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The battle was about to begin, but another audience member had just entered. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be the Aslan's old mech instructor, Old Ghost, together with Indigo.

"So what Instructor said was true; they are indeed strong! Since they are already on the third match, I must watch this!"

Old Ghost immediately rushed towards w.a.n.g Zheng. Although Aslan's IG team was not under his jurisdiction, as a senior instructor, he was also considered to be part of the instructors' group.

Both Achilles and Robert Han on the stage were not affected in the slightest, and each of them began choosing their own mech.

Achilles - Moonlit Knight, a mobile mech that had decent performance on the moon.

Robert Han - Hurricane Razor, a specialized a.s.sa.s.sin type mobile fighter from the Hurricane planet. It was obvious that it was a suitable fit for his Ability X, and it was equipped with minimal defense, with the sole aim of destroying the opponent as quickly as possible.

Achilles was operating his familiar Moonlit Knight, while the opponent's Hurricane Razor made its dazzling debut, indicating that in this IG compet.i.tion, there was no lack of individuals that were willing to show off.

The Hurricane Razor pointed at the Moonlit Knight and switched on his comms. "One minute will be enough to defeat you!"

Achilles faced his adversary's provocation directly during the pre-war declarations, but his face slowly reflected a smile.

The audience on the Moon began to feel a little irritated. Although Achilles was not the captain, he was still the strongest in their minds. He was able to not only lead the Moon to victory, but could even spearhead the recovery of the Solar System.

However, he was only the pride of the citizens of the Moon. Once outside of the Solar System, no one would be concerned with him. Even though the Hurricane planet was more famous than the Moon, the Milky Way Alliance was still expanding up till today, and they were still br.i.m.m.i.n.g with nationalistic pride and confidence. Everyone wanted to become the leader of the Milky Way Alliance.

The beam saber had been activated, yet Achilles was patiently waiting for his opponent. Robert Han's Hurricane Razor had rushed forward, his sprinting direction changing constantly, with false steps and feints, as if telling his opponents that long range attacks would be useless and that he should simply wait to be killed.

In IG compet.i.tions, it was not uncommon to see such a partic.i.p.ant who liked to show off. Of course, Robert Han was confident in killing his opponent in an instant.

Within ten seconds, the Hurricane Razor was within striking distance. His beam saber charged out at full strength, and at the same moment, his Ability X exploded outward. It was a typical finishing move that would deal a deadly blow with the help of his Ability X.

Within a radius of five meters, with the Moonlit Knight at the center, s.p.a.ce appeared to be distorted. Any movement from the pilot would be greatly hampered unless they had a tracking type Ability X!

Since Achilles was willing to step forward, he must have believed that his abilities would be able to target the opponent.

However… he still had to hit his opponent to win. Despite this, there were no signs of fluctuations of Achilles' Ability X.


The beam saber was deflected, but Achilles had simply blocked the attack in an extremely awkward manner. Under the effects of the distortion, even the direction of the attacks would be misread. However, Achilles had successfully managed to block Robert's Han first attack.

Robert Han's distortion ability could be maintained for 12 seconds, which was a long time during a battle. Despite being under a fierce a.s.sault, Achilles was able to withstand everything for the whole 12 seconds.


Robert Han's Hurricane Razor was repelled, and the distorted s.p.a.ce returned to normal. At this moment, Achilles' Moonlit Knight started its a.s.sault.

Robert Han hastily retreated, fl.u.s.tered by the sudden change. He had never dreamed that someone would be able to pinpoint his location within the distortion field!


The beam saber drew an arc through the air. Although Robert Han had raised his shield and tried to counterattack, the Moonlit Knight had mysteriously disappeared.


As a scout type mech, the Moonlit Knight executed its signature move, an attack from all directions!

Boom, boom, boom...

The energy shield burst apart, followed closely by a beam saber slicing through the air.

Achilles' Moonlit Knight glided to a stop. While switching his engines off, he had already sheathed his blade.

A large slash was seen on the chest of Hurricane Razor, which promptly exploded.

Achilles WIN.

Milo and the others immediately stood up and cheered. They had finally seen the first victory of Achilles, which was the first appearance of the Sun G.o.d in the IG compet.i.tion.

A flawless victory, and it was done without his Ability X.

"When he's within the dislocation s.p.a.ce, the pilot is required to have the ability to adapt, as well as react quickly to the opponent. Achilles, he is a person to watch out for!" Huang Shi drew a circle around his name. As he was a senior military personnel, he was not surprised by Achilles' victory.

In the history of IG completions, those who prematurely exposed their abilities had all thought that they could dominate the field with them. However, it was impossible to clear all the stages simply by relying on those abilities, and they could be considered to be rather naive.

Including the Solar System team with Zhang Shan and the rest, it was possible to acquire a surprise victory. However, once their abilities had been exposed, it would no longer be possible to attain an easy victory. It was still ideal to rely on one's own strength instead. Zhang Runan's skills were not too bad, but she couldn't be considered to be top notch. Originally, it was thought that only w.a.n.g Zheng would be able to shock others, but it seemed like there was another one in the Solar System team.

Achilles had been hailed as a figure that would allow the Solar System to rise once again. Of course, the Solar System Federation would come up with such a person every once in a while, and it had been shown through history that every one of them had succeeded.

Only this time, it was slightly different.

Despite being the winner of the bout, Achilles still remained calm, with a gentle smile on his face.

However, the laughter only emanated from his side of the battlefield. The Hurricane team were unable to rejoice, as they had never thought they would be defeated in such a manner.

