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Fanged Wolf Clan.
The east plains ruler.
The seed problem of the common traders in the various areas like the empire and forest of Jura in the east.
Each befitting of a C rank monster, even a veteran adventurer that has been caught off guard will be mauled to death.
However, the true threat was because it can act as a pack.
If a capable boss cammands, the Fanged Wolf Clan’s true value will manifest.
While in a group, they are all alike, so a thread of dissaray in behaviour is impossible.
Then that pack’s a.s.sesment is… worthy of a B rank.

The East Plains is a big grain-producing and the related region.
Therefore as the empire’s lifeline a flawless security is applied.
However sly the Fanged Wolf clan or they posses an excellent ability, the defenses will be hard to penetrate.
a.s.sumed that it penetrated the defenses, it will only anger the Empire making the Fanged Wolf Clan’s future cease to exist, right.
And that matter is fully understood by the pack’s boss.
Studying the skirmish battles of the Empire, you will also learn the real deep meaning of it.
If it was a matter where a small scale merchant can get involved, the empire wouldn’t even put effort to it.
However, one time the East Plains was invaded the Empire bore its fang.
Once, a faux pas was conducted in order to hide the stupid risk of compatriot’s violations.
The boss suspects.
However, depending on the monster’s instincts, they understand that their existence will cease to exist.

As for the Fanged Wolf Clan they do not need to procure any food.
They attack and eat humans as a standard cognition of a snack.
Because humans aren’t comprised of Demon Essence.
For the Fanged Wolf Clan food is absorption of Demon Essence.
Attacking stronger demons, killing abundant humans, will make them “Disaster” Cla.s.s and grant evolution.
If that happened, even doing a everyone’s way will be difficult.

The Empire is too powerful for the Fanged Wolf Clan.
However if they continue to attack merchants, they will attain “Disaster” Cla.s.s and evolution and the like, and stopping them will be a dream inside a dream.
In the south, A vast productive land from the Forest of Blessing, there is a large paradise of monsters that have high magic residing or so said.

However, in order to reach the Forest of Blessing, you have to go through the Forest of Jura.
The Forest’s monster are nothing.
Several times, demons exit the forest in order to experience hunting, or so I was taught.
Then why is the Forest incompa.s.seable.

“Storm Dragon Verudora”

That dragon’s existence is all of the problem.
That surge of Magic power is enough to scare their hearts, and he is sealed in addition.
They seem to be under the impression that the monsters from that forest receive divine protection from Verudora.
That is why they can live inside that brutal surge.
If it wasn’t misunderstood, it would be chaos.
Even remembering it is unpleasant, all because of that existence that aggression is impossible. …Yep, until now!

The boss faced that forest with a keen blood eye.
The provoking pressence of the wicked dragon was gone.
And now, they can hunt the forest’s monsters, or even become the impossible forest’s ruler!
The boss thought while licking his own lips. (TL: Ya kno like the one Mito Ik.u.mi was doing in Shokugeki no Soma)
Then signaled the howl to start the attack!

Now then, after I became the protector what should I do.
I a.s.sessed this as guarding however, the Head Goblin’s treatment is too much.
Anyway, the Goblins that said will fight has gathered.
…Looking at them, they are worn-out.
I can’t even hope for good war potential.
But, the surrounding Goblins left are awaiting for me, it seems like even the kids and old ones aren’t left.
There is no reinforcement from the other Goblins.
In this case, it was insane scare for the Head Goblin
Even if they run, without food they’ll just die in hunger…
And the Goblins that are gathered looks at me with a look of belief.
This is serious.
I can’t feel the pressure because of living carefree, this look is absurdly a heavy pressure.

「YOu lot, do you know the situation.」(Rimel)

It wasn’t a gag atmosphere, nor did I said any witty line, I asked seriously,.

「Yeah! It is our live or die fight! We have made our resolve!」

The Goblin Leader immedieately replied.
It was same for the surrounding Goblins.
There were some quivering but those can’t be helped. The heart and the bosy is two different things.

「There is no need to rouse, take it easy. Even if you’re roused, if you lose you lose. Think only about doing the best!」(Rimel)

I wanted to say some cool words.
My feelings come at ease. Unexpectedly there might be a result.
Well then shall we start it…
If I fail I might spell doom for the goblins.
Even so, I’ll do it in my own way.
Lets go with arrogance! Or so I’ve decided.

Yoshi! I’ll psyche myself and pa.s.s the Goblin’s first order.
Afterwards, do this plan many times.
Those first words, this moment has fleeted!

It was now dark.
The Fanged Wolf Clan’s boss opened it’s eyes.
Tonight is a full moon. The fight will be perfect.
Slowly waking up it’s body, glaring around it’s surrounding.
The brethren Fanged Wolf, the boss’ appears to be hinding its breathe and observing.
A pleasant nervous state.
The boss thought.
Tonight, they will destroy that Goblin Village and make the Forest of Jura’s new foothold.
Afterwards, carefully hunt the remaining monsters and become the rulers of the forest.
Someday, after obtaining even more power they’ll consider to invade the south.
They have the power to make it possible.
They have the claw to tear up any kind of monster, and fangs to pierce to any kind of armour.


