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Let’s Prepare Our Environment

These past 3 days the monster really grew.
This is that.., Evolution called thing.
I just gave name, does this act prompt Evolution?

Come to think of it, Verudora said something about giving names and such but…
Something about, “nameless” and “named monster”
That’s it! For monster, attaining names = “Named Monster” it means.
That is like increasing the status for monster, as a result, they Evolve, huh!(TL: Pokemon XD)
‪I see…, is that why it’s a great joy.
So this is also the reason why my Demon Essence was completely sucked out, this explains it.

The monsters Evolution is so intense.
This is no longer growing, it’s better to call it a different monster.
The Goblin’s dull eyes are sparkling, giving off a light of intelligence, the female Goblins extremely…
Nanto! Became woman -ish in itself. (TL: Nanto = “what” a surprised what)
It was so surprising that my voice won’t come out.
Eh? …Eh???
It took two looks to absorb the change.
They were now close to a monkey, from looking like a child of a demon.
The male Goblins became “Hob・Goblin”.
The female Goblins became “Goblina”.
Each Evolved.
When I asked Rigurdo, he know hears the “World Language” it seems.
This Evolution thing makes you hear everything I presume, it’s really rare! Said by the excited Rigurdo while talking.
However, the unusualness is unpleasant.
About the raggy cloth that covered the whole female Goblin, because of the Evolution, parts that go out has parts coming out-ish.
They’re no longer female Gob! But I can’t make a fool out of them.
Because looking at the male, they’re happy about the casualness.
But they’re only enveloped in loincloth….
First will be the necessities, and I need to do something about the clothes.

This is a different problem, the main one is “Ranga”.
The one who was very happy after I recovered, and is now following me around.
I can’t get enough of liking the softness but, if I had to say then I am a cat person.
Well’ I don’t hate them though.

「Well then, Ranga, I only gave a name for you, why are all the Fanged Wolves Evolved?」(RImel)

Yep, at the point where I gave a name to Ranga it triggered a piece of of Demon Essence but…

「My master! My comrade, Fanged Wolf Clan is “All for One”. Therefore, my t.i.tle became the clan’s t.i.tle!」(Ranga)

Fumu Fumu.
A t.i.tle being shared, making the whole clan Evolve huh.
For him, the previous boss did not believe in “All for One”.
If he believed then, maybe the form of the fight might change just a little.
In regards to that, Ranga seems to have accomplished a complete rule over his brethren.
And due to changing Fanged Wolf Clan to Storm Fanged wolf clan, the Clan Evolution was a success.
Well, in short, they became strong!
They seem to be wanting some praise so,

「Good for you!」(Rimel)

After I said that, they all started to wag their tail.
A 5m monster like wolf wagging its tail will blow you off with the wind pressure.
Taking it in consideration, the downhearted was able to laugh.(TL: Not very sure.)

However the problem was, where will I keep these guys.
I had the Wolves and the Hob Gobs become pair, so that they’ll lodge together but…
Or rather, there are still no houses, so we can have the warmth of the wolves as exchange for a futon.
The clothes is also a problem but, there still the house.
Now then, what to do.

I saw a pile of food like a mountain in front of me.
Necessities, as response to my question of the food situation that I confirmed, this was the answer.
After I used my Demon essence, it seems like everyone’s evolution started.
The Evolution finished in one day, and the joy after the war banquet, let’s all celebrate it! I thought.
However, since my recovery isn’t finished they didn’t finish getting permission, prior to it they gathered all the ingredients.

Amidst the generating of Demon Essence, although I know the struggle to dry my body, the Evolution and gathering of food didn’t caught my attention.
In lowered activity, I am unusually defenseless. From now on I’ll need to be more careful.
But, being able to wait for my orders, this is praiseworthy.
More than the Evolution, their intelligence seems to have rised.
Maybe more than their body, their spirit might had more effect.
Before the Evolution the previous goblin, they gathered fruit and edible gra.s.s and hunt edible monsters and creatures, but they seem to be living amongst them now.
Currently, thanks to coordinating with the Storm Fanged Wolves Clan, their habitat has remarkably widened.
The shocking thing was, now that they’ve become a pair it appears that they can now use “Thought Transmission”.
Rather than horse-riding, they are superior driver Goblins of the wolf.
This is can no longer be said as a simple addition in war power.
Until now the unprevailing monster, is in a state that can now simply hunt.
These past two days, they managed to procure this much of food.
There will be a problem if something happen on the Forest of Blessing they’re depending.
Someday, I’ll teach farming and rice cultivation.
Because the stability of food supply is the most basic.
The Appropriate crop of farming, and I need research if they can breed rice-plant…
That the a.s.signment from now on!
Today I won’t think about anything and have fun in the banquet!
In that day, they celebrated the Evolution, the end of war, my recovery, the banquet continued until at a late hour!

