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First victory and the enemy main forces


Give it all you got!

I remember saying this before.


No worries, I’m not at that age where you begin forgetting things.


It hasn’t even been three years yet since I reincarnated.


Such worries are unneeded.




Are these words I spoke really something I spoke?


Yet the event I pondered about has been projected onto the big screen before me, it was but a small thought at the back of my head.


The large screen before me projected the victory of the tempest army.

That’s good.


There’s no problem with that, but the contents are too gruesome.


The extent of their error resulted in this battle developing into a one-sided stampede.


Gobuta, displayed an un-Gobuta like coolness, as he darted throughout the battlefield, destroying tanks left and right.


Gabil being Gabil, transformed into a Dragonoid Magin looking figure with a befitting strength, struck down an enemy vessel with a single, unnaturally powerful strike.


It’s not just Gabil, everyone in the Hiryu squad transforming was no laughing matter.


The Material “Dragon warriorization” was noted, but to think they could master it without going berserk.


And the decisive move, was the explosion in midair.



I’m not sure which lunatic went insane, created a hot nuclear explosion midair, and wrap the empire’s flying squad in a blazing inferno.


At that point the empire’s air force fell into an irreversible state.


with that as the kickoff, Tempest’s grand offense began.


In modern warfare, helicopters hold overwhelming advantages against tanks



Similarly, the Blue Corps and the Hiryu Squad rained their breath attack from above, dealing ma.s.sive damage to the empire’s ground troops.


However, there is a reason things are proceeding so smoothly.


This is thanks to the active role of our military intelligence officers.


With the ability to visually discern the strong, regardless of soldiers or generals, all she sees gets turned into a blood fest.


Actually, through the a.n.a.lysis of Wisdom King Raphael, there were foes boasting strength above a general mixed amongst the opponents of Veyron, Cien, Moss, and Zonda.




I’m afraid, an “Otherworlder”, or someone strong amongst the empire was lurking in their midst.




Quickly seeing through this, they were dealt with before the operation began.


How terrifying, the strong-discerning eye.


In the mean time, something went wrong at the rear of the empire’s army.


Displayed onto the large screen, are the smiling faces of Testarossa and Ultima.


There was no way to confirm any other survivors.


There were hundreds of tanks halted in their tracks, the reserve logistics support soldiers all fell to the ground.


Their numbers, in the ten thousands.


I can’t tell exactly what happened, but I understand something very dangerous happened



Wisdom King Raphael,


《解。大規模殲滅魔法”死の祝福”の使用を確認しました 》

《Answer. Usage of the Large-scale anniliation magic “death’s blessing” confirmed》


Answered such.


A type of nuclear strike magic, magic that utilizes demonic death rays to annihilate life, he explained,


Don’t use such dangerous magic! Even if I did cried out loud there’s no stopping this.


Anyways, victory was decided at that moment

TN Note: That’s a load of decisive factors…make up your mind.






At first I wanted to declare the end of the battle right there…but!


At that point, there was no need for this.


The remaining ten thousands of soldiers remaining of the battle, all vanished the next moment.



Quartet spell: Monster’s Arc Sanctuary was activated.




With Moss as the spearhead, 4 arc demons spread towards the 4 corners of the battlefield.



This allowed them to activate the quartet spell.


Due to the initial preparation of weeding the strong ones, there were no interferences preparing this spell.


Comparing that to the nearby Testarossa who could activate a large scale annihilation magic they’re on completely different levels.


However, they are by no means weak, it’s just a bad choice of target to compare with.



The Monster’s Arc Sanctuary, as the name suggests, has no effects on monsters.



On the contrary, Humans who are not used to Magic Essense, would experience death-inducing effects.


Once the barrier was in place, even the mages with their magic barrier collapse, the enhanced humans simply strengthened for combat needless to say, couldn’t resist the effects.



Then something terrifying happened, the flesh of those who couldn’t resist began to decompose, and turned into magic essense.


