~60 was where it truly began.


Thinking back how foolish they were back then, they would have laughed so hard they would shed tears.

But they couldn’t laugh at all, all that came out was a dry laugh.


It was as Gadra said, if they didn’t escape with him they would have probably been dragged back in to act as a guide.


They shuddered at the thought.


Shinji and co, with all their heart thanked Gadra Roshi for his foresight.


Alberto whom they thought of as overwhelmingly strong was defeated.


帝国皇帝近衛騎士、No.17 クリシュナとの一騎打ちに於いて、剣が折れたのが敗因だった。

The Emperor’s royal guard No.17, Krishna, defeated him. The reason for his defeat was his sword breaking.


In reality, in terms of swordsmanship Alberto had the advantage, however his sword was blocked by Krishna’s Legendary ranked armor and snapped.


It seems like Adalman wasn’t proficient in close combat, and the defeat of his vanguard Alberto dealt him a crushing blow.


The collapse of their combination had led to defeat.


Gadra seemed displeased,


“He’s all bones now, and he’s still so naïve!”


He looked as if he regretting his past mistakes.


However, they were on a completely different dimension from Shinji and co, so they didn’t voice out their own opinions.


Shinji and co. didn’t realize it themselves, however they were really lucky to have the chance to witness the battle between the strong.


In the future, when they are going to fight similarly strong individuals, this would become invaluable experience.


But today, they watched on without any realization.





In the end, it became the total annihilation of the empire’s 350,000 soldiers.


Even the strong ones like the Empire’s royal guard Krishna was no match against the Majin Zegion.


The moment when Krishna lost, Shinji and co. where so shocked they ran out of strength to react.


If there’s enough time, Encore~!


That was their state of mind.


However, they once again remembered their job, and decided to recommend Raymond and Michel whom they were acquaintances with.


They were really lucky to have survived up until the end, and above all Ramiris was really pleased they decided to break the fake bracelet.



And so, their first task of seeking out new “Otherworlder” a.s.sistants had ended without any problems.


After that, Gadra Roshi had went ahead to rekindle his old friendship, and soon he grew accustomed to his dungeon management job.


Soon he was acknowledged as one of the best 10 of the dungeon, and was playing an active role as one of the bosses.


Shiniji, Mark, Xing, Michel, and Raymond, the five of them became Ramiris’s a.s.sistant and a.s.sisted her in a variety of projects.


However, it was quite hard to distinguish it from play, it was as if they had started a new department for fun.


Because the research occasionally produced rather formidable results, those around them didn’t even noticed they were mostly playing around.

“But, what’s going to happen to our lives now, I don’t really know huh.”


Shinji said.


However, when our luck hit rock bottom our lives really took a 180-degree turn around, was probably their thought.

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