The next day.
I had them gather all the needed things.
Hereafter the a.s.signment is lying in piles but, I need to tell them the most important matter.
That is the Rules in order to live in this village!
This things need to be determined at the very first.
Community life needs a rule after all. A natural sense for a j.a.panese.

” A Rule is something that protect, not something to protect!”(TL: Not sure if it’s the other way around… Well… I’ll leave it to the readers.)

Jested by the adults but (mainly me), but that thing is useless.
I’ll think up of 3 main rules.
Even if this 3 is least but I want to protect it.
And I’ll leave the other rules to somebody else.

「Are they all gathered? Well then, I will announce the rules! There are 3 rules. I want to pretect these 3 least rules.」(Rimel)

Is what I called out, and announced the 3 rules.

1. Do not attack a human.
2. Do not attack your own.
3. Do not look down on the other races.

That was the 3 rules.
If I think more, additional rules will be added but, I didn’t think about protecting from the start.
For me, I gathered all important.
Now then, how will they react?

「Is it ok! Why must we not attack a human?」

Rigur asked.
Rigurdo is glaring at his son with a furious facial expression. Did my anti-behavior projected?
It should be better if they became close to me carefree.

「It’s a simple reason. It’s because I like humans! That’s all.」(Rimel)

「I see! I understand!」(Rigurdo)

Eh? What… understand?
No no, that simple?
But, even if I look at everyone face, it feels like there are no one that bears discontent.
I thought there will be a reb.u.t.tal, what a letdown.

「Uhh you know, human forms a group in their daily life. If you stretch out to them, there’s a case where there is a backlash.
You won’t stand a chance if they come at you seriously.
Therefore, our meddling with them is banned!
And also, it’s better to get along with them….」(Rimel)

I had no choice so, I expressed a public position that I had prepared.
Needless to say, I like humans! Is my real motive. Any how, I was previously human!
With my explanation, Ranga deeply bowed his head.(TL: Again with the “Dog”eza… or not?)
For some reason it seems going well with what I’ve thought.
For him, he has an unfavorable reason not to interfere with humans.
The Hob Gobs also deeply understood! or is what their expression is telling.

「Are there others?」(Rimel)

「About… not looking down ob the other race?」

「Nope, you lot Evolved and got stronger, right? Do not get on a high horse, and act all high and mighty against a weak race! is what I mean.
Even if we say that you lot got a little bit strong, doesn’t mean that you’ll get disillusioned to act high and mighty!
One day your enemy will get stronger, and just Evolving is boring right?」(Rimel)

Everyone listened with enthusiasm.
It seems fine.
In the end, even if I warned them, there will be some that won’t listen.
Even so, decreasing much trouble would be better.

「Sort of like that. Protect these rules as much as possible!」(Rimel)

With that said, I established the Village’s new rules.

However, these rules, a single disaster would be born from these rules.
Certainly, I don’t have the means to notice it now.
After all, I don’t have a G.o.d-like being power to predict….

Everyone nodded, and showed their feeling acknowledgement.
With this, opened the curtain of a new cohabitation.

Now then, it’s the other rules formation of role-sharing.
The person who will lookout the village perimeter.
The team to do the food supply.
The team to gather the raw material for production.
The people that will maintain the houses tools and the like.

For the Village lookout, it must be a Storm Fanged Wolf Clan that is able to use “Thought Transmission”.

The pairs left were 7 in all but, since Ranga is clinging to me all that’s left was 6 to guard.
I’ll leave the more sensitive a.s.signment to the previous head Rigurdo.

