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Great War Outbreak – Agitation and Resolution- 152話 大戦勃発 -動揺と覚悟-   The war had begun. It’s happened earlier than I expected. The final warning line that Testarossa pointed out was stepped over by the empire forces without any hesitation. At that moment, the Eastern Empire and Monster’s Country Tempest fell into state of war. 戦争が始まった。

  As an immediately reaction, Benimaru’s instruction are transmitted into the first and the third corps by Thought Link. Tempest Military forces begun the mobilization simultaneously. Since the power of the tank cannon is unknown, it’s a suicidal action to stays at the same position carelessly. There’s still some distance before the contact of both armies, but we can’t be careless as the effective range of the enemy weapon still not clear. The most striking point of difference between the former world and this world tank might be its short barrel. Inside the Jura Great Forest where tress grow thickly, there stood some trade routes. The tank corps come invading from the east pa.s.sed through the meadows and crossing the large river but its turret length make it wouldn’t cause any trouble when rotating the gun turret even inside a forest with dense trees. It’s questionable whether this had any effect on its accuracy and its range, but judging from the performance of the weapon they carrying such like the rifle from a while ago, I thought that the this situation was clearly a problem. The rifle from a while ago was silent and has no recoil. At least, it’s only an actual detailed scene that projected onto the large screen that can’t reproduce the audio. If there’s a person on the actual site, they can use video crystal to transmit the video on the monitor together with the audio, but I can’t reproduce the audio using the surveillance magic. Oh well, as the magic processed the image waveform via high alt.i.tude light source, lagging will surely occurs if I try to transmit the audio.
一斉に行動を開始するテンペスト勢。 戦車砲の威力が定かでは無い以上、迂闊に同じ位置に留まるのは自殺行為だ。
Only, this was not the level that Raphael could correct. Is it more easy to understand if I use an a.n.a.logy of a thunder? Since there was several second lag from the light, it wouldn’t be able to transmit if it also burdened with sound information[1]. That’s why I couldn’t determine whether the rifle before was silent or not from the image of the large screen, but the matter became clear that the rifle was silent from the Thought Report coming from Testarossa. In this case, it can be said that that this gun is a magic tools. It subst.i.tuted the gunpowder with magic formula. Certainly, the tank will have the same technology, no recoil, the precision will be high to some extent and soundless. The rest to be determined are its range and power. I am not fight personally, but it’s more worrisome from what I thought just by seeing my companion’s fight. But, the only thing I could do currently is a situation a.s.sessment. Let’s watch this fight attentively.  こればかりは、ラファエルによる修正が可能なレベルでは無かったのだ。

  Before situation ensues, I stated my opinion of using the improved〈Physics Magic〉”Megiddo (G.o.d’s Wrath)”. But, Benimaru rejected that idea――probably after he had consulted with Raphael. There seems to be some reasons. First, to began to walk on the road as a country, they can’t always relying on the Demon Lord that is their king―― that’s me. If they are aware that this is their country and don’t have any intention to defend their own country, then they don’t have the qualification to live in this country. That is the first reason. The next one is the weakness of ”Megiddo (G.o.d’s Wrath)”. Being possible to activate it while I sitting inside the control room, it’s a formidable magic. However, there will be some countermeasures of it when its materials are exposed. Because I exterminated everyone last time, there’s no information leak about”Megiddo (G.o.d’s Wrath)”. But, Benimaru explained that in this kind of war right now, if I used it carelessly there abound to be a survivor and it’s certain that it will be coped with immediately. High temperature rays of bundled sunlight is its real ident.i.ty, and evasion by sight is almost impossible. However, some extent of protection can be acquired if it’s coated with materials that possess heat insulation effect. I judged that it’s not easy to destroy the tank when the tank corps appeared. Because I may not penetrate the tank if I don’t raise the power and converge it to 10.000 degrees. Also, I can expect there will be no blazing explosion as it not moved by fuel.
I may penetrate it, but it might not stop the tank’s movement. I can said that its power is tremendous for anti-personnel magic, but it’s a different story when such modern weapon comes out. Perhaps, it will be easier to just blow them all with a normal nuclear strike magic. In that case, it’s necessary to deal with the magician who put up barrier first, and in the end it proceed into a war we will dragged into bog of wars, and this is...... Not a wouldn’t be a story that turn out well. Then, should I only aims at the personnel? So I thought, but I can comprehend that this impossible even for me. I was peerless against Farmas Kingdom, it was possible because I had confronted them personally on the site. If I’m going to shoot I precisely, I need to prepare various relay points to utilized the reflection of the light. That was impossible while seeing through the large screen. Still this is because I can’t accurately grasp the s.p.a.ce with『Magic Power Perception』since there are s.p.a.ce between me and the battlefield. So for a far ranged attacks, it will always come down from the sky. I can surely understand Benimaru’s argument, because it can be expected that they will take measures against it if I uses it hurriedly, it seemed I need to ascertain the situation before I use it. Then, my job is to watch since I gave Benimaru the right to command. 貫通させた程度で、戦車の動きを止める事は出来ないかも知れないのだ。
じゃあ、人だけ狙い撃てば? と思ったが、これは自分でも無理だと理解出来た。

