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Hieee! It became serious!

While thinking such, I hastily took out a robe from my inventory and let Kaguya wear it.
Uu… it was a child’s robe, so it was a little bit too short… I let her wear a one-piece Suzaku-sama made from magical power instead… it looks a little gothic-lolitish… it suits her though.

In the meanwhile, Sei had Byakko-sama eat a hit from his iron-ribbed fan. It’s very gentlemanly of you that you are making sure not look, but your ears are red all the way to the neck, you know?? … You saw it, didn’t you??

「…!? My body…?? Eh? Why am I so pug-faced??」

Kaguya said in bewilderement while looking at her limbs.

Eh? What does she mean?? Far from pug-faced, you have a pet.i.te build with all the right curves, you are a Transistor Glamour, you know? You are a sight for a sore eyes even for the same s.e.x! A treat! … That’s not it!
What she told me is that she was originally supposed to be a Oneesan-ish type…

… This, did the two Divine Beasts do something by any chance…??
A glared at the two.

「Uu… I mean, she’s way lovelier like this, right? As for me, I was imagined to make her even a little bit smaller, but…」

It appears to be Suzaku-sama’s fault that she took on the appearances of a young girl.

「Don’t be ridiculous! It’s worth the look when that’s what supposed to stick out is sticking out!」

… The reason she became a Transistor Glamour-san is Byakko-sama’s fault…

Aaaaah, my Kaguya, what has become of you!?

「… The condition you spoke of, what was it?」
「Ah, that’s… I wanted to have her wear my cute clothes and kimonos. I mean, Lord just won’t let me dress him up. Even though make-up really suits him…」

Suzaku-sama said in dissatisfaction… in other words, she locked on Kaguya as Sei’s subst.i.tute for a dress-up doll… when I looked at Sei, he wanted to scold Suzaku-sama but he seemed to have complex thoughts. In fact, her target was originally me, but Sei has apparently stopped her. Se, Sei… thank you…! No matter how wonderful the clothes, I wouldn’t like to become a dress-up doll. Somehow, I can’t help but feel sorry to Kaguya…

「Byakko-sama’s is…」
「I, I! I wanted to have her inform me when you make delicious food…」

His condition for making Kaguya human was apparently to have her spy on my recipes. He also found her pitiable that she had to eat different food too, but… I’m thankful that you have noticed that, but in other words, wasn’t your only purpose eating in the end…? Besides, hourgla.s.s-ed Transistor Glamour body is your preference, right? You won’t deny it, right?? Nn?

Once again, Byakko-sama got hit by Sei’s iron-ribbed fan.
… I have no sympathy.

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