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There was no signs of movements from the Fanged Wolves.
This is bad….
“I’ll die rather than bow to you!” They wouldn’t go with a simultaneous no reaction like that right?
If so it’d be an all-out war.
They’re many but they won’t win, even if we’re unscathed we would lose.
We have no injured goblins for now but… We won’t lose but, if possible I don’t want any disputes.

Just now the noise of dispute was like the quietness of a lie.
The Fanged Wolves focused their gazed at me.
And the me that was their focus is carefully walking.
I don’t know what their reaction would be but, more than their boss’s death they want their strengths to be recognized.
The Fanged wolf clan finally reached the corpse of their boss. I not a person who hindrances other.
Beside the boss is an abstaining individual but stepped back.
I used 『Predation』 on the Wolves boss. (TL: It’s too long to type Fanged wolf… so I shortened it to Wolves.)
Because this act is a justifiable right for the winner.

《a.n.a.lysis has been finished.
Mimicry: Fanged wolf has been acquired.
Native Skills 『Super Olfaction, Thought Transmission, Coercion』 have been acquired 》

The sound of the 『Great sage』 ringed from my heart.(TL: Do you have a heart???)
They witnessed their boss being eaten but, there’s still no movements.
Now that it came to this, they have two choices, run while freaking out, or face their fears but…
Ah! Did I say Death or submission.
s.h.i.t. I rode the high horse and acted rash.(TL: Not sure about the expression…. )
No choice. I’ll prepare them an escape route.
While thinking that, I mimicked the Fanged wolf,

Guru, Uo———-n!!!

I howled in a loud noise and used 『Coercion』.

「Kukuku! Hear me. This time I’ll let you go. According to my words, immediately leave this place!!! 」(RImel)

I declared to the Fanged Wolves.
With this, these dogs should’ve run.
Is what I thought but…,

(We and all us present, will obey you!!!) (TL: They used “貴方様” which is anata-sama or you with honorifics of sama)

They all said while falling to prostate.(TL: “Dog”eza… Get it? I am really annoying)
I can only see dogs lying flat though.
It seems, like they chose to follow me.
And them not moving seems like they used “thought transmission”, did they had a meeting?
With this the fight of the Goblin Village came to an end.

What the disaster was what came after the fight, the cleaning.
Who the h.e.l.l ordered the house to be destroyed…
How should I feel about it? Now then, what should we do about the Goblins bed?
And who the heck will care for all the dogs…
Many died but there were still 80 that managed to survive.
This is…, in any case the day is done! I’ll just think about it tomorrow when these guys are awake.
Before I rest by the Goblin’s bonfire, I ordered the dogs to stay alert on the vicinity of the village, and parted ways at that place.

It’s now the next morning.
Yesterday I thought up the number one solution. Then what came upon me was, making the goblin handle the care of the Fanged wolf plan! de aru. (TL: … not much I can say of this but I think this means ” it was” … I don’t have an editor so make do.)
The goblins that can fight were 74. There were no injured person in the yesterday’s fight.
Everyone was safe, at most there were only scratches.
The remaining Dogs were 81.
There were some wounded but, was immediately treated.
Even if you leave it alone it would be alright it seems. That was how high the recovery power of the Wolves are.
I made the goblins that woke up form a line.
The ones who can’t fight just gazed around. For you see there no houses in the plots. Ir can’t be helped to stand out.
The head Goblin was refraining beside me.
He seems to be looking after me but… getting looked out by the old man of the Goblin’s doesn’t make me happy.
My aesthetic sense seems to be alive.
Even thought I’ve been reincarnated as a Demon, I will not yield that point.
However there were no such cute things in the village. I can’t give that up yet….
The aligned goblin horizontal to the Wolves that I called.
Now then…

「Uhmm, you lot. From now on you lot will become a pair and have you spend time together!」(Rimel)

I await their reactions.
They gave me a look of waiting for further instructions, I feel like they wouldn’t let one sound out while they look at me.
There doesn’t seem to be any disagreeable behavior in becoming a pair.
It seems OK.