In a few minutes, even the remaining survivors, turned into magic essence.


Just like that, the first battle with the Empire’s army ended.


Or rather, the first encounter with the empire resulted in the complete destruction of their army.



They were, in every meaning of the word, completely wiped out. There’s no military term to describe this.


This was completely irrational.


All I told them was to give it their all, and this was the result.


And then towards me,






“What to say, ah. Isn’t my battle plan completely pointless now!

What’s with that, those girls! And that military intelligence officer!

But I must say even if they’re the direct subordinate of Rimuru sama, shouldn’t they explain themselves?”


Benimaru turns towards me with a smile.



Well, that’s right……right?



But there wasn’t any battle plans though?


But you know, Benimaru.


You’re not the only one who wants an explanation.


Or rather, I want someone to explain to me what’s this all about!

I couldn’t even think of any excess excuses to make……



“Those are the new comrades Diablo picked up.

I thought it would have been bad news if the enemy also had demon lord cla.s.s individuals, so I also a.s.signed them.

It looks like they gave a little too much of their best.

Well, Diablo’s going to be lecturing them from now on.”


I’ll push this onto Diablo, and dealt with it safely.


I mean, I didn’t think the demons would cause such a huge turmoil.


Those guys, are too “cool”.

TN Note: I think Rimuru means those guys are too calm about this, cool as in their characteristic.


They annihilated the enemy army, with no hesitation.




“Kufufufu. They have overdone a little, they were a little too excited.

I’ll make sure to re-educate them (completely)”




Restraint yourself! I didn’t forget to tell the smiling Diablo that.


After finishing the explanations, I’ve begun to confirm the causalities of the first battle.


In less than 2 hours since the battle began, it has ended just as quickly.


Although it seems there were a large number of injured, they have all since recovered.




Since everyone was given 10 Tempest-made mid potions to hold onto, most damages were immediately healed.


In addition, those whom I though were originally dead, thanks to the troop leaders applying their Full potions, had made a complete recovery and held onto their lives.


Under Benimaru’s command, the bait played their role perfectly.


That’s why Benimaru was unshaken.


The results, even though recovery potions were used en ma.s.ses, the total death count was 0.


This was an unthinkable big victory.


However, it’s not like we escaped damages scot-free.



There’s Gabil, and his subordinates the Hiryu squad.


Due to the unique skill 『Dragon-warriorization』 they have received major physical recoil onto their body.




This skill forcefully creates a body that would rival a dragonoid. However, they could only maintain it for 30 minutes, and it cannot be used more than once every 2 days.




Due to this reason, there would be side effects after use, causing their body to be in a harsh state of being unable to move for 48 hours.


TN Note: if they can’t move for 24 hours after using it once, how are you suppose to use it twice in a day? Makes no sense… Update: My brain doesn’t make sense. Thanks multiple folks for pointing that out.


Well, it’s great we attained victory after they gave it their all, but if they misjudged the situation this would have been a self-destructing skill.


Well, due to Gabil getting carried away, not only he, but also everyone else in the Hiryu squad had suffered the side-effect penalty.


It was fortunate it was only to this extent, it’s what they can only think now.



Then, the damages from the empire’s side……


There were no prisoners, for they have all died.



The number, 240,000.


I have obtained their souls, and thus I know the exact numbers.


This feeling, it’s like my subordinates are collecting souls for me.


There was a short period right when the battle started, it felt like I was collecting souls at a torrential rate.


If collecting 10,000 souls would allow a demon lord to evolve into an awaken demon lord, what would happen if you collect 240,000 souls?


The answer, Nothing! That’s it.


When I awakened as a true demon lord, one could say I have reached the peak of my evolution.


Well of course.


IF it was otherwise Guy would have long driven humans to extinction, reaping all their souls.


I think he probably intuitively realized he couldn’t evolve anymore, thus he restraint himself from slaughtering.


However, this could be used for things other than one’s own evolution.