The boss howled!
It was the start of overrunning everything.

However, there is something a little unsettling.
A few days ago, a scout was sent and brought back an interestung information.
Something strange and weird thing drifted, like a small demon was there.
That weird demon surpa.s.sed the boss itself….
That’s not possible. He wouldn’t be able to be an opponent for the boss.
There’s nothing menacing in this forest. Every monster they encounter is weak.
Midway of the forest until their current position, they won’t accept resistance.
They might lose 10 or so but that was it.
A proud isunderstanding.
While thinking that the boss proceeded forward.

In front of them is the village.
Just like the report of the scout of the place.
They attach to the hurt goblin and specified the location. This village’s current war potential is nothing.
The boss was cunning. He doesn’t lower his guard.
However. the village was different, it was covered.
Like the village of those humans… there were a fence.
Every house was demolished, and the cover was the fence.
Then there is an aperture in front. And there lies a single slime.
How cunning.
The boss laughed.
Openind a single place, and attacking with many people to protect a single place huh! it thought.
In the end it’s just the thinking of a shallow witted garbage demon.
That kind of fence will not stand against our claws and fangs!
The group of Fanged Wolf Clan became a single monster.
Their true power has manifested, a strike in perect order.
That was the “Thought Transmission” a collective action. Rather than speaking a quick coordination was possible.
The first attack shoudl’ve destroyed the fence.
Thinking that he fl.u.s.tered the goblins by breaking and destroying their trick the boss made a syrpirsing howl.
The force that attacked the fence jumped back and returned! Inside was a blood spraying thing rolling from the ground.
What’s the matter?
The confused boss inquired of the situation.
The slime from the apertyure was not moving.
He must have done something right?
At that moment, one of the subordiantes vicinity,

(It’s that thing! The one that beat Oyaji-dono in emitting unearthly things!)

It told.
Impossible! Thinking while looking at the slime.
Once in a while a small demon is born in the forest.
Calling it a demon is absurd, it was just a petty existence.
Saying that it exceeded in unearthliness… is impossible!
In that moment,

「Yo~shi! Stop there. If you turn back now I won’t do a thing. Leave already!!!」(Rimel)

Said by the speaking slime.

The boss of the Fanged Wolf Clan was a sly and crafty monster.
Basing things from the many years it has survived, it put up the plan without lowering its guard.
Then he grit his teeth and calmly proceed.
Those many years of experience is the source of his information, he denies the possibility of that slime being stronger than him.
The boss made a grave mistake.
Then that mistake, will decide their fate.

(Insolent!!! Twist and destroy him!!!)

It was the start of the war.

That scared me.
I didn’t know that they jump and attack.
According to the talk they seem to plan to enter, but I don’t have any more lines to say.
I wasted all of it in practice.
I even st.i.tched up some using the break from work…

My first order was for them to guide me to the casualty.
It add up 60 from the several survivors, the work effieciency didn’t change that much.
However, they seem to idolize me so, I’ll do what I can do, I thought.
A dirty looking giant eye structure bundled with plants.
Is what the injured goblin thought while looking.
I know some treatments using medical plants but… leaving it as is will cause death.
The wound is deeper than I have imagined. Claws and fangs tears huh, the giant cut festered.
Now that it came to this it’ll be a large splurge.
I used Predation on the lead. Then inside my body the anapilectum quickly cover the wound then spit it out. (TL: Apparently lead is a leg… either left or right.)
I disregarded whatever the head was saying, then swallowed the other injured from my side and then spitted out.
It doesn’t matter how many I treat after I look back there were more…
For some reason the goblins are prostrating while looking here.
What the heck are these guys doin?
It seems like they misunderstood me for having regenerative abilitiy.
It was troublesome so, I spit out a pet that will give medicine, I cured the remeaining injured.
This recovery seem to take too much time.

After finishing what I can cure, I gave the goblin their second order.
The order that I gave was the establishment of the fence.
Cutting trees and building it would be good but, we don’t have that much time.
We just have to build with what we have.
Without hesitation, they destroyed their houses, and re-used the materials to establish a fence.
With this juncture, the village’s surrounding has a round cover established.
And the quick witted goblins on break effectively made a bow for the patrol.
If the enemy is wolf then the nose will work(TL: not sure bout this.) In order to not work hard they were sent off.
I’m worried if ther are really prepared to die but… I’ll change even in this life! Or propose that kind of mood that I’ll say.
They sure are extravagant fellow.

I visited the village the next evening and saw the finished fence.
I conducted some finishing touches.
That’s right, I fixated the spider’s web, to increase the strength.
And while at it I didn’t forget to add traps while using 『Metal Web』.
Without knowing it if they touch the fence, *SUPA*! And will slice up the body.
After this fight, they won’t forget to give me my payment, right.
I also established an aperture in front of the fence.
If I lay out 『Sticky Web』 here my preparations will be done.
I’ll just wait for the patrol to come back.
Around that time the injured that I heal started waking up.
I touched my body, and mysteriously checked my conditon.
Somehow a.n.a.leptic.u.m has quite a toll on me.
I think the injured condition need prescription of a.n.a.leptic.u.m but…
The effects is more than what I thought. It was a great miscalculation.

