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Tang Xi looked at Xiao Jing speechlessly as she said, "Please don't be so childish, Brother! Ning Ke just asked me a math problem today and I helped him solve it. He thought I was as smart as he was, so we left the school together. That's all."

Ning Yan jumped to his feet upon hearing her words. "You solved a math problem for Ning Ke?"

"Is there anything wrong with that?" Tang Xi looked at him, puzzled. She solved a math problem for someone. What was wrong with it?

He Wanyi looked at Tang Xi in surprise and then at Ning Yan. "Has Little Ning Ke asked you to help him with math problems before?"

Ning Yan spread his hands and shook his head as he said, "He said I was not well educated enough to teach him, and that he might as well study himself."

He Wanzhou blew a whistle and looked at the vigilant Xiao Sa and Xiao Jing. "You'd better keep an eye on Rourou 24 hours a day, or else your beautiful sister's heart will be stolen by Ning Ke sooner or later."

Looking at the gloating He Wanzhou, Tang Xi hurriedly raised her hand to swear, "Sa, Jing, I won't fall in love in high school. No, I won't fall in love before I graduate from university, and I swear, I am definitely not a pedophile! I'll never fall in love with Ning Ke!"

She had only been here for a few months, and she didn't want to get involved in any love affairs.

Xiao Sa and Xiao Jing obviously didn't believe her. Ning Yan asked, "What's wrong with my brother? Why don't you like him?"

"He's perfect, but I'm not good enough for him, okay?" Tang Xi shouted in her heart, 'Hey, don't add fuel to the fire! I'm already in trouble!'

Looking at Tang Xi's crumpled face, He Wanning finally opened his mouth to say, "I think Xiao Rou will live up to her promise. Don't worry."

Then he added, "And you look prettier than you did yesterday."

Tang Xi was speechless. Maybe she had the five points added when she was in the corner just now!

He Wanzhou also found that Tang Xi was more beautiful than just a moment back. He looked at Tang Xi in surprise, saying, "You seem to be more beautiful than when you had just entered this room. Why, you've given me so many surprises tonight!"

Tang Xi smirked. "I told you I was a little fairy, and I'm still growing so my face will change. Don't be surprised."

"Are you really a fairy?" Ning Yan raised his eyebrows. "Not a witch or something?"

Tang Xi cast a sideways glance at him. "I'm pretty sure I'm a little fairy. Even if I'm a witch, I won't bewitch you!"

Ning Yan shrugged. "Thanks for sparing my life."

Tang Xi cast a sideways glance at him again. Xiao Jing and Xiao Sa stood in front of Tang Xi and took a good look at her face. The two brothers exchanged a glance and nodded, saying, "Her face changed again!"

He Wanyi also ran over curiously, and looked carefully at Tang Xi's face. Then she couldn't help asking, "Rourou, are you the reincarnation of some fairy?"

Tang Xi blinked. "I don't know. I have no memory of my previous lives. If I did have a previous life, I think I must have been a little princess before!"

The crowd sneered and Xiao Jing said, "My sister was born a pretty girl. She was just malnourished, so she didn't look good. Now she is well nourished and has grown up. So it's not strange that she is becoming more and more beautiful." With that, he said narcissistically, "Besides, as you know, every member of my family is good-looking."

The crowd was speechless. Xiao Rou has no blood relationship with you, okay?

In fact, the Xiao Family people were all good-looking. Although Xiao Hongyi and Lin Ru weren't so nice, they had good looks. While Xiao Hongyi was no longer young, he was in good shape and was a handsome middle-aged man that many women would fall for.

Xiao Yan had inherited the advantages of both Xiao Hongyi and Lin Ru, being tall, handsome and capable.

Xiao Jinning was not considered.

Thus, the crowd didn't refute Xiao Jing's words.

Tang Xi greatly enjoyed the party with these people. When she was still Tang Xi, she had few true friends because of her ident.i.ty. Many people approached her with a certain purpose, so she only had one girlfriend. Was Xinying still sad for her death?

Thinking of the past, Tang Xi became downcast.

When the party was over, He Wanyi walked up to hug her and said softly, "Rourou, I sympathize with you for what you've experienced. I admire you for what you've done. I hope we can be friends."

Tang Xi was a little stiff in the beginning, but she gradually relaxed. She reached out her hand and patted He Wanyi's back, whispering, "Sister Wanyi, thank you."

He Wanyi smiled. "Silly girl, it's my pleasure! Take back what you lost. I support you. No matter what method you'll use, I'll always be on your side."

Tang Xi released He Wanyi and shrugged, saying, "I don't want the Xiao Family's property or the Liu Family's recognition. I just want the bad guys to be punished."

She couldn't just let go of Xiao Rou's death like this! And besides, the murderer hadn't been punished!

He Wanyi nodded and patted Tang Xi on the shoulder. "Now I know why your brothers support you. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help."

He Wanyi hadn't come here by car, so she got on He Wanzhou's car. He Wanning had come here by taxi, so he also got on with them. Ning Yan was also going home. He used to be very busy when he had a project, but for his current one, he had the a.s.sistant director do all his jobs. Taking a hands-off att.i.tude, he didn't do anything in the studio. Without monitoring the night scenes, he left the studio city at 6 PM every day and went home to sleep.

He Wanyi, sitting in He Wanzhou's car, saw Tang Xi and Xiao Jing get on their car from the rearview mirror. She said with a smile, "I like this girl, even though I just met her for the first time."

He Wanzhou started his car, looked at He Wanyi and raised his eyebrows. "Because of Xiao Yao?"

He Wanyi smiled and shook her head. "Of course not. Judging by my sense as an actress, I'm sure this Xiao Rou is a girl with stories, and the tenacity in her makes me feel that she is not simple."

"You don't look like a person who will like a girl just because she is not simple," He Wanzhou said frankly.

He Wanyi smiled. "When I say she is not simple, I mean her story is not simple, not her mind. In fact, her mind is very simple, which is t.i.t for tat. No one is allowed to bully her." With that, she tilted her head and glanced at He Wanzhou. "Brother, haven't you found it out? Her mind is very simple—she just wants to protect herself by whatever means."

He Wanning suddenly said, "She just wants to protect the people she cares about."

He Wanyi nodded. "Yes, she will use all the resources around her, even Xiao Jing and Xiao Sa, but she made it clear that she wouldn't hurt them."

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