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158話 迷宮の絶対強者

The absolute strongest of the dungeon.


A pitch-black exoskeleton, with visible golden joints.


A rainbow-colored sword-like horn protruded from the center, and to its left and right are two antennae as pitch black as the exoskeleton.


The appearance of the exoskeleton was remodeled to suit the taste of his lord Rimuru, demon steel has also been a.s.similated into it.


The unique steel material, containing a large amount of his lord Rimuru’s magic essence, had blended in perfectly with the exoskeleton.


This Living bio-steel (named Adamantine) had a hardness surpa.s.sing diamonds, with the flexibility of living flesh, making it an unmatched material.


Made with the highest tier of material, it has become a natural suit of armor.


However his strength, isn’t determined by his exoskeleton alone.



The nature of his strength comes from his thorough l.u.s.t for battle that rose from his very instincts.


And now, before him his new prey.


All in accordance to his plan.


He is the absolute strongest in the dungeon.


The strongest guardian, Insect Kaiser Zegion.





Raymond and Michel are sitting down in the middle of a flight of stairs, breathing wildly and taking a break.


With sheer luck they had somehow defeated that dangerous monster the white ape.


However, according to reports and from experience, the fact that fallen monsters would resurrect was confirmed to be true.


Thus, they had quickly fled to the stairs before it resurrects.


It isn’t exactly confirmed; however there have been no reports of monsters appearing at the staircases.


Perhaps it was just their small glimmer of expectation, but this may be the only safe zone they could take a rest in.


「おい……どうする? 先に進むか?」

“Oi……what now? Should we proceed ahead?”



“Don’t be ridiculous. We’ve only gone down one flight of stars you know?

And what appeared was that monster ape (Byakuen).

If there’s a horde of those monsters ahead we don’t have any means against them right?”



“Yeah that’s true. But you……how do you plan to escape?

We can’t proceed, nor can we escape.

Isn’t this dungeon impossible to clear!?”


That’s where the problem was.

They’ve descended the stairs from the entrance and reached this stratum, however if they try going up again they’ll just end up on another stratum.


They can’t seem to surface.


At first they were able to enter and exist without a problem but soon they ended up on different stratums.



There’s a bit of info that Raymond and Michel couldn’t possible know, but their first entry point was on the 81st stratum.



And from there they had descended down to the 87th stratum.



However, if they tried to get back up they wouldn’t return to the 81st stratum, and if they were on the 81st stratum they should have returned to the 80th stratum.


Ramiris had previously distorted the dungeon, but now that she had cancelled it the only way to get out was via the original way.


TN Note: aka, 1.Die with a revival bracelet on hand 2.register at one of the teleporters 3.Give up



There was originally a setting where you wouldn’t directly enter the boss room and would instead enter the 79th stratum first, that has been turned off at the moment.



In other words, if they want to exit they’re going to have to ascend through every stratum above them…… which is probably borderline possible.


However, as for the oblivious them, should they ascend or should they descend, they couldn’t discern the correct answer in this situation.


In addition, they could somehow manage their water supply, but they only have 8 day’s worth of food left.


And should they wander about in this dungeon, if they choose to devour the flesh and blood of monsters, then they would have about 3 weeks time before they cripple.


Only one day had pa.s.sed since the invasion, and the situation had turned from chaotic to desperate.

“Hey, about the devices the development team distributed, can we really trust these?”


Asked Michel towards Raymond, pointing at the bracelet.


The development team claimed they were proto-types that could possibly have a resurrection effect. Replicas based off the ones taken from the Secret Reconnaissance team of Shinji and co.


The folks at the Development team had confidence in their abilities, but Michel didn’t trust them.



It’s a little too early to confirm the facts thought……


They couldn’t provide it to all the soldiers in time, so it was only distributed to the elites in terms of fighting prowess, it hasn’t been properly confirmed.


If someone died first then they could confirm it, but this isn’t some funny joke that they could laugh off.


Nor is their current situation.


“No way I’m gonna trust this thing. If I died and didn’t revive there’s nothing I can do about it.”


Raymond replied with a realistic answer, and Michel shrugged shoulders in agreement.



Although, at first glance they could simply keep the bracelet on for mental relief……



However, according to shinji’s report the effects of the “Bracelet of revival” will revive someone on the streets near the dungeon entrance.


However, those were something made in accordance to the Dungeon master (Ramiris)’s will.


These replicas might even end up raising her ire.


Michel removed the bracelet and stomped on it.


It made a dry sound, and the bracelet crumbled into dust.


Making a forced smile, Raymond followed suit.


And now, they rely solely on their own ability.


They stood up, making wry smiles at each other.


“Shall we?”


