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To the Dwarf Kingdom

Rigurdo announced at the street, to prepare until midday.
Even the decision of going to the Dwarf Kingdom was foolishly said.
His own son Rigur was first on the five sets. Next is me and Ranga.
I was a little worried but, the person itself seem to agree.
Rigurdo also feels rejuvenated too so, maybe it’s just me worrying too much.

Now then, after receiving the package, I get on the back of Ranga.
Boyoyo~~~n! sounded after I got inside Ranga’s fur.
The surrounding fur made my body fixed in place. It’s time for the  『Sticky Web』.
In this setting, having no hands nor foot really is inconvenient but, I’ll just have to do with my ability.
I secretly practiced controlling using web you see.
And use it to kill an enemy! This isn’t one of the Romans right?
I don’t know whether I can learn it but the prior is much longer. I steadily go through practice.

Inside the package was some money, and food.
The food will last us 3 days.
Further than that then we plan to be self sufficient.
It was better to bring food with longer life but, it was to avoid the feeling of being bulky.
Even though I can predate more than though….
But spoiling them is bad right.
It’s because I don’t need food that I’ve made that decision though.

Our funds are 7 silver coin and 24 copper coin.
First of all to clear the misunderstanding, it’s not that big of an amount.
So I stopped hoping.
Next, is I’ll think about what to do after I arrive.
Now then, it’s time to go!

The Dwarf kingdom’s walking distance will take 2 days it seems.
Inside the forest flows the large river of Amerudo.
After reaching this will be the mountain ranges.
On those mountain ranges is our goal, the Dwarf Kingdom.

On the east is the Empire, and the circ.u.mference of the Jura Forest are multiple country.
It was estranged recently but, it was a large qanat of a mountain range.
Therefore, the trade route splits to 3 ways.
First is the route that pa.s.ses through the large Forest of Jura.
The second is the route that goes through the stern mountain path.
The last is a sea route.
Originally, the route that pa.s.ses through the large forest of Jura is the shortest and safest however it was rarely used.
Mainly, the most used is the second one.
As for the sea route, more than costly, there is the threat of the sea monsters. There fore, it was the least used route, it seems.
This time we don’t have any business with the empire.
If we head to the east of the forest it’ll be the empire but, we’re heading north, towards the large qanat of the mountains.(TL: Is the use of “qanat” correct?)
There was no need to climb ’til the summit too.

The Dwarf Kingdom is upstream the large river of Amerudo at the food of the Qanat of the mountain ranges, that dominion is what we’re preparing for.
The mountain ranges’ naturally remodeled large cave metropolitan was truly beautiful.
That is the Dwarf Kingdom.

We’re going north parallel to the large river of Amerudo as planned.
We are moving with the river so there will be no problem of getting lost. But just in case, I displayed a map in my mind.
The one leading was a messenger that had once gone to the Dwarf Kingdom so, I’ll leave it to him.
In front of me is a running guidance.
However, the Black wolf (= Tempest Fanged Wolf Clan) the evolved version of the Fanged Wolves are fast!
And they’re also not showing any fatigue.
We’ve started traveling for about 3 hour, and we haven’t had a break for once. In spite of nearly running the speed of 80km non-stop!
It’s extraordinarily comfortable.
With this pace even a day wouldn’t be needed it seems.
Well, we can also go without excessively. It’s to hasten the preparation for clothes and houses but, rushing things won’t do good.

「O~i! You don’t need to push yourselves!」(Rimel)

I said.
For some reason the speed increased to some extent.
Within the 3 hours, we attain a speed faster than a bike and, I enjoyed the flowing scenery but, I got bored momentarily.
It is difficult to converse with this speed but, I have  『Thought Transmission』!
As I engage in a fun talk with everyone, I slowly understand the fun of this journey.
While thinking that, I linked up with everyone’s thought network.
Now then, what will I hear… .

「Rigur-kun. Come to think of it, who did your nii-san got his name?」

「Ha! Please don’t mind the formalities with me! So, it’s about who my brother got his name, it seems he got name from a pa.s.sing magic being.」

「Hou. A magical being pa.s.sed by the Goblin village?」

「Yes, it was 10 years ago. It was when I was still a child… it stayed in the village for a while and had taken a highlight to my brother, said.」

「Hee. He was a good brother right.」

「Yes! He was a proud big brother. Eventually he wants to become a subordinate of that magical being Germyuddo-sama! he kindly says.」

「I see, I see. the next time he comes, the changes will definitely surprise him right!」

「Isn’t it! However, my body servers for Rimel-sama. Rather than the splendid Maou’s army, I can’t follow Germyuddo-sama!」

「Maou’s army… . You’ve met them, right. Wait, you don’t even know if they’ll invite you, are you confident???」

「Yes, rather than confidence it’s conviction. Even my brother as named has evolved but, he hasn’t changed this much.
Obviously the status of our evolution is different. I think he hasn’t heard the “Sekai no kotoba” in his whole life!」

Even the surrounding Hob Gobs agrees! And constantly nods.
Is that it?
If they get a name they’ll evolve. However, they also change at a certain limit on their G.o.dparent huh….
Next time, if there is a chance to compare, I’ll experiment.
However, the Maou’s army.
As I expected, there was something like that in this world!
Will the demon lord attack? Or rather, whose ally should I be???
Well, I’ll just think about it when he attacks.
Luckily, there is an existence called the “yuusha”, and it’s common sense that the “yuusha” will fight the “maou”.
After 300 years, the question is whether the hero is still alive… surely she has been reincarnated and is vigorously practicing, right.
More or less, taking memo at the corner of her memory.