「Do you know what it means? For the meantime form a group of two people.」(Rimel)

The moment I said that,
the goblins and wolves sit beside each other like companions, exchanging looks.

「Guga!」(Nice to meet you!)
「Gau!」(Ou, me too!)

Is what I felt from the pairs.
“The enemy of yesterday is a friend today” is somewhat wrong but, mainly that is agreeable I guess.
With that I remembered something.
These guys have no name?? I thought.
Calling them would be really inconvenient.
I made a sidelong glance to the Goblin and Wolf pairs,

「Head Goblin, it’s inconvenient to call you. Is it ok if I gave you names?」

The moment I said that, *zawari! went the focus of the pairs surrounding me.
I looked around, and even the civilian goblin too were looking.

「I-is it… ok?」(Head)

The head asked timidly.
What? Why are they so excited?

「Y-yeah. If it’s no problem, I’m thinking of giving names.」(Rimel)

As soon as I finished speaking, the goblins that were look swallowed their saliva and shouted for joy.
What the heck is wrong?
For some reason, it was a great excitement!!! suggested by the state but….
They could’ve given their selves names, if they were so happy in receiving one…
At that moment I pondered carefree.

Let’s start first with the head.
I asked what he named his son. And it seems like he gave him the name “Rigur”.
For the head Goblin, ” Rigur・do”= Rigurdo is what I named.
There was no meaning for the name, I just named him adequately.
If his son was here I would call him Rigur, and he will add “・do” himself! if I said that joke, he would be deadly serious serious.(TL… it translated that way.)

「To even succeed the name I gave my son, I can’t endure the tears of grat.i.tude!!!」(Rigurdo)

said by the goblin who was excessively happy.
I only gave him a unserious name so, I somewhat have feeling of guilt but….
Oh well! and made it drift away.
With that the, Goblin Leader’s name would be “Rigur”.
Adding junior would be a pain in the a.s.s so, I’ll settle with “Rigur”.
And somehow they’re in a praying posture while in deep emotion.
They really are exaggerated… a really alike parent and child.
And so I gave names the goblins with that sense.
Next, I’ll have to decide what to give to the sightseeing ones, parent and child.
I also gave names for the unmarried goblins(women) and the orphans.
These guys, will they give this names to their children too…
If a grandchild was born then, the head will be” Rigur・dodo”.
If a great grandchild was born then, it will be “Rigur” then the head will be “Rigur・dododo”.
Seriously? As for the said irresponsibleness… well whatever.
With this, I gave names.
That me was,

「Rimel-sama… We are really thankful but……, is it really alright?」(Rigurdo)

asked, the somewhat panicking head which was his past name, Rigurdo.

「What isn’t alright?」(RImel)

「No, does Rimel-sama that his magic power is really big… so, granting t.i.tles is… is it really ok?」(Rigurdo)

What is he saying? What’s wrong in just giving a name…?

「Mu? Well, there doesn’t seem to be any problem I guess.」(RImel)

After saying that, I started giving names again.
If it… and such, Rigurdo was saying something but, I didn’t give hime any attention.

Then the naming of the Goblins was done, next is the Wolves.

The Wolves new leader was the previous boss’s son.
He look just like his father with a strong build, and they also have the same personality.
While looking at those blood stained eyes, I try to come up with a name.
That’s it! Tempest fang is “Ranga”, let’s go with this!
I really give cheap names, huh.
My family name is Tempest so, that fang will Tempest Fang.
Well, giving names will be good even if it’s vague. I don’t have a last year sense.

At that moment!

I felt that the magic power inside me was being sucked out from inside my body.
A violent despondency attacked me!
What…is this?
I’ve never felt this tired feeling ever since I was born.

《Revelation. You’re Demon essence remaining quant.i.ty’s limit has been disturbed! Switching over to lowered activity.
Furthermore, a full restoration predicted time would be 3 days.》

I’m conscious.
I don’t need sleep so.
I can even hear the 『Great Sage』’s voice. And slowly, the comprehension arrived in my mind.
What… I used too much demon essence? So it’s like using too much MP huh.
However, what did I do to expend so much Demon Essence? Like what have I been using with no rest?