“Ah. Since it’s like this, why don’t we try seeing how far down can we go?

Since we’ve gotten stronger, in any case, why don’t we go down?


“Indeed, that’s the spirit!”


They’ve decided and determined the path they’d proceed.


With beaming smiles, they descended with unwavering steps


With no way of knowing what lies ahead.




Their will has been confirmed, someone calmly closed their eyes.


その深紅の複眼は、目を閉じた所で周囲の情報を取り込み、脳内で処理を行い続けているのだが。 Dark red compound eyes continue to take in surrounding information despite being closed as the information continues to sort out the information.


As if it was thinking about something.


They, have the qualifications to fight him.


That’s why, he beckons them.


Unto this dark s.p.a.ce.


Those who have reached this stratum have been fortunate.


For the dignity of a person, for the pride of the

strong, even if death awaits they must go forth.





――Stratum 80, the room before the dark s.p.a.ce――


Located ahead at the bottom of the stairs is a dimly lit room.


There were various useful daily necessities located within the room as well as several chairs.


In front of them is a door.


Indescribably thick magic drifted out from behind the shut door.



Michel and Co who descended from the 87th stratum had reached this room.




80th stratum, the waiting room before the boss room known as the dark s.p.a.ce.


Several others have also arrived; they were deep in conversation as they sat on their chairs.


They were reporting to each about their situation.


When Michel and co arrived, they waved a hand to greet.


“So what kind of place did you guys came from?”



From this question, Michel had judged they must have all arrived from different stratums.


Apparently, after reporting to each other, they have come to the same conclusion.


“We came from a place with a ton of demonic beasts.

After a desperate struggle with the white ape, we came here after we were troubled about whether to head up or down.


“I see, we arrived here when we headed up the stairs after defeating the giant golem.”



“As for us it was the Immortal king.

It was worthy of the t.i.tle King of the vicious undead; it was a terrifying demon lord.

However, the real threat are the specter knights that guard the king.


“Apart from the 3 of us, everyone else on our stratum was slain.

The undead dragon, the undead paladin, and then the immortal king.

It’s a miracle we’re even alive.

Those guys from the intelligence bureau, they’ve also challenged some strong ones by banding together.”


They’ve reported such content to each other.


Those who gathered here numbered 7.


They were the last surviving forces of the empire’s army in the dungeon, but no one noticed this.


They were only vaguely aware.




Within the room, there are tea and light snacks meant as food rations, there’s also a place to take a nap.


And, there are no stairs to headback towards.


They also have watches, and they also displayed an identical countdown.


Remaining time: 3 hours.


It was the last bit of time left for them to prepare.




It would seem……if they don’t defeat the enemy before them, it would be impossible to leave here alive.



“However, instead of challenging us one by one, doesn’t it seem like it’s waiting for more people to gather first……?”

The inflows of questions don’t seem to end anytime soon, but they should rid of their fatigue here even if a little.


They weren’t worried about poison in the food, but no one had reached for the food stock.


They each took out their carried rations that may be their last meal, and replenished their energy.


For the sake of their survival.


“Alright. I understand the situation.

Now then, for the sake of increasing our rate of survival as high as possible, let us discuss without reserve about what to do.”


Said the man of the trio with the rider-esque looks.


There were no objections.


This dungeon isn’t a place that can be conquered simply by an army. They confirmed this via first hand experience.


If they could return to the surface, they swore never to enter this place again.


However, that’s impossible. So the only route left is forward.



“My name, Michel, an “Otherworlder”.

My ability is the unique skill “Fusionist”.

Thought I take pride in my firepower, it’s bad at performing combinations.

TN Note: 融合者 is a tricky one, it’s a combination of Fusion (融合) and person (者), so…he who fuses?……




“I’m Raymond, I’m also an “Otherworlder”.

My unique skill is “Martial artist”, I also possess “Herculean strength EX”.


Following up after Michel and co’s introduction, the others introduced themselves without deceit.


The men who defeated the golem was Colonel Kansas and Major General Minute.


Colonel Kansas――The hero who commanded the annihilation of the Youma village.

TN Note: Youma/妖魔 is just basically another way of saying monster in j.a.panese.


And then, Major General Minute, someone who’s in the commanding position overseeing the dungeon capturing troops.


Those two major figure, why are they here? Due to this Michel and Raymond changed their att.i.tude.


Kansas signaled ‘don’t worry about it’ to the two with hand signs.



In the Empire, simply being an “Otherworlder” gives them a high position.


From the stand point of military the pair hold great power, in this current emergency situation there’s no need to sweat the small details.


Above all, what they need right now aren’t ranks, but strength.


Moving on, the last three opened their mouths.


Those three belonged to the guard forces controlled directly by the emperor.