規定量[魂:10万個]を使用して、配下の進化を行いますか? YES/NO 》

《Notice. The predetermined amount of souls has been obtained.

Currently, it can be used on two members connected via soul link.

Possible targets, are monsters named below.

Ranga, Benimaru, Shion, Gabil, Gerudo,

Diablo, Testarossa, Ultima, Carrera

k.u.mara, Zegion, Adalman.

Those with the qualifications to awaken as the demon lord, are those above.

Set amount [souls:100,000] will be consumed. Would you like to evolve your subordinates? YES/NO 》



Wisdom King Raphael just said some pretty absurd things.


One way or another, it seems I have obtained enough souls to grant someone the qualifications to awaken as the demon lord.



However, their cost is 10 times above me.


This is something no one knows about until now.


If someone knew, this would have been an economical way to simply allow one’s comrade to become a demon lord.


Perhaps guy might know.


That’s why, he probably hosts the Walpurgis as a superior and gather everyone, choosing the worthy among them as comrades.


There might also be other reasons beside that.


Perhaps I’ve overestimated him, or maybe there are some other unknown reasons.




Even though I simply say 100,000 souls, it’s a number that can only be attained from ma.s.sacring a major city.


That’s not something you do on a whim.



I noticed afterwards, but “connected via soul link” was mentioned.



Most likely, this meant being soul linked via being “named”.


Evolving after being named. I’ve recklessly used this, but I’ve realized recently that doing so also comes with risks.


Consuming a large amount of magic essence as the cost, then link via the weakened body.

Then, the remaining magic essence is stored up, only expending when needed.



This could only be done, since there’s a convenient skill, my Gluttony king Beelzebub’s pouch.

TN Note: that storage ability.



If they didn’t have my skill, they wouldn’t be able to easily access the stored magic essence, those who had “Named” would have understood this easily.


That’s why it’s better if there were fewer soul-linked subordinates.


I can’t deny this is a privilege granted only to me.

TN Note: he (?) means naming a lot of subordinates without a care.




This incident, lets just end it with a NO.


I felt that this was quite the close shave, and then there’s the bother of choosing who.


And the selections of the qualified are also questionable.



If we’re only going by the amount of Magic essence, then Souei should also be qualified.


Because I’m not sure about the details, lets leave it aside for now.





However, more than 200,000 people have died.


It’s a ma.s.sacre.


Even so, my heart feels no pain.


I’ve already became a demon lord, and killed 10,000 people with my own hands, there’s no excuse for that.


The slain also have families, but if I think like this it’s just going to go on and on.


Then, are the ones who sent their families to their doom sinless? If I think like this the responsibilities are endless.


If there is war, then there will be death.


If the people opt for war, then one should be responsible for not opposing to it.


Be it a const.i.tutional state or an imperial government, this will not change.



Ignorance is sin.


Saying I don’t know is not a valid excuse. Those with a lack of imagination have also sinned.


Their relatives entered battle without the conviction to die, it’s pointless to complain afterwards.


To aim cannon fires at civilians is wrong as a nation and as a person, but even if we decimated the invading forces they have no right to complain.


That’s because we too, entered the battlefield with the conviction of being wiped out.


Even though there’s zero persuasion coming from me who falters when his subordinates were wounded.


Emotions and reasons are different, lets wrap up with that.


Besides, the war isn’t over yet.



It seems the empire’s main forces, consists of 700,000 ground troops, entering from the west borders of the Dwarven Kingdom and the Great Jura Forest, invading towards Tempest.


This isn’t the time to be sentimental.











It’s been a week since the battle has started, and the empire’s main forces has finally entered our territory.


The tanks were retrieved thanks to Gobuta, and the wreckages of the airship were also ordered to be retrieved.


Gabil who has returned was ordered to work alongside Gobuta.


There’s no need to be in a hurry to return, Benimaru had already issued thus.


Sure, this was a great victory.


