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It’s morning. Good morning.

My morning begins by waking up and immediately illuminating the inside of the canopy bed with Light from the Life magic.
The fabric of the canopy is bulky, so no matter how bright it is outside, only a little bit of light gets in.

「Light… huh?」

What an unfamiliar ceiling… not seeing the canopy I grew accustomed to, I once again recalled that I’m in the Capital.

The outside can still be considered dark as it’s almost winter. The servants have surely started working, but the noise doesn’t reach our room.

I have woken up as usual, but it’s too early to get up.
A normal young lady would still be dreaming.

… How strange, I was supposed to be a normal young lady though…?
It can’t be helped that I’m not normal because of the memories of my past life, huh… after forcibly consenting, I was pondering what to do from now on in the bed.

The fire in the fireplace has gone off, so it’s very cold out of the bed.
Usually, I would promptly get out of the bed, change into easy-to-move-in clothes by myself, light the fire with magic, and indulge myself in the morning yoga, but I can’t do that in this room that’s different from mine.

I’m certain they wouldn’t get angry if I did as I please, but if the employer (‘s daughter) s.n.a.t.c.hes the work of the maids, they would get scolded by their superiors.
I will have to consult with Miria about this.

I rise early so I wouldn’t everyone to rise early because of me as well, so I earnestly requested Otousama to let me do the things by myself back in the fief. The servants were really opposing the idea at first, but I have clearly asked everyone to let me do it, so they now moderately leave me alone, which is comfortable. I hope it can work out like this over here too, but…

It couldn’t be helped, so I have decided to carefreely wait for Miria in the bed, but I was bored. Not having anything to do and being free is too much for me. Having said that, going back to sleep is a little bit…

『N~… Cristea, good morning? Awake?』
「My, good morning, Mashiro. Have I woke you up? I will stay here until Miria comes today」
『Yaay. We weren’t able to be together much while in the Capital, so I’m happy』

Mashiro who was sleeping around my belly crawled up and plopped his head on the pillow, so I patted him.

「Yeah. You had to stay in the human form all that time after waking up and you weren’t allowed to stick close to me either. I’m sorry?」
『It’s to protect Cristea after all』
「If you get tired from the human form, you can lock yourself in the room and rest in your original form, okay?」
『It’s fine. Cristea supplements me everyday after all』
『Mashiro and I won’t overdo it. Being separated is much more unpleasant after all』

Kurogane who was sleeping at my feet sprawled on the opposite side of Mashiro and placed his head on the pillow as if demanding to be patted. There, there.

『Ah! Geez! It’s so cramped and painful, I can’t sleep! Get out!』

Kaguya slipped out of the blanket.

「No, no, it’s still too early. Let’s stay like this little longer?」

When I restrained Kaguya from leaving, she quickly climb up on my belly and curled into a ball. Gue. Kaguysan, please not the solar plexus…

Thus, I had my fill of mofumofu until Miria came.
Having mofumofu whether walking or sleeping is happiness…

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