TN Note: …Rimuru, what happened to picking out the strong ones first.


From their words, Michel and Raymond had a surprised look on their faces. Kansas and Minute couldn’t hide their surprise either.


“This is our proof. Unseal!”


the 3 took out a small pendant, and chanted quietly.


Soon, a torrent of light rushed forward, and enveloped the three.


Legendary ranked full plate mail, they were the highest ranked equipment from eras pa.s.sed that one couldn’t normally see, let alone obtain.


It shone with the l.u.s.trous golden glow of Orichalc.u.m.



This was equipment permitted to be used only the strongest 100 subordinates of the emperor.


This flowing dignity, was proof of their credibility as the genuine article.


Three of the emperor’s royal guards.


They, were equivalent to the empire’s greatest elite fighting power.


And then there’s them (Michel and Raymond).


Proud of their strength and position at the upper quartile of the empire’s armored remodeled corps.


皇帝近衛 No.17 クリシュナ

Emperor royal guard no.17 Krishna


皇帝近衛 No.35 バザン

Emperor royal guard no.35 Bazan


皇帝近衛 No.94 レイハ

Emperor royal guard no.94 Reiha


Acting with Krisha as the leader, they moved with secret orders from the Emperor.


Hope was born in Michel and co, their expressions quickly brightened up.


7 total.


Even if they waited longer enforcements wouldn’t arrive.



However, if it’s these members.


In this dungeon-conquering attempt, the top 7 have gathered.


The countdown proceeds, the time left: 0.


Simultaneously, the door before them opened.

They are resolute.


They entered the door without hesitation, entering battle betting on their survival.






――80th Stratum, interior of the dark s.p.a.ce――

The interior was pitch-black without a hint of light, but Reiha had illuminated the surroundings with the light magic Floor light.



What appeared was a breath-halting sight.


There was a single floor, and on it were the bodies of the empire’s soldiers towering high above.


and on its peak, a single monster.


In a Zen meditation position, meditating.


Perhaps it was slightly floating, proven from the high level of magic energy being channeled.


Michel was convinced.


The monster before them, the one who has invited them here, was the Demon Lord Rimuru.


TN note: Don’t go mixing up our silvered haired shoujo with some Kamen rider…


That’s why,



“Are you……Demon Lord Rimuru?”


They couldn’t help but asked this,


However, that one line had brought down Zegion’s imperial wrath upon them.


TN Note: 逆鱗に触 means touching the reversed scales. In j.a.panese folklore, the reversed scales are special scales on the underside of a dragon, and touching it is a REALLY bad idea.



“To mistake one such as I……for the great Demon Lord Rimuru sama……

You imbeciles who crawl on the ground have only one path of survival.

You must defeat I, Zegion.

May your life burn out as you desperately try!”



And so, the battle (One-sided trampling) begun.












Benimaru and I, were stunned speechless as we stared at the projectile on the large screen.


The projected images showed the earlier situations within the dungeon, and it now shows the silent dungeon and the presence of Empire army’s soldiers had all vanished.


The battle had ended.



However, due to the contents we had just witnessed, we were at a loss for words.



“Isn’t that guy……even stronger than you?”


After a brief pause, my honest opinion spilled out of my mouth.


Behimaru who didn’t want to admit it was silent for a while,



“There’s a slight possibility, I don’t want to admit this but……”



He muttered feeling vexed.


The battle in the dungeon generally advanced as expected.


The demon golem was defeated by two elite soldiers of the empire, while Adalman and co were surprised by their defeat in the hands of the formidable trio clad in Orichalc.u.m armor.


Apparently, it would seem some strong individuals were in the mix.


The knight who one against Alberto in a one-on-one fight, and the female knight who bested Adalman in a magic battle.



As expected from the pair of knights who challenged Adalman, but to slay Adalman who has no weak points thanks to his “Holy demonic inversion”, they were a major threat.



When I was worried about whether to show a bit more vigilance……there was no need for that anymore.




The 2 elite soldiers, and the three Orichalc.u.m-clad knights, they have been simultaneously transferred down to the 80th stratum.



The guardian of the 80th stratum, that was Zegion’s job.


Zegion had forcefully summoned the strong individuals he acknowledged to him via spatial manipulation


The better their lottery luck, the stronger the foes they get? I’ve heard something about this from Ramiris――and heard about the contents of the secret meeting from Beretta afterwards――But, nothing happened.


Forcefully guiding the strong individuals to himself, he interfered using skills and strength.


However, what’s terrifying are his senses.


Expanding it throughout the dungeon, observing every battle, and picking out only the strong ones.


While meditating, he probably managed to grasp each and everyone of their movements, what an outrageous thing he did.


