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The Clean-up annihilation war.





From his subordinates, Calgurio had received many despairing reports.






The situation was very grim; it’s evident that this war was a failure.






No, that’s not all.












It had already reached the point where the odds of retreating out of the forest alive were questionable.






(どうしてこうなった? いや、そもそも一体いつから&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;?)



(How did this happen? No, to begin with when did&h.e.l.lip;&h.e.l.lip;?)






With this thoughts locked in a desperate loop and failing to break out of it, Calgurio once again evaluates the hopeless situation whilst determining their possible courses of action.















Even though he couldn’t do anything to turn this worse case scenario around, as the corps captain he is still responsible for the lives of his officers and soldiers.






That was the one thing he would never turn his back away from.









The first reported had initially intended to convey that the capital-offense troops have engaged with the enemy forces.






The heated battle is on the verge of reaching a deadlock.






Despite their overwhelming advantage in numbers, they couldn’t push through the enemy’s impregnable defensive formation; the enemy was fighting with fervor.






The sorcery cannon and magician’s wide-scale magic were all completely tanked by the enemy’s defensive barrier, unable to exert their effects.






Despite being the enemy it was a praiseworthy defensive formation.






Since they have lost contact with the dungeon capturing squad, they could only head towards the capital.






This isn’t the time to praise the enemy’s defenses.






By the time Calgurio had linked the dots, he had already realized that he was backed against a wall.






But, it was already too late.






The situation had escalated swiftly.






A new enemy had emerged. That troop was the living embodiment of terror.






With an oppressive force, they had begun tramping all over them.






Their numbers hardly reach one-tenth of their own, yet they could do nothing against it.






According to the reports of the energy measurement team, there were several individuals with a vast quant.i.ty of magical essence within them.






TN Note: It’s over 9000! This never gets old

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