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Student Zhang Shan… was summed up in the word "pitiful". This bunch of shameless louts had been chasing him for many days.

Counter attack?

That was a joke. Zhang Shan had no intention of that at all. That would be blasphemy. Fortunately, he had gone through gruelling training for the Greatest King, and his breathing technique had been elevated to the 16th tier. His stamina and agility had improved greatly. Otherwise, he would have been dead many times over already.

But even so, Zhang Shan could only run and hide. But such an exertion was not sustainable. Zhang Shan's best move was to play dead and hide. He concealed himself completely in the day, using his breathing technique to reduce his energy expenditure to a minimum, and emerged in the deep of night to forage.

Zhang Shan had given up on contributing, but he was unwilling to be a burden. He would protect his own tag. The rest would be up to Achilles and Lie Xin. At that moment, Zhang Shan still did not know that the rest had already been eliminated.

Zhang Shan and Mu Zhen were fundamentally different from Achilles and Lie Xin. They fought for their lives on every field, holding themselves in little regard. They were crystal clear on what they were capable of, whereas Achilles and Lie Xin had a prideful streak. One side fought for their lives, one fought like it was compet.i.tion. The difference was huge.

But Zhang Shan did not know how much longer he could hold out. He could not forage well, as the food supplies were often dropped in the day. And he had no means of doing battle with the Zergs, so he could only eat bark and gra.s.s. If this carried on, Zhang Shan felt like he might turn into a goat.

In a completely different state from Zhang Shan, the Dynasty battle team was extremely savage. One thing was that they were not the main targets. Another was that the team had Mayans, as well as three experts in ancient arts. The handicap of no Ability X was a blessing, and each had collected tags.

Zhou Yun, Pang Tong, and Anluda conducted ambushes. For ancient arts pract.i.tioners to fight average soldiers was a walkover. The key was that Ability X suppression allowed them to fight without worries.

Of course, they would not clash with the major teams. There were plenty of other tags for the taking.

"Zhou Yun, we have to go find that fatty and finish him off. His existence inconveniences us," Pang Tong said. Clearly, Lear really relied on this fatty, but he was just too disgusting. That body shape was suited for pig feeding. At the same time, Lear's trust in him affected them.

These three had thrown their lot in with Lear. Although it sounded dignified, they were really trying to ride his coattails to greatness. That was why they needed Lear's trust and dependence. This fatty's existence had cramped their progress on all fronts.

"I concur. This is a rare opportunity. That person will impede the Saint's path. My family had news that the great plan is nearing completion. We have to quickly cement our position. No more hesitation." Anluda nodded in agreement. Both were very decisive. There was nothing much to hesitate about on a matter like this.

Zhou Yun frowned. "Lear's character…"

"We just want the best for him. Besides, without our help, he will not be able to take the Son of Saint position. Among the candidates, his power is the weakest. The Chronos family of Earth is not that capable. Whether in the Milky Way Alliance or in Saint, his position is very low," Pang Tong said.

Actually, in terms of Saint, Zhou Yun's family sat higher than the Chronos family.

Benefits and status, as well as control of the future, were what everybody fought for. Zhou Yun was not as direct as Pang Tong and Anluda, but he understood. He genuinely wanted to support Lear, as the only representative from Earth. Family background and bloodline would still count for much. But to reap their own benefits from this process, it was not as simple as committing without strings attached. That was just a fool with too many resources. To accomplish anything, the important thing was to gain Lear's trust. Only then could they benefit.

And Luo Fei's existence was an obstacle. A person like Lear only had the s.p.a.ce to trust one person. And as long as Luo Fei was around, no one else would have a turn.

At this point, Zhou Yun's doubts were gone as well.

Fatty was sneezing incessantly. He was lounging on a tree branch, clasping tag after tag.

That punk Zhang Shan was really a honeypot, attracting a whole bunch of flies in crazy pursuit. And Fatty was the ultimate winner.

Although he had wanted to skive, Lear had laid his decree. Luo Fei could tell when Lear was being serious, and when he did not mind things. And so he had to work hard, even if he did not want to.

When Zhang Shan was burrowing like a rabbit into whichever hole he found, Luo Fei was watching on, rolling with laughter. As for Zhang Shan's pursuers, he had finished them all off.

In such a situation, Luo Fei was unafraid of anybody. Who cared if it was Arbiter or Aslan? The journey to t.i.tat.i.tan Star had helped Lear gain much, but Luo Fei had gleaned much as well.

On the surface, he seemed like a slack guy, but in truth, Luo Fei's comprehension was terrifyingly good. He was the kind that could focus in an instant, which meant that what took others a long time to distill and process was a walk in the park for Luo Fei to grasp.

Some talents could not be seen. It was difficult for others to grasp it, but it was a piece of cake for Luo Fei.

Only, he had no ambitions. His only goal was to live happily and be a good sidekick for Lear.

Fatty told himself that he was not here to help Zhang Shan, but to help complete Lear's mission.

