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Chapter 272: Paragon of Perfection
w.a.n.g Tong's soul energy had reach level four after a week of recovering. Although he would have to breach the bottleneck of level five once again, w.a.n.g Tong was confident that when he did, he would be much stronger than he had ever been. He was also optimistic that he would make vast improvements in the field of s.p.a.ceship combat.

Previously, w.a.n.g Tong had been relying heavily on his APM technique, using his excellent micro control to subdue opponents. He had also used this strategy in his invention of two combat styles.
Students from six different academies had joined the S club so far. In addition to Bernabeu, there were Kucusu, Washington, Salo, three A-Cla.s.s Academies, and one B cla.s.s Academies named Turnbull.
The weekend was the day for the students of different academies to flex their muscles and compete against each other. The match between w.a.n.g Tong and Karl was the last match of the day. Everyone was eager to witness how the inventor of Karl Formation would execute his own technique. After toppling three opponent defenses, Karl challenged w.a.n.g Tong directly, skipping through the rest of the compet.i.tors
Karl's challenged had unnerved Hu Yangxuan, since the latter was not very confident in w.a.n.g Tong's condition after recovery. Hu Yangxuan worried about the reputation of w.a.n.g Tong as the club leader should he slip up and lose the fight.
w.a.n.g Tong accepted Karl's challenge candidly. For a while, he had registered Karl's frustration, and he reasoned that Karl must have sensed certain shortcomings in his combat techniques, but was not sure how to pinpoint it due to lack of a worthy opponent. The only two that Karl knew would stand up against him were Flash and Bisu. However, the two had not been active ever since their last defeat, so Karl could only practice with Best, and it got boring pretty quickly.
This was w.a.n.g Tong's first s.p.a.ceship battle since he was injured and already, w.a.n.g Tong was confident that he would win with ease. He felt that he could read much more than before in between the lines of Karl's deployment, and he quickly picked up his opponent's weakness.
Karl had lost three matches in a row and was caught off guard by the catastrophic defeat. He watched the replay many times, trying to figure out how he had lost.
Even w.a.n.g Tong was pleasantly surprised by the ease in his victory, and he was pleased with the new-found ability to command the fleets as a whole to crush the opponent's weak points.
No one left the exercise room after the match as they lingered to discuss the recent event on the PA system. Without Einherjar Wannabe, the martian brutes had dominated the PA system until the two strong opponents emerged recently: w.a.n.g Ben and Jiang Long.
w.a.n.g Ben accepted their challenges because of his friendship with Einherjar Wannabe, while Jiang Long had done so for the sake of his reputation.
The four Martians were a rowdy lot; not only had Einherjar Wannabe fallen victim to their profanities, but also many other great fighters, including Jiang Long. As the heir to the Firmament Palm Strike, Jiang Long was well respected among the fighters on the moon. His reputation has suffered collateral damage from the crossfire between the fans of the Einherjar Wannabe and the four Martians. To save his reputation as a competent fighter, he decided to accept the challenge.
Jiang Long would be up against Lie Wushuan, and w.a.n.g Ben's opponent would be Qin Kun.
When the group turned on the TV, Jiang Long was already defeated by Lie Wushuang. Despite the vigorous attacks of the Firmament Palm Strike, both the soul energy and experience of Jiang Long had fallen short during the contest. Lie Wushuang was a much more experienced fighter. He fought his opponent patiently, biding his time until his opponent tired himself out.
When Jiang Long collapsed onto the ground, the martian audiences cheered for their hero's victory. Their voice was laced with s

houts of taunt and contempt.
Jiang Long felt indignant; he registered that he had lost the battle not because of the lack of soul energy, but because the tactics he had cultivated were inferior to the Tactics of the Blaze.
He had recognized his opponent's advantage from the beginning of the match, and had wanted to finish him in the first few strikes before Lie Wushuang was able to materialize the power of his tactics. However, Lie Wushuang didn't give him a chance and dominated the combat from the first moment till the last.
Other audiences were appalled by the Martians' excessive pomposity. Some even booed at the cheerers.
"I can't stand this! These Martians are arrogant and conceited b*stards! Why would they humiliate other fighters like this?"
Looking at Jiang Long who had collapsed on the ground, Lie Wushuang extended his thumb downward with a smug look on his face. The Martians pompous actions had angered the Ivantians and the Earthlings.
Although w.a.n.g Tong really wanted to teach these four bullies a lesson, he conceded that he should exercise caution, as he was not sure if he would be able to defeat Lie Jian without a fully recharging his sea of consciousness.
The audiences had been expecting w.a.n.g Ben to revenge the fallen warriors, but the performance of Lie Wushuang make them doubt if even w.a.n.g Ben would be able to defeat the Martian. Although w.a.n.g Ben had leveled up to the fifth level, his opponents were no less potent than him. Three out of the four Martians were already graduated and serving the military, while the other one was the official member of the Sect of the Divine Master. It was clear that they had never planned on having fair fights.
Even after defeating Jiang Long, Lie Wushuang still felt anger burning inside him. Despite the double attribute of Wannabe’s GN force, he wouldn’t lose the battle if he had paid more attention. After all, he held an advantage in terms of superior soul energy.
"Is this all you Ivantians got? What a pathetic, useless piece of sh*t." Lie Wushuang bawled out at the audience.
Ivantians had two of the five greatest tactics. However, one of the two was not meant for combat, and the other was so difficult that even the House Dower had not been able to succeed in their cultivation for many generations.
"Bullsh*t!" Lie Wushuang spat on the floor and was about to leave when someone stepped calmly onto the stage as silence fell into the entire arena.
This young man’s face could be said to be elegant, if not slightly effeminate.
"If you can counter just one strike from me, I will consider it your victory. "
Li Jian leaped out of his chair in excitement as the sudden turn of event caught him off guard, "More and more interesting!"
Li Shiming had also been watching the live broadcast. When he saw the new combatant, he pushed aside the paperwork and furrowed his brows.
The ostentation smug on Lie Wushuang's face faded away as soon as he saw the approaching young man. He immediately tightened his body into a defensive posture.
If there were one young fighter that Lie Wushuang needed to be wary of, it would be this one right in front of him, the paragon of perfection: Patroclus Dower.

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