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Great war outbreak –The beginning of the trampling-


All the monsters on the battle, heeded the words of their master (Rimuru) through their souls.


He who has accepted their trust and loyalty, their absolute ruler.


The monster’s hearts were filled with joy, as they left it to their welling impulse to unleash their mana.

TN Note: this doesn’t sound right…man I am out of practice


Due to living in the town, their magic essence which were suppressed in consideration of their environment was unleashed, and the surrounding concentration of magic essence went up a level.


No longer, do they have anything to fear.


What they have now, is the urge to enter the battlefield.



Gobuta winked to his vice captain, and beckoned him over.


In this battle, moving as a group would instead breed danger.


After observation, and (without permission) discussing with Wisdom King Raphael, it was concluded that the battle tank’s main cannon is aimed visually.


Thus, if the enemy treated the group as a single monster, their actions would be easily predicted and them aimed at.


skilled, synchronized movements would instead be dangerous.


“henceforth, all groups are allowed to attack at will.

The Ogre Wolves will act as the leaders, leading the Green Corps.

Remember to always keep in contact with telepathy, while taking free action, do not forget to cooperate.”


TN Note: 星狼鬼衆 is read as “Star wolf Oni squad”, but the text above オーガウルフ called it Ogre Wolf”.


“Understood. What will you do then General Gobuta?”


“I have no time to spare horsing around.

Our lord is watching us.

I can’t make an unsightly example out of myself, it’s time to get serious.”


Looking at his eyes, the vice captain has realized Gobuta’s seriousness



A sight rarely seen, the boss being serious.


May the tides of battle be in your favor! After he replied, the vice captain had issued the command to the whole army.


TN Note: the original blessing was 御武運を, which is an encouragement and a blessing for safe returns during the Sengoku era.


And then,


“Don’t get caught up in the collateral damage! General Gobuta is getting serious!!”


he didn’t forget to mention this.


Amongst the Ogre wolves, many became subordinates the same time as Gobuta, and they all know very well about Gobuta’s Genius Characteristics.


With abnormally high leadership ability, and skills are mastered abnormally quick under his tutelage.


Not to mention, his personal combat capability can not be summed by a single sentence.


While his commanding abilities are completely hopeless, his superior intuition nulls this.


In fact, there might even be hits of insights from someone else, and making prompt decisions.

TN Note: *cough cough unauthorized actions, cough cough.


That gobuta, had determined that the entire army acting in unison was a bad move, and breaking up was the right answer.





And due to the fact Gobuta had obtained the unique skills “Demon wolf summon” and “Demon wolf Union”, not even the combinded might of the Ogre Wolves could overcome him. He’s strong.



As they knew this well, they took swift action.


Just like that, Gobuta rushed towards the enemy lines by his lonesome.


He sighted the artilleries of the tank aiming this way,



“Now then, lets rumble! Demon Wolf Union!!”


In an instant, black mist surrounded Gobuta.


(I’ve been waiting, Gobuta. Oh Rimuru sama, bear witness to our power!)


Ranga spoke with his conscious,


“Let’s show him something nice. Let’s go!”


Their inner magic power was released.


The black mist suddenly disappeared as if sucked into Gobuta, clad in the black wolf, a single Goblin warrior appeared.


With two ominous horns protruding, a humanoid black wolf.


Its black pelt hardened, sending even tank sh.e.l.ls bouncing off.



When Gobuta howled, “Black Lightning” descended from the skies and onto the tank troops, creating a dazzling gleam as it clashed with the defense barrier enchanted onto the tank.


Observing the situation, it does indeed have an effect on lightning strikes.


except, their lightning resistance isn’t omni-potent, and would deal severe damages to the delicate machine parts.



Gobuta laughed.


(This, ain’t no big deal)


And so, lets get it started.


Gleefully, Gobuta bounded onto the battlefields.


Moving around at the speed of sound, before long, the empire’s tank troops could no longer see him with the naked eye.


In the face of the resounding thunder, the action of the tanks fell into disarray.




“Now~then, can you catch up with me? Dance with the Gale Wolves!!”



