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Chapter 120: The Second Prince and Strange Question (Ricardo P.O.V)

The day before Britney met with Serunya.

On the first day I arrived at the border city, I — Ricardo was talking to Ryuze.

Ryuze was a good fellow but he was really frightening when he was one's enemy. I was keenly aware of it during this trip.

[…So, Ricardo, I was talking about engagement with Britney. She doesn't seem to be giving up on her relationship with you though.]

[Is, is that so.]

Ryuze who showed questionable restrain seemed more childish than usual.

(I thought that he's more composed than people of his age, but to think that he has such a side.)

I had unconsciously admired Ryuze, so I had set him as my target.

However, the Earl of the North who was prosperous now was a human.

(From what Ryuze is saying, Britney hasn't changed her mind about me.)

It was clearly understood, so my feelings became a little calmer.

I didn't notice, but it seemed that my heart was getting frayed.

It was probably because I felt frustrated that I couldn't be on the same carriage as Britney and talk with her.

As we talked, Serunya, the second prince of southern country, appeared.

Emirya's older brother was the one who invited us this time.

It was the first time we met, but he had a friendly smile.

[Welcome to the southern country. I just caught sight of Ryuze-dono and Ricardo-dono. I am Serunya, the second prince of this country.]

Addressed by the second prince, we greeted him with a smile.

Serunya wore gla.s.ses and he seemed to be as friendly as his brother.

According to the information I examined before our trip, he seemed to be the same age as Prince Marlow.

[Thank you for inviting us this time.]

Along with Ryuze, I greeted him. Since he was a royalty of another country, I felt a little nervous.

[Let's not be so formal. I feel glad to meet you all, and I hope we can be on cordial terms while having an enjoyable time.]

So, we started talking "on cordial terms", but the topic was new information about each other's country and territory management.

[By the way, it seems that Ryuze-dono's cousin has made a lot of interesting inventions.]

[Ee, Britney has always helped me. I'm proud to be her cousin.]

Ryuze was smiling. It had profound meaning.

[That's a good thing. Just…]

Serunya, who dropped his voice, glanced at us with hidden meaning.

[This is a little complicated, but how much do you know about her?]

I didn't understand his meaning, and I tilted my head.

Ryuze raised one eyebrow and asked Serunya. His expression was soft enough.

[Excuse me, but I don't understand what you mean. To what extent… are your words implying? Can you tell us in a specific way?]

[I'm sorry, but let's change the question. Have heard something about her past life — her "past memories"?]

I was still confused, but Ryuze reacted to this question.

He feigned his posture to be relaxed, but I knew him well. In my eyes, he looked slightly wary of the prince.

[Past memories, is it?]

[Ee, when I sum up the stories I heard from my brother, I conclude that she is the same as me. We remember the memories of our previous life.]

Ryuze kept smiling.

However, it seemed that he knew something about Serunya's absurd story.

(…What? Prince Serunya has the memories of his previous life? Britney too?)

Since it was only me that was clueless about it, I felt strangely impatient.

Whether the story of the previous life was true or not, Ryuze retorted nothing.

(What on earth is Britney?)

Serunya, who was watching our situation, kept talking.

[I said too much. For people who are close to Miss Britney, I thought that you want to know about her… on top of that, I thought that you want to help her.]

To be honest, I was not in a good mood.

Why did Serunya, a complete stranger, know a lot about Britney?

(…Even though they had never met each other before.)

It was as if the second prince knew everything, it made me harbor a complicated feeling.

(Does Britney have something that she never told me about? And Ryuze knows about it?)

Then, Serunya went away as he had other business.

A series of stories that seemed like that it was only a joke. But…

For some reason, knowing that it was only me that did not know anything about it, an irrational impatience welled up inside me.

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