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Chapter 392: The Threat of Becoming A Eunuch

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The yearly free-for-all battle was finally here, and Yue Tu made a temporary move back to the Moon Palace to show Chang’e her weight loss progress.

Several tens of thousands of students gathered on the White Jade Plaza.

The opening ceremony was hosted by Vice-Princ.i.p.al Yu Hua as usual, with no appearance from the princ.i.p.al.

An Lin felt like he probably would not get to see the princ.i.p.al during his five years here. There was a portrait of the princ.i.p.al hanging within the school’s hall of fame. He looked like a refined and elegant man, but An Lin naturally had no idea what the princ.i.p.al was really like.

He became overcome with emotion as he looked at all the young students br.i.m.m.i.n.g with vitality gathered on the plaza.

Thinking back to when he was in his first year at the university, just achieving a ranking within the top hundred of the Immortal Rankings Board was next to impossible for him.

Now that he was in his third year, he was well on his way to earning the number one ranking.

He felt like he had reached the summit before he even knew it.

Invincibility was so… so… lonely…

A ma.s.sive teleportation spell formation soon began to appear on the plaza and the close to fifty thousand students were teleported to the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks, where the newest edition of the free-for-all battle was about to get underway!

An Lin looked up into the sky, where he saw a faint barrier of light. He could even detect the auras of the teachers nearby, who were responsible for the judging of this free-for-all battle. Back when he was only Spirit Nurturing Stage last year, he was completely unable to detect the presence of those teachers.

One’s consciousness would become extremely powerful once they reached Soul Formation Stage. They could detect everything from the flow of the Spiritual Energy of Heaven and Earth to the microscopic organisms on a dried leaf.

An Lin chuckled lightly and clenched his fists. “Alright, you trash, allow me to demonstrate to you just how fearsome I can be!”

“Ding Dong!”

Right at this moment, the system notification sounded.

An Lin faltered slightly before surveying the system to find that the “Special Mission” tab was flashing.

He opened the tag and was greeted by the sight of a string of text:

“Detected that host has entered the Forest of One-Thousand Peaks, now a.s.signing the mission t.i.tled “Be a humble man and help others win”.

“Mission content: host has to be a humble man and rank outside of the top hundred on the Immortal Rankings Board while a.s.sisting Xu Xiaolan in taking the top spot.

“Mission Success: One raffle for the Magic Treasure lottery.

“Mission Failure: Become a eunuch for three years.

“Note: This mission cannot be rejected.”

An Lin almost blacked out after seeing the consequence a.s.signed for mission failure.

What did it mean to become a eunuch for three years? Could his b.a.l.l.s even grow back after three years?!

No, this was all beside the point. The important thing to note here was how ridiculous these system missions were becoming!

Why couldn’t he just be impotent instead? Why did he have to become eunuch!?

An Lin gritted his teeth in rage and wanted nothing more than to smash the system into pieces. He had just progressed to Soul Formation Stage and it was the perfect time for him to be flexing! What the f*ck was this sh*t about being humble?

Humble, my a*s!

“Ah, it’s Senior An Lin! I am Yang Wei from first-year fifth cla.s.s, please enlighten me!

A lanky man in a green robe appeared in front of An Lin and greeted him with a fanatical gleam in his eyes.

What an honor it was to be able to test his skills against such a legendary figure!

An Lin’s b.a.l.l.s began to ache as he looked at the man in front of him.

Yang Wei? Please enlighten me? 1

F*ck your impotence enlightenment! I don’t have any knowledge to impart about impotence!

Was this guy sent here by the G.o.ds to test him!?

An Lin suddenly thought back to the conditions of the special mission. The conditions stated that he had to rank outside of the top hundred on the Immortal Rankings Board, which meant he had to restrict his own Combat Capability score as well as Achievement score. He had to pick his battles and ignore meaningless fights.

An Lin’s lack of response prompted Yang Wei to think that An Lin had not heard him, so he repeated his challenge, “Senior An Lin, I’m Yang Wei from first-year fifth cla.s.s, please enlighten me!”

An Lin shook his head. “You’ve got the wrong person, I’m not An Lin.”

He leaped onto his brick as he spoke and flew into the air, leaving a cloud of dust in his wake.

Yang Wei: “???”

He looked on with bewilderment as An Lin’s figure faded into the distance.

He had the wrong person? Bullsh*t!?

He worshipped a portrait of Senior An Lin every day; how could he forget what senior student An Lin looked like!

And who else aside from Senior An Lin would use such a weird black brick as their mode of transportation?!

Yang Wei’s body swayed, and a dejected expression appeared on Yang Wei as he came to a sudden realization. “Could it be that I’m not even worth fighting in the eyes of Senior An Lin…”

Meanwhile, An Lin had already flown far away and was only focused on his system mission, so he didn’t have the brain capacity to consider Yang Wei’s feelings.

It was simple if he wanted to rank outside the top hundred on the Immortal Rankings Board; he just had to refrain from all battles. However, the difficult part was helping Xu Xiaolan to achieve the number one spot.

Xu Xiaolan should be able to enter the top five with no problems.

However, she had quite a few compet.i.tors if she wanted to reach the top spot, and An Lin just so happened to be familiar with most of her strongest compet.i.tors.

Liu Qianhuan, Xuanyuan Cheng, Su Qianyun, Tang Ximen, and Zuo Qiubing.

It could be said that all five of those were strong threats to Xu Xiaolan. The first four didn’t require any introduction.

The last one, who was a man by the name of Zuo Qiubing, was in the same year as Liu Qianhuan. It was only because of Liu Qianhuan’s scintillating reputation that he dimmed in comparison, but he was quite a powerful cultivator in his own right.

Apparently, he was there when An Lin transcended his tribulation, and he managed to attain his own lightning domain after observing the Golden Void Lightning Kirin. In doing so, he became the second student in the school after Liu Qianhuan to reach Half-Step Soul Formation Stage. This should have been big news throughout the entire school but unfortunately, his feats were once again out of the spotlight as everyone was too busy discussing An Lin.

An Lin pondered to himself for a moment, before deciding that he was the second most potent threat to Xu Xiaolan.

The biggest threat was obviously Liu Qianhuan. If she used her sword, then Xu Xiaolan had next to no chance of victory.

Not long after this, the sounds of spell techniques being unleashed began to erupt from the ground below.

An Lin looked down to discover that there was a battle between two Dao Body Stage students taking place below.

A man of ninth-stage Dao Body had managed to defeat his opponent of tenth-stage Dao Body. This made An Lin recall his first free-for-all battle, where he too defeated many cultivators with higher cultivation bases than he did.

The ninth-stage Dao Body cultivator had won the battle, but he had been severely injured during the process and his aura was flickering in and out of existence.

An Lin felt an inexplicable sense of excitement at this sight and golden light began to flash from his right fist…

In the end, he managed to stop himself at the last moment, and he flew away as he shook his head while heaving an emotional sigh. “I’ll no longer stoop to the levels I once did to achieve victory, perhaps this is a sign of growth…”

He couldn’t expose his strength as he had to try and minimize his Achievement score!

He looked at the student on the ground below him one last time before flying away on his brick to continue his search.

The Forest of One-Thousand Peaks spanned a huge area, making it extremely difficult to find someone even if An Lin could fly. Only on the third day, when the barrier contracted to encompa.s.s a smaller area did this become a battle to decide the top few spots on the Immortal Rankings Board.

The forest extended for as far as the eyes could see and An Lin continued to search for his target, all the while praying for Xu Xiaolan to hold on until he found her… If something was to happen to her, he wouldn’t have the determination to live on anymore!

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