A black gale darts through the battlefield as it strikes and destroys the empire’s tank troops with sonic booms.



Eventually, the shock waves became a tornado, and the “Gale of Destruction” became the “Tornado of Destruction”.

TN Note: I know 嵐 is storm, but storm sounds stronger than tornado imo…




With calculated movement, the effectiveness of the attack to the opposing army is increased.



The formidable Gobuta’s annihilation of the enemy troops, that is the Dance with the Gale Wolf.


A corner of the battlefield has begun to collapse.




As Gobuta begun his Peerless act on the ground, changes were also occurring in the skies.



Gabil has led the third corps.



When Gabil has heard Rimuru’s voice,


“Hear me! We, shall tread the path of Asura!!”


He declared.


The monster’s expressions all tightened instantly.


Gabil continued



“Blue Corps, your training is still lacking.

That’s why, go support the ground troops!

Don’t do anything reckless, just proceed as we’ve always trained”



“But, those flying things――Airships――Their numbers……”


“That’s no problem! You have nothing to worry about, and there’s no need to hold back!”


It’s a shame there wasn’t any aerial combat training conducted, no pointing mulling over this now.


that is a topic for after the war.



The Blue corps heeded Gabil’s orders, and left the air s.p.a.ce.


Despite away from Gabil’s command, they each individually supported the group troops.


Due to recieving support from the skies, the land troops also increased in momentum.


After Gabil was a.s.sured, he stared at the Empire aerial troops in front of him.


“Hiryu squad, Who rules the great skies?”


“We, the Tempest Hiryu squad!!”


“That is so. Those who tarnish our skies, must be given punishment.

This is Rimuru sama’s orders.

Everyone, attack without restraint!

Don’t lose yourselves though ok? All units, initiate “dragon-warriorization”

TN Note: what do you think about “Dragon-warrior conversion”? or do we already have a name?




The Hiryu squad, had responded to Gabil’s command.


named “Dragon-warriorization”, this is their trumpt card.


Their fighting strength increased drastically, but so too does their ferocity.


In order to inhibit their destructive impulse, it has been sealed until now.

However, Rimuru’s orders were to go all out, so that’s that.

There is no room for hesitation.



“Dragon mode!!”
TN Note: Chuuni mode…



Simultaneously, the hiryu squad unleashed their original strength.


Tempest’s strongest squad, their true strength was released in an instant.


Scarlet black muscles quickly expanded, their surface covered by jet black scales.




Their sizes grew 1.5 times, their volume and ma.s.s significantly increased.


Attack, and defense.


Needless to say, it was incomparable to their pre-transformation.



If they lost their sense of self, then this would be a simple transformation of brute strength……


but they had beautifully kept their ego.


In this moment the true dragon warriors were born.

“Each person, sinking one airship. Can you do it?”


“Of course!!”


“Then, lets have a go at it!!”


listening to Gabil’s signal, the dragon warriors all moved at once.


The Empire Tiger’s son aerial squad, are not naught by pitiful


That is because, “Dragon-warriorization” mode’s special effect nullifies any magic.




Even the natural effects of “G.o.d’s wrath Meggido” is nullified.



A barrier that nullifies any and every natural phenomenon and magic protects their body




Their magic essence is A rank or higher [EP:40,000~60,000], equivalent or greater than a greater Majin.



Needless to say, if it’s that Gabil who was already a strong individual to begin with……




boasting a ridiculous amount of magic essense, he was a fierce warrior.


And, with this strength,



“Behold! My special attack! Whorl tide strike!!”


airflow-like whorls spiraled, the moistures in the atmosphere gathered at one point, and a whirlpool of magic had devoured a ship whole.



Even the magic barrier of 100 mages was crushed without resistance.


Correction, it was instantly sunk.


Gabil spoke soulfully.


“Fuhahaha! There’s more where that came from.

For those who couldn’t sink a single ship, brace yourselves got it?”



Upon hearing this the hiryu squad stiffened.



That’s because, there’re less than 100 ships left afloat. There will inevitably be some who can’t meet the status quo.