  With such reason, I was watching the battlefield. Gobuta’s corps moves to the flank direction smoothly with perfect ordered movement. Probably, the empire forces will try to grasp their position with monster detection magic. From here, it’s a match of skill and speed.
Gobuta was going as Benimaru’s intention, striking the flank side of the tank corps with their speed that utilize the speed of thunder. They were quicker than the rotation of the tank turret, and their aim was to slipped into the tank front side. They withdraw after giving a blow to the infantry unit which was placed to protect the blind spot of the tank turret. Their refined beautiful movement was projected on the large screen. I can clearly understand that their mobility is high that even from the image which Souei’s intelligence photography corps sends. Like a huge monster running through the battlefield as one pleases. そんな訳で、俺は戦場を見守っていた。

  At the same time, a battle has also begun in the sky. The third corps that Gabil led which lie hidden in the sky attacked the airships. The enemy seemed to be considerably surprised by this and was not able to deal with them immediately. As a result, they succeed in sinking about three of them in an instant. It was the result of the repeated hit and run of all members to attacking in waves without being greedy. Even Gabil can considerably handled the training of his subordinates, and it seems he acquired a remarkable air combat forces. There’s not much power in the fireball the wyvern breathe out. But, maybe thanks to the fact of everyone concentrating the attacks on a single spot, the numerous fireb.a.l.l.s that they breathed out penetrate the airship’s magic barrier. However, the original strategy planning is to attack the ground from the sky. Even thought they didn’t a.s.sumed that the battle would becomes a mutual air combat, what might be called as great strenuous efforts had brought a splendid result. 同時に、上空でも戦闘が開始されていた。

  Gobuta and Gabil. Those two show the greatest result of their training and achieve result in their first actual combat. However, not everything will go smoothly. It will be proved immediately.


  Lieutenant general Gastar, bitterly glares at the approaching cavalry. (These d.a.m.ned people are getting c.o.c.ky!!) He clear his mind from anger as the monsters approaching in the front. Together with the terror planted by the scarlet hair Testarossa not long ago. The monsters who can only do hit and run may not damaging the tank no matter how fast they moved. He quickly orders his subordinate to prepared the tank cannon. With the sh.e.l.l type that packed magic essence and raised the destructive power, that’s a beam type that fire the converged magic essence in the air. If it’s a sh.e.l.l, it’s possible to rapid fire it though the quant.i.ty is limited. In case it’s a beam, energy charge takes time of a little for three minutes but there’s no quant.i.ty limitation for it. Because it’s possible to alternately shot the two types, the beam type is shot first and the normal sh.e.l.l is shot during the charge of the next sh.e.l.l. The tank cannon preparation was completed according to Lieutenant general Gastar’s order. (In the first place, what those guys in the sky do. They should have shooting from the sky including the ground sweeping!)*
Gastar commanded the tank in the outer circ.u.mference of the corps to aim and shoot the cannon to the surroundings trees while getting angry at the carelessness of his colleague. The tank corps expands the battlefield by mowing down the surroundings trees while alternatively in sequence. In the first place, despite how large the trade route is, it’s small if three tanks form a line. Because they were at disadvantage as the enemy setting up surprise attack with speed higher than a wild animal from the gaps of the overcrowded trees. First of all, they began to make it advantageous to them by transforming the battlefield. The subordinates who received the order handle the task plainly without being fl.u.s.tered. The neighboring trees are moved down without taking much time and wide s.p.a.ce enough to operate the tank was opened. As the result, the superiority the first corps which led by Gobuta was lost as the obstacle where they run away and hid were disappear. 同僚の怠慢に腹を立てつつ、周囲の樹木目掛けて外周部隊の戦車砲を放つように命じた。

  A fierce battle also started in the sky. At the first, they were caught off guard and suffered some lost but Major General Faraga who commanded 100 airships of the Aerial Fighter Legion was a capable man. In the current mission, the cornerstone of the anti-Veldora containment strategy was the airship which could be called as air fortress was installed with the largest magic canceller generating device. Piloting it was the elite wizard cla.s.s member who command the magicians. Adjustment of the magic amplification cannon was everything also the magic barrier that always protect the airship. Furthermore, Shield (Wall Shield), which is a magic to deal with physical attacks, is amplified to prevent attacks to the airship. A superficial attack will not pa.s.s it, actually after the first wave of attack, the airship didn’t suffer any damage from the wyvern’s fireball. Major General Faraga unconsciously sprout a smile, and regained his composure. When becoming calm he feel resentment as three airship had sunk after being surprised by the likes of Wyvern. The deployment of Shield was not in time and the attack surpa.s.s the magic barrier, that was the proof of his carelessness. With such anger he face towards the approaching Wyverns,
  「Counterattack! To magicians who stand by at the magic amplification cannon station, begin the spell chant!」
「反撃だ! 魔法増幅砲台に待機する魔法使いは、呪文詠唱を開始せよ!」
  So, he issued an order. The spell of the magician who usually fire it was amplified to 20 times of its power by  the magic amplification cannon. The cannon is only on its name, actually it’s just a pedestal with ability to amplified the used magic. Huge spell control orb was made with magic stone which had high purity――Originally, orb which attached to the staff is as big as a fist ――due to spell amplification effect, various large-scale magic were able to be casted. To the battlefield in the sky, light of dazzling magic dance wildly with lighting and blizzard and fire and wind blade. Of course, Gabil and his corps who became the target couldn’t be said to be safe from it.

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