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Chapter 197: Turning The Tables Through A Sword

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Everyone in the plaza began to stir again when they saw An Lin step onto the stage first.

“Senior An Lin has decided to go first. Is he planning to get an early advantage?”

“That’s hard to say. We all saw what happened in the Dao segment, G.o.d An is performing really inconsistently.”

“Sigh, we’re simply too far behind on the standings…”

Everyone began to become more pessimistic again. They were still full of antic.i.p.ation at An Lin’s entrance, but they were clearly not as enthusiastic as before.

All the representatives from the other three powers all looked at An Lin. They were intrigued by him. In their eyes, An Lin was the epitome of inconsistency as he seemed to be capable of anything and nothing.

An Lin took a deep breath as he made his way to the huge black crystal and injected his consciousness within.

He was familiar with this process so all his actions were smooth and coordinated, and he soon appeared in the cavernous s.p.a.ce.

This was a vast desert and the sky above was a dark red with a few wisps of breeze fluttering by from time to time.

An Lin could detect that this s.p.a.ce was even more stable than the s.p.a.ce he had entered when he fought Jiang Yanan.

This intent realm crystal was of quite a high caliber, so there shouldn’t be mishap where the crystal cracked.


A wooden mechanical puppet descended from the sky and made its way toward An Lin with jerky, uncoordinated movements.

The students on the plaza all became nervous again when they saw the mechanical puppet appearing on the crystal.

“It’s here, it’s here, what does Senior An Lin plan to do now?”

“Do you think he would be KO’d in one shot by the mechanical puppet?”

“Would G.o.d An be completely immobilized like last time?”

“… Shut the h.e.l.l up, you guys, can you just place your trust in An Lin!”

It had to be said, An Lin’s performance in the last segment was quite a traumatic memory to them, to the extent that they involuntarily became nervous and pessimistic at the sight of the mechanical puppet.

An Lin watched as the mechanical puppet made its way toward him jerkily, completely at a loss for what to say.

F*ck, were they looking down on him!?

He drew his sword of true intent. Instead of wasting one of the six techniques on his puppet a.s.sailant, he slashed out with just a basic movement of the Six Techniques of the War G.o.d.


A bright sword projection slashed past and tore the wooden mechanical puppet into specks of sawdust.

All the spectators: “…”

They had to admit that they were a little too pessimistic.

No… To be more accurate, the G.o.d An they were familiar with had returned!


A second wooden mechanical puppet descended from the sky and charged toward An Lin. Its movements were a lot smoother and more agile compared to its predecessor.

“Oh, it seems like the difficulty has been scaled up quite a bit.”

An Lin chuckled lightly as he slashed out again at the oncoming puppet.

The sword projection ripped the puppet apart for another insta-kill!

Right on the heels of this, the third, fourth, and fifth puppets all appeared in succession…

Each and every one of them was turned into dust by his sword projections.

He was like a powerful Sword Immortal, sweeping away all obstacles in a seemingly unstoppable display.

All the students on the plaza stared intently at the figure on the crystal, their gazes were scorching once again.


The sixth mechanical puppet fell from the sky. Its whole body was pitch black and covered in blue flames. The true intent of fire rippled outwards in a wave from its body.

It charged quickly at An Lin as the blue flames took on the shape of a tiger, shattering An Lin’s sword projections.

This battle lasted a full ten minutes before An Lin finally defeated the puppet.

Vice-Princ.i.p.al Yu Hua sighed lightly in his heart. An Lin’s sword intent was very good, but six puppets appeared to be the extent of his abilities.

Everyone also had similar thoughts. From the difficulty with which An Lin defeated the sixth puppet, it appeared that he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

However, w.a.n.g Xuanzhan and Liu Qianhuan did not think this. They were staring at the figure on the crystal with antic.i.p.ation in their eyes.

An Lin said he would take first place and they didn’t know why, but they believed him.

But the stage he was at now was clearly not worthy of first place!

The seventh mechanical puppet descended from the sky. This puppet was holding twin sabers and each slash would send a saber projection of over a thousand feet toward An Lin.

First technique, Wind Sword!

Behind An Lin, the projection of a male suddenly appeared.

The projection stood proudly in mid-air as it reached toward the sky, causing the wind and clouds to stir up violently before materializing into a sword in mid-air.

The sword of wind and clouds stretched over a distance of a few thousand feet before it slashed down toward the mechanical puppet with immense power as if it was threatening to cut heaven and earth in half.

The seventh mechanical puppet was completely destroyed by this sword technique.

Another insta-kill?

All the spectators drew in a deep breath as shock appeared on the faces. They didn’t think that An Lin would still have more tricks up his sleeve.

The eighth mechanical puppet suffered the same fate of being insta-killed by An Lin’s Wind Sword technique.

The sword intent behind his Wind Sword technique was comparable with that of the sword techniques used by the number one Sword Immortal prodigy of the Purple Star State, so it was naturally very powerful.

The ninth mechanical puppet wielded a white longsword which tore through s.p.a.ce and allowed it to instantly appear in front of An Lin.

