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I glanced at the goblins.
The goblins, the person himself is frantic. They held their weapons and vigilantly approach.
Although unfortunately for me I am preparing to run away.
But, as expected from the leader character.
He’s not looking away from my direction and continues to stare.
I can sense intelligence from this one. Unexpectedly a conversation might be feasible.

Will it understand….
I place my thought on speaking, and tried if they will understand me.

「Nice to meet you, will do right? I am a Slime named Rimel.」(Rimel)

The Goblins made commotion.
Are they surprised a slime spoke? Is what I thought but…
Some of them threw weapons with ordinary clothes.
I don’t understand anymore.

「Gugan, “Tsuyokishayo! We fully understand yoo-ur strentgh you-sama!!! Understand voice!!!」(Goblin Leader)
(TL: mind fuuu.. the goblins are stupid XD)

Mu? Is my thought too strong?
I won’t get my intention across with this. Don’t get scared.

「My bad. The adjustment are not working well yet.」(Rimel)

Well, I apologized.

「Awesome. There is no need to apologize to us!」(Goblin)

I think they’ve understood.
It’ll be a good practice.
By the way I used j.a.panese. It’s surprising that they understood.

「So, what do you need with me? I don’t have things like business with what’s further?」(Rimel)

They are speaking politely so, I politely interact with them or so I thought…

But they are excessively scared of me, so I confidently tried to exit.

「So it’s like that. Past us is our country. We tend to be vigilant if a strong monster’s presence is sensed, since then.」(Goblin)

「A strong monster’s presence? I can’t sense something like that…?」(Rimel)

「Guga, gugaga. You joke! Even if you are in that form we will not get tricked!」(Goblin)

It seems, like they’ve fully misunderstood me. (Comment! The one who misunderstood is him!)
(TL: Hahaha the author said Rimel is the one who misunderstood.)
They seem to be taking me as a strong demon taking the form of a slime.
In the end Goblins are low cla.s.s among the monster but they are still famous.

Then the conversation with the Goblin flowed to me becoming a hindrance to them after a while.
It seems they’ll give me shelter.
Even if they’re thin looking, they are nice.
Still I don’t need to sleep but taking a break is not bad.
While thinking that, I accepted their invitation to their village.

Along the road I hear a lot of things.
The fact that they lost their G.o.d.
The fact that after they lost their G.o.d monster activities increased.
The fact that strong adventurers started intruding inside the forest.
And so on.
Then while the conversation continues, I began to clearly understand their language.(TL:clearly was in english)
It seems like the exchange of conversation made it like a shadow with the use of 『Magic Perception』.
Maybe the practice with Goblins is good before I talk with humans.
While talking with them I followed them.

The village is, eh? I feel like I want to mutter those words.
In the end I shouldn’t have hoped for the Goblin’s den.
Was I guided to the “nicest building”? they’ve got.
A crumbling straw roof, a stack of plywood wall full of crack’s…
In the sense of my previous life, slime is way better, again! It’s that level of a house.

「Sorry for the wait. Dear guest」(Goblin)

While saying that a Goblin came inside.
While that Goblin was supporting, the leader Goblin that was with me is escorting.

「Ah, no no. I didn’t wait that long. Don’t worry!」(Rimel)

I made a business smile.
In other words, Slime Smile.
With a smile the negotiation came my way. A fearful skill if I do say so myself.
Even though I don’t know what the negotiation is…

「I apologize for not procuring something much better. I am the head of this village.」(Head Goblin)

While saying that, they served a tea-ish thing.
It’s surprising that Goblins also have these things.
I sip the tea. (It look as if I am only covering the tea bowl.) (TL: did you get the joke? I almost laugh which I barely do…)
I can’t taste it. Well it’s certain since I don’t have a palate.
Is it good or bad… I examined the ingredients but, they’re not poison.
I felt the goblin’s concern.

「So, troubling yourself to invite me, seems like you have business with me, right?」(Rimel)

I threw a straight ball.
We are all monsters so let’s get along! It’s not a friendly invitation like that, right.
The head trembled yet it came resolved and asked.
Then he spoke.

「You know the matter about monsters activities increasing right?」(Head Goblin)

I heard that on the way here.

「Our G.o.d, the conferrer of this land’s tranquility, one month ago has vanished…
Hence, a neighboring monster came and started meddling…
We didn’t cower and fought back yet, it was tough…」(Head Goblin)

The G.o.d is… Verudora, huh? Based on time it…fits.
Is that why the Goblins save me.

「I understand the situation. However I am a slime, do you think I can satisfy your hopes?」(Rimel)

「Hahaha, so modest! A slime can’t bring out that much magic energy!
Why are you using such a form, we cannot guess, anyway, you are a demon with a name, right?」(Head Goblin)

Magic Energy…huh?
What’s that? I don’t remember releasing such a thing…
I renewed my 『Magic Perception』 view, and tried examining myself.
Somehow an ominous aura look wafted the air, that covers my body.
It might be when I mimicked and used 『Body Armour』 and so on, if I noticed it…
This is embarra.s.sing.
While I was striding the main road, it’s like opening a window to society, making me a prey.
Inside the cavern the demon essence was thick and dark, and indeed I didn’t notice it….
This is no good! An obvious out!
Finally I know why the monsters react that way.
No monster will fight against a dangerous slime.
No one is too “baka” to get tricked with what they see!
Now that it came to this, it’s despair.