Now then, the next subject is…

「Ranga, I was your late father’s enemy right? Should I worry of such things?」

I asked to the Black Wolf.

「Honestly, I think about it sometimes.
However, it was the outcome of the battle, it is inevitable for us monster.
Even if, which ever we are fighting, we understand that it’s justice to whoever wins.
If you lose, none will be left…
Be that as it may…, my lord, you forgave us and also gave us a t.i.tle!
Other than grat.i.tude, I don’t bear any malice!」

「Fumu… . If ever that you’ll get revenge, I’ll be prepared any time.」

「Fufufu. Now that I’ve evolved, I fully understand it.
On the previous battle, if ever that you got serious, we would be dead by now!
If that happened, the wish of our race which is to evolve will certainly fall.
Our loyalty, my lord, is only for one person!!!」

What the heck is he saying… .
Certainly, if I mimicked the black snake, I can annihilate everyone but, I don’t want a dangerous gamble.
He’s overestimating.
Well, I don’t problem the misunderstood part… .

「Do you understand… . You’ve also grown!」

「Haha! I’m greatly thankful!」

I matched with his talk and care freely agreed.
Well, it’s about his  father that was killed. Having no malice is a lie right. (Tl: Rimel… tsk tsk tsk, so untrusting. Yaay!)
If Ranga someday have revenge upon me, I’ll pleasantly receive it.
Until then I certainly need to get stronger.
At any rate, however you see it, until now a common black snake feels like a it’ll get strong….

We talked in that fashion while travelling.
En route, there was no event of a monster springing forth, therefore we proceeded in our journey smoothly.
After 3 hours, we took a break, after 14 hours of travelling we slept and took a break for about 7 hours.
Aren’t we rushing things a little? is what I said but,

「It’s fine! It’s because of our evolution that this much fatigue was nothing!」(TL: I wanna evolve tooooo!)

answered Rigur,(TL again: you aren’t the one running, right?)

「Do not worry about us! We want to be like our lord who doesn’t need sleep, we don’t need a long time for that!
Even food, it’s not that we need frequent eating, even without it is not an obstacle!」

followed by Ranga.
I checked the others, and they’re all filled with determination.
With this, the number one not doing anything me, I might be seen as the one who lacks determination.
Well, everyone seems determined so, let’s proceed with this pace.
We ran for about 12 hours everyday but…, these guys really got tough.

At the end of the second day, before resting and eating,

「By the way, Gobta. Do you know how far more?」

I asked the guide Hob Goblin= Gobta.

「Y- yesss!!! Probably, we will arrive tomorrow I think!
Because we greatly see the mountain!」

He immediately answered to me, hafly nervous and happy right.
Did he not stuttered? He answered in a panicked way just to answer.
I see, now that he said it, the mountain seems to be larger.
It wasn’t that big yesterday, we really are moving in an extreme speed.
Come to think of it…,

「By the way, I suddenly cared so, how long did it take to reach the Dwarf kingdom?
Once in a while a peddler comes right?」

I asked.
I once heard from Rigurdo about the Goblin kingdom, it seems like it was a kobold peddler.
Specially, it was weird that it takes 2 months heading to the Dwarf kingdom.

「Yes! They sell their magic weapon and armor for a high price!
That said, we pay them with tools but…, the peddler takes it accept, so it saves us the trouble!
Furthermore, the monster surrounding the village doesn’t use armor…」

I see.
Occasionally, they put armors of the adventurers on sale huh.
No wonder there’s no decent armor left, I thought. (TL: Anyone who understood the previous lines or is good in sales comment and enlighten me or us.)
The Kobold clan doesn’t know good quality things, specially doing things huh.
Mostly, a person easily defeated by a goblin, it’s like sending a beginner in a forest and getting lost looks like a young chick right.
I didn’t think they would bring something amazing but…
Even so, lending armor is…, maybe the Dwarf clan is surprisingly king.
If this goes well, maybe this’ll pile to a friendly relationship.
Or rather, I’d like it to go well, please become a favorable relationship!

After all that traveling, a complete three days pa.s.sed.
The qanat of the mountain ranges foot enlarges, a meadow.
The mountain range’s naturally remodeled cavern was truly beautiful.
Mother nature’s creation, a natural stronghold.
Dowuragon, an arms state.

I’ve arrived at the Dwarf Kingdom!

Name: リムル=テンペスト (Rimel Tempest)
Race: スライム (Slime)
Divine Protection: Crest of Storm
t.i.tle: None
Magic: None
Unique Skill 『Sage Master』
Unique Skill 『Predator』
Slime Specific Skills 『dissolution, absorption, self replication』
Extra Skill 『Water Manipulation』
Extra Skill 『Magic Perception』
Acquired Skill … Black Snake 『Heat Perception, Poison Breath』, Centipede 『Paralysis Breathe』,
Spider 『Sticky Web, Metal Web』, Bat 『Ultrasonic Wave』, Lizard 『Body Armour』
Fanged Wolf 『Super Olfaction, Thought Transmission, Coercion』
Resistance to Temperature Change EX
Resistance to Physical Attack
Immunity to Pain
Resistance to Current
Resistance to Paralysis

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