Noticing this at the same time, the hiryu squad made a mad scramble towards the ships, each looking for a target to strike.




Major general Faraga was left dumbstruck by the view before him.



The magic barrier has activated as usual, acting as the shield of the floating fortress.


One of such airships, was felled by a monster’s single strike.



The dragonewts were a rare race, with a fighting strength that give them their nickname the humanoid dragon.



When only 100 of them were left, he had a bad premonition……


suddenly, he received a report from the observation squad that their strength suddenly swelled.



The bad feeling he had when the wyvern riders retreated, anomalies began to show.


more precisely, what he witnessed was a transformation.


The remaining dragonewts, wielding strength surpa.s.sing even wyverns, began a.s.saulting the airships.


Magic output was instantly increased, but to no avail.


It’s as if magic itself was ineffective.


(d.a.m.n it, how could this stupid c.r.a.p happen!)



Using magic canceller would dull a monster’s movement.


Using this principle, he tried weakening the opponent, but they were moving too fast for him to see.


However, the commanded felt that the initial strike had no weakening effect on them whatsoever.


and he understood, their strength is on a completely different dimension.




Trying to pinpoint all the magic canceller devices on a single individual is impossible.



It couldn’t be……


(Could it be, is that individual “veldora”!?)

Faraga senselessly confirmed his own thoughs.



I see, rumors say his strength was weakened after being freed, so his deformed shape was due to being weakened……


No, that’s not even its final form, but based on that ridiculous power, it’s impossible to imagine what would he be like prior to being sealed.


But if it’s now he would be easy to kill.


Faraga realized this, and was about to order a focused attack,


“Hey? Do you not even serve tea to guest here?

I’m thirsty?”


A bishoujo with her bluish purple hair tied to a ponytail, had sat down at the lieutenant’s seat who knows when.


Donning a full military suit, she had an appearance unbefitting of her age.


(Where did she come from?! No, that’s not the problem here ――)


“Who the h.e.l.l are you?”


No one other than Faraga Major General noticed, and his subordinates only realized after looking back.


No anomalies were detected within the ship.



And yet, the girl just sat there like it’s completely natural.


“Who am I, you asked? My name is Ultima.

I came here to ask about various things.

You guys are gonna die soon right?

That’s why, I came here to enquire before that happens!”


With an innocent smile, the shoujo said.


However, Faraga Major general felt an indescribable feeling of hesitance towards the shoujo.



For example, the overwhelming type of feeling he has towards the strong like the royal guards of the king……


No, if he doesn’t take caution he would be in danger.


(まさか……この俺が、恐怖を感じているのか? こんな少女に!?)

(It can’t be…….I, am feeling fear? Towards this young girl!?)


However, the girl before him, is an abnormal existence that infiltrated the vessel alone.


Faraga took out his army sword, and took a stance against the shoujo.


Faraga has great confidence in his swordsmenship.


In active service, his confidence would not wane even against a rank A adventurer.


The air around Faraga changed, forming an unseen thread of tension between her and the young girl.


“What do you want to ask about?”


Faraga asked.



The young girl――Ultima――Nodded gleefully,


“The structure of this ship, it’s operation method. The battle forces within the empire. How many strong individuals there are, and the ins and outs of this army.

Ah, and various other things.

Don’t worry. Even if you don’t talk, I can just rip the knowledge out of you.”


She spoke non-chalantly.




“Fool, I can’t follow you at all. Before you, is one such strong individual!”


Major General Faraga took the chance whilst Ultima was speaking, leapt forth as he raised his sword above his head and slashed down.


A swords skill he often taught his subordinate, a sword slash at the level of a master.


A strike that not even a Majin could escape, a

sure-kill strike that would spilt one in half.



“Then, lets start with you”



He heard a voice from his back.


Major General Faraga’s sure-kill move, let alone killing Ultima who was suppose to be sitting on the seat, couldn’t even touch her as it sliced air.


And, the impossible happened, she should be seated before him, yet when he noticed she was now behind her.


“What was that?!”

Next to Faraga who turned around in a hurry, a round lump of something flew right next to him.