「Fufufu. As expected of the head, you noticed huh?」(Rimel)

「Well of course! That much of appearance can’t hide what wafts the air!」(Head Goblin)

「You’ve seen through huh. You guys are surprisingly praiseworthy!」(Rimel)

I gradually rode the mood!
With this I can now lead the talk, or maybe trick him.
In the same time, I can try to ask if I can remove this ominous aura = magic energy.
I anxiously withdraw Magic Energy, like a trick in controlling Demon essence outside the body.

「Haa…. We are getting tested right! That really helps. Many fear the magic energy so….」(Head Goblin)

I succeeded in hiding my magic energy.
My appearance became that of a normal slime.
As a result, after I walking in the form of a normal slime…
Will the monster irritatingly attack me?
As a result the “alright” thing is not good. (TL: Alright is in english)

「I see. Even though you see my magic energy you’ll come and talk to me without fear, how promising!」(Rimel)

The h.e.l.l with promising… I’d like to retort myself, but I held it in like an actor.

「Haha! Thank you. …So, I will not inquire further for your reason of hiding your true form. However…
I have a few request.Will you hear it? 」(Head Goblin)

Well, I knew it will head that way.

「Depending on the content. So say it.」(Rimel)

Without breaking my arrogant att.i.tude, the Head Goblin asked.

The contents of the talk were as follows.
The East territory is seeking hegemony and advancing with a tyro monster.
It seems like there are a few village in the outskirts from here.
And among those villages one, many goblin soldiers have died because of the tyro monster.
So, the soldier inside that bears a name (Nemudo) seems to be the problem.
And the soldier was the protector figure of this town but the moment they lost that figure, the town’s merit decreased rapidly.
The other Goblin village abandoned this town.
While the the tyro monster attacks this town a counter-measure will arise! That was the other village’s consensus of opinion.
Even if the Head Goblin and Leader wants to talk, they only receive cold shoulders.
The Head Goblin show his frustration while talking.

「I see…,So, how many lives in this town? How many can fight?」(Rimel)

「Yes, this town sums up to 100 people. 60 with the women added.」(Head Goblin)

Indescribably unreliable.
However, I can somehow grasp the number, how wise of the goblin.

「Fumu. Do you know the tyro monster’s number and species?」(Rimel)

「Yes. A wolf demon, a fanged wolf species. Originally, a single opponent, with 10 goblins dealing with it is a maybe..,
And it’s about a 100 demon…」

Ha? What’s with that impossible game…
I glanced at the Head’s eye.
They weren’t the eyes of a someone joking. It is a serious looking eye.
Or I would rather call them a sincere look with a few impurity.

「Those Goblin soldiers did they knew that they can’t win so few are coming?」(Rimel)

「…No, these information came from the goblins that risked their life to obtain it…」(Head Goblin)

I see, I heard a bad thing.
And it seems like the Nemudo Goblins is the son of the Head Goblin and the Leader Goblin’s older brother.

Now that I heard it, I think of what to do.
The Head patiently waits for my decision.
Tears flowing from his eyes were my imagination right… it’s my imagination.
Monsters and tears are unfit.
I went with arrogance. That is the true form of a feared demon! But.

「I want to confirm one thing. If I saved the village what do I get in return?
What will you give me?」(Rimel)

I can also save them on a whim.
However, these guys need 10 to almost defeat a single opponent and it’s a hundred.
It’s not an easy enemy.
If I mimicked the Black snake maybe things will go well but…
It’s not an easily acceptable request.

「We offer our loyalty! Please bestow upon us your protection. If Rimel-sama does we will offer our loyalty!!!」(Head Goblin)

To tell the truth, that kind of thing won’t please me.
However, I felt loneliness for 90 days, and I find the conversation with them quite fun.
If I were a human, I may hold a filthy grudge.
But, I am now a demon. I don’t even fear illness.
Above all, the Head Goblin’s eye. Is completely relying on me.
It makes me remember of my past life.
It goes without saying that I am weak with a request.
While grumbling, while complaining to my junior, I listen to my client or a senior….

「Alright! I heard your wish!」(Rimel)

I agreed with exaggeration.

With this I became the Goblin’s main protector.

Name: リムル=テンペスト (Rimel Tempest)
Race: スライム (Slime)
Divine Protection: Crest of Storm
t.i.tle: None
Magic: None
Unique Skill 『Sage Master』
Unique Skill 『Predator』
Slime Specific Skills 『dissolution, absorption, self replication』
Extra Skill 『Water Manipulation』
Extra Skill 『Magic Perception』
Acquired Skill … Black Snake 『Heat Perception, Poison Breath』, Centipede 『Paralysis Breathe』,
Spider 『Sticky Web, Metal Web』, Bat 『Ultrasonic Wave』, Lizard 『Body Armour』
Resistance to Temperature Change EX
Resistance to Physical Attack
Immunity to Pain
Resistance to Current
Resistance to Paralysis

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