Or rather I haven’t felt anything like that.
Even if I want to move my body I can’t
Lowered Activity State is like hibernation. But it’s not sleeping….

Rigurdo, While greatly panicking, nurses my body.
Extremely, I can’t do anything, and was only sitted at the top seat beside the bonfire but…
I have awareness but can’t move.

I taking in consideration this phenomenon, I just watched.
If I gave names then it will start sc.r.a.ping my Demon essence right?
…I only gave names, and consumed Demon Essence?
Come to think of it… the moment I gave the Fanged Wolf Leader a name, a large portion of my Demon essence came out…
It’s only my a.s.sumption but, to give monsters names, I wouldn’t consumed Demon essence, right?
It took 2 days to come up with that conclusion.
Thinking about it, I arrived at the reason why Rigurdo was worried.
Wait… Is this possible common sense for monster or something?
Speak up!!! I never did consider it but, what poured was me.
If ‭I complained it would be an outburst.
However, if I can move my body I would complain I guess.
Outburst? I don’t know that kind of thing.
But, at the beginning, about the goblins that were worried because I stopped moving…
Somehow, the goblin that was drying me that went around, and caused a fierce fight.
What do I do… cause this is no joke, I want them to spare me from this “Harem”.
…I was treated like an ornament that has blessing and stroked.

Then 3 days has progressed.


I started to run dry with Demon essence but, after getting knocked down by it, my Magic power and Demon essence feels like the aggregate amount increased.
Magic Power is the power to operate.
While Demon Essence is the amount of energy being utilized.
With that knowledge, I somehow grasped it, I think.
What doesn’t kill you makes you strong! feels like that right?(TL: “to hang in death makes you strong!” is the original… changed it.Suit it, right?)
Shall we try it for a moment? Is what I thought but, I’ll stop.
Because I don’t feel the need to use it, and if I play with death then die and it wouldn’t be a joke.
For you see I am a man who has crossed the line.
If you lower your guard you’ll lose! is what I am.
Now then…,
now that they noticed that I was awake, the goblins that were working immediately gathered.
Even the Fanged Wolves that was outside entered.
That’s all good… but, what the heck is this….

「You guys… somehow, did you grow?」(Rimel)

The length of which was 150 cm Goblins. However, they are now 180 cm it seems.
The guy in front of me seem to cross over 2m.
Eh? You’re a Goblin… right?
Even the Fanged Wolves, that was olive brown fur has changed to jet black, and give of a feeling of bewitching gloss and a glossy finish.
Furthermore, their length is nearly 3m.I’m sure they should’ve been at most 2m….
The individual who was walking head on was, giving of a strange aura and personality that wafts the air, and the length was near enough to 5m.
A little bit scary.
On top of,

「My Master! I am deeply happy to be of your serve, in your recovery!!!」(Ranga)

Similar to the language that I use and furthermore he’s fluent while talking with it.

…certainly, this is not “Ranga”, right!?

What the heck happened during those 3 days…
While perplexed of other matters, the monsters started letting out war cries! (TL: or roar.)

Name: リムル=テンペスト (Rimel Tempest)
Race: スライム (Slime)
Divine Protection: Crest of Storm
t.i.tle: None
Magic: None
Unique Skill 『Sage Master』
Unique Skill 『Predator』
Slime Specific Skills 『dissolution, absorption, self replication』
Extra Skill 『Water Manipulation』
Extra Skill 『Magic Perception』
Acquired Skill … Black Snake 『Heat Perception, Poison Breath』, Centipede 『Paralysis Breathe』,
Spider 『Sticky Web, Metal Web』, Bat 『Ultrasonic Wave』, Lizard 『Body Armour』
Fanged Wolf 『Super Olfaction, Thought Transmission, Coercion』
Resistance to Temperature Change EX
Resistance to Physical Attack
Immunity to Pain
Resistance to Current
Resistance to Paralysis

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