Blecha*! And it smashed into the wall turning into a stain.


The mage whose head was liberated collapsed onto the floor, convulsing as if he still had thought.


“Nothing important here. More where that came from~”


and so, she casually pulled off another head, and repeating this act of littering after several seconds.


The bridge was dyed in the screams of disappear as it turned into h.e.l.l.


“E, Everyone, use the magic canceller!!

The Target is the Demon in front of you!!”


The mages who feel into panic regained their composure after hearing Faraga’s words.


Frantically, they all pointed their magic canceller towards Ultima.


“Heh, so this is the magic canceller?

Some kind of new weapon? It might be lethal towards monsters.

However, what’s the point in doing this?”


tilting her heat cutely, Ultima asked.


“Haha, you’re done for you b.i.t.c.h. Don’t get you can get away alive!”


Faraga replied with confidence, and give his subordinate the signal.


The soldier who’re looking at Ultima, all raised their muskets.


“Use the bullets for killing demons!

She’s the worse kind an arc demon. Don’t get carless!”


Heeding Faraga’s orders, while the enemy’s movements were obstructed with magic canceller, the soldiers begin loading the bullets.






“Hmm~, I still don’t get it.

This thing, it’s based on the magic interference theory right?

This would have an effect if the magic essence is in the physical body right?

However, there’s no point if it’s someone like me who’s simply possessing a flesh right?

In fact, let alone would it effect a lesser demon, it’s not gonna work at all on us higher existences.

Just like how you naturally breath, magic naturally occurs from our thoughts.

Like this here wind.”



As soon as she’s finish talking, she suddenly disappeared, and one of the soldier’s heads were sent flying.


She moved in an instant, and ended a soldier’s life.


“hm? A simple movement, and a person’s head was sent flying.

Using your words, I’m moving at supersonic speed.

But, there were no shockwaves, no? that’s because, this movement is based on magic.

And then this.”


With a flick of her wrist, she created an afterimage.


Immediately after, DON! Along with the sound of impact, a soldier’s head ruptured.


“If I do this, in accordance of the laws of physics, I can create shockwaves”


From Ultima’s explaination, Faraga finally understands.


From the tales of a foreign country, filled with an exotic feeling.


He understood it instinctively yet he rejected it consciously.


Arc Demon? Is this what they’re really like?

Considering his own strength, even if he can’t beat an arc demon he could still stall for time.


If there were several of those his own caliber, it isn’t an impossible foe.





How matter how much he struggle, he see no means of victory against the girl before him.


“H, hiiii! A monster!!”


The soldiers and mages had fallen into complete chaos.


Before the existence equivalent to the embodiment of death, it was a natural reaction.


“Now then, hm. Then, let’s resume with the questioning~!!”


The cheerful voice of the girl, was the last thing the panicking crowd heard.


Several minutes later.


Ultima who has obtained all the available information, has happily left the ship.


As the military intelligence officer, her duty is to take said intelligence home.




Are the results satisfying was not determined by her, but by her superior.


Then, as she was departing the ship,


“Oh, right right. We’re permitted to use our full strength”


she muttered as she remembered, and invoked a spell.


As soon as Ultima flew out, she activated her spell, and the whole ship was engulfed in a fireball.


A type of nuclear strike magic, nuclear flame, leaving behind no trace.


The fireball quickly expanded, and created an explosion.


The first wave of damage was from ultra high temperature fire, and the second from the explosion’s shockwaves.


The explosions send shrapnel flying all directions, puncturing through nearby ships.

the shrapnel flew at supersonic speed, increasing the damage inflicted.


A great catastrophe happened midair, and none of the hiryu squad was harmed as if planned.



Nope, since some didn’t reach the quota, indirectly harmed victims appeared afterwards……

TN Note: friendly reminder – those who didn’t sink a single ship get a punishment, and Ultima’s actions decreased the get-out-of-jail tickets further for the dragonewts.


Ultima wasn’t aware of such a thing.


Due to the big explosion, the match was set.


The empire’s air force who originally entered battle with an advantage had left behind the disgraceful record of complete annihilation.

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