Thousands of flying swords appeared behind it as a physical projection of its mighty sword intent, tearing the very ground around it to shreds.

An Lin’s Wind Sword technique was nullified by the mechanical puppet’s powerful sword intent.

Following this, the thousands of flying swords began to tremor and formed a dragon shape sword formation which flew at An Lin with boundless power.

Second technique, Shadow Tiger!

The dragon sword formation tore through An Lin’s body.

But it was as if his body was an illusion, and it was dispelled at the slightest contact.

Heaven and earth suddenly fell dark.

“What’s going on, did the screen just die?”

“Holy f*ck, a black screen right at the climax, stop torturing us!”

“What happened to Big Brother An in the end?”

“Sigh, if the people from the Hall of Creation were just ugly, then so be it, but how come even their props are fake?”

The students in the plaza all exploded into a frenzy of discussion as the screen went black.

The Lion King was greatly startled too and immediately checked the intent realm crystal, but he did not find any problems with it. He stared at the screen in shock. “Could it be…”

Light began to reappear.

When the image on the crystal re-emerged, everyone was greeted to the sight of An Lin with shrouds of black mist surrounding the blade of his sword.

In front of him, the ninth mechanical puppet had already been split in half.

“It’s over?” Some students exclaimed with disbelief.

“Could it be that it was his sword intent that turned heaven and earth black?”

“Bravo, G.o.d An, to be able to achieve such an amazing feat!”

Some students gasped in disbelief while others were sighing with shock and admiration as everyone began to get excited again.

Right at this moment, heaven and earth began to tremor violently.

Soon, a pitch-black whirlpool began to appear in the sky.

The whirlpool encompa.s.sed almost the entire s.p.a.ce and a figure exuding an extremely terrifying aura began to appear in the very center of the whirlpool.

It was like the master of the whole realm, summoning countless meteorites to crash down on An Lin.

This was the intent of Armageddon, and also the strongest mechanical puppet in the intent realm crystal.

Countless flaming meteorites crashed down on An Lin, creating a scene reminiscent of depictions of Armageddon.

An Lin stood unmoving from his spot as the pressure descending upon him almost forced him into asphyxiation.

“Nice, I’ll use my final technique here, Divine Sword!”

His whole body trembled as he stared at the terrifying scene raining down upon him while he fought to recollect the last sword technique in his mind…


Endless destructive power descended on heaven and earth, crashing down with a brilliant golden light which was imbued with vast divine might. The force of the attack radiated outwards, destroying everything in its wake.

The image on the crystal was once again blocked out, but this time it was a golden screen instead of a black screen!

All the spectators were so awestruck by the scene that they were unable to summon up any words.

Was this really a f*cking battle between intents? This was clearly a battle against Armageddon!

An Lin felt his head twitch slightly before his consciousness began to flood back into his body.

He sat onto the ground in exhaustion and looked worried at the intent realm crystal before heaving a sigh of relief.

Phew, luckily the crystal didn’t crack.

And then, the crystal blacked out again…

“Huh, what’s going on, why is there a black screen?”

“Could it be that G.o.d An has more tricks up his sleeve, first turning the screen gold then turning it black?”

“That’s possible, let’s wait and see…”

One minute later.

Everyone: “…”

It seemed like this time it really was a black screen…

“Look, G.o.d An has returned!”

Someone exclaimed after a while.

Almost everyone had their attention focused intently on the image on the crystal, so they didn’t realize that An Lin had already regained consciousness.

Everyone instantly shifted their gazes on An Lin, and those at the spectator stands cheered again.

“What a scintillating battle from G.o.d An, as expected of my idol!”

“Say, the crystal blacked out so did he win or lose in the end?”

“Oi! What are the judges doing, hurry up and announced the result!”

“Stop, can’t you see the Lion King is at a loss for what to do? Let him recover first…”

The Lion King laid a hand on the crystal as his body trembled, and he stared at An Lin in disbelief.

For the crystal to blackout, it could only mean that the energy within had been completely expended. Which meant that the mechanical puppets as well the heaven and earth within were all annihilated by that one sword…

“Where… where did this G.o.dlike genius come from…” the Lion King mumbled vacantly to himself.

To rebuild the world and activate the crystal would cost two hundred thousand spirit stones!

F*ck, and this had to come from his own pocket! What a f*cking waste!

The Lion King howled internally with anguish but still announced the final result.

“Representative An Lin vanquished all ten mechanical puppets for a score of ten points!”

Cheers erupted throughout the venue at this announcement!

All the representatives from the other three powers were also looking at An Lin with admiration.

An Lin had just shown them an extremely scintillating battle of true intent. They had no reason whatsoever to dispute the result he had gotten!

An Lin stood up and made his way toward w.a.n.g Xuanzhan and Liu Qianhuan with a smile on his face. “See, I told you I’d get number one, and I’ve delivered on what I promise. No one should be able to get more than full marks, right?

“So now, it’s time for you guys to perform!”

w.a.n.g Xuanzhan and Liu Qianhuan’s hearts trembled at his words as they smiled and nodded in unison.

Next, it was their turn to capitalize on this brilliant start!

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