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Chapter 50: Shiro Buta Reijou, Diet Success!

The new season came, and I turned fourteen years old.

As a result of Grandfather’s boot camp, my weight rushed to the latter half of the 40 kilo range.

It was painful at first, but gradually my body got used to severe training. How fearful, self defense training.

And, resembling Grandfather, my ability with self-defense bloomed.

The old soldiers were saying I resembled Grandfather when he was young.

… However, since I won’t use it it my daily reijou life, it was like putting pearls before swine.

Nevertheless, with my weight in the latter half of the 40 kilo range, my appearance will no longer look like a chubby person’s… it has to. Yet, when I wear my dress my belly and hips feel tight…

Since I am not tall, my original goal when I was twelve was 40 kilos.

However, now that I am fourteen years old and my height has increased a little bit, I think that about this weight is good.

Even though my appearance has become noticeably thin, I feel somewhat vexed to stop dieting now.

However, I do not want to lose any more weight. If I do, my body will be harmed rather than improved.

As a result of dieting more than necessary in my previous life, my body was always tired and lacked energy.

After that in the Spring, Grandfather officially ceded the earldom to Ryuze.

Now that Uncle and Aunt have been imprisoned, I no longer have to worry about being made light of, and with Ryuze in charge the earldom will become much more peaceful.

Because the Hakusu Earldom where I live is in the North of the country, Ryuze is called the “Earl of the North” and similar names. It seems hot eyes from the daughters of officials in high society have been directed towards him due to that.

(Vaguely, I have heard a commotion about the “Earl of the North” but… where have I heard that from?)

I think there was an account of him in the original shoujo manga, but as Ryuze himself never appeared in the manga, it might not be such a big concern.

Nora and Lily to this day have a crush on him. Sometimes I received letters from them, and without exception, they requested me to write back about what Ryuze has been doing.

As for that cousin, as always he’s healthy counting money.

In addition to Ricardo, Lily and Nora, recently I have begun exchanging letters with the crown prince Marlow. (TLN: IT’S TIME!)

Even now, there was a letter I just received from him laying in front of me.

There seems to be few people he can talk about his hobbies with, and as a like-minded individual he seems to send me letters. Along with artistic poetry…

I have a hard time thinking of poetry to reply with each time.

(The other day, upon discovering my unfinished poetry, Ryuze let out an explosive laugh)

His outwards appearance is that of a kind cousin, and so normally he only laughs on the inside, elegantly shaking his shoulders in amus.e.m.e.nt. However, when we are alone together, he will release his normal laughter.

With complicated feelings because of Ryuze’s reaction, I opened the letter from crown prince Marlow. Inside, in addition to the usual contents of poetry and talking about our shared hobby, he wrote that “because there are interesting events occurring, I implore you to come to the royal capital.”

Even from Ricardo, I received a letter saying “as there is a party organized by the academy, why don’t you take a field trip to the campus?”

With this many travel to the royal capital flags, just what in the world is going on there? Circ.u.mstance is pushing me so much, it makes me wonder if this is a curse of the original manga.

Be that as it may, it’s true that I need to look for a candidate to be my fiancé in earnest soon.

There is less than a year until Ryuze’s deadline of my fifteenth birthday…

(What a cruel reality…!)

Already, I have no choice but to go to the royal capital!

When I was thirteen years old, because of various problems within the territory, I wasn’t able to attend parties much. If I miss this year, the risk that I will become Angela’s follower will drastically increase!

I don’t want to be executed…!

(I hate it, but it seems with this many invitations I must go to the royal capital.)

In the countryside territory of the Hakusu earldom, there are few available encounters, and every boy of the same age has been keeping Britney at arms length. There seems to be no chance of engagement.

The royal capital has a similar tough feeling, but I have a feeling my chances will be better… if I’m lucky.

Be that as it is, I invited my friend Nora to head to the royal capital with me.

I also invited Ricardo’s cousin Lily, but since this time Ryuze won’t be coming with us she declined. What an honest person.

As Ryuze was occupied as the new Earl, he can’t be apart from the territory at this time.

My main job is to a.s.sist Ryuze and in product development, but this time he said “I want you to see the royal capital’s fashion with your own eyes,” so I left unreservedly.

If I return home empty-handed, I don’t know what I’d say to him. I must work properly.

This time, I am scheduled to go to the royal capital separately from Nora. That’s because I will visit Ricardo’s school before attending the party.

Nora did not seem very interested in the academy.

Going to the capital, it was decided to take one retainer maid, so I chose to take Maria who I had taught earlier in my childhood. She has steadily stepped up, and now has the ability to be my exclusive maid.

Another child I taught, Ryan, has been so busy a.s.sisting Ryuze he would even welcome the help of a cat.

He is now training as a subordinate of the new Earl, and is in the middle of training as a resident in the mansion.

By the way, it seems Ryan himself has said that he’s delighted he can learn new knowledge.

Ryan has handed over the role of teaching the younger children to his juniors, and now the new Hakusu estate servant’s children are learning how to read and write.

In this way, knowledge is pa.s.sed from generation to generation.

Translator’s Corner:

Off to the capital! And prince Marlow’s back! Less than a year until the deadline! Britney you’re cutting it close. Best of luck!

Still owe you guys another chapter from last week, but I don’t know when I’ll get to it.

In other news, I’m getting VR soon (Vive in the mail). Just got myself a computer that can handle it! Any games you all recommend?

Also, more images! This time from the manga.

Manga Cover Volume 1 Manga Cover Volume 1 No Text Shiro Buta Reijou start! Angela Teaser image Heroine (Merrill), Angela, Nora and Britney with Rrince Marlow

There are more teaser images out there but here’s a sampler – search on twitter!

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