However I musn’t be careless, we too have a second force, and Diablo seems rather active.


As the military intelligence officer, Carrera is now following Gerudo.


And, within the control rooms Testarossa and co have also returned.


However, if the empire’s army also have strong individuals, then they must be allowed to attack.


The other executives also seem pretty pumped up.



Shion too wants to head out to battle,


“Those Demons, they’re too flashy!

If I was there, I would have show them what true strength is all about!”


She said, regretting the fact she didn’t leave for the battlefields,


“Weren’t you suppose to be my guard?”


After I asked her, she frantically regained her composure.


And now she’s completely obedient, when something happens it would be fine to order her to attack.


Since we’re at the deepest part of the dungeon, it’s going to take the enemy some time to reach here.



Thinking about our remaining forces, it’s small compared to the enemy’s 700,000


However, the quality of our soldiers are completely different, putting aside the executives, even the soldiers at the far end are getting movitated.


It would seem my orders are effective, for it has raised their Morales.


What to do next, is the problem.


We could ignore them or give them a flashy warning, but the battle has already been declared.


Even if we launched a surprised attack, you can’t exactly call it cowardly.


However, a small number of surprise attacks will have a limited effect, should we use nuclear strike magic?


No, should I give them a proper warning?


But everyone’s so eager to present more souls to me, I would just be dampening their eagerness.


What would do I do with the souls collected anyways, I don’t even know why I’m thinking about this.



Demons, seem to have a liking for the residue emotions engraved onto the soul.


No way in h.e.l.l would I want that stuff.



Still, 700,000 people.


Enough to awaken 7 of my subordinates, it’s kind of scary when you think about it.

TN Note: Translation: they’re destined to be fodder before it even began.


To begin with, we should plan how to attain victory without any sacrifices on our side.


Our best bet, is to lure them into the dungeon.


If it’s within the dungeon, the casualties of our army can be reduced to 0.


Or rather, since we can also treat the monsters within the dungeon as part of the attack force, the strength of our forces would drastically increase.



If that’s so, even if we disregard quality our numbers could be on par with 700,000.



Benimaru’s battle plan, is to position the second corps in front of Tempest, thoroughly solidifying our defenses.



After that, we’ve sorted out the enemy’s intelligence, and confirmed some strong individuals in the mix.


In reality, even though modern warfare is determined by numbers, in this world it’s the strong who turn the tides of battle. This has already been proven in the first battle.


This is the theory behind prioritizing weeding out the threatening ones first.




Certainly, magic barriers probably can’t defend against an average nuclear strike magic.



However, it definitely cannot defend against “Death’s blessing”


Should I form a demons special attack force composed of only military intelligence officers to annihilate the enemy?


I thought about it for an instant. No, if we did that, it would also wreck ma.s.sive havoc onto the forest.


Above all, if this were during a defensive situation, we would lose our greatest attack forces.


The enemy large army’s defense is basically rather well prepared, there will be those who could deploy a holy barrier.


When Moss and co first went to pluck out the strong individuals, there were some that could erect a said barrier.


There would be no point in using a large scale annihilation if the enemy have the means to defend against it.


In terms of battle tactics I’m just an amateur, Benimaru’s more skiled in this matter. I’ll leave it all to him, while I simply play the role of the figurehead.



In end, the warnings were left unneeded.


The forces moving south from the direction of the old Pharmas kingdom, naturally is also aiming for Tempest.


Just in case, if they started attacking the old Pharmas kingdom, we would initiate an attack from their rear, but this is just a baseless fear.


Currently, A new kingdom is being raise in Pharmas, by Youmu.


Secretively giving us support from behind the scenes, they no longer have any strength to go to battle. Amidst that, they’ve given us surveillance support.


I really didn’t want them to get in harm’s way, so I was relieved by this.


On a side note, the Dwarf King offered us his support, but we replied and said we can handle it.


Leaving this, we asked for permission to go through their territory.