We gathered firewood at the center of the village and started a fire.
It’s like a campfire, but not a rising of a good scene.
All through the night we need to a.s.sign a lookout.
I don’t need sleep so I was the one a.s.signed but,

「This is crazy!!! I wont allow Rimel-sama to be a.s.signed to something like that」

「That’s right! We should be on the lookout. And Rimel-sama should sleep!」

Yeah! That’s right!!! That was the typical reaction of everyone.
I am happy about what they’re saying but they’re much tired than me….
I have no choice so it’s roatation of the group at watch and the other will rest.

Approximately before midnight, the patrol returned.
And the Fanged wolf clan will begain their move.
Though beaten up, they all returned alive.
A clumsy and dirty monster.
Is what I thought but, these past 2 days emotion boiled.
I wish that no one will have to be sacrificed to end this fight.
While thinking that, I finished establishing the 『Stick Web』.

The opening of hostilities of the Fanged Wolf Clan expanded.
There were weak parts in the fence but, the limit of attack of the Wolf was nothing.
And the traps are also functioning well.
I’m relieved.
For now,

「Yo~shi! Stop there. If you turn back now I won’t do a thing. Leave already!!!」(Rimel)

Is what I said to warn them.
But they immediately ingnored me.
The Fanged Wolf Clan attacked simultaneously all on the fence.
I have no choice. I’ll proceed just like what was planned.
I expected that this will happen so I made a small opening in the fence.
An arrow-slit.
In that opening the goblins shoot their arrow.
Numerous fanged wolf fell and got shoot thereafter howled in pain.
Eevn if they picked the arrow-slit, a troop will begin an attack,


And their head fell left and right from the both sides of goblins armed with stone axes. .h.i.tting them.
We didn’t even spend about 2 hours of practice but these guys were frantic.
They frantically understood me, and started practicing.
The result is what they’re giving.
The Fanged Wolf is strong. They can fight simple number of goblin, right.
But grouping all the goblins together will make their war potential largely rise.
However. If they’re simply strong they can land good hits.
But if they’re strong in group then why not.
The point is, if you use youre head it’ll be better.
In this world there is a greatest creature. That is the humans!
I sure am unlucky… While I think of that, I met the cold gaze of the boss’ eyes.
The likes of you can’t beat me… even in thinking how serious.

The Fanged Wolf clan boss’ remembers a situation not different from this confusion.
The subordinate Fanged Wolf began losing their confusion.
If this continues it’ll be troublesome.
Now that the Fanged wolf Clan are a group their true value arises.
The result of the boss’ fatal decision beckons the main cause.
The boss fully understood. The cause of their greatest fauxpa.s.s.
They can’t destroy that much of a fence, it dissapointingly p.i.s.ses him off but, he mostly fear the subordinates that was p.i.s.sed off…
The boss need to display hiw own power! The boss thinks.
Standing alone is strong enough, but if he merges with the group it’ll become the greatest existence! He thought.
That moment determined it all.

The Fanged Wolf Clan’s boss movement makes you stare at it.
Even so, the surrounding goblins want the boss gone! Is what they displayed.
As for me, I was carefully moving in slow motion.
Everything was just as planned.
I’ve thought up of many patterns but, it is proceeding just like one of the situation.
In the end he is just a beast. Not even an enemy for a human-sama.
The boss got caught in the 『Sticky Web』 that I established on the aperture.
It stopped the boss’ movements and thereafter I released “Water Blade”, dodging it would be uncool.
Not to mention if that hit one of his companion it would be worse. It proceeded like that in the battle but it wasn’t weird at all.
I think I overdid it the thinking for the motive of my mechanism.
They aren’t even on a level of destroying the fence.
I even put 『Metal Web』 on the aperture to stop them but this time it’s a farewell to them.
In this setting, I need to act as an overwhelming person.
That’s why I set that kind of trap.
Without hesitation I aimed at the boss’ neck and fired the “Water Blade”.
Immediately the Fanged Wolf Clan’s boss died.(TL: What a small fry)

「Fanged Wolf Clan! Your boss has now died!!! I’ll make you choose. Submission or death!」(Rimel)

Now then, what will they answer?
Have their boss’ funeral, rather I want to spare killing them….

Name: リムル=テンペスト (Rimel Tempest)
Race: スライム (Slime)
Divine Protection: Crest of Storm
t.i.tle: None
Magic: None
Unique Skill 『Sage Master』
Unique Skill 『Predator』
Slime Specific Skills 『dissolution, absorption, self replication』
Extra Skill 『Water Manipulation』
Extra Skill 『Magic Perception』
Acquired Skill … Black Snake 『Heat Perception, Poison Breath』, Centipede 『Paralysis Breathe』,
Spider 『Sticky Web, Metal Web』, Bat 『Ultrasonic Wave』, Lizard 『Body Armour』
Resistance to Temperature Change EX
Resistance to Physical Attack
Immunity to Pain
Resistance to Current
Resistance to Paralysis

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