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The plot of the Ellisfeed House is very big.
There is a small forest and a streamlet on our plot.
I have found a place easy to access even for a child like me where wild gra.s.ses grow in numbers, so I head over there. Actually, I’d rather warp there…

「N~… ah, there! There it is!」

I pluck off one jagged leaf and sniff its fragrance.
The distinctly refreshing fragrance is comfortable.

「Un, nice scent…!」

What Cristea holds in her hand is a beefsteak plant… a green perilla.
As they multiplied by self-seeding, they briskly filled the surroundings.

「I have no idea about this world’s vegetation, but… I’m thankful」

Perilla is optimal for increasing appet.i.te in this hot season.
Apart from the fact that there are no times where Cristea has a loss of appet.i.te.

「With this many here, there shouldn’t be a problem to take a plentiful with me, right?」

I ponder about what to make while plucking off the leaves.

First of all, let’s settle with garlic-soy pickles and perilla miso. Tempura would be nice too if I could get my hands on prawns. Moreover, since I have plenty of perilla, let’s do vegetable shabu-shabu… no, orc-shabu with salad might not be that good… ah, I want to eat cold tofu garnished with minced perilla…

Sei promised me to split the ingredients Bastea Company will h.o.a.rd the next time, so I will be patient until then.
I would like to get my hands on them before Oniisama and His Highness leave, but… as I thought, should I send Shin on an errand…

If I had umeboshi, I would remove the pit, mince the plum and added it to udon with perilla. I would make it with soy sauce dashi. It’s not excessive of salt, so it’s a perfect dashi for summertime. Or I could use bird meat instead of soy sauce dashi and make a salt-bird soup. You feel completely refreshed after eating plums and perilla, don’t you? It’s even better if you have chicken meat with it.

Speaking of plums and perilla, orc or bird meat cutlet would be good too. Haa… my dreams are expanding. Not good, I drool just thinking about umeboshi… gulp.

Ahh, I want umeboshi right away… rather, I could make it myself, I wonder if I could obtain unripe plums… I should ask at Bastea Company if it would be possible to obtain the very plum tree… hmm.

「Should I have Byakko-sama help me look for it…?」

Byakko-sama unexpectedly seems to know where things are in Doristan.

「You called?」

I was startled by the sudden voice coming from behind.
When I turned around, Byakko-sama in his human form was standing there.

「Gyaa… you say. Even if you are a joke of a girl, shouldn’t you have a lovelier way of getting surprised… kyaa! Like that or something…」
「Byakko-sama…!? No, no! I will definitely get a shock if you suddenly call me from behind, you know!? I don’t have such leeway?!?」

Moreover, a joke of a girl, he said! I’m not a joke of a girl, I am a girl!! I’m so stunned I have nothing more to say!!

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