「Rigurdo! I am a.s.sign you as the “Goblin・Lord (Ruler)”! Skillfully govern this village!」(Rimel)

To put things frankly, I am giving him all the work.(TL: good for you rimel… I wish I can also do that.)
That is one way of throwing you’re feelings with all you’ve got.
But, I want to think about it.
I was a general contractor service when I was alive. Ruling and the likes is impossible for me.
Above all, if I get tied to this village and as a result will not make it in a human vuillage, it’ll be a problem.
A somewhat forceful act wouldn’t go right.
Is what I thought but,

「Haha!!! I Rigurdo, shall accept this duty and bet my life on it!!!」(Rigurdo)

As he gets chocked by tears of grat.i.tude, he immediately accepted the duty.
Yeah. Basically I, don’t want to be a mouth only Bancho.(TL: Bancho is Oga Tatsumi… or delinquent leader.)
“Even if I am reigning, I will not rule.”
I think is a really good proverb. At the same time is only ordering.
However, this Rigurdo. This unsteady and wrinkled was a Goblin ready to sacrifice his life but…
Until now has the robust muscular body, a Hob Goblin still in his prime of life.
If careless, would his son Rigur be stronger? (TL: not sure)
What in the world I wonder… Truly, the monsters are a mystery.

「Umu. I trust your words! Then, I see you’re building houses but, you suck.」(Rimel)

Honestly, it doesn’t even deserve to be called a house.

「What an embarra.s.sing topic it is…. We didn’t need a tall building so…」(Rigurdo)

「Fumu. Well, you’ve gotten bigger. Also about the clothes… the exposure is too severe. Can’t you procure something better?」(Rimel)

「Ah! Until now several deals have been made with certain people. From those people, I know that they’ve been procuring clothes!
Also they’re skillful people so, they also know how to build houses!」(Rigurdo)

I was also in the general contractor service so, I also know the suitability but, I am at a D-I-Y level.
There is also a limit to my guidance, it’s not like I have a technology. Therefore someone will come, a business partner that can maybe guide…
But doing it is not so bad too.

「I see. doing it doesn’t seem bad. So, why did you made a deal?
For money?」(Rimel)

「No, there are somewhat adventurers personal belongings stripped but, let us leave it at that.
More than money, we are receiving food by doing barter and odd jobs.
Our tools were prepared by those people.」(Rigurdo)

「Hou. Well, what kind of people are they?」(Rimel)

「They are the Dwarf clan!」(Rigurdo)

The image of an expert blacksmith, the famous clan!
We have no choice but to go!
In the first place, clothes that catches air putting that off these guys armor is almost awful.
Armor has a great difference with an old rag but, for now if the size doesn’t match it won’t fit anyone.
Improvements everywhere is also possible!
But… there’s nothing is left from the equipment plundered from the adventurers. and there is a small amount in money.
What should be a good deal… . It’s pointless to think about it now.

「Let’s go. Rigurdo, can I leave to you the preparations?」(Rimel)

「!!! Leave it to me! I’ll have all the preparations ready today at midday!!!」(Rigurdo)

Rigurdo ended in a large tension.
I’ll leave this to you. You’ll prepare what’s left of the money.
This world’s money huh… if it’s paper then it”ll be a big laugh.
Thinking about it, I myself, hadn’t seen it.
If I am going to a human town then I’ll have to research this worlds money merit.
Well, let’s leave it after I meet the Dwarfs.
This place has been clattering so, I’ll sight see after I meet a carefree Dwarf.
And someday go to a human village.
There were Sub-Race but, the dwarf seem to live in a pretty big town so it seems.
There’s also a king dwarf but, as expected they wouldn’t meet the goblin right.
Extremely, entering the village is something to behold.
In comparison with the goblin discrimination and such, will they be fine?
I am a slime monster but, I won’t be surprised and such right?
Although I have various uneasiness but I’m greatly expecting from the Dwarf.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been this thrilled.

Name: リムル=テンペスト (Rimel Tempest)
Race: スライム (Slime)
Divine Protection: Crest of Storm
t.i.tle: None
Magic: None
Unique Skill 『Sage Master』
Unique Skill 『Predator』
Slime Specific Skills 『dissolution, absorption, self replication』
Extra Skill 『Water Manipulation』
Extra Skill 『Magic Perception』
Acquired Skill … Black Snake 『Heat Perception, Poison Breath』, Centipede 『Paralysis Breathe』,
Spider 『Sticky Web, Metal Web』, Bat 『Ultrasonic Wave』, Lizard 『Body Armour』
Fanged Wolf 『Super Olfaction, Thought Transmission, Coercion』
Resistance to Temperature Change EX
Resistance to Physical Attack
Immunity to Pain
Resistance to Current
Resistance to Paralysis

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