After gathering up everyone’s opinions, we’re the only ones who are needed for the final decision.


The Dwarf King has also helped us with surveillance, and information subsequently started flowing in.


However, we didn’t really need it, but we accepted it out of goodwill.


Using Surveillance magic allows us to monitor scenes one by one, it’s really convenient for times like this.


tentatively, we let Souei’s subordinates do the monitoring, not needing to worry about any illusions displayed on the moniters.



With this feeling, we proceeded to prepare for the second battle.


Since the holy knights invaded using the same route, we prepared an entrance to the dungeon along the way.



In case, if the empire ignores the dungeon and heads straight for tempest, the volunteers in the dungeon can come out and attack from the back.


Although the pincer attack can compensate for the lack in numbers, we’re going to have to be prepared to make major sacrifices.


We’ll respond based on the action they take.


Preferably, we hope at least half of them will enter the dungeon.



I don’t know whether my wish would come through, but I hope it would progress as I hoped it would.



The Troops pa.s.sing by the dungeon and headed towards Tempest number 200,000.



The enemy encamped in the dungeon’s vicinity number 500,000.


Probably whilst confirming the status of Tempest’s invasion, and also plotting how to capture the dungeon.


It seems they were surprised about the sudden disappearance of the cities around the dungeon, and without hesitation changed to dungeon capturing.


What greedy people.


Having them focus completely on either one would be bad news for us.


To be precise, it would be fine if they bit the dungeon bait, but if the whole army heads for the capital then a harsh battle is unavoidable.


Despite calling it a skirmish, it’s actually a decoy for the main army, but once this intelligence was leaked, then it loses its purpose.


Unless it’s absolutely necessary, dividing one’s forces is a fundamentally foolish move.


Although it’s the thoughts of an amateur, but I was thinking about taking them down one by one.




In reply to my murmurs,



“Ah……our victory”


Benimaru replied happily.



In sooth, tactics wise it’s our victory.


Afterwards, as long as they don’t defeat us with brute strength, it’s our victory.


“It’s great the idiots entered the labyrinth”


“That’s true. However, this is thanks to Rimuru sama scattering the bait beforehand.

Above all it’s great they’ve bit it.”


“that’s true.

Although I’m not sure what’s Yuuki’s objective, however the sown bait causing them to split apart is the best possible outcome

Besides, we’re simply aiming for the empire to stir within.

Well, all we have to do is simulate their desires, they couldn’t possibly ignore the dungeon.

Worse case scenario, the capital would be burn to cinders, and our decisive battle would take place in the dungeon.”


“If it’s nothing serious, the capital would probably be safe and sound.

Depending on the situation, I would head out myself.”


When Beimaru said so,


“There’s no need for that.

Rimuru sama, before Benimaru heads out, can you allow me to go first?”


Shion appealed.


Well, being my personal guard is an important role, but the control room’s the safest place.


They can simply teleport back immediately, and there’s also Testa and Ul who’s reflecting by my side due to excessive violence.

TN Note: Who? Update: Yeah it was Testa and Ul. Special thanks everyone who pointed it out.


Besides, Veldora’s also watching the battle right next to me, so it’s not dangerous as to the point we would need guards.


It wouldn’t be a problem.


“It would be hard if it’s only Gerudo’s forces, your corps also need some experience.

I’ll permit you to go. But, don’t go overboard!”


“Wa wa, Thank you very much!”


Shion smiled from ear to ear, gave Benimaru a “How’s that!” smug look, and left the control room.


Diablo also bowed to me, and left with a likewise ear-to-ear smile.


It’s going to be difficult to stop Diablo.


After all, he’s the most motivated one of them all.


Benimaru shrugged his shoulders, and gave up the notion of entering the fray.


And so, he stayed with me and was mixed into the spectating group.


It’s a joke for the supreme commander to be in the front lines, however if you ask me if this is natural I would say of course it is.



And so, the decisive battle against the empire’s 700,000 troops has begun.

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