Fatty ghosted over like a bird, casually tossing a bag down. This was fresh supply that he could not possibly finish. This Zhang Shan needed to keep his strength up to be a good bait. It would be bad if he starved to death.

After Luo Fei had fallen asleep, Zhang Shan crawled out in the middle of the night. Listening to the sounds of the ground for half the day, it seemed clear. His luck seemed to be holding. He had not met any problems in the last two days. He had heard fighting sounds nearby, and had tested his luck to see if he could scavenge anything. Perhaps…

After just a few steps, he saw an airdrop bag. d.a.m.n, this luck was G.o.dly!

Instantly, Zhang Shan's stomach rumbled. He was about to become a rabbit from all the gra.s.s nibbling. He hurriedly opened the bag. It was cram biscuit and water. He could not help himself. Even if it was poison, he would take the risk.

Many times, people were unafraid of death, but the needs of the body were irresistible. Zhang Shan was on the breaking point after the last few days, and he was about to snap.

Zhang Shan ate and looked at the sky. Hehe, this was G.o.dlike luck. Character always prevails.

The few major teams' members were proceeding smoothly as well. But what they did not expect was that the weaker teams had started to form alliances.

In a straight up fight, the bottom ranked five teams were gone the moment they were discovered. After a week, everyone understood this. Even if they acquired tags, they could not protect them.

That was why teaming up was the only road to survival. Because till present, enough teams had been eliminated. As long as you survived, you could enter the main compet.i.tion. And mecha fights were a completely different matter.

A round of supply drops had begun on island A as well. Keeping up the stamina and fighting power was undoubtedly important, and the same went for w.a.n.g Zheng. Eating normal food was definitely better than eating sc.r.a.ps.

That was why Student w.a.n.g had gone to scrounge for supplies, while Mars and Zhang Zhun minded the house. Tags were still scattered on the floor. These things, fought over everywhere else, did not have much meaning here.

"Captain Mars, can w.a.n.g Zheng make it through?" Zhang Zhun asked.

Mars eyed Zhang Zhun. "Maybe. Maybe not."

Zhang Zhun rolled his eyes. That said nothing. But no one could make any guarantees here. If w.a.n.g Zheng's opponents did not play fair, then w.a.n.g Zheng had no chance of success. But there were rules. And this bunch of people still cared about their dignity. That was w.a.n.g Zheng's only hope.

At least, that was what Mars thought. Even he was "ashamed". The Aslan people were righteous enough. The only one that needed watching was that Aragorn. On this matter, he would be unscrupulous.

As long as they did not ally up, Mars thought w.a.n.g Zheng stood a chance.

Zhang Zhun was just about to say something when the trees rustled. A few people were walking towards them. Clearly, they had no intention of concealing their tracks. But any who dared to do so must be very confident challengers.

When these four walked out, the rest could indeed go home.

Aslan gang… with an additional Lear.

Lin Feng, Qiankun Zadeh, and Di Maria were surprised to see Mars. Especially in this situation.

"Mars, you intend to help w.a.n.g Zheng?" Lin Feng asked mildly. As for this Arbiter pro, Lin Feng still needed to feel him out.

Mars paid him no heed. He ignored this Aslan Royal College captain.

Lear smiled slightly. "Mars. I recall that Arbiters don't like to interfere unnecessarily. Why stick in these muddy waters?"

Mars shot Lear a cold look. "Since when did Earthlings start to grovel before Aslan?"

This was a stark challenge. Zhang Zhun was sweating. The situation did not look good. Four on two, and his contribution was negligible. Mars was still not completely recovered, and might not be able to perform at his best. Was this… bravado?

Lear's smiling face did not change in the slightest. "Given your character, you rarely make taunts. The only possible reason is that you are bl.u.s.tering. Senior Mars, you are injured."

Mars' expression was implacable, but he was secretly frightened. This Lear was a fox, to be able to guess this much.

Lin Feng and the rest were prepared. Given Mars' state, even if he was wounded, it was not that serious. Before entering the main compet.i.tion, provoking Mars was not a wise decision.

"Mars, our target is clearly w.a.n.g Zheng. Where is he?" Qiankun Zadeh asked.

Mars shrugged. "I'm not his nanny. Who knows where he is."

Qiankun Zadeh's eyes flashed. They had the power advantage. If Mars would not cooperate, finishing him off would do as well.

Lin Feng was evidently the spokesperson out of the four. Three against one was definitely advantageous. The problem was, Di Maria's physical abilities was not his forte. He and Qiankun Zadeh could definitely hold their own, but Lear was an unknown. That guy was hard to read, and too stable. Besides, others were definitely watching. Taking on Mars now was no guarantee.

"We're in no rush either." Lin Feng waved. Finishing off w.a.n.g Zheng offended n.o.body, and would not cross any sensitive lines. At the same time, it was their strongest guarantee of safety.

Mars knew that this Lin Feng was the top of Aslan's younger generation. The heir of the Zeus Arts.

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