In addition to the two Otherworlders, the battle began.


In a word, overwhelming.


The knight who defeated Alberto, struck at his maximum speed with his sword.


With his left hand, he gently brushed up against the side of the sword, doing so carefully as if to not obstruct the movements of his opponent.


At the same time he dived into the bosom of his opponent, he stomped his right foot, and struck the armor of his foe with his right arm.



How much force did he put into that fist of his, for with one strike it had shattered the Orichalc.u.m armor, and took the life of the knight with a single hit.


This all happened within 3 seconds after the fight began.


Before they could even perceive their comrade’s death, a karate chop was sent towards the female knight.


She was lucky.



She felt no pain nor fear, for she had died.


“U,UOOOOHHH! How dare you did that to Reiha!! Die you monster! Dimension cut!!”


The armored knight, simultaneously released his anger and his skill,


“How laughable”


Zegion’s surroundings distorted, and the attack was blocked.



“Before the skill Demon Lord Rimuru Sama (Raphael) had blessed me with, such attacks are meaningless against me!”





Wait that’s …… Covenant King Uriel’s manipulated absolute defense――Spatial Distortion field――isn’t it!


Zegion’s spatial manipulation ability, it’s beyond the level of a unique skill.


This absolute defense was on the same level as Chloe’s who once clashed with Veldora in the past.


Thanks to it, she was able to fight on par with Veldora.


If that’s the case, wouldn’t that mean Zegion’s strength rivals that of the past hero? What frightening growth.


Moreover, that figure looked familiar.



Covered in an exoskeleton, a specialized fighter making full use of a monster’s ability……



(おい、ラファエル! あの姿って……)

(Ah, Raphael! That figure……)



《Answer. You may have forgotten, but my master you had once bestowed him part of your flesh.

Due to that, the affected individual: Zegion had received a full tune-up as a result, and had obtained similar abilities as my master. 》


I remembered.


In order to help Zegion who was on the verge of death, I had covered his words with a part of my flesh.


At that time, Zegion was just an insect monster.


He had the appearance of a j.a.panese rhinoceros beetle and a stag beetle, it was a really cool appearance which tickled my fancy.




It was an insect type demonic beast with length of 50 cm, since I heard it was a rare individual I handed him over to Ramiris.



Well, before I sent him to the dungeon, I’ve also used the demon steel that had adapted to my magic essence in my body, in order to raise his defenses……


Indeed, that bee also looked similar.


So it’s Zegion and Apito, I didn’t think this would happen.



I’ve simply gave Apito a demon steel coating and “named” her…… but to think Zegion would actually undergo hyper evolution.


So to speak, by using my ideal combat form, it has evolved into a majin specialized in combat.


Furthermore, Wisdom King Raphael who was reputed for always going overboard also remodeled him, and this existence was the result.


This Zegion, had also underwent intensive training alongside Veldora, there’s no way the other party could be his opponent.


My expectations were correct.


“Dimension ray!”


Zegion had spread out his 5 fingers, and swung down.

Just like that, the dimensions were severed and the s.p.a.ce disconnected.


The armored knight couldn’t resist this, and someone else also got caught up in the collateral.



10 seconds after it began, and 4 are already dead.


Oh dear. This one’s hopeless.


He has already crossed the borders of human limitation. Without a doubt, he’s someone who has transcended.


According to my calculations, Apito’s even stronger than Hinata at her best. Even apito wouldn’t lasts 3 minutes before Zegion.


Then there’s when Zegion is actually serious.


Why is someone so strong in the dungeon? Isn’t that a waste?


Or so I think, this guy’s a secret weapon now.


Let’s leave it at that. Or rather, this is a prime example of how badly things can end up when Wisdom King Raphael messes up a task you entrust him.


Even thought nothing else was left to him after this, we really need to talk about this afterwards.


As for the remaining 3 it’s now only a matter of time.


A compressed explosion generating hyper heat waves a.s.saulted Zegion, but it doesn’t go through its absolute defense.


The same goes for that freakish strength, when compared with Zegion’s strength it was crushed.


Due to the effects of the modification, the old man who moved at high speeds to attack, was saw through by Zegion and was stopped.


In the end, they hardly lasted a minute before the last of the 7 were defeated.


I admit, if I were to fight Zegion in that form, if I can’t use my abilities even I would lose.


And due to this thought, the previous question towards Benimaru arose.



There are hidden strong individuals in this world, so one should never be careless……


An to think one such strong individual was hidden in my territory, this was something outside of my wildest imagination.


Truthfully, I’ll never truly understand this world.



And so the battle in the dungeon ended, and I have obtained another 350,000 individual’s worth of souls.


And above ground, the last battle is about to begin.

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