Achilles must have undergone specialized training in order to overcome Robert Han's distortion field.

Zhang Shan laughed and asked, "Achilles, were you already aware that they would dispatch him for the match, and specifically countered him?"

Achilles simply smiled and shook his head.

"Zhang Shan, he's the King of the Moon; do you think that he would go to such lengths for such a small fry?" Masasi remarked in exasperation.

Within the Solar System, w.a.n.g Zheng was not the only expert, especially when it was only at the level of the IG completion.

For this trial run, Achilles simply wanted to do a warm up, as well as to announce his existence to the rest of the opponents.

After the match, numerous Aslanian students were fervently discussing the outcome, not having expected that the Solar System had partic.i.p.ants of such caliber.

However, the Aslanian people preferred to simply watch these two elite teams who believed that they were the true elites, which made for an interesting show.

After losing a match, Li Dongyang's face sank, but it was an outcome that they had expected. After all, Achilles was the strongest within the Solar System Federation. Despite that, the exchange of information could still be considered a success. With such great adaptability, speed, and performance at maneuvering the Moonlit Knight, it was not something that the Hurricane Razor could match up to. Achilles was quietly revealing a part of his hand, yet it was not the time for him to slowly appreciate his skills.

The second round was about to start, and it was the Hurricane team's turn to pick their partic.i.p.ants. Li Dongyang pondered for a moment. "Jiang Chen, you're up!"

"Yes, Captain!"

Jiang Chen stood up, seemingly unaffected by Achilles' previous performance.

The Hurricane team knew that the captain was still feeling the pressure from the previous round. Jiang Chen was the secret weapon of the Hurricane team, and he was originally intended to be used only at the critical moments of the compet.i.tion. However, it was evident that the team was unable to bear the defeat after watching the performance of the Solar System.

They had to win the second match.

Compared to the seriousness of the Hurricane team's members, the Solar System team remained calm. After a few rounds, both Raston and Taros were defeated, but w.a.n.g Zheng, Achilles, and Lie Xin were victorious. However, there was one more person in the team that could not be overlooked.

To be precise, the others within the group believed that he was a poisonous viper. Compared to him, Taros was at best a rabid dog.

Lear stood up and looked towards w.a.n.g Zheng. "May I have this match?"

Although w.a.n.g Zheng was the team captain, the members of the team all had headstrong personalities. However, both Achilles and Lear were capable of understanding the situation, unlike Taros, who was simply reckless.

w.a.n.g Zheng smiled slightly and nodded. Both he and Achilles exchanged glances. It was finally Lear's turn to act.

Surprisingly, Lear also had times where he couldn't hold himself back.

No matter how high his tolerance was, he was fundamentally still a youngster. It was impossible for anyone to remain uninterested after watching match after match. Additionally, for these types of compet.i.tions, it was not ideal to simply remain hidden. If one was afraid of exposure, it could only mean that one's abilities were insufficient. Evidently, Lear was not such a person.

It was time to start.

Lear walked up and absolutely ignored the opposing team, his pride far above that of the Hurricane team.

The Hurricane team immediately flipped their lid. They could ignore others, but they were unable to tolerate the blatant disregard of a mere Earthling. With his head held high, his gaze on them was akin to looking at pebbles on the side of the road.

Without a doubt, Lear was unmatched when it came to displaying his arrogance. He simply had the inborn talent of viewing everyone else as insignificant.

Lear had casually chosen the Bata Type V for the match.

This type of frivolity, as well as having chosen the Bata, the most basic type of mech from Earth, had thoroughly angered the members of the Hurricane team, with them immediately raising a fuss.

It was simply intolerable to be underestimated by Earth!

"Jian Chen, go teach him a lesson!" Li Dongyang solemnly said. Winning or losing was simply secondary; their pride was more important. This guy had no one in his eyes. What kind of a joke was this? He was simply just some Earthling trash!

From the start till the end, Lear paid them no attention. Needless to say, his skill in irritating others was at the level that he was able to anger them to death without even speaking a single word.

"Look at that, the att.i.tude from Lear is typical of Earthlings. It's as if they are still the rulers of the galaxy."

"Haha, we probably have to trace his arrogance back to more than a thousand years ago. Who knows?"

"Earthlings sure are funny. It's as though they think they're princes of Atlantis with that arrogance."

"If you look closely, this kid seems to be the most composed amongst the Solar System team, not unlike an expert."

Huang Shi drew a circle around Lear's name. In fact, he did not believe that Lear was faking his strength. Within the group, there were experts such as w.a.n.g Zheng and Achilles, yet he could still remain arrogant. It was likely that he certainly possessed some skill.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen was the Hurricane's team best combatant.

Jiang Chen chose to remain with the Hurricane Razor. On one hand, he wanted to prove the strength of the mech. On the other, the opponent had chosen the Bata mech. Even though he was not clear on the situation back on Earth, he was aware that even this mech was slated to be phased out by Earth's military.

Both the mecha had appeared, yet the Bata fighter simply quietly stood there, not even switching on the engine.

Was this a provocation?


The Hurricane Razor exploded out, brandishing his beam saber. At the same time, a whirlwind was visible on the outside of the mech.

The members of the Hurricane team had confident smiles on their faces, knowing that Jiang Chen was able to use the a.s.sa.s.sin cla.s.s mech to the extreme limits.

The opponent's mech had been activated and Ability Xs had been launched. The air itself seemed as if it was being manipulated. However, there seemed to be a problem with the opponent's Bata...

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