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Battle of the Dungeon.



Gradually, the soldiers and the generals of the empire’s army began entering the dungeon.



Each one had a rope in hand, connecting them at 3 meter intervals. There was a combat team stationed elsewhere, and they must be able to detach the rope swiftly.


Since they have already made various preparations beforehand for conquering the dungeon, their actions were quick and swift.


Through interrogating Shinji and co, Calgurio had a fair grasp of the dungeon’s structure, and prepared measures to combat getting lost in the dungeon.


While spirit mages confirmed the course ahead, a special team would disable any traps.



The combat team would work on subjugating monsters, and the a.n.a.lysis team would collect dismantled monsters and “monster cores”

TN Note: “demonic crystal stone” is the literal translation.



Money and Goods collected from the treasure boxes of various rooms would transferred to the back, and be prepared to be transported to the Command headquarters.


With the soldiers connected, they could act accordingly to the situation.


Calgurio’s plan initlally went well.


However, things started happening within.


Contacts with soldiers who entered first were cut off, causing minor disturbances.


There were also reports of rather than a labyrinth, it was a wide s.p.a.ce internally

Previously connected to staircases, an order to continue the search was issued under the a.s.sumption that it was a distorted structure.


The spirit mages reported that due to the spirits being in disarray the path would sometimes be uncertain.


Thanks to Shinji’s report, he knew that the dungeon would change its internal structure on a weekly basis.


This had caused Calgurio’s decisions to go awry



(How unlucky. We’ve just clashed with the maze’s remodeling period……)


Thinking about this, he gave his subordinates their orders.


Even, to panic so much over a changing maze, Calgurio was very dissatisfied with the empire army’s disgraceful. display.


Among the items continuously delivered from the dungeon, each and everyone of them were first rate equipment made with demon steel.



The “Monster cores” collected were also of high quality, with high energy-conversion rate.


Before all the reaped profits, the confusion was a minor problem no matter the scale.



After a whole day, the majority of the 350,000 troops had successfully entered the dungeon.



The ground troops were on standby at the dungeon’s entrance, communicating with the internal group via ropes and making preparations.


In addition, they’re work on pitching up a tent in order to place the transported riches and goods.


That’s when the actual abnormality began.


Losing contact with the soldiers within, the rope was suddenly cut.



This happened exactly when all 350,000 soldiers entered the dungeon.


They tried getting in contact, via telepathy and clairvoyance communication, but there was no reply.


Things were going well up until then, the transportation of goods from within was also interrupted then.


The means of confirming the internal conditions of the dungeon were all lost.


The entrance of the dungeon remained opened as it first was.


And yet, near the entrance within, the presence of soldiers were all gone.


With an indescribable foreboding silence, the empire’s troops felt an ominous premonition


Calgurio was no exception, as it hindered his decision-making.



However the situation is changing too rapidly, he had no time to spare worrying about those who went conquering the dungeon……


Calgurio was left with little time.






――Dungeon Stratum 61~70――



Charging through a h.o.a.rd of undead type monsters, the soldiers of the Empire army・cybernetic troops invaded deeper into the dungeon.


Having a delayed headstart, the combat group vigilantly guarded each other as they took cautious action.


To begin with, the soldiers were all individually fairly strong.


In adventurer terms, they were all at the very least above B rank.


Their bear first cla.s.s prowess.



If it’s them, they would need not panic as they dealt with monsters … … or so it should have been.


After the first day in the dungeon, things took a drastic sharp turn.


Losing all contact with the surface troops, they were completely isolated.


No, this isn’t right.


They’ve descended 9 layers.


And then, there was a large s.p.a.ce, with absolutely nothing there.


They’ve continued to descend, but once 10,000 had pa.s.sed, the stairway had disappeared.


In its place, a giant door.


Without hesitation, they’ve opened the door.






“Welcome, to mine kingdom of death, Dystopia.

Now, let us immerse in fun-filled times.

We’re holding back those behind thee, so lets begin!”


Skeleton, one word describes it all.


With Polished, pure white bones, it spoke to the empire’s troops in fluent human tongue.


Right after, a demoniac roar bellowed as if the very s.p.a.ce itself was crushed under its pressure.



And with it a Spectral dragon (death dragon).


The strongest of the undead types and the vilest of dragons, it a.s.saulted the empire’s soldiers.



The large door was swung completely open, and a continuous steam of death knight cavalry lead by a death knight charged.





The Spectral dragon (death dragon) released corrosive zombie breath from above, while the death knights began their a.s.sault from the ground.


The empire army’s numbers diminished in an flash, and the first 10,000 were wiped out in less than an hour.


After all, even if the death knights only number about a thousand, they would rise up no matter how many times they were felled.



This situation broke the minds of the empire’s soldiers, driving them to the edge of despair.


Their enemy knew neither fatigue nor death. Then, there’s the overwhelming threat from the skies known as the Spectral dragon (death dragon).



The second wave followed, and the first wave also met a similar fate.


More and more empire soldiers descended below, unbeknownst to them as they ceaselessly entered the jaws of death.






――Dungeon Stratum 71~80――



The empire’s forces traversing this level were forced in a battle against an endless swarm of insects.


An endless onslaught, the bugs attacked fiercely.

With no fear of death, they fought in their swarms without rest.



However, the amount of “Monster cores” collected were high in both quant.i.ty and quality, bringing a smile to the soldier’s faces.


They were simply endless, their individual fighting powers were nothing much.


If this were a normal adventurer party, they would be unable to rest from the endless onslaught, fatigue hampering their performance and ultimately be brought down.


However, even if there were a large quant.i.ty of bugs, the empire’s numbers are nothing to scoff at.


Switching out those who are tired, the empire can still advance as one.


Even though the contents of the dungeon didn’t match the reports, this isn’t content a single should care about, and shouldn’t mind the reports of their superiors.


There wasn’t much time to rest, and the situation is still manageable, but it’s the amount of luxurious goods they’ve obtained that brightened their mood.


For example, an earlier room had a treasure chest, and a soldier discovered a dagger within.


Glided with gold and silver, it was an expensive looking dagger. It had superior capabilities, and was made of demon steel.


A demon steel core alone would make something very expensive, yet the whole dagger was made of pure demon steel.


The soldier spoke of it with a grin.


Naturally there would be a body search afterwards, however a dagger of this degree could easily be sneaked through.


The surrounding soldiers were envious, and hoped themselves that it would be them next.


If there weren’t perks like these, it would be unbearable to fight insects in such a place.



The number of “demon cores” collected had also piled up considerably.



High purity “demon cores” were difficult to come by, yet they could be easily procured here by defeating monsters.


This alone warranted quite the bonus.


There was a feeling of loathing when the first group screamed something about specters, but they felt like they hit the jackpot with this insect-filled stratum


And so everyone’s delusion of getting lucky continuously bloated.


While some started acting carelessly, there were also those who still remained alert.


Soon, those individuals gathered secretly and formed a group, consisting of the intelligence bureau and the reconnaissance bureau.


They had originally been allocated to separate groups, but soon they gathered.


The reason is simple.


They felt danger.


“This dungeon is dangerous, the conquering plan may have already failed”


One spoke without opening their mouth.


By holding hands and communicating via telepathy, this was a unique method of communicating within the intelligence bureau.



“Ah, you noticed?
The powerful individual earlier, I think they’re known as the floor boss……”


“Ah, the one in front of the stairs right?

It’s strength is in a different league, it even took down a several high ranking soldiers.”







“Ah, it’s that guy. But, the report that followed was unbelievable.

It revived, in 3 hours.”




TN